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WordPress Tips for Making Your Blog Awesome

WordPress Tips for Making Your Blog Awesome

How to Import WordPress Blogs into HubSpot1

WordPress is a powerful blogging platform and there are many hundreds and thousands of people started for making your blog every day. Whether it is hosted on a free WordPress blog or on a self-hosted on your own web server.

Thus, best free WordPress themes have become an essential tool for bloggers and for all the other people who deal with technology.

For website developers and bloggers, it is very much important to make their site look attractive, creative and appealing to attract more reader bloggers and followers.

Many bloggers often give up after a few months, because their blog is not popular as they want it to be or they are not getting many comments as they wish.

A powerful WordPress blog is the one that has decent content and different tools that include color, fonts, styling, effects, and animation have been utilized properly and effectively with the overall content of your blog or website.

To make your WordPress blog a standout amongst the best and popular one you should simply to follow certain tips that will help you in grabbing the attention of many followers and readers and will make your blog a super hit.

Given below are some of the tips that one should adopt from today for making their blog effective, creative and innovative without going into the technical aspects of WordPress.

If you are a Beginner!
For the new beginners, it’s vital to know how the guests are attacking your blog and what they can expect from you. Their liking and disliking regarding the content are very important.

Observe and think according to what the users are expecting from your blog, and arrange everything in accordance with their goals.

On the off chance that you need to look at the statistics at that point, you should install Jetpack, which is free for you and you can all the more likely better judge the readers with its help.

This software will not just only inform you regarding the interest of the people, but at the same time, it will show you their interest like what they are up to and why they are reading this particular content.

Clear and Concise Titles
The most important thing is to make the correct use of your website or blog title. Ensure that the titles you utilized in your site or blog are basic and clear. Try not to utilize confusing words or words that are troublesome and have meanings that aren’t suitable for the overall content.

Your WordPress blog’s titles ought to reflect what your overall content is about so that it will help your readers and followers to have a clear idea of what your blog or website is about.

Utilizing clear titles encourages visitors and readers to get a quick thought of your content and make them happy as they can read effectively without experiencing any difficulty understanding the meaning.

Good Timing matters a lot
One cannot deny the importance of specific times when you can expect the maximum number of users to step into your blog. Different people have a different phenomenon. If your content is fresh then your blog or website can grab the maximum number of readers.

If you are promoting news content, individuals need to know something as it occurs. No one will focus on some old news story. So, keep it in time and post the blog entry at an explicit time.

Data ought to be spread on time when it’s required. Thus, in the event that you need to address a large number of audiences, then post your blogs on time.

Fusion with Social Media
Social media has been expanding day by day. Everybody from youthful to old is currently associated through various online forums, networking sites and other media.

Utilizing the social media Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and other online forums you can share your content effectively with a large number of people living in various countries. This will give you a stage to go worldwide and to have clients from around the globe.

The thoughts and feedback from your worldwide clients will assist you in making your content successful, will give you more knowledge that what different individuals consider about your WordPress blog’s content.

Advertising and marketing your content that means you have to share and post on different social media to get your blog noticed and also to bring traffic to your best free WordPress themes.

Free Themes and Templates for WordPress
For making your WordPress blog or site effectively, you have to add some amazing templates there are many best free WordPress themes available that you can add to your blog or website to make it look catchy, attractive and appealing. Including a template is important, but the theme you choose to put in your WordPress blog or website should also match your content too.

There are numerous good site developers make mistakes by adding the wrong theme to their WordPress blog which makes it less attractive despite the fact that your content is perfect but because of poor appearance they don’t get the traffic on the WordPress blogs.

Themes should be chosen that have different tools like images, that go with the overall content, the styling and the animations, effects and much more. In the end, your readers and followers should be satisfied and happy with the content that you are providing.

Now, it’s up to you how you improve your blog like a sparkling star among a large number of competitive blogs and website. Keep in mind one thing, that one cannot drag a user on your blog, until it is executed well to attract a large number of visitors.

Also, make sure that you choose the best free WordPress themes for making your blog or site that goes with your content the better.

By following the tips given above, one can surely make great changes to their WordPress site of blog in order to make it more effective, engaging and attractive to your readers.

Responsive Web Design

How Responsive Web Design Impacts WordPress Themes

Responsive Web Design

Responsive websites have a greater impact on your business, as it reaches the audience more efficiently than the normal website.

Responsive Web design

Responsive free WordPress themes is a technique in which you make the site accessible to any client responding to their conduct and the devices as indicated by the size as well as orientation, the clients use to access the site. The site is structured and created with the technology to adapt and adjust to any gadget the client prefers.

You can essentially make your HTML site accessible on any gadget with the utilization of the CSS of the specific gadget.

In spite of the fact that essentially the HTML coding for all devices is basically the same, the optimal view of the site is changed utilizing the CSS management, in this way CSS has a major job in responsive website design.

Responsive website design is not only about making the website adjust to the size of the device that you are currently. You can absolutely control the resolution of the site just as the pictures on the site with the Responsive free WordPress themes.

Hosting Responsive Sites

You do not need to bother with a special server or hosting to run responsive sites since it is on the browser that the responsiveness comes about. Responsive website has everything to do with the to CSS3 and Media Queries.

Media Queries form the principal part of the responsive website design, however, what we are talking about here is exactly how it impacts a WordPress subject. Google up Media Queries and you can become familiar with all that is there to be learned on it.

ROI on using Responsive Web Design

In the event that you construct your site depends on the Responsive Web Design, you will undoubtedly get more remarkable Return on Investing without a doubt.

It is because that your site turns out to be equally watcher-friendly across different display sizes from that of a desktop computer, notebook, and tablet PC device to even smartphones like iPhone, Galaxy S, and other Android Phones.

What’s more, you can do this all in one go. You can design your website initially making it responsive to devices, rather than obtaining the assistance of a web developer separately to make your website user-friendly for mobile device users.

With a single design and development process, you can achieve your requirements easily for developing a Responsive free WordPress themes.

Really no catch?

Yes, really! There are no glitches in such an advancement. Be that as it may, you may require a few improvements or device – selective functionalities depending on the necessities of the general population who need to manufacture the site.

On occasions, programmers also may point this out. To refer to an example, there are extraordinary events in touch screen devices called “Swipe” and “Tap” which you won’t discover a non- touch screen device. A programmer can think of extraordinary functionalities for a cell phone – a friendly site yet it might cost somewhat more than a regular site.

Team Word is the Key for a great WordPress Theme and Responsive Theme

Totally different work culture is required for developing a responsive website. A developer or a designer alone can’t do much and the cooperative energy both brings by talking about the job and executing on it, which will do just great.

What should you give away?

Apart from adding flawless highlights you need to add to your own responsive site, there is nothing you need to give.

Alongside the designing and the improved procedure for your Responsive free WordPress themes, you can include several functions that would make the utilizing of the site progressively more comfortable for the audience and visitors. You can include the swipe and touch features also to make things simpler.

WordPress Responsive websites

Google trends reveal the WordPress is one the major and popular platforms. It offers you the most convenient and easy designing process to complete the development of WordPress responsive websites.

WordPress is so designed friendly that any newbie designer without any knowledge of PHP or HTML can also design a theme for it.

There are numerous responsive website design benefits. It can definitely affect your SEO, conversion rates, client experience, and numerous different parts of your business that contribute to your website’s growth.

Here is a list of some important advantages of responsive web design features and benefits

  • Improved User Experience

A responsive site prompts a better client experience. The main factor demonstrating the nature of client experience is the time they spend on your site.

On the off chance that they think that it’s difficult to explore or utilize because of the fact that they’re compelled to continually pinch and zoom, they won’t remain on your site.

In any case, in the event that your site scales and response to the change in screen size, at that point guests won’t have any accessing the menus, links, buttons or filling out forms. Thus, with the responsive website, the client experience will be better and they’ll invest more energy in your site.

  • Better SEO

Another one of the advantages of having a responsive website design is enhanced search engine rank. As of April 2015, Google takes into consideration that the responsiveness of your site as one of the signs that decide the position of your site in the search engine results page.

On the off chance that your site isn’t responsive, the search engine will put it lower on the outcomes page while it will show higher if it passes the mobile-friendly test.

  • More Social Sharing

If done correctly, Responsive free WordPress themes can lead to an increase in the social share of your content. This is one of the benefits of responsive web design. Responsive content corresponding with responsive social media buttons make it simple to share links of your web pages even on smaller screens.

This can help to improve your credibility and open you to other new visitors, which then leads to more traffic and more conversions.

There are many benefits for your business with a Responsive Web Design. With the consideration of multiple outputs and devices of different web developers, you can make your responsive site successful.

12 Primary SEO Factors in WordPress Theme Development

SEO Factors in WordPress Theme Development

WordPress themes generally come with SEO friendly environment. The growth of WordPress powers may extend beyond 30 percent if the number of people tends towards and focuses more on SEO.

Digital marketing taking place in every sector rapidly thus everything is becoming more online whether it is about filling a form or opening and running a business. SEO is a primary factor in WordPress theme development.

One should know the basic concepts of SEO and its SEO friendly behavioral. WordPress makes a website which is almost SEO based and with its various features, functionalists, creativity, plugins, responsive layouts, the website becomes super easy to run and handle.

Why it is a SEO Factors in WordPress Theme Development?

SEO friendly Free WordPress themes stand out from the crowd. If you want to take your business at a greater height or have a level cross than taking in mind the tips and features of SEO is a must. With multiple responsive designs, various plugins documentation, there are limitless features available to create a beautiful site. From picture presentation to content management to products and services all include the SEO optimization on the website.

Factors that affect the SEO and ranking of WordPress website:

SEO factors in WordPress Theme

Keywords are one of the absolute best and powerful factors that should be thought about. Set aside a few minutes to look into them all together before starting to make content on your site. A site structure is additionally in charge of magnificent SEO of the site.

It ought to be streamlined and all around arranged by the SEO techniques of a site. Content and keywords won’t do much good to the SEO of the site until you deal with the ALT tag of the images and other visual content.

Bear in mind to deal with the SEO testing before the site is propelled. It’s not simply the content that should be dealt with yet keywords and visual information moreover. Be that as it may, recall SEO likewise incorporates site security and clean coding.

How to make a WordPress theme SEO friendly?

To make a SEO friendly Free WordPress theme it has to go through various testing, coding steps to make sure that it is capable of ranking high in search engine.

Generally, WordPress themes are not optimized for an SEO, an SEO friendly theme is one which is best suitable and runs with search engines. So let me introduce you with some important and major points to follow while making a Free WordPress theme SEO friendly.

  • Homepage:

One should give priority to the Homepage first because all the visitors including search engine give first focus to the Homepage section. This is one of the most important SEO Factors in WordPress Theme Development. Specific heading tags serve specific purposes.

Where H1 specify the name of the blog, H2 serves the Tagline of a blog, H3 recent posts, H4 heading in the sidebar, and H5 serves orthogonal headings to footer and sidebar.

  • Posts and pages:

The vast majority of the WordPress theme doesn’t pursue the heading rules. Yet, this is imperative that the headings in posts and pages ought to run in a state of harmony with the landing page. In this way, pursue the underneath principles for it.

H1: Title of the post/page
H2: Subheading
H3: Sub-subheading
H4: Name of the blog
H5: Unrelated heading in a sidebar, footer.

  • SEO friendly Image:

A lightweight image helps in building a website theme SEO friendly. This is another SEO Factors in WordPress Theme Development. Hence images should be optimized in high quality and faster loading speed.

  • HTTP requests:

Your site speed likewise relies upon the quantity of CSS and JavaScript files. Your visitor’s browser sends one request for every document. In this way, on the off chance that you join code and utilize fewer documents, it will produce fewer HTTP requests. It will likewise add to result in quicker stacking rate for the site.

  • Limit the Excerpt’s Word Count:

Here and there, clients incorporate such a large number of words before the “more” tag. The greater part of the occasions, in a site having many posts and on which the content over the “more” tag has dependably been utilized as the passage.

To make portions for those posts by hand would not be simple. For this situation, you can constrain the number of words appeared in the passage.

  • Add a Favicon:

You can add favicons to embed custom codes without contacting the formats. As you can relate snares in these favicons that will trigger at a specific time.

  • Detect Safari on IOS:

Mobility use is in high range nowadays, thus people uses and WordPress offers a safer site and way to run and check the Safari browser on the mobile phone. In this way, you can set an iPhone variable inside the code.

  • Remove Elements from the header:

The elements which are of no use should be separate from the header so that WordPress output respective things in the header section. Say for example RSD link, meta tags, etc.,

  • Show Featured Images on the Feed:

WordPress doesn’t show the highlighted picture of course, in the RSS channel. However, to empower the supporters, you can show the included pictures in the posts.

  • Show Content to only RSS subscribers:

To expand endorsers of your RSS channel, you could offer the services that are accessible just to them. You can compose the new code with which you will envelop content by request to conceal it from normal guests.

  • Display Links for sharing posts on Social Networks:

Adding custom links helps to neglect the sharing buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Yahoo, Gmail etc., simply just add links if you do not want to show social media sharing buttons on your website.

  • Add Logo to the Login Page:

You can add a logo to the login manager page. It will execute all capacities that are appended to it in the sign in page’s mind component. It will complete two things – changing the logo, and the connection that it focuses on.

These are the important SEO Factors in WordPress Theme Development.


An SEO accommodating theme is a 24*7 advancement system. It will dependably up to give your site a quick stacking velocity, thus a responsibility towards better SEO positioning.

Hence keeping all the points in mind helps to develop a Free WordPress theme development with SEO friendly and optimized features.

The content of your website is a key goal for developing and boosting your website and search engine optimization key primary factors help to develop regular traffic to your website.

Ecommerce Wordpress themes

How and Why to use Ecommerce WordPress Themes For E-commerce Sites

Ecommerce Wordpress themes

Lately, we have been putting a lot of emphasis on WordPress and eCommerce. These days, eCommerce is blasting more than ever the same number of entrepreneurs know the advantages of working together on the web.

They know about the reach of the Internet; they realize how to transform their organizations into brands by following the prescribed procedures in the virtual world, they realize how to win their clients’ hearts. To put it plainly, they realize what exactly individuals need and how to deliver the same in less time.

Ecommerce Wordpress themes are the most broadly utilized direct technique for getting your reality over the web. You may have your own web host readily available, and that implies you select the name of the webpage, or it is also possible to have WordPress truly host nearly everything for you.

In WordPress, one can easily integrate themes and plugin to customize the appearance of the front end and functionality in the backend. It is constantly updated to better and security and functionality.

In the event that you want to interact with Ecommerce Wordpress themes, in this way it is also possible. In the first place, WordPress has been exclusively the blogging stage just was utilized for smaller sites.

From that point onward, individuals have acknowledged this stage as different business angles. In addition, here are some of the build in features for WordPress that make it a good platform for e-commerce.

– Themes: As an unbelievably large number of WordPress free themes are available. These themes are editable, and this open source approach allows you to modify them to your heart’s content.

– Plugins: There are a large number of plugins available, that are usually free of charge, to add new functionality to your WordPress website.

WordPress as an eCommerce platform:
Nowadays there are many open source and paid platforms for eCommerce there on the internet. So, for what reason would anyone go for WordPress? All things considered, that it can give you an eCommerce site by putting the least effort and time for one.

In addition, WordPress is very simple to use as one can play and make changes to their site’s content, pictures, design, etc. on your own. Doing this would spare you cash and time that you may need to go through with a developer to see the ideal changes.

Besides, WordPress is full of possibilities, and you can make changes with it simply the manner in which you need. For instance, you can make changes in the template format, for example, add or remove sidebars, add/delete pages, posts, and so on., as per your prerequisites and utilize free plugins, which are really helpful like ‘Contact Form 7’ to keep in contact with your clients.

Also, in addition to this, in an eCommerce site, e-cart is especially required, and it might cost you a great deal on the off chance that you plan and build up your site utilizing some other stage like PHP, .Net, and so on., yet in WordPress, there are a lot of plugins accessible for free, which can be utilized accordingly.

This eventually implies that you will save a great amount of cash which could have been spent on e-cart in different stages while getting your eCommerce site based on WordPress. Here, some of the free cart plugins that one can utilize are; Woo Commerce, WP eCommerce, WP-os-Commerce, Jigo Shop, and eShop.

With WordPress free themes, one can also implement their own designing concept and can make their own website, rather than using or buying the pre-designed themes, which may have certain limitations of your actual need that you want in your eCommerce website.

So, to get this you need to design your own concept in an image format of what you want and can get it transformed it into a WordPress theme.

The way to create the E-commerce site Applying WordPress themes:

1. Setting up WordPress:
As soon as when you will login into your web hosting service account’s control panel, look within the software header. Over there you will find the link WordPress beneath “software” header.

With WordPress, it is very easy to set up files simply just by hitting this particular link. After that, your security password will generate that you will need to put to log on to the control panel of your WordPress website. Now, a default theme will be set up as your WordPress w-commerce website.

2. Picking the Theme Design:
There are many WordPress free themes available now, one can discover a huge choice of the best themes simply by trying to find the best WordPress themes on the search engines. After selecting and downloading a particular zip file on your desktop, unzip the file. Then to pick a different theme click on “add new”. Your template will appear on the site.

3. Incorporating the Particular E-commerce Plugins:
To locate a suitable e-commerce plugin to incorporate into your new WordPress e-commerce website, try and discover them on Search engines and then save it to your PC. Over the server, set up these files on the site’s plugin folder.

Once you have installed these plugins, the specific e-commerce links will show up in your own account, page sidebar, checkout, items, and transaction results once you have instated the plugin.

4. Placing the Products:
After purchasing the product, it is extremely easy to build your product or service limits by going to the plugin standard settings.

Whatever the plugin you really obtained, it is possible to incorporate the vast number of products in the event that you prefer. You can deal with all of them through your control board.

With this short clarification of what precisely is readily available whenever scanning for Ecommerce WordPress themes, you can locate a brilliant impression of the qualities that you might want, and exactly what can be useful to you.

It’s true that WordPress was not developed to be an e-commerce platform. It should only get better as an e-commerce platform over time.

Top Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2019

Top Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2022

Top Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2019

There are a large number of Free Responsive WordPress Themes in the market today.

Also, finding for the best theme requires energy. WordPress is the world’s most famous stage for building your own adjustable site. First released in 2003, today it supports more than 60 million sites and is absolutely allowed free to utilize.

Among various Free Responsive WordPress Themes accessible on the internet, it’s time consuming and difficult task for us to pick a suitable theme. Along these lines, I have made a rundown of best free WordPress themes 2019 depending on their no. of downloads, surveys, ease of use, highlights and so on.

Event Planners
free event planner WordPress theme


Events are one of a fundamental part of everybody’s lives. Building your online presence will enable you to set up your event office as a brand name. This template is widely made and turned out to be a striking stage for displaying all real event benefits in the best conceivable way.

So as to make your site more quicker, you can make utilization of cache plugins. This is one of the most commendable Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2021 to plan any occasion related site. Using this theme will let you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Education Lite

free education WordPress theme


Education without a doubt has undergone a revolution over the most recent couple of years and increasingly education organizations have begun building up their quality on the web and some have even fused the idea of the online classroom and have made it a reality.

With this theme, you ought to have the capacity to include, alter and adjust content and even the format to use, utilizing the implicit customizer and get your site up in a matter of a couple of minutes.

Black and White Lite

free knowledge base WordPress theme


With this free knowledge base WordPress theme and the myriad features and tools, the black and white lite theme comes with a built-in customizer that can help you customize your entire website from the headers to the footer with a single click.

Moreover, the pro version comes packed with extra templates as well as built-in pages that you can further build on using a page builder and customize it accordingly.

My Dog Lite

free dog wordpress theme


Each one of the individuals who are pet sweethearts and constantly energized about the computerized life of their pet may pop up with bliss and joy with the news of the production of a site with free puppy WordPress design.

Having a brilliant site really makes your business contacts list bigger than your idea. This free puppy WordPress theme is sufficiently stylish and their specialized gathering of our administration helpdesk is constantly prepared to serve all your quarries with most extreme utmost effort.

Web Programmer Lite

free designer WordPress theme


This free designer theme can be used by a designer or a creative agency. This theme is what every designer needs to showcase his/her word with the responsive design and layout.

The template comes with a pack of highlights; the free form accompanies 3 sliders for the landing page alongside good modules so you ought to have the capacity to set up your exhibition directly on the first page or utilize extra pages for the equivalent while showing its connection on the primary menu.

This Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2019 accompanies a default format, however, you can transform it according to your preference.

Photo World

free gallery wordpress theme


In case you’re an imaginative individual and you have a fantasy to build up your personality in online media, then you should have an appealing on the web portfolio which can be presentable as a weblog.

There are many free themes available for you from where you can select the best one that is perfect for you. This best free gallery WordPress template is incredible and it is featured with all the smart features and the same is available for all the smart devices.

News Paper Lite

free news WordPress theme


Are you are hunting down the best theme for your newspaper site? At that point, you should require a more smarter theme that can perfectly represent your most latest and styling news sections to the worldwide through on the web.

This free News WordPress template is developed by all kinds of internet-based life sharing modules which are empowered to spread any mainstream news and make them viral in a split second.

Bloggers Lite

free blog WordPress theme


Picking a free blog WordPress template is easier said than done; with so much variety and choices on the table, it can take a while for one to decide whether one topic works preferred for you over the other.

This free blog WordPress theme, called charm life, is a theme that can be utilized either for a blog or an expert business site; it is woo commerce compatible that is, one can use this theme to try and set an online business site, within minutes.

Recipe Food Lite

free recipe WordPress theme


This Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2021 is a standout amongst the most comprehensive free recipe WordPress theme accessible which is the reason you ought to use the equivalent for your site; you should be able to have the capacity to set up your site effortlessly, alongside all the changes in a matter of minutes.

Picking the right WordPress theme is as essential as the site itself, so ensure that you pick the correct design and layouts for your site. This theme comes with a host of features that you can use to streamline your business effectively and reach out to more customers.

Beauty Spa Lite

free spa salon WordPress theme


Today this beauty spa is a multi-billion dollar industry and one that is set to gross higher than that in the following couple of years. Beauty Spa Lite is a Free Spa salon WordPress theme generally designed and created to cater to salons, spas, fitness center, and clinics.

The extraordinary thing about utilizing Free Responsive WordPress Themes is that you can test drive any template and this one ought to be a solid match for your business.

In this theme main menu shows more than 5 levels of drop down, which you can use to connect up to different categories and dedicated pages, making it easier for clients to check and survey all that you have to offer.

Custom-Built WordPress Theme Vs A Pre Made

Difference Between Custom-Built WordPress Theme Vs A Pre Made One

Custom-Built WordPress Theme Vs A Pre Made

If one is launching a website using WordPress. Clearly, the plan and the usefulness are at the forefront of your mind.

The primary choice is to have an expert website architecture organization manufacture a custom WordPress site and second, utilize a prebuilt WordPress design or layout.

One of the principal things you will have to keep in mind that it meets your requirements by a pre-made theme with some customizations or in the event that requires a completely custom theme that is developed and designed just for you. There are positively upside and downside to both, that are discussed below.

WordPress is frequently picked as a website stage since it is anything but difficult to include content. In any case, setting up an expert looking and easily working WordPress site is more complex than it looks when you purchase a WordPress topic.

All things considered, the free WordPress themes decision is an issue of incredible significance. The visual impression is really a card of welcome which gives per users of your blog or guests of your site general creative energy about its motivation and utility just as can connect with their enthusiasm to find out additional.Cautiously picked design can actually characterize the achievement of the business just as decrease the odds of drawing in a wide group of onlookers.There are certainly some advantages and disadvantages to both the Custom-Built WordPress Theme Vs A Pre Made, that are explained below.

Per-made Theme:
When you choose to utilize a pre-constructed free WordPress themes, your reasons are your own maybe you need to spare time? Maybe you are trying to set aside some cash?

Possibly you having gotten really alright with a specific template and you adore working on it? Whatever the reason, you’re chosen, this is your strategy for making a WordPress site for your customers.


There will be a major choice of selection of different themes which get accessible for the purchaser simply only after the careful checking of the quality of the structure solution and code achievement. One can see the theme review appearing primary highlights.

You can see the makers of the theme and survey their portfolio on the off chance that you wish to guarantee that they are sufficiently proficient.

One progressively positive point is that the subjects are arranged, so having explicit objectives it is simpler for clients to choose the theme they require.

For instance, on the off chance that you make a corporate site you set this filter and the rundown gets focused on what could be more fitting for your specific needs. This is a kind of objective driven beginning of the manner in which makes conceivable to find the best match for you.

The main advantage of this is that it is affordable as one can choose the pre made free WordPress themes they want. While a few topics might be more costly than others, they regularly remain under $100. There is no custom choice accessible at those sorts of costs.

So on the off chance that you can discover a pre-made topic that addresses the majority of your issues, you remain to spare a great deal of cash.

To a vast extent, the drawbacks of picking a pre-influenced design is to rely upon who you purchase from. Is their code clean? Do they pursue the suggested WordPress improvement best practices? Do they have a functioning network discussion for ordinary investigating? How regularly do they refresh? Etc.

Custom-built Theme:
Subsequent next stage, which can be likewise connected during the time spent on design determination and its execution for a client focused and effective site is custom-built template.

That implies that every one of the highlights of the site like hues, the formats of the site pages, advances and looking over liveliness, suggestion to take action components, responsive adjustment and numerous other plan perspectives will be customly made, tried and coded explicitly for the prerequisites of this specific site and its intended target audience.

This methodology enables site designers to thoroughly consider the slightest subtleties which will be engaged by general advantages of WordPress CMS.

Configuration will be deliberately focused on clear objectives and methods for their accomplishment, giving extraordinary and custom easy to understand arrangements based on client research and afterward client testing To improve the thing significantly, architect or configuration group curating the site can keep up the little modifications based on down to earth investigation or give general overhaul based on arrangements that officially substantiated themselves successful.

The main advantage of having a custom-built site is that you will be the main individual as well as organization internet donning that subject. With tons of online journals running WordPress, any pre-made topic will undoubtedly be utilized by a couple of others – as well as many.

So directly out of the door you have a major preferred standpoint as far as separating yourself from the challenge. Any individual decision of methodology ought to be made based on the specific objectives, prerequisites, target gathering of people, planning and budget.

The greatest con for anyone considering a custom WordPress subject is cost. A custom WordPress site depends on an interesting structure that coordinates somebody’s marking and it is an item that is actually what they’ve had requested.

A website architecture organization will initially plan the site in the wake of having given careful consideration to the customers needs and needs. When the plan is affirmed, they build up the site with the goal that it looks precisely like the structure.

Hence, setting up such a site takes longer and it should be finished by proficient experts. On the positive side, the site will totally be a result of the customers decision and it will coordinate their marking.

Additionally that it will be less demanding to refresh and develop later on. Little to fair size organizations are those that normally run with a custom fabricated WordPress site.

Any individual decision of methodology ought to be made based on the specific objectives, necessities, target gathering of people and planning.

One can select and try to customize a pre-built free WordPress themes or can select the custom-built website that is based on a custom design that a professional designer will design in close consultation with the client.

Elegant Free eCommerce WordPress Themes for Online Store Sites

Free eCommerce WordPress Themes

eCommerce functionally permits you to access the WooCommerce plugin that allows you to convert your non-eCommerce website to the sales machine by using Free eCommerce WordPress themes.

By implementing the WooCommerce into your business website, you will able to add some product pages, product pictures, specifications, descriptions, and product prices.

By using the shopping cart option your customers will be able to add the product to a shopping cart virtually. After adding the products into the shopping cart, they can proceed to the checkout page where payment procedure can be done.

For easy payment options, different payment gateways can be integrated. To get an awesome shopping experience for your customer you will require WooCommerce plugin that will go with the proper theme.

Hence some best Free eCommerce WordPress themes are listed below.

SKT Luxury

Free Luxury ECommerce WordPress Theme


There is no boundary left to explore your idea and interest. Every age of a person can sell their products very easily via the internet. However SKT Luxury has integrated with eCommerce store with lots of tools that will surely reinforce user’s shopping feel.

Too much of customization tools are available that you can access while doing website customization. Various fonts and colors are convenient to use.

This theme allows all the functionality that every shopping website needs from starting point to the end. Also, it supports translation tools to support multilingual functionality.

SKT Construction Lite

Free Construction WordPress Theme


SKT Construction Lite is a Free eCommerce WordPress themes basically used for a professional business to start selling professional services like cleaning service, plumbing service, IT-related services and many more.

SKT Construction Lite is very simple to use so that the user can easily navigate from one page to another without any user interface problem. Call to action feature is the main attraction point for getting free from user queries.

To get more specific about the business you can add a stunning image to the header of a banner section that continuously works with the sliding mode.

Flower Shop Lite

free store wordpress theme


While accessing flower shop lite you will get a smoother feel. The business whose main focus are images can implement their online store by using Free eCommerce WordPress themes.

The theme demo is basically created by using a flower shop idea that allows you to add as much as images to the shop page. With the one mouse click on ‘add to cart’ option, the product will be directly added to the shopping cart.

To view or delete the product, you can visit the shopping cart page. To get review checked, the demo flowers are displayed with the star ranking.

Girlie Lite

free feminine and women WordPress theme


Girlie Lite all related to the Feminine & Girly business ideas to make an online business possible. This theme is created with a decent and sensitive design approach to give a womanish look and feel. The women can now sell their own personal created product widely. Different girlish color options are provided.

The girl’s personalized products like inner ware, health care product, personalized gift, home decor, recipes, customized accessories etc can sell products online. The one-click demo will help you to get the work-flow of the girlie business in a better and informative way.

Hotel Lite

free hotel WordPress theme


Hotel Lite is the Best Free eCommerce WordPress themes for a hotel and vacation related businesses. To make a website navigate easily dynamic slider image is created.

It is integrated with a booking plugin to get a hotel booked very easily. Different widgets can be added to social media accounts, room category, contacts, location, etc.

To get more benefits from your hotel business, the website needs to be live all over the world. To execute this feature you can use SEO plugins and social media plugins. Testimonial section, upcoming event section, special offer section, our gallery section is also available for a paid version.

Movers Packers

Free Logistics WordPress Theme


To get potential clients for the services your offer will need a nice website that includes the feature of eCommerce. To get your services viral you need to offer moving services via a website. You can offer your proficient services like luggage packing, cargo supply services, logistical service, and building services.

Lots of customization tools are accessible to mold the website to the occurrence you want. To get a slider image dynamic in nature you can add ‘get a quotes’ option on it that will take a user from the homepage to a pricing page or a product page.

Perfect Lite

Free coming soon WordPress theme


For an eCommerce store, the Free eCommerce WordPress themes has been comprehensive with all WooCommerce functionality.

This theme shows the proper ambiance work that professional business needs. The elements, sections, pages are created with well-formed structures that can be used by the user with their favored devices like mobile phones, tablets etc.

Plus the theme is congenial with intersect browser. It supports the feature of creating coming soon page that will help to engage your users for some period of time. Plus they will be aware of your website coming live soon. To get a nice look you can easily upload any video or image or animations to the static landing page.

Beauty Spa Lite

free lifestyle WordPress theme


Perfect Beauty Spa Lite is a mighty Free eCommerce WordPress themes for a spa and health-care related business that also includes yoga, gym, fitness center etc.

This theme is an illusion of what you think that your business should look like. Your customers will definitively love your website look and will proceed for purchasing your products. By experiencing the awesome featured provided.

More Advanced functionality and awarded quality can be added in the premium version. Like typography option, color scheme changes, support, slider size change, etc.

Online Coach Lite

Free Coaching WordPress Theme


Online Coach Lite is an overwhelming and general-purpose WordPress theme for an agencies, institutes, teachers that look forward to coach students via online. Online coach lite can be used as school management or institute management system.

User login and admin login have a different sign-in and sign-up forms integrated by default. Ecommerce functionality will allow admin to sell their courses, books, blogs online.

Not only professional agencies but also gym fitness club, health clubs, sports clubs can prefer this theme to implement offline business into the eCommerce store.

Free Commercial WordPress Themes for Commercial Websites

free commercial WordPress themes

There are various free commercial WordPress themes available.

They are powerful and tailor-made to make a business shine. It is a known fact that for every business and company to be successful in the present scenario, online presence is mandatory.

Offline marketing is becoming outdated and online marketing and promotion are keys to getting targeted audiences easily. There are many platforms for designing a commercial website, but WordPress is the best.

The following handpicked best free commercial WordPress themes can take your business to the next level of lead and revenue generation.

Naturo Lite



Naturo Lite is a theme with minimalistic design approach which means it has minimum designing components but super fast loading speed.

A commercial site has to look professional and user-friendly both of which are achieved by this theme. You can use it for any type of commercial website, but it would be the best for construction and real estate related website because it already has some sample pages for them.

Your website can easily get a high position of the search engine and hence better exposure thanks to its good search engine optimization approach.

SKT Strong

free crossfit WordPress theme


SKT Strong is a multipurpose theme which means you can use it for various types of commercial website.

Whatever the website is, it is sure to make it successful. The social media and search engine plugins are critical, and you can use them to target your targeted audiences easily.

You can set up paid campaigns, and the website design will help you get more leads and retain them for long. It is translation ready and has advanced featured which are important for a commercial website.

Therefore, it qualifies as one of the best free commercial WordPress themes on the list.

Hotel Lite

free hotel WordPress theme


Hotel and restaurant are perfect commercial business, and most of the hotels are being booked online in advance. The Hotel Lite is one of the most suitable free commercial WordPress themes with all the required features. It has a payment gateway for users to pay advance payment.

There are advanced contact forms for making a booking online. The call-to-actions form would definitely help to engage the potential customers easily. The overall design is clean, modern and very attractive.

SKT Construction Lite

free construction WordPress theme


Construction is a big industry where most of the offers come through bidding. But it is mandatory to have a website for shareholders and even for clients to check your portfolio and past works. Value testimonial and references can help you get big project easily.

SKT Construction Lite is one of the best free commercial WordPress themes here to build your website perfectly. The site will show your works through portfolio plugin and gallery and slider.

They are likely to captivate the potential clients, and they are likely to award you the orders.

Beauty Spa Lite

free beauty spa WordPress theme


Beauty Spa, Massage centers, Beauty parlors are one of the best businesses to be in because women are trying out different options to look beautiful and keep their figure perfect. Beauty Spa Lite is a commercial theme for listing your store online.

It is also applicable for companies and agencies which have multiple branded stores spread across the state or country. You can modify and design everything yourself without really knowing it beforehand.

Interior Lite

free interior WordPress theme


Interior designing is a booming business at present because the aesthetical value of human life and vision is increasing exponentially. There are so many innovative interior designs available that people are being drawn towards them.

Interior Lite is one of the bestselling free commercial themes on the list. It has a blog section where you can display your creative ideas and get customers easily. Apart from that, it is search engine optimized for better ranking. Local people will discover you very easily and book an appointment.

Business Lite

free business WordPress theme


It is a lightweight multipurpose theme suitable for any business. It has a perfect professional design, and so many useful plugins are available for adding attractive features.

It has multilingual support for different types of customers, social media integration for better reach, search engine optimization for organic traffic and WooCommerce support for monetary transactions.

There are schema plugins, awesome sliders, and galleries to showcase business products and services with evidence.

This is one of the most popular free commercial WordPress themes on the list.

Bizness Lite

Bizness lite


Every business requires a commercial website, and Bizness Lite is one of the most perfect free commercial WordPress themes. You can design your website the way you want it because it provides advanced customizer and page builder.

You can change font, layout, fonts and use shortcodes for embedding various useful components at any place. You can use the theme for any purpose. It is SEO-friendly and appears equally good on all popular browsers and mobile devices.

SKT Build Lite

Build lite


Just like SKT Construction Lite, SKT Build Lite is another powerful WordPress theme for real estate, infrastructure, and construction businesses. It comes with some creative and attractive gallery options, sliders and sections on the homepage.

Yet it has maintained a perfect professional look. You can get all the basic supports from its documentation. Necessary pages are available with required features, and it is compatible with standard plugins. It is also a widget-friendly theme, and you can show amazing widgets on the sidebar or footer that audiences will find useful.

SKT Start-Up lite



Start-Up Lite is one of the most popular free commercial WordPress themes because so many start-up companies are coming up with commercial products and services.

They are using the theme to list their items gracefully to impress the visitors and turning them into long-term customers and clients.

The social media support, SEO support, stunning sliders and galleries and most importantly WooCommerce support are all a company would desire to have.

SKT Lawzo

free lawzo WordPress theme


It is one of the best free commercial WordPress themes for law-related agencies which provide legal assistance and guidance to the corporates. One can set the packages for the audiences to understand the pricing.

There are shortcodes for listing testimonial which would definitely increase the confidence of the audiences to hire you. Designing is perfect and has a class. All the features are present with advanced plugins.

If you already have a commercial website, use should definitely change the present theme with any of the above-listed free commercial WordPress themes, and you will see the difference yourself.

seo tips for wordpress website

5 Easy to Implement SEO Tips for Your WordPress Website

seo tips for wordpress website

As a website developer, I recognize the importance of keeping my blog in stellar shape. This essentially boils down to conducting routine checks on the optimization of my blog to make sure it appears at the top of search engine results.

The deluge of readily wavering search engine algorithms entail us to optimize our WordPress website constantly so that it stays relevant to search engines. Besides, what is the point of going to such painstaking lengths to create all this content and launch a new product if it fails to reach your consumer base?

The most efficient seo tips for WordPress website is to think in terms of how users will generate the search query and what will be the eventual user experience?

If your website is replete with expedient content and helpful solutions, you’ll be rewarded by search engines. Due to some unfortunate series of events, your WordPress blog is not appearing on Google.

Here are some SEO tips for WordPress website to improve the rankings:

1) It All Begins with Quality Content

Content is the one true king. Regardless of whether you are running an eCommerce store or providing seo services, content is the key driver of luring traffic towards your website.

Instead of just penning down a superfluous stream of gibberish for the benefit of the search engine spiders, try writing meaningful content that caters to the pain-points of your users. Why do customers need to buy from you?

What makes your product stand out from thousand others floating around in your niche? So, before putting out all the content, take some time to craft it for the target customers.

As for Google. the search engine giant shows a special proclivity for quality and inventive content. Capitalize on genuine stats, draw on the unique history of your products, and include actual first-hand reviews of your products to make your content appear credible and worth its salt.

Avoid grammatical and semantic errors as it leaves a bad fragrance in the mouth and makes your content appear shoddy and hastily put together, which doesn’t say much about you as a brand.

2) Invest Your Efforts in Keyword Research

Contrary to what people might say, keywords still matter. A lot. Keywords are the gateway to bring your customers to your brand. If you’re able to provide the shortest route to their destination, customers are prone to choosing your path every single time.

Neil Patel’s guide on seo tips for WordPress website provides a detailed walk-through on how to leverage keyword tools to escalate the rankings of your WordPress website. Furthermore, long-tail keywords are still quite effective in getting your website ranked higher in Google search.

You can use myriad keyword planner tools present online, and since most come at a minimal cost, they are rather easy on the pockets. By strategically interspacing keywords across your page, you’ll be able to get your pages ranked better in Google search.

3) Link Building is Not Yet Dead

When Larry Page first developed page rank, the theme behind it was to link several similar pages together. Google still sticks to the same algorithm to rank websites on search pages.

If you have been successful in soliciting the attention of some high-end blogs or websites and got them to point towards your website, Google will consider it as a high-authority website as well.

The only condition is that you must earn the link authority in a genuine manner. You can either call upon pertinent social media influencers to review your website on their blogs, or you can plan a blogger’s meet-up and request them to test and review your product.

Honest reviews in personal blogs, guest postings, and even social media mentions can go a long way towards pointing your WordPress SEO in the right direction.

4) Optimize Media Files

Google’s fleet of smart algorithms are now more inclined than ever towards creating a seamless experience for all users. So, if your website qualifies in this category, hats off. If not, you need to do some serious legwork on your website.

Slow loading pages are one surefire way to incur the wrath of Google and declare open war. Google admires flawless and simple UX interfaces, boasting a high-end engagement level.

The easiest way to enhance the loading speed of your website is to optimize all media on your website. Reduce the size of your images by Tiny JPEG or any other online image optimization tools, which are available for free.

5) Enhance Your Mobile UX

It all dates back to the year 2015 when Google announced open war against websites that were not exactly considered mobile-friendly. Since then, website developers have been constantly struggling to ensure responsive in all their websites.

Anything less than responsive, and Google will take no time in chucking the ranking of your website out the window rather unceremoniously. Google itself lays a lot of emphasis to mobile search when it comes to ranking websites in search results.

This has forced web developers across the globe to transform their websites into responsive ones. With such stiff competition between brands, it is getting rather trying for businesses to optimize their websites in a way that still facilitates the end-user and retains the level of satisfaction with the website.

The key to a high search engine ranking is when a brand is able to provide a solid user experience. If you’re doing it the right way, your ranking will improve in no time.

On the Closing Note…

Ranking your WordPress website on Google is a tough job. If you aspire to appear on the first page of Google search results, it is advisable to keep on improving, max up optimization, and keep on tapping into what your competitors are doing.

If you find something that is working for them, try it out and see seo tips for WordPress website if it works for you too. Till then, use the above seo tips for WordPress website to constantly stay ahead of your competition.

Author Bio: Irfan Ak is a digital marketing expert a guest blogger on various websites. He is a passionate digital strategist. Currently, associated with a digital agency. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.

Free Car Dealer WordPress Themes for Car Dealers Websites

free car dealer WordPress themes

These free car dealer WordPress themes are beautiful in design, and the visitors are going to fall in love. Perfect for car dealers agency or anyone looking to sell or rent car online.

Car dealers are those who are selling cars at the retail level by taking dealership from automotive companies.

Just like other shops or showrooms, car dealers need to have an online presence through a website.

WordPress is the best platform where there are many stunning free car dealer WordPress themes available.

It is certainly going to increase your credibility and has all the functions to make your website and business successful.

SKT Auto Car

free car dealer and repair WordPress theme


This is the best free car dealer WordPress themes on the list. It has all the ingredients already present like necessary pages, pre-installed plugins, and other designing options. There is a beautiful slider, galleries are stunning, and the homepage is eye-catching.

It is compatible with all devices. Apart from that, there is support for WooCommerce and cross browsers. It is a widget friendly theme with sidebars, headers, and footers compatible to show creative widgets. The portfolio page has been given special attention, and it is breathtaking in design.

SKT Condimentum



This is a multipurpose theme and one of the best as free car dealer WordPress themes. It is very easy to design and modify. All the components can be tweaked live. It is a lightweight theme, and the navigation is intuitive. You can have amazing widgets in the sidebar.

It is SEO friendly for better search result ranking, and social media integration will help to make it word of mouth. All the standard pages are present with all the required features and the call to action options will be highly useful in getting faster leads.

SKT Towing

free towing WordPress theme


Though it is not one of those tailor-made free car dealer WordPress themes, it certainly has all the properties and parameters to design a stunning car dealer website. It has multilingual support, and you can install font plugins to add a variety of fonts easily.

Changes can be made in real-time, and social media plugins will drive huge traffic from campaigns. There are awesome plugins for slider and gallery. SEO value of the theme is quite high, and it would make the website easily discoverable.

SKT Design Agency

free design agency WordPress theme


This is undoubted one of the awesome free car dealer WordPress themes. It is a pure joy to watch, and you can design it the way you want to. The boxes and blocks are light weight, and the installed cache plugins will help in faster loading speed.

It has passed Google mobile-friendly test and it is retina ready for devices with high resolution. It has all the necessary plugins pre-installed and there are live customizer and advanced page builder.

Kraft Lite

kraft free premium WordPress theme


This is one of the best free car dealer WordPress themes in terms of design as well as features. It has amazing color combination, advanced sliders, and galleries, fits well on all devices and the navigation is superb.

It is fully responsive and you can get a lot of extra organic traffic as well as social media traffic. Your paid campaigns are sure to get your more conversion and the plugins for showcasing cars are stunning and sure to captivate the visitors above their expectation.

SKT Full Width

free full wide WordPress theme


This is a unique WordPress theme and best for car dealers. It has full-width sliders though you can choose other forms for sliders as well. The menu is extremely well designed and sure to make the website look premium.

It is this innovativeness and full of graphics design that will increase the credibility of the dealer and get him more leads and customers. In spite of so much graphic, it has high loading speed, and people can make a booking directly through the site and pay an amount upfront through the payment gateway.

SKT Launch

free launch WordPress theme


This could be used as a parent or child theme for designing a cool car dealer website. It is highly useful for launching new cars or starting a new dealership. It is attractive, highly functional, creative in design and loads faster than most of the themes on the list.

It is translation ready and comes with support for standard plugins like WooCommerce, Advance contact forms, superb galleries, and sliders.

The background images of the sections on the homepage can be changed, and videos or maps can be added. There is a blog section, and latest posts can be accommodated beautifully on the homepage.

SKT BlendIt

free one page WordPress theme


This can certainly be one of the most colorful free car dealer WordPress themes. It is clean, and you can list different cars separately with discount tags.

The blogs can be shown beautifully and will draw organic traffic. It is a highly optimized theme in terms of better display on mobile devices, browsers, and better loading speed.

You can design the inner pages with multiple page templates available. The boxes on the homepage have shuttle animations and hover effects. There are also call to action options and advanced contact page for booking.

SKT Black

skt black


Black is a great theme color for a car dealer website as it makes the items look premium in the current designing scenario and instigate the visitors to make the purchase. Furthermore, you can highlight everything you write and design effortlessly.

The theme has passed security checks, and the galleries and portfolio showcasing plugins are extremely attractive. The theme will perform better on the search engine as well as it is coded in that way. Each and every section is completely editable.

Perfect Lite

free landing page WordPress theme


This is one of the most amazing free car dealer WordPress themes. It has amazing designing components, and the theme color is changeable.

The support for standard plugins and readymade pages will help you design and modify everything smoothly. The gallery and slider are creative and eye-catching. It is HD ready, and with the pro version, you can make more customization easily.

These are some of the best free car dealer WordPress themes available for designing a website that stands out. They will leave the best impression and certainly going to increase leads and sales like never before.

Free Construction WordPress Themes for Construction Company Websites

free construction WordPress themes

It does not matter whether you are just getting started or a small construction company, you need to use the free construction WordPress themes to design your website and publish it online.

With the increase in human population and advancement of technology, the construction industry is one of the most active businesses in the world. Most of the construction companies have a website because they can showcase their past works to get new orders.

A company without an online presence never gets the credibility in today’s world.

If you already have a website, you can migrate the theme.

The following free construction WordPress themes as they will help to create the best impression and get more projects.

SKT Construction Lite

free construction WordPress theme


This is one of the professional looking free construction WordPress themes with high-class sliders and galleries to showcase your past works. You can list your past clients with logo in the home section. There are sections for listing your milestones and achievements as well as put testimonials.

It is translation ready with all the standard pages available to save your time in designing. It is a mobile-friendly theme, and you can modify anything in real time. There are options to have widgets and change theme color.

SKT Build Lite
free construction WordPress theme


This is another and one of the awesome free construction WordPress themes with all the necessary components for designing and technical features. The design is clean and modern, and users will be able to spot everything intuitively.

There is an option to open a blog and be a leader in construction related articles. It has WooCommerce support for monetary transaction and SEO-support to make your website visible to local clients. There are various types of animations and effects available on the designing components.

SKT Black
skt black


This is a tailor-made and one of the free construction WordPress themes with premium design. It is compatible with all devices and browsers. The theme is perfectly secured and has fast loading speed.

Any image or text would look great on it and hence, your potential client will have the best first impression. The contact page is robust for clients to be able to contact you easily. There are animations on the homepage, and you can show ratings and reviews of the past clients.

SKT Corp
free corporate WordPress theme


This is a very simple and lightweight free construction WordPress theme. It has a lot of whitespace and navigation is flawless and intuitive. It appears on mobile phones and tablets accurately, and even higher resolution devices do not hinder its quality.

The theme color is changeable, and it is SEO-friendly to provide your more exposure than usual. It has backup support for payment gateway in case of monetary transactions.

The sliders and galleries are beautiful and functionally sound. Many big construction companies are using the site after modifying the sections as per their requirements.

Complete Lite
skt complete


This is an awesome and amongst the free construction WordPress themes to showcase your business and services in the best possible way. Several shortcodes are present to create attractive content. It is SEO optimized and supports on all devices and browsers.

It has compatibility with all the standard plugins and visitors can leave comments, contact through contact forms, call instantly or connect through social media.

The theme color is changeable, and there are many advanced gallery plugins available for showcasing your past constructional works wonderfully.

Naturo Lite


This is an attractive theme for designing a perfect construction website to represent your business online and get more orders by convincing your potential clients. It has minimalist design approach and WooCommerce integration so that people can book you by paying some token upfront.

It is SEO and SMO friendly and thoroughly checked for security tightening. The boxes and blocks on the homepage are beautifully designed, and it is a very clean and professional looking theme.

Kraft Lite
kraft free premium WordPress theme


This is a complete free construction WordPress theme on the list. It works so well on all devices, and the components available are extremely useful and attractive. It has passed Google test for mobile-friendliness and loading speed.

It has creative effects and social media integration and awesome font options. With its pro version, you can have more slider, fonts, shortcodes and customization options.

It is an absolutely professional website that will increase your brand value and get you more conversion than ever before.

free business WordPress theme


This is a corporate looking free construction WordPress theme. It supports all popular WordPress plugins and has NextGen for the gallery. One of the best features of this theme is that it has social media integration option which is great from SEO perspective.

Contact page has Google map and direct call or email option. All the backgrounds of different sections on the homepage are editable.

Interior Lite
free interior WordPress theme


Interior construction is a big industry now as people are investing money in designing luxurious interiors. This free construction WordPress theme is perfect for all such companies to reach out to their potential customers easily.

It is what you show on your website that will attract customers. Hence, the sliders and galleries are top-notch. Call-to-action buttons and advance contact plugins will help users to book and contact you.

Furthermore, you can write a blog on latest trends in interior designing to let people get inspired and hire you for the works.

SKT Condimentum


This is a multipurpose free WordPress theme with classic features for constructing a construction website. It comes with 5-level drop down menu for creating segregation among different construction works and projects.

The homepage is quite attractive and professional. There are awesome portfolio plugins to list the past project, and the galleries and sliders can be used effectively for the same purpose.

It is retina ready and has support for translation. It is completely documented and is widget-friendly to show achievements and milestones.

These are some of the best free construction WordPress themes with which you can create a great website for your business.

If you want more features and customization options, you have to go for premium themes. Most of these free themes have corresponding pro version which you can upgrade anytime or with the help of construction website design companies you can customize your website.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Best Tips to Plan a Good Digital Marketing Campaign for Your Company

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

If you are trying to establish your business among the hotshots in your locality, you have to take the help of the internet at least in the contemporary age. Millions of people rely on the internet for all kinds of day to day activities at a very basic level.

If you are trying to reach out to more and more people who will be interested in your digital marketing campaign, then the internet is the best choice you have. Since so many people rely on the internet, it is the potential ground for a complete campaigning strategy.

The key is to be innovative and unique with your approach to the digital marketing campaign. At the same time, you must make sure that your company is able to address the demands of the prospective clients and understand what is trending in order to be successful.

The prospects of social media

When you are trying to establish your brand, one of the best ways to ensure that you are able to become a name that resonates perfection is having a full-fledged campaign centered on your social media exposure.

Since millions of people spent a significant amount of time in the day going through the various social media platforms, it has the potential to give exposure to the various companies at an international level.

From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and other social media platforms, if you can tap the resources well, you will be able to stay in the market against all the odds consistently.

Here we are going to suggest certain tips which will help you to remain at the top of the game consistently and ensure that your company is getting the exposure it needs sufficiently through digital marketing platforms.

An outstanding website

When you are planning to take your business online, the website development is the basic and elemental thing to do. Without a proper website, you will not be able to create a mark on the internet and your respective industry.

A well-optimized website that is able to reach out to millions of people and has a dedicated base of followers will be able to generate more leads than any other methods of campaigning.

To get more traffic, you must ensure that you have high-quality content in terms of information and images that are able to draw your audience easily.

If you are new to the interface of website designing, you can always try the various CMS like WordPress which are developed such that anyone including those who are untrained in website designing can use the tools to develop their own websites.

Instagram marketing

This is the most popular digital marketing trends in recent times, and it is very much effective provided you are able to use the tactics strategically.

Instagram has approximately 1 billion monthly users across the world that spent a major amount of the day browsing through the interface.

The search console of the Instagram interface keeps track of the trending searches and the type of images and videos that attract more people and highlight them.

If you are able to create a campaign keeping in mind these statistics, you will be able to ensure that your company gets consistent traffic through Instagram as well.

The best digital marketing campaign have Instagram marketing intricately linked and associated with them. You be a top-notch Instagram marketer it is essential that you have high-quality images and spinet videos relevant to your company to showcase.

Also, follow and comment subtly on other relevant and competing companies’ profile in order to draw attention to your company from the people who will be genuinely interested in your products.

Sponsored Ads

Facebook and recently Instagram have come up with the facility to campaign through sponsored ads.

You have to pay a negligible amount to the social media platforms mentioned, and an ad campaign will be designed for you by them which will be displayed on the pages of those users who are looking for relevant things on the platform.

In case of Instagram, the ad campaigns are not very different from a regular post except that it is highlighted with the brand name and you can click on the link right below the images to directly go to the store and browse through the products.

The sponsored ads are usually displayed based on the algorithms which determine who are the people who are looking for the products that you have to offer.

If you are opting for sponsored ads through Facebook or Instagram marketing, you can easily give your company a boost since these ads are effective to generate traffic and leads which will be profitable for you.

Well optimized campaigns

When you are trying to establish your business through digital marketing, the basic element is the content which has to be well optimized.

Numerous people can write and design content that is unique, and you can always seek professional help in case you are not very sure about your content skills. You can also determine the type of content you want and plan the digital marketing campaign accordingly.

The contents in the form of audios, images and videos to have the capacity to bring home a good amount of traffic. If you are relying on content, there is a high chance that your business will be able to engage millions of people who will be a dedicated follower of your brand.

Building a quality brand name and good digital marketing campaign for your company is crucial for your business. You need to learn to use different tools depending on the situation.

When you’re building your online presence e.g. link building campaign you can use a tool like Linkio that will help you with choosing your right anchor text and give you the best percentage to get over your competitors in a fast time.


It can be concluded that when it comes to marketing with the help of the internet, the website and the social media platforms together play a vital role.

If you are new to the world of digital marketing, the best way to make sure that you are able to use it rightly at your benefit is opting for the campaigning professionals and their help.

Feel free to look up the best digital marketing professionals who can help you out and they will ensure that you are getting all the exposure your brand needs through the digital marketing campaign.