Free Babysitter WordPress Themes for Babysitting Toddler Websites

The following are the best free babysitter WordPress themes you should consider for creating a babysitter website.

In this busy world, both the parents of the kids have to go out to work, and the need is a babysitter is mandatory.

Therefore, it is important for babysitters to have a website so that people can find and hire them.

free babysitter WordPress themes

There are various free babysitter WordPress themes available to design a website with high SEO value and social media integration to reach out of the targeted audiences easily.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme

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This is one of the best free babysitter WordPress themes on the list. It is absolutely tailor-made with perfect design and functionalities. People can contact the babysitter immediately and hire her after negotiating the fee.

The babysitter can also write convincing blogs and list different types of services like full time and part time and also act as a teacher and set rates accordingly. She can also run a slider containing reviews and referrals from previous clients.

SKT Charity

SKT Charity

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Even though it is a charity theme, it is one of the most perfect free babysitter WordPress themes to represent a babysitter in the best light. The theme has unique design and portions where the skills and services can be highlighted to attract the eyes of the visitors.

There are provisions for including useful widgets. The contact page has been made advanced for better and quick communication and hiring the babysitter easily without any hindrance.

As a matter of fact, even associations who have multiple babysitters under them can use this theme and conduct their business better.

IT Consultant Lite


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Do not go by the name of the theme as it is perfectly suited for a babysitter to have an online presence and increase the number of clients. It is best suited for individual babysitters. The theme looks very clean and modern, and all the information gets the limelight.

There are some effects and animations to captivate the audiences and create a good impression about the babysitter instantly. The social media integration with the theme will help the babysitter reach out to targeted local people easily.

Gravida Lite

free corporate WordPress theme

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This is one of the professional free babysitter WordPress themes which are meant for associations who deal with supplying babysitters to their clients as per their requirements.

They have babysitters with different skills. There is an advanced contact form where the potential customers can leave their requirements and accordingly the association will select a babysitter and call them up for the final deal.

One can also install the online chat system and showcasing reviews and rating from previous clients to gain the trust of the future clients.

Play School Lite

school WordPress theme

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This is one of the tailor-made free babysitter WordPress themes, and it is meant for kids more than babies. It is colorful and has animations and kids are going to like it and ask their parents to go for it. There are beautiful icons, and the layout is clean.

Everything is editable, and it is mobile-friendly. There are options for social media integration, and it comes with a double menu. The topmost menu has all the contact icon, and the sidebars can have various types of widgets as per requirement.

Yogi Lite

free yoga WordPress theme

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This is another great theme to represent babysitter individually. The theme looks stunning, and hence, the trust factor will be greater in the minds of the potential customers. All the different types of services can be listed gracefully.

The theme is absolutely clean, and the color combination is changeable. There is provision for writing blogs and captivation audiences to hire him or her. The footer also gets the significance, and the slider is creative to increase the value of the babysitter.

Perfect Charity Lite

perfect-charity WordPress theme

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This is one of the best free babysitter WordPress themes with all the features and functionalities that should be there in a babysitter website. This can be used mostly by the associations who offer babysitting services and have number of babysitters under them.

It can also be used as a charity website to raise money and ask people to baby sit children who are orphans. The possibilities are limitless and hence, there is a live customizer to edit everything the way you want to.

Clean Lite

free clean WordPress theme

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Clean Lite is always a favorite theme to showcase everything in a better way without complicating things. It is clean, modern and navigation is intuitive.

It works well on all devices and has options for customization, social media integration and WooCommerce in case someone wants to book a babysitter by paying advance. It is also SEO-friendly, and there are minimal graphics used which will decrease the loading speed massive. It is also translation ready.

Spirited Lite

Spirited lite

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This is one of the most suitable free babysitter WordPress themes for associations offering babysitting services. The theme looks absolutely professional, and hence, potential customers will trust it and go ahead with their plans. There are call-to-action buttons and live customizers.

It is fully documented, and there is a payment gateway. The galleries and sliders are advanced, and it helps create a brand value. There are also various shortcodes to design the content beautifully.

Healing Touch Lite

healing touch

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This is one of the unique free babysitter WordPress themes where babysitters just do not do the normal task of looking after a baby and teach them with educational games but also take care of them when they are sick.

There are lots of parents who search for such babysitters, and if you are one of them, you can use this theme perfectly to your advantage and enlist your services, fees and get booked instantly.

The theme is perfect is designed with soothing color and has all the features required. It works well on mobile devices which is where the sources of the potential clients lie.

With these free babysitter themes, your investment will only be for the web hosting space. Therefore, it is absolutely nominal investment, and you should get started immediately.

These free babysitter themes have good design and functionalities which will help to represent an association of babysitters.

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