Flat Design WordPress Themes for Flat Styled no Gradient Websites

Flat Design WordPress Themes

Here is a productive roundup of the best and modern flat design WordPress themes for multipurpose and niche specific website creation.

These flat or material design styled website templates are quite appealing for as many different businesses or personal undertakings online as you can count.

Flat design is not only a modern trend anymore. With a growing fame since 2010s, flat or material web design style has got to be a kind of aesthetic tool for thousands of brands and websites online.

Especially, when combined with other web design touches such as minimalism, for example, flat design can turn out to be a really powerful and influential web design solution for multiple virtual profiles.

In another case, your website with one of the flat design WordPress themes can deliver a feeling of splendour and luxury that can have an impact on winning more and more attention your website is thriving for.

In a nutshell, flat design is modern UI design that makes the website content scalable and precise across different contemporary devices and mobiles.

As far as the advantages of flat design website trend, and, naturally, flat design WordPress themes based on them, there are many.

Clean and easy to interact with website appearance, wonderful responsiveness and quick performance so that your website users will not be forced to wait for the web pages and post to be loaded too slowly.

For better flexibility and clarity of the overall web composition are what you are going to get with any of the flat design WordPress themes.

Below are mentioned some specified material and flat design WordPress themes.

1. SKT Perfect:
skt perfect

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If you are looking for one of the strongest and robust flat design WordPress themes custom built with care and unique style, look no further than SKT Perfect.

Chances are many that your website based on SKT Perfect is going to be something fully user optimized and completely responsive so that all your efforts to make a results driven website will not be in vain.

This commercial ready and shopping friendly template that comes preloaded with a bulk number of shortcodes, fonts and inner controls, is also wonderfully plugin and widget compatible.

2. Kitchen Design Pro:

kitchen design

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If you want to emphasize simplicity and flexibility, sophistication and visual perfection of your design or interior design, portfolio or artist, architecture or construction, painting or any other creative website with the help of flat web design solution, Kitchen Design Pro is what you can take into consideration.

Loaded with ready made homepage and its sections, demo content and mobile optimization, Kitchen Design Pro is very easy and lightweight in usage and customization thanks to its resourceful and agile nature.

You can review the theme’s backend and see how many customization options are enabled by default so that you can edit, modify, style and change your website, exercise shortcodes, add and remove plugins, etc.

3. Laboratory Pro:


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Clutter free and easy to navigate, flat design powered Laboratory Pro is ideal for sharing and promoting any kind of medical content representing any hospital, clinic, medical expert or doctor, laboratory or dental clinic, or any other medical community online.

Typography is what you can effectively use to highlight your texts and important content parts as contrasted to the overall material design of the website.

Therefore, dozens of Google approved elegant fonts are given with Laboratory Pro for you to find the most suitable one matching your website style and use them for the benefit of the visual excellence and readability of your site.

4. Museum Pro:


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Museum Pro is one of the museum and theatre, art and craft related flat design WordPress themes to give your relevant website a beautiful and sensuous touch.

By the application of this search engine optimized and social media ready web building ecosystem, your website is going to be not only visually attractive and eye catchy, but also more focused on the convenience of your virtual guests.

So, they will be able to enjoy the smart performance of your site without the presence of any excessive shadow or unnecessary feature hampering their communication with your web content.

5. Elastic Pro:

Elastic Pro

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Elastic Pro is a fully customizable and modifiable website template to unite the best qualities of flat design style with your website presentation.

Minimal use of the visual effects in Elastic Pro enables to increase the page loading speed of your site in all its versions – from desktop to mobile and everything in between.

Additionally, this will let the website visitors concentrate on the web content showcased with the most attractive typography as all the modern and unique Google approved font types are supported by Elastic Pro.

If extensive functionality is your top priority, then Elastic Pro will be a good alternative for you, as this template is good for plugin and shortcodes usage to extend the theme’s functional base beyond its default capacity.

6. Sportsman Pro:

Sportsman Pro

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Sportsman Pro is a premium quality and decent template among the popular flat design WordPress themes that will give your sports and athlete centric website an advantage of being compatible with the browsers and mobiles of old and new times.

This modern looking and highly respectable template is based on HTML5 and CSS3, as well as offers a vast selection of fonts and color choices which play an important role while building websites with material flat design style.

You can choose to have nice looking fonts and bright color palette, mix and match them to have a more vivid presentation, etc.

7. Gravida:

free corporate WordPress theme

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Gravida is a real treasure when it comes to supporting flat design style and integrating it into the creation of absolutely any kind of corporate website and business centric website.

This straightforward and visually accurate, functionally advanced and tech savvy website builder celebrates modern coding and flat design styling along with CSS 3 animation support in an effort to make your website more interactive.

The theme is also built upon Live Customizer for you to manage the whole given template and every part of it quickly and effortlessly from the theme’s backend for initial and regular theme customizations.

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