Beautiful WordPress Themes for Pretty Beauty Chic Modern Websites

Beautiful WordPress Themes

Combining great functionality with visual excellence is what will make your website unbeatable and will keep the potential visitor’s eyes on it. Therefore, reviewing the list of the most beautiful WordPress themes which are also presented with awesome functional base is what we suggest you to do right now in case you are planning to launch your next online project.

On the whole, people enjoy and admire beautiful things in everything, be it a classic sculpture, mind blowing modern building, breathtakingly beautiful ancient city, thought provoking picture or a digital product styled with taste and aesthetics. All in all, the more beautiful your product is, the higher your chances to get noticed and loved, followed and admired.

Thus, beautiful and eye catchy websites get better results than those lacking visual excellence. Therefore, you might better ensure your website comes as a mixture of fantastic visualisation and advanced technology to bring you the highest results and the expected population. And this is where beautiful WordPress themes will do the job.

If you want to evoke an emotional response of the website guests to your website with the help of nice looking and user friendly appearance, each of these beautiful WordPress themes will serve as a gateway to a pro quality and user centric, attractive and awe inspiring virtual profile creation.

Moreover, these templates will not only make your site look just beautiful, but also will provide you with a powerful functional base you can use to start, develop and continuously modify your site to be easy to find, read, follow and enjoy for your target audience.

Top Beautiful WordPress Themes

Kitchen Design Pro:

kitchen design

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Kitchen Design Pro is one of the most dynamic and visually beautiful WordPress themes custom built to cater to kitchen and living room, interior design and construction, painting and renovation, portfolio and other creative and beauty related websites.

The homepage of the theme is well taken care of and loaded with ready made sections to simplify your work and enable you to add homepage content in the most accurate and classified way. Modern animations you can find across the homepage along with modern colors which are all manageable, homepage slider with animation, pause time and other effects will give extra touch to your niche specific website or blog.

Underwater :


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Underwater Pro is another template ready to give your website a beautiful flavour. Sea and adventure, underwater and diving activities, scuba diving and marine clubs, as well as other leisure and sea, vacation and adventure profiles can be professionally crafted and service via this template.

However, as one of the beautiful WordPress themes, Underwater Pro does not merely concentrate on beautiful look and modern aesthetics, but rather offers durable performance and solid foundation offering you tons of customization and management options. This unity of power and beauty makes it totally possible to modify the theme in the way needed, as well as to be extended with more functional qualities and possibilities when working with additional plugins and widgets.

Full Page Pro:

free fullscreen WordPress theme

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Starting up a beautiful online project has never been so easy and affordable. Full Page Pro is fully managed and well taken care of multipurpose responsive website building template offering a wide spectrum of preloaded elements, shortcodes and other theme customization options.

The theme will make your site entirely responsive which means the website and its content will find the best and the most precise manifestation on every single screen. The theme’s SEO and SMO qualities, multilingual readiness, CSS3 animation support, as well as compliance with the latest WordPress updates are all checked and confirmed.


free corporate WordPress theme

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Gravida incorporates literally everything that makes a template irreplaceable for every corporate or business website. The perfect design and ergonomics of your website based on Gravida together with responsiveness and quick loading, seamless navigation and accurately managed content will persuade your website visitors to stay longer on your posts and pages.

Whether you want to sell a digital item or physical product, a creative idea or project, Gravida will let you do that in minutes as it is fully e commerce ready and WooCommerce compatible. You can quickly add products and product listings with prices, features, description and completely control how your online storefront is going to look and function.

Flower Shop:

free store wordpress theme

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Create a visually stunning website in no time with Flower Shop. In order to use the theme in its fullest potential, you can jump to the theme’s backend and discover thousands of theme customization options via the Live Customizer interface.

From editing the site title and taglines to emphasizing the entire style and look of the site with preferable colors, animation effects, typography and more, everything is possible from the backend of Flower Shop.

The Art:
The Art

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Communicating the business message or the mission of a non profit organization in the right way through visual factors and beautiful web interface is what the Art is capable of doing.

As one of the artist friendly beautiful WordPress themes, this responsive and color rich website creating solution will generate a wonderful user environment that will be both eye pleasing and functionally stable. This artistic approach to website building will also let you highlight the most important things and keep the visitor’s eyes on them via attractive images, easy to read content, right homepage sections, menu and submenus, impressive call to actions and more.

Full Screen Pro:

fullscreen WordPress theme

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Your website visitors are visual creators and are much impressed by beauty and visual graphics your site may offer them. High quality large images and photos hanging over the homepage of the site, on the other hand, may have an unspeakable impact over your site’s overall look and charm it exudes.

Basically, Full Screen Pro is the theme offering such an approach of web creation and ready to put special stress on the general elegance of your site with full screen imagery. Just make use of the homepage effective slider to add photos or videos to it, control the way they are showcased and follow each other and be sure your web visitors are going to love it as soon as they land on your homepage.

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