Black and White WordPress Themes for Specific Type of Showcase Websites

Black and White WordPress Themes

Create the classy version of your site and get control of everything on it with the help of black and white WordPress themes.

You can be sure: black and white is always a risk free combination in the current digital world.

Although there have never been so many opportunities to create colourful and interactive web designs with different color mixtures and unique marking, the traditional and classical web design exercised in the top rated black and white WordPress themes appears to be trendy over and over.

And while the web design trends go in and out of style over the time, black and white design remains timeless just like a good old wine. Well, the relevance of this type of web design is justified for a variety of reasons.

The black color represents strength, seriousness and sobriety. The white color, in its turn, personifies peace, calmness and harmony. And when trying to combine the energetic black with peaceful white just like two polar opposites, we’ll get an attractive contrast melting into one unbeatably beautiful design.

And while there are many other benefits of choosing this kind of design for your future website, let’s concentrate more on what the best black and white WordPress themes have to offer you along with inconvincible visual design.

Putting your imagination into action and adding uniqueness to each of the below discussed black and white templates will result in a superb quality and distinguished website, which, in its turn, will get you above the competition in your specific market.

Everything has been minutely developed by the theme authors to make each of them equally well both in look and feel, that is, in appearance and in the way they work and function.

Black and White:

Black and White

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Nothing screams unprofessional like a cluttered and composite web design. Keeping your site’s appearance clean and simple with Black and White will not only give your site the desired status, but will contribute to its growth, as people are always fond of the websites which are visually clean, easy to follow, easy to navigate and easy to interact with.

This responsive and multilingual friendly template is widget ready, customizable in colors, page structures, fonts, shortcodes, sidebar layouts, etc. Page builder and visual composer, e commerce and contact form, SEO and SMO plugins are all compatible with Black and White as well.

Minimal Blog:

Minimalist blog

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Minimal Blog is a clutter free website and blog building template ready to give balance to your personal, lifestyle, minimal, design, child centric or any other website or blog.

However, whether you want to stand true to this black and white design or bring more tones and touches to your site, it’s completely up to you. The theme’s developers have done a great job in making this template entirely customizable not just in colors, but in almost everything else.

Sidebar options, footer and header areas, slider and galleries, blog area, menus and pages, everything is accessible to you within Minimal Blog.


Film Maker

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The designers of FilmMaker, which is a movie and film, cinema and video WordPress template, have also been inspired by black and white web design trends and made one of the great black and white WordPress themes.

The dark background of the template can be showcased by any video to win the most of the web visitor attention. Other slider plugins can also be practiced with FilmMaker and make its performance even more result generating.

Among the compatible plugins are visual composer and page builder, movie booking plugins, shortcodes, social media integrations, search engine optimization and other useful plugins you may need.

SKT White Pro:
skt white free

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SKT White Pro is another smooth combination of black and white that will symbolize the fresh and clean status of your site.
This smart and intuitive website builder can demonstrate any kind of content in the classiest way and give it more authority.

Homepage full width slider is there with 10 slides availability for you to guarantee the consistency and the largest display of your portfolio items, photos, product images or whatever is relevant for you.

You are also free to adjust and customize other parts of the theme as well like colors, fonts, shadows, add classified content to different parts and sections of them, etc.

SKT Black Pro:
skt black

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SKT Black Pro is one of the black dominant black and white WordPress themes ready to convey the professionalism and power of your business or any kind of online venture.

The overall dark nature of the theme provides many opportunities for using this template to interact with space, mix colors and elements, visualize your favourite typography and more.

Fully responsive and cross mobile checked, HD and retina ready, SKT Black Pro is basically convenient for image and portfolio based websites and interactive blogs, digital product share and sale, service provision and other websites revolving around multimedia.


free corporate WordPress theme

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Gravida is another excellent fit among black and white WordPress themes if you prefer flexibility in customization and elegantly styled website basis.

The authors of this modern template have been even more creative and added unique color touches to the basic black and white theme thus resulting in a perfect digital product ready to serve a wide variety of websites.

Your convenient, user centric website having Gravida as its foundation will build trust and lead visitors to wherever needed thanks to is smooth and sleek navigation, categorized content zones and parts, legible and Google approved typography, and, finally, 100 % responsive nature.

Business Consulting:

Business Consulting

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The more visually accurate and smart your website is, the higher are chances of your specific business to get noticed and followed by the modern internet surfers.

Business Consulting is one of such very well thought out and designed business templates you can use for making your web user experience a positive one.

The black and white based nature of Business Consulting will make your web content look more streamlined and to the point so that your visitors will spend just seconds on scanning the content and finding what they have been looking for.

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