Top 6 Free Animal WordPress Themes for Your Pet-Related Site

Free Animal WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the leading web platforms used for online blogging. In addition to that, WordPress these days is also used for a lot of web development work, especially in the frontend.

When it comes to children, a lot of vibrant colors and graphics help to lighten up their mood and attract their attention. And that’s exactly when the free animal WordPress themes come to good use.

In order to retain the flavor of the website, it is important to maintain the appropriate vibe that the website requires. That’s what keeps the visitors hooked up till the end of any website, especially children.

In order to add a good value of graphics to a website, what is most important is to select a good and appropriate theme. A theme comprising the apt elements, coordinated design, and necessary features can elevate any website to quite a different level.

For instance, if a website is based on pets and their habits, or wildlife species, or some similar subject, free animal WordPress themes can work wonders.

These themes contain a good package of good designs with a coordinated color combination, enhancing the visual aspect of the websites. Some of the most used free animal WordPress themes are discussed here.

My Dog Lite

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My Dog Lite is one of the most popularly used themes among the free animal WordPress themes. Dogs are a favorite of many. As a result, for most pet lovers, this theme stands to be one of the top choices.

Moreover, the blog section of this theme enables the visitor to be engaged in pet-loving websites, where this theme finds its wise usage.

Good graphics is half-good without good resolution. This theme provides mobile resolution as good as a resolution on any screen size. In addition to the default comment section, a nested comment section has also been created for this theme.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Sharing the website on social media using available plugins generate better traffic to the website
  • Format of the post has a wide range of variations from multimedia to text
  • The inclusion of the POT file makes the design ready for translation

Ele Pet Lite

Ele Pet Lite
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Out of all the free animal WordPress themes available, Ele Pet Lite is marked to be the best of the lot. The reason is the presence of colors and design celebrating in vivacity.

The multipurpose character of this theme truly appeals visually to the viewers. This theme has myriad color combinations and therefore supports mellow layouts as well.

These mellow layouts can be used for non-profitable organizations, especially the ones that focus on animal welfare. There is also a useful option of demo import, and that too just by one click. The theme itself is optimized with SEO for higher traffic, with minimal effects and an elegant design.

Some of the additional features are as follows:

  • The design of the homepage makes it a good fit for both mobile and other widescreen devices.
  • The theme provides the facility of uploading a logo. However, the other settings have been kept to be constant as of now.
  • For premium accounts, the skill bar will show the list of activities performed by the user.


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Aquarium theme layout is very good indeed and is known to be extremely user-friendly. It is one of the most attractive themes and super apt for websites featuring oceanic animals, pet services, animal shelters, and much more.

The availability of features like font styles, font sizes, slider settings, widgets, and icons contribute to the fullest to the customization facility. As the developers have used newer technological skills and products to develop this theme, it is supported across all resolutions and screen sizes.

In addition to that, it shares good compatibility with the newer versions of WordPress.

Some additional features are given below.

  • Supports WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and other popular plugins
  • Although the default setting is set as retina ready display, the page builder option present in the theme makes it very easy to edit the content.
  • The sidebar is customizable and can be re-formatted with widgets as per requirement.

Poultry Farm Lite

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Poultry Farm Lite is regarded to be an eye-opening theme in terms of visuals among all other free animal WordPress themes. It is designed with a lot of professionalism, and the web template looks like a perfect fit for the webpage of an industry in poultry farming.

One of the different elements of this theme is the footer section. The footer section is mostly used for Contents or Index and is usually a great space saver. The social media plugins available are of great use to bring in more traffic.

Some feature highlights are.

  • The lightweight setup of the theme accelerates rendering to quite a high degree.
  • The blog section enables the inclusion of different types of content
  • Enables easy conversion of a free site to a premium membership website

Ele Nature Lite

ele nature
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This layout of Ele Nature Lite is a lifesaver for industries that are into non-profit organizations. Such organizations might include environmental blogging, recycling as well as green business companies.

It is known to be the best from the aspect that it permits all plugins for a seamless experience to the users. The greatest advantage is that; the homepage content can be downloaded just with a click.

The following are some additional features:

  • It has shown nearly no issues of compatibility with contact form 7
  • There is a facility of using donation and appointment plugins as per necessity
  • Personalization of the website using some shortcodes is an easy task for this theme

Nature One Lite

nature one 1
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Some features are:

If environmental care is the subject, then undoubtedly, Nature One Lite free enterprise theme of WordPress needs to be the first choice. The same theme with different layouts can encompass the sections of services, reviews, products, and many more on the same website. However, it aids in the expansion of the business in the long run.

  • It comes pre-loaded with many templates
  • It offers a multi-page layout to store and display more information.
  • It offers two action buttons – one enabling the user to see the demo and the other enabling download of content.

WordPress offers a number of free themes that can be widely used for designing websites and filling in with content in terms of information or blogs.

These free animal WordPress themes are quite versatile and are truly capable of adding good value to the websites on which they are implemented.

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