11 Free Healthcare WordPress Themes for Health Care Websites

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These free healthcare WordPress themes have different designs and layouts that will captivate the customers and provide them all the necessary features.

With the widespread of awareness of health in human beings, the demand for health service has increased exponentially. People search online for doctors and fitness centers and hence, online presence is mandatory to catch new generation customers.

There are awesome free healthcare WordPress themes for various health related websites.

1. Healing Touch

healing touch

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This is one of the tailor-made free healthcare WordPress themes on the list with a beautiful outlook. The design and color combo are professional, and with live customizer, everything is editable in real time.

There are separate pages for team and services, and hence, it is ideal for hospitals and health clinics. The theme has good SEO value and navigation is intuitive. All the standard plugins related to health website like an event calendar, WooCommerce, review and rating plugins and others are available.

2. I Am One

free one page WordPress theme

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This is a great theme for doctors who are offering independent services in their own clinic. This theme is one of the bestselling free healthcare WordPress themes. It has parallax background, and everything can be fitted on the homepage.

Different sections have different designs, and the color combination is changeable. It is fully responsive ad appears beautifully on mobile devices as well. All the standard pages are present for faster design and completion.

3. SKT Toothy

SKT toothy new

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This is one of the perfect free healthcare WordPress themes for dental clinics and hospitals. The color combination is great, and the representation is creative. The slider is really innovative, and the contact page is advanced for advance booking and payment clearance.

All the standard pages like team, services, and departmental pages are available with rich-features. It is also SEO-friendly, and several SEO plugins are available for writing content that ranks well.

4. Spirited Lite

Spirited lite

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The theme has a flat design and fast loading speed. There are two menus at the top, and the upper one can have icons for contact like call-to-action buttons, social media links and likewise.

The design is clean and it is very easy to find the required items easily. One can also attach rotational testimonial section to increase trust factor. There are options in the backend for changing color, enable translation and making designing tweaks. One can also have a sidebar and show useful widgets.

5. SKT Handy

free doctor WordPress theme

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This is a great health theme that is widely used by clinics, hospitals and even by individual doctors who have private chambers. There are communication options for email, phone, social media and messengers.

Appointment plugins are available along with payment gateway. All the different types of services can be listed, and the 5-level drop-down menu will help to list the different departments separately.

6. Fitness Lite

skt fitness

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It is one of the best free healthcare WordPress themes as fitness is a big part of health. People are investing their time in maintaining fitness level so that their health stays perfect and they can stay in the best shape of their life for years to come.

The theme has a premium look with flat design. It is also compatible with all browsers and devices. There is pricing table to list all services and people can available them by paying the fee in advance. There are also plugins for appointments and selling merchandise.

7. Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme

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There are several doctors who look after female patients only like a gynecologist. This is one of the best free healthcare WordPress themes for them. The design of the theme is premium with creative blocks and sliders.

The menu section is quite elaborate, and there are various fancy fonts available. The theme is completely documented and has all the features and options. The gallery plugin is great, and it has translation support.

8. Yogi Lite


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Apart from fitness and workout in the gym, there are a lot of people who are preferring yoga as the best physical workout to keep the mind and body in perfect tune. The demand of yoga instructor is really high, and it is one of the most sought after free healthcare WordPress themes.

The design of the theme is classic, and one can also open a blog to get more organic traffic and convert them into clients. There are advanced contact plugins available for instant contact and booking.

9. Beauty Spa Lite

free beauty spa WordPress theme

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Apart from gym and yoga training, for removing stress and rejuvenating the body from time to time, people go to massage centers and spas. There are various types of therapies available that make a person stress free and increase the blood circulation in the body.

This theme is well-designed and very modern. It has passed Google mobile-friendly test and has all the necessary pages and functionalities.

10. SKT Charity

SKT Charity

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It is a fact that most of the charities in the world are health charities. It is one of the most sold themes in this category, and all the useful functions are available. One can contact the responsible people from the contact page and pay a visit to the needy people in person.

One can also pay the money through the payment gateway. Charities can put up images of their work, create campaigns for people to donate to the cause and there can be a rotational section where the contributors are shown.

11. SKT Magazine

SKT Magazine

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The list of free healthcare WordPress themes will be incomplete if this magazine theme is left out. More and more health blogs are coming up to make people aware and earn money in the lot.

This is a perfect theme to open a health blog contain useful articles and news. One can easy promote heath products and sell them to earn money through affiliation link.

The design of the theme is very professional and eye-catching ad there are all the different types of widgets and plugins to engage the visitors and make them into subscribers.

If you already have a health website, you can think of revamping it with any of the above-mentioned free healthcare WordPress themes. They have high SEO value, and therefore, the search engine ranking would be higher, and it will be easy to get noticed.

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