Clean Simple WordPress Themes for clean minimal website appearance

Clean Simple WordPress Themes

The goals of website designs can drastically differ from one project to another, from one business to the next one, but effectiveness and simplicity are what every website owner should strive for.

Below is the rundown of clean simple WordPress themes ready to fulfil both efficiency and clear appearance of a website of any nature, purpose or background.

In today’s never ending and sometimes even overwhelming digital world, it seems that simple web design is the best way to clearly convey your message to the target audience and deliver your content to them in the most productive manner.

One of the touchstones of modern web design philosophy is “less is more”, another one is “enough and not more”.

It means that anything you want your website to encompass can be accurately presented and served to its end users with less stir around your site and, of course, with less stress for you.

Precise and definite appearance with minimalistic web design touches, accurate and to the point framework along with sustainable functional base and clear modern coding are what the best clean simple WordPress themes offer to you.

Each of these website building templates will help you present your site in a simpler and easy to use way without losing the authenticity it wants to achieve.

And while these clean simple WordPress themes are used to keeping everything simple and neat, accurate and crisp, it does not mean you cannot create powerful and unique website with complex solutions and everything necessary including in it.

The good news is that these modern yet clean simple WordPress themes are truly versatile in their admin friendliness and share convenient theme backend for anyone to make use of it easily.

Additionally, they can also read full documentation of the theme which chops complex processes into smaller and easy to follow steps.

Check out the following clean simple WordPress themes which are listed below:

Clean Pro:

clean lite

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Clean Pro is a multipurpose and minimalistic clean WordPress template that comes with a breath of wonderful theme management tools and features all available from the backend of the theme.

The theme focuses on simplicity and elegant look while generating enough space for your visual and textual content to be produced and shared with the audience. Hence, full width homepage slider is given for interesting images to complete the site’s look with high quality visual materials.

It is also fully widget friendly and responsive, mobile and plugin optimized, as well as fully manageable in terms of colors, fonts, menus, header and footer areas, etc.



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The accuracy and serenity of Condimentum will make any kind of website content breathe and reach its potential audience within the shortest timespan.

You won’t distract the website visitors’ attention with excessive gimmicks and tricks, rather, will give them a feeling of comfort and persuade them you value their time greatly.

Thus, Condimentum as one of the clean simple WordPress themes, is also fast in performance and page loading, as well as checked for its conformity to different devices, mobiles and browsers of old and new generations.

Shudh Pro:


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If you are searching for a logically thought out, elegant and eye catchy but simple design solution for your portfolio, personal or CV profile, service provision or contractor, artist or makeup website, NGO or something else, you are going to love Shudh Pro.

Devoid of any extra decorative element, this responsive and HD ready website template will make your visual and textual content the king of your website.

Large homepage slider comes integrated right from the start for multiple image disposition and effect controls, as well as many layout, sidebar, blog, page and post controls.

SKT Landing Page:

landing Page - WordPress Theme

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One of the best practices you can apply if you want to have a simple website is to unite simple and clean web design with landing page that will direct your visitors into interesting, informative and intricate places.

SKT Landing Page is one of such minimalistic one page styled landing website builder custom built to generate a really convenient and neat website environment for a large number of businesses and profiles.

This landing page is shop and digital eCommerce compatible so that you can take total control over your website functioning as an online store, selling digital and physical products, services and more.


SKT simple

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Clean Simple WordPress themes make it easier for you to put correct accents on your website that contributes to the growth of client base and conversion rate. Simple is one of such simple yet results driven WordPress powered template to keep your site interesting and productive while reducing user friction.

Easy to use shortcodes, color changes options with color picker, easy drag and drop functionality to be exercised from the admin panel of the theme, responsive and cross mobile compatibility, multilingual nature and plugin support, everything is well thought out with Simple.

Marketing Agency:

marketing agency wordpress theme

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Marketing Agency is charming in its simplicity and affordability, perfect modern coding with HTML 5 and CSS 3, mobile and plugin friendly and shortcodes base.

While this template is available at an affordable price, marketing and digital agencies, IT and computer repair services, system administrators and project coordinators, online job and vacancy portals can find their best exposure on Marketing Agency.

The theme’s backend is a great place to explore and start using to finalize the simple look of the theme with your own preferences in terms of navigation and menus, homepage sections and blocks, multilingual content, image galleries, contact forms, social media and other icons.


Naturo Lite

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Naturo is one of the smart and seriously developed yet clean simple WordPress themes powered by laconic web design and minimal use of visual touches and elements.

The overall simplified structure of the theme enables you to avoid unnecessary content presentation online which would lead to slower user perception of the true value of the site.

This clutter free nature of Naturo will also speed up the navigation of the site and will let the web users find the needed information in seconds.

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