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In today’s world, health is a big concern for everyone.

Everyone wants to be health conscious and maintain a proper diet to get all the necessary nutrition without building up fats in the body.

It is important to consult dieticians and go to gym and do yoga to keep up the good health for the lifetime.

If you want to have a blog on diet and nutrition, whether you are a yoga instructor or dietician, you need to have a website online.

There are awesome free diet and nutrition WordPress themes are available for designing any desired website.

These free diet and nutrition WordPress themes have stunning design and will make one stand out and get more visibility for going viral.

Agriculture Lite


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This is definitely one of those free diet and nutrition WordPress themes that are going to be useful for food processing companies to buy nutritious food for farming companies.

They can show different agricultural products and their nutrition value and how diet products can be prepared for them and marketed well.

It has a pricing table list with the name of the items and prices for direct booking and buying by paying advance money. The galleries are awesome, and sliders are equally good.

Clean Lite

clean lite

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This is a great theme for blogging as well as selling nutrition products. It is clean and flat in design and navigation is super easy. It is SEO friendly and comes with various social media plugins. One can also have email subscription options to increase followers and buyers.

It has minimal graphics components, and there are icons and fonts present for better visual representation. It is a widget friendly theme, and the sidebar can have awesome and useful widgets that can catch the attention easily.

Fitness Lite


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Fitness is one of the biggest parts of living a healthy life. Fitness, diet, and nutrition are very much interlinked, and hence, it is one of the best free diet and nutrition WordPress themes to have everything under one roof.

You can show exercises and gym services and courses along with diet and nutrition plans to follow to target different parts of the body and get the best result from the different courses and exercises. The black color of the theme makes it stand out.

Nature One

nature one

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This theme is stunningly beautiful and perfect for a diet and nutrition website. You can list different products for a proper diet with nutrition value and help people choose the product according to their requirements.

It is also used in commercial websites from where big companies buy bulk products. It is translation ready, and there are several page templates available for inner pages. It is e-commerce ready, and all the standard pages are available with necessary features.

SKT Launch


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This is a multipurpose theme for blogging as well as launching new companies related to diet and nutrition. It can be for a dietitian, a nutritionist, gym master, and a blogger.

It has a clean design, and that is why most people like to have it to start their website and get success. Its pro version has much more control options to offer. There are several special sections to list offers and something interesting for the visitors to get engaged.

Online Coach


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More and more people are seeking the help of dieticians and nutritionist to prescribe a proper diet and schedule of eating to follow. With the lack of time problem, most people find it difficult to visit their chosen dieticians and hence, they opt for online consultation.

This is one of the best diet and nutrition WordPress themes for achieving that purpose. It has call-to-action options, blog sections and WooCommerce section with contact plugins.

People can make an online booking by paying the fee, and according to the time schedule, they can sit down on a one on one conversation.

Girlie Lite


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It is seen that girls are the ones who are most conscious about diet and nutrition. Therefore, this theme can be used to showcase the services of dieticians specifically targeting female audiences.

It can also be utilized as a blog to provide guidance. There are options to embed videos and describe everything visually. The design is girly, and it has passed Google tests for fast loading speed and mobile friendliness.

Yogi Lite


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Yoga is the best form that should go along with your diet and nutrition, and this types of free diet and nutrition WordPress themes can be used for multipurpose. You can incorporate yoga moves along with diet and nutrition plans for all round development.

You can have WooCommerce support and provide people advice and suggestion and charge a fee for consultation. You can have social media integration at the footer or header, and there are call-to-action options as well.

SKT Bakery Lite


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This is one of the best free diet and nutrition WordPress themes. You can list the different products and items that are good for dieting and best for getting the most nutrition from.

The targeted audiences can vary widely from those who go to the gym and are in the process of becoming slim to all those who want to maintain their shape. It is compatible with all browsers and appears amazingly well on all devices.

It has WooCommerce support, and you can customize anything and add new pages with page builders and visual composers.

SKT Magazine


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It is one of the best free diet and nutrition WordPress themes for creating a blog. So many people are accessing the internet and searching for right diet and nutrition plan to follow in daily life.

A blog on this subject is likely to go viral. The theme has the perfect design and social media support for better exposure. It is also SEO friendly, and the galleries and post types are stunning. It is also mobile friendly for people to read your blog on the go.

These are the best free diet and nutrition WordPress themes available for desire your diet and nutrition relevant and related website within a day, and there are options for modifying each and every component to give a proper shape as per your wish.

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