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build online store with wordpress and woocommerce

Build an Online Store with WordPress and WooCommerce

build online store with wordpress and woocommerce

When you are thinking of starting an online store it is a fantastic feeling. There is now so much support available to build online store with WordPress and WooCommerce that they can be created in no time.

The fact that you will be doing many things by yourself is challenging and rewarding at the same time.

The fact that everything and every decision impact your revenue directly, the stakes are high here.

There are some helpful marketing technique for WordPress website for promoting the website as well which will keep attracting traffic to the website.

The user’s if they follow a proper plan then they will be able to get to a fully functional online store with WordPress and WooCommerce in no time.

Online Shopping

The use of online stores has increased over the years. The selling of good from physical one location has its limitation and thus the ease of buying and selling good to the different location using a conglomerate of various services has increased.

Online shopping has become prevalent and according to a retail survey more than half of the regular purchaser makes at least some purchase each month.

It is also realized that more one-third purchases out of these will be made using mobiles.

The influence of social media is huge for such purchasers as more than –two-third purchasers constantly make use of the social media platform.

Thus it is highly important that the product that is being dealt in gets positive reviews to influence the buyers.

This might sound like a lot of information but don’t worries there is a well-designed plan which one can follow to get everything right on point.

How to Build Online Store with WordPress and WooCommerce?

When you have the structure of the website ready it is time to start build an online store and add products to it.

When you are starting it is advised that you use the free, powerful and popular WooCommerce plugin, there are also premium options available but they will be expensive and add to your running cost.

It is very easy to use WooCommerce and it can be set up in no time. You can add add-ons which can be purchased to improve the functionality of the online store.

The plugins and the add-ons are all maintained by the professional and when you are using WordPress as the platform there is no need for you to worry about quality.

Installing WooCommerce and Easy Set Up:- You will be required to install WooCommerce, this is easy and readily available on the WordPress website(

Go to plugins and you will see WooCommerce which you can use right from the dashboard.

Log-in to the repository of WordPress and click on the Plugins items on the Dashboard. Look for WooCommerce if you are not able to find it on the screen right there. Click on the button ‘Install Now’.

This will download and install the files and will take less than a minute. To start using the plugin you will have to activate the plugin just installed.

Now will have to set up the page which will be prompted to you post activation. This is an easy step as all the steps are lined one after the other and all you have to do it is follow them.

You will be creating the main shop, shopping cart, checkout, and customer accounts page. These are basic pages that are required for all websites and thus should be created on after the other.

Also set up the store location, currency, units of measurement. This is the step so that the customers can check what they are getting and how much you are charging them for it.

You might have to set up the basic option of shipping and sales tax which majorly depends on the product you are a selling.

If you are selling a normal regular product you will need to enable shipping. This option will allow you to add a flat rate for domestic and international shipping.

Now the sales tax has its own different requirements. Thus this page will be flexible where tax rates can be added.

The next part of the payment option is to set up the WooCommerce page. One of the easiest ways to collect payments for any goods sold is with the use of wallets.

WooCommerce comes with built-in payment options like a check, bank transfers, COD etc. Click on continue to finish the setup.

Come back to the WooCommerce setting and finalize the setup. Click on the setting which has a general default setting which should be changed according to the website personal needs.

Add a free shipping option which you want to offer with the help of valid coupons code the customers receive as benefits for making a purchase over a certain amount. You can check boxes for the services you plan to offer to the visitors of the site.

The products should be added to each category which helps the visitors find them easily. Use the dashboard to add categories to the product.

Give names to each such categories- add descriptions of the product, images, type etc. It is trendy to add tags so that similar product can be identified and connected.

The tags can be created for specific items like modern or hipster, or brand names which are dealing with products of the same brand name.

Make sure that the tags are not duplicated and when the tags are done the product should be added. Now, click on the product and Add new, there is almost everything that needs to be added to the site.

There is a lot of space for pictures to be added along with images to allow customers to have a better look of them all.

Make sure that the product has a name and every product should be under one category head. The text box next to the product should have a description of the product. You must add a small description which will be displayed next to the image.

You can add shipping options which include express shipping or advanced settings for the customers. Use these option wisely as and all according to your needs of the websites and business.

Free WordPress Themes For Event Calendar

Free WordPress Themes For Event Calendar for Events Management Website

Free WordPress Themes For Event Calendar

Are you looking for a free WordPress themes for event calendar?

If yes, then you need to consider one important aspect while choosing event template for your business. You need a professional-looking template for conferences and events where you can add each and every piece of information on it.

For example, with the best template, you will be able to showcase tickets, event calendar, location map, and other kinds of information on your website.

In this post, we will be sharing some of the best templates that can be used to manage conferences and events.

Each and every business look for the best alternative ideas to schedule their events to save our precious resource i.e. time.

Here you will find so many templates that are ready to use for event calendar websites so that you will be able to save time for your and your customers.

The templates listed below all are available at free of cost which comes with minimal yet all required features so you won’t need to purchase premium themes.

But we recommend you to get a premium template if you have a large-scale based business because these themes are only meant for beginner and startup users.

The themes we mentioned are actually WordPress based because WordPress is best CMS that provides supports to a number of third-party plugins.

You can use those plugins to turn your simple website into an estore or a stylish blog. Utilizing the features from the themes mentioned below will help you to schedule your appointments and provide event calendar functionality to get appointments at your convenience.

While picking a theme make sure its suits your vision and business requirements. The functions and features of all the templates are different. The themes are made by considering all types of business needs. So make sure to check out the demo first.

Best Free WordPress Themes For Event Calendar

Posterity Lite


Posterity Lite is a conservative template that is the best fit for a conference, events, or meetup website. It has a beautiful typography option, eye-catching colors, and an impressive gallery.

Also, it comes with some features that give you the control to customize your website’s footer and header area content.

To design web pages quickly the theme provides support for page builders. The top page builders including Gutenberg editors are supported. You can utilize the inbuild sections to add testimonials, speakers, and sponsors details.

You can share details with your targeted visitors about the upcoming events. Some common features that are included with this template are CSS files included, browser compatibility, user-friendly design, widget friendly, responsive layout, multilingual plugin support, web form plugin support, slider plugins support, and much more.

Activism Lite


Activism Lite is a free WordPress themes for event calendar that comes with a variety of customization options. It is a free template that has a premium feature i.e. access to a live customizer to help you to alter and view the content of your website in real-time.

It also comes with 1300+ Google font options to make your website text content more attractive. You can catch the customer’s attention with the best combination of texts and images.

With this theme, you will be able to use the parallax effect that makes sure your customers are getting overwhelming and good user experience. The theme can be used as a single-page website which will allow you to add limited but accurate information on your business or events.

Key features of Activism Lite are Woocommerce compatible, contact form 7 plugin support, one-click demo importer option, Live preview option, beautiful and attractive header area, and much more.

Ele Wedding Lite

ele wedding

Ele Wedding Lite is an event management template that gets implemented with an event calendar plugin without writing any line of code. Thus you can plan and schedule the events seamlessly.

Thus the template is also supported with the appointment booking plugin so that you can convert your business online presence to a self-service appointment management system.

It has a very impressive and visually appealing design that looks great on small and large devices. Without affecting its appearance and performance you can work on this theme easily on any OS or browsers. It has so many features that can help you to get more visitors and followers in less time.

One of the best features of this template is the one-click demo import option which helps you to create a professional and impressive website in just a few clicks. Thus you can showcase your event content greatly.

Catering Lite

Catering Lite

Catering Lite is a responsive and beginner-friendly free WordPress themes for event calendar useful for event management websites. Catering Lite is very easy to customize. Thus it can be a helping hand for you.

It is a multipurpose template that offers a lot of features including one-page layout, logo upload, text or video content, social media-friendly, sidebar options, color, fonts options, and more. You can utilize the testimonial section to add feedback on your clients and the footer section to add required business contact details.

The template is actually optimized for SEO so that you can higher rankings in search engines. Catering Lite is also translation ready and RTL ready. However, people from all over the world can view your website and understand your views without any language problem.

The theme comes with the full support of the WooCommerce plugin so that you can integrate the eCommerce feature in one click. Thus you will be able to sell tickets and accept the payment online with the WooCommerce plugin integration.

Ele Restaurant Lite

ele restaurant

Ele Restaurant Lite is specially developed to support the hotels and restaurant industry. However, if you are the one who would like an event management feature on your website then Ele Restaurant Lite will work great for you.

This plugin supports the Event Calendar plugin so that you can start managing your online or offline events directly from your website. You can install this plugin directly from the WordPress dashboard.

You can start taking online booking for upcoming holidays like New Year, Christmas, Holi, etc. Some additional features of this theme make it more functional and desirable to use.

Some of its great features are an attractive header, call to action buttons, social media buttons, social sharing feature, logo upload option, 900+ Google font support, and beautiful animations.

As mentioned the theme is social media friendly which is a great feature that will be required to connect with more people with your business.

Fundraiser Lite


With Fundraiser Lite you will be able to reach maximum people around the world. This is very easy to use free WordPress themes for event calendar.

Using this template you can create an event website to support non-profit organizations, NGOs, fundraisers, etc for their good cause. You will be able to create an online presence for such organizations in no time effortlessly.

On your website, you can add a lot of features. For example, you can add a booking feature for online bookings, a countdown feature to showcase the total number of people who donated money, and many more.

The theme completely supports different payment gateways options to accept donation via PayPal, stripe, etc also you can add offline donation options. The best part of a template is that it is developer friendly so beginner user will find the customization process more easier.  

You can also emphasize the latest projects going on the the projects you have completed. The key features of Fundraiser Lite are donation management, responsive design, third party plugin integration, WooCommerce support, user and multilingual friendly.

Ele Yoga Lite

ele yoga

Ele Yoga Lite was basically created with a focus on fast page loading speed. It is also totally optimized for SEO to perform well on search engine result pages. The template was created with the complete clean codes.

Thus the coding is done with the proper use of the latest technology i.e. HTM5, CSS3, and JavaScript. No unwanted code is used.

You can utilize the header section in a proper manner by adding beautiful looking header image which will tell more about your events or business. Other details can be added in other sections so that users will find your website more informative while scrolling the page.

With the help of social media buttons, your visitors will be able to share the event details with their social media followers. The key features of Ele Yoga Lite are color options, blog section, suitable with best SEO plugins, multilingual friendly, translation ready, and other third-party plugin support.

Ele Spa Lite

ele spa

If you are looking for an event-focused website with a little touch of feminine design then Ele Spa Lite is the best option. It has a flexible design which is actually designed for spa, yoga, and wellness centers to manage their work and organize a number of events without struggling.

The theme is best suitable with the countdown timer so that you can showcase the total time remaining for an upcoming event. You can also add a header image to make your customers attracted to your website content.

Thus the template is supported with event plugins such as the events calendar, events manager, Woocommerce event manager, WP event manager, and many more. The key features of Ele Spa Lite are easy to install, logo upload option, responsive design, multilingual friendly, mobile-ready, and more.

Event Planners

Event Agency WordPress Theme

If you are looking for free WordPress themes for event calendar, then you should check out the features that are provided by Event Planners. As it comes with dozens of options you can use this template to create a professional event management website. with this template, you will be able to enhance your audience’s reach.

It has very attractive features and improves the design that will help you to achieve your goal. You can utilize its features to create website for weddings, celebrations, couples, and for organizing fundraising events too.

The key features of Event Planners are social media-friendly, amazing animations, inbuild contact form, parallax effect, and more. Event Planners is fully compatible with top page builders, browsers, and devices.

You will get lots of options to customize the website with the integration of third-party plugins. You can choose different plugins or page builder to add the feature your business required.

IceCream Lite

ele ice cream

If you are a restaurant owner and looking for a template that will allow you to organize different events on the basis of upcoming festivals, then IceCream Lite is one for you.

IceCream Lite has a modern design which is actually a custom made template for restaurant, tea stall owners, chocolates, and bakeries owners. One can use this template to avail a number of products or items to their customers.

The support of the drag and drop interface will make the customization process more simple. You can create an event page to add speakers, sponsors’ details, and add social media options to connect with more visitors.

You can import the dummy content to get the same look and feel for your website. Thus it comes with a one-click import option that imports the content in just one click.

Modelling Lite

Modelling Lite

Modelling Lite is the most flexible theme used to target modeling, acting, and another artist. It comes with a lot of options to convert simple looking website to an event website.

Free WordPress themes for event calendar also comes with some advanced features i.e. eCommerce plugin compatibility, page builder support, responsive design, logo upload option, multilingual friendly, RTL support, and more.

The key features of modeling Lite are social media support, cross-browser compatibility, translation ready, one-click install, one-click import, and more.

You can add an event plugin on your website to sell tickets directly from it. You can also make use of shortcodes to manage other functionalities. Third-party plugins are supported so that you can add Google Maps or any other option to make your website more functional.

This theme will easily get integrated with the form builder so that you can create an online form for your upcoming events as per your needs. However, the theme works best on all mobile devices and browsers.

Ultimate Guide to Free WordPress Themes

Ultimate Guide to Free WordPress Themes

Ultimate Guide to Free WordPress Themes

You can have any type of business but you will require a website to promote it to the larger audience. Even if you are not involved in direct selling you have to understand that promotion, creating awareness, and meeting a larger audience is a must for you and this is done by the website.

The users who can have a direct communication with you as well prefer to go online and check what business you are into. With the advancement in technology and the creative awareness the platform has increased which help anyone with the minimum of technical knowledge to get a website together.

WordPress which started as a blogging platform now has unlimited free themes for the users. These are categorized by different users and business type. This open-source platform can be used by any and with the good quality of the free website it is quite a popular show around.

What are Free WordPress themes?

We all have heard the word but let’s understand what it means. A free theme is a cheap and easy way to build your website. They are not low on quality and that’s what makes them useful. New web owners and business people who are on a tight budget should make use of these free themes.

They do not ask for any money for them to be used and in long-term they provide an upgrade to a premium theme which has added functionalities and qualities. WordPress has the largest collection of free themes which are widely used. They keep adding to the library and thus the users often get new and improved product each time.

What is GPL License?

WordPress asks you to be a part of the system only when you have agreed to the GPL license, you must not have realized what this license is all about. Most of us do not even give a try to a license document a read. But if you plan to understand and use WordPress to its full course then it is beneficial for you to know what this contains.

GPL license is for you to get full control of the theme. If you are making changes to the code then you would be required to agree to the conditions.

You must update the changes made to every user and in return, you to get to enjoy the changes and updates made to it by others. The WordPress themes almost all of them have featured GPL license which means that the users are all free to use it the way they like.

Why Should I Use Free WordPress Themes?

Even though there is an obvious benefit many users still have a lot of doubt about using free themes. The platform is great and it makes every possible effort to ensure that the users are not dissatisfied and thus the following benefits will help the ones who are slightly skeptical to be sure of what they are getting into.

One obvious and overly stated benefit of using WordPress is the cost. The free themes allow you to create a website with interesting functionality without any cost. The new users and small business owners should not even think twice.

The premium themes come with a lot of stress of getting the money back which has been invested in buying them. That is not the kind of burden a website owner should be under. The other way of starting with a free WordPress themes and switching to a premium one when you feel you are strong enough is a good strategy.

Plug-ins which comes with so much added functionality runs just fine on the free themes. Of course, your theme is simple and is not loaded with functionality. This in no way means that you have to compromise on what you can offer. Think of the super supportive plug-ins which are available just at the click of a button.

The compatibility is not an issue and thus you can add as much functionality through these plug-ins as you like.

The flexibility and the freedom the free themes provide is unparallel. They allow you to add anything and make changes as you like. You are free to experiment and make changes to the site as and when you want. There are a plethora of options available and you can choose anyone without any cost attached to them.

If you know what you want then using a free theme is the best choice for you. If you are not sure about your reasons then maybe you should go for a hired service and choose a web builder who can work on your behalf.

Since WordPress is an open-source platform it so happens that there is a lot of repetition and similar looking themes flooding the platform.

The users are also advised to read reviews and talk to people who have used the platform and the theme before they download one and start using it.

There are a lot of poorly coded themes available on the platform. You must always check the themes that you are using and test them before investing time and energy in them.

You might also feel that the website looks just like many other and that is not what you require so feel free to experiment. Try new web themes, since it is an open-source platform it means that you will always find some new theme is added to the platform.

Now you might be skeptical using them and hence you should first test them on the performance before you start working on them.

There are a lot of themes which are added to the platform on a continuous basis and many of them are from really good coders who are just beginning to make a mark. If you are able to find them then you can be rest assured that you will not suffer from the quality.

Of course, you are using something which is for free and thus it will have certain limitations. You must thus weigh all the pros and cons before you start using them. You always have the option of using the premium version if you are not satisfied.

Tips to Choose Best WordPress Theme

7 Tips for Finding a New WordPress Theme for Redesigning

finding a new WordPress theme

Thank heavens for WordPress! This millennium’s most celebrated content management platform and plugin supplier has been making the lives of bloggers, content marketers and web developers easier for quite some time now.

The WP interface is not only easy to navigate but it also lets you install SEO plugins to help you track your site’s rankings and search results performance as well as assess whether your website complies with or falls short of SEO standards.

WordPress powers nearly 30 per cent of the World Wide Web as per recent data. The WP content management software is so convenient that it currently registers close to 200 million downloads across the globe.

A number of big name brands like IBM, Samsung, Sony, CNN, Walt Disney and MTV use a WP interface to develop and manage their websites.

There are hundreds and thousands of WP themes, downloaded more than 100 million times, with 2 million theme switches occurring each month.

3,000 of these themes are under a GNU General Public License and can be downloaded for free on the WP Theme Directory, while premium themes for blogs and websites of any niche are available for download on various theme shops or marketplaces.

Businesses often change their website’s appearance to better reach out to target customers. With so many themes populating the web, choosing the best one to redesign your website is sometimes a tall order.

Everyone hails content as king but the truth is how your website looks and feels is just as important. Visual appeal gives content some extra oomph so that your target consumers and readers get a holistic experience of what it’s like to do business with you.

If you are having trouble finding the right WordPress theme for redesigning your website, these tips might come in handy:

Best Tips for Finding a New WordPress Theme

1. Identify What Doesn’t Work


Think about the reasons why your website theme must be changed. Is your current theme not working? Are you getting negative customer feedback regarding your website’s appearance or functionality?

Whatever your reasons for changing your WP theme, list them down one by one especially issues raised by customers and people navigating your site.

After completing your list, provide a corresponding solution for each item. Use these solutions to help you find the best WP theme. Your new theme must not repeat the pitfalls of the old one.

2. Get a Theme That Addresses Your Business Needs

wordpress themes

As a business owner, you know your business better than anyone else. Does your website allow you to communicate the right message to your target markets? For instance, you have an online store that sells dresses online.

In your line of business, the ideal theme should have an e-commerce interface to better showcase your products and facilitate online shopping. Your chosen theme must provide your website utmost functionality .

3. Priorities SEO


72 per cent of marketers say that SEO is effective for marketing their products and services online. If your business is looking to earn consistent traffic and rank well on search engine results, choosing a SEO friendly theme is crucial.

Themes designed for SEO allow you to control your content, optimise targeted keywords, add quality images, install SEO plugins and tweak on-page elements to increase SEO performance.

4. Pick a Responsive WordPress Theme

responsive wordpress themes

Remember that your individuals, regardless of demographics, will use different browsers and any type of device to search or access a website.

To make your site thoroughly accessible to as many target users as possible, install a responsive theme. Despite a few layout versions, a responsive theme loads well on desktop, mobile and tablet without altering the original content or important markups.

This type of theme retains the appearance of your site when accessed through major browsers like Chrome, Opera and Mozilla.

5. Use the Right Colours

seo company-digital-muscle

Colour selection and arrangement give your website that extra edge. Having the right colours in place helps you present your website in the most appropriate way to target markets and solicit reactions from them. They create the kind of vibe your business needs to attract customers.

Some colours are more effective in specific industries. University and corporate websites, for instance, use minimal colours – mostly neutral or darker tones.

This is because colours can represent anything from your company values to your brand image. So put a lot of thought into choosing theme colours and build your brand from there.

6. Choose Your Plugins

WordPress Plugins

When redesigning your website, create a checklist of WP plugins you want to use. Be discerning when it comes to choosing plugins.

Some plugins like Yoast SEO and Jetpack are useful particularly for digital marketers and SEO specialists. Others only take up space and increase your site’s load time.

Please also note that if you install a free theme, some plugins may not be available for download. You might want to upgrade to premium WP membership or buy a premium theme from legitimate theme stores.

7. Check Your Web Design Budget

seo specialists Digital-muscle

You’re redesigning your website because you want to attract more customers. But how much are you willing to spend for your new design? Web redesigning costs anywhere between $1,500 and $15,000 or more depending on how much redesigning is needed.

WordPress and a number of theme shops and directories offer both free and paid themes. Free themes are good if you’re operating your campaign on a small budget but website functionality and access to plugins will be limited, which might slow down your marketing efforts.

Premium WordPress themes are highly recommended for better results but make sure you have the budget for them.

The Best Theme for Your Online Marketing

Unless you are willing to invest time and resources in web redesigning, not all themes will give your online marketing that much needed boost.

If there is a need to install a new WordPress theme, however, choose one that can best represent your business as well as support various aspects of your online marketing. If in doubt, you certainly have the option to tap the expertise of companies specialising in web designing services.

About Author

Lauren Mclaren is a technical writer with SEO experience. She works with Digital Muscle, a premier provider of Affordable web design packages and Best SEO services in Sydney. If you are looking for the best SEO company in Sydney, Digital Muscle can provide you with the right strategies to help your business grow.

List of Top 7 Newsletter Plugins for WordPress Website


WordPress is one of the simplest yet powerful website designing tools that enable even small upcoming business around the globe to have a dedicated portal.

With changing trends in blogging, WordPress offers a distinct and unique style for a blog or website. There are quite a few reasons to prefer Newsletter Plugins for WordPress over the traditional website or blogs.

WordPress offers an SEO friendly environment which enables the keywords and labels on the website to be indexed by the search engine crawlers so that these websites are available upon relevant search over the internet.

Also, there are some special components on each page that can generally be customized so as to get a better rank for the website. The WordPress hosts a friendly patch between the Social Media Integration and the website.

The third-party APIs can be easily patched to the WordPress website which gives a better control over the social media integrations.

A newsletter is one of the important aspects to promote one’s business or keep the customers updated on the latest happenings on the website. In general, a newsletter is sent in the form of emails to the list of customers so as to keep them engaged and connected to the business.

A good number of Newsletter plugins for WordPress are available for the website owners to keep their potential customers involved.

Here is a list of top Newsletter Plugins for WordPress website:


OptinMonster: OptinMonster is one of the best -sorted premium email options for WordPress websites. Launched in 2013, OptinMonster manages to help its users by giving a good variety of designs and user-friendly interface.

There are no too many pop-ups when the user uses this email option, there is only one pop-up which is triggered while the user is about to exit.

Some of the features of OptinMonster are:

  • Options to add customized CSS and HTML content
  • Ability to create unlimited forms for a wide range of posts
  • Ability to clone forms for instant A/B testing
  • Integrated with all major email marketing services


SendPress: SendPress is a typical type of newsletter that focuses on the email marketing features. The template builder is simple and yet allows you to design beautiful newsletter template/customize the newsletter templates.

The customization or creation of the newsletter templates is so simple via SendPress that only a few clicks can create a very new template and which can be hosted and used by many others as well.

One of the key features of Sendpress is the multi-user capability, the newsletter templates and the content can be used by multiple users provided the template is available for other users as well.


Icegram:  unlike the regular options for the newsletter, the plugin has the call to action feature in it. Icegram also features the targeted visitors and converts them to customers and fans with the beautiful options given.

Icegram is one of the fully automated options that rarely requires you to hire a developer. Icegram features the below unique traits.

  • Icegram allows you to grow your subscribers list easily by providing high converting email option forms.
  • One of the unique features, Call to Action (CTA) button would make any visitors turn on to your website.
  • The above two features make the visitors stay back on to your website and reduce the rate bouncing back.

Tribulant WordPress newsletter

Tribulant WordPress newsletter: Now one can promote all their emails, marketing, and newsletters that relate needs for personal and business habitat by Tribulant Newsletter plugins for WordPress.

With the help of this newsletter tool, you can accommodate the best experience for your email subscribers. The working on this software will be easier so that you can concentrate on creating newsletters and present your website with required liability.

Here accession of professional, pre-made templates not only allows you to start sending attractive newsletters to your subscriber but also saves your time.

If needed you can design or purchase your own template and add it to plug-in. You will be getting information about the emails sent, subscriber growth, unsubscribes, and bounces are displayed in the form of charts.

ALO EasyMail newsletter

ALO EasyMail newsletter: Being one of the leading Newsletter plugins for WordPress ALO EasyMail newsletters allows you to write and send newsletters, and also to associate and manage the subscribers.

Internationalization and Multilanguage are supported in this plugin. You will get to experience a wide range of features on offer that includes report stats of newsletter open rate, links clicks etc.

Like other plugins (i.e., MailChimp, Aweber etc.) you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. You can simply create and manage mailing lists and also manage the subscribers. Bounced emails can be checked which helps to clean your email list.


MailChimp: MailChimp is known to be world’s largest marketing automation platform. By using MailChimp plugins, better newsletters can be written through various methods. Your own creativity can be used for creating opt-in forms or articulate with any existing forms only your site.

This user-friendly and mobile-optimized plugins helps to have entire control over the form fields. The plugin provides the various filters and action hooks that allow you to customize default behavior.

By switching to Premium you will be getting several additional benefits like:

  • Multiple forms
  • Advanced e-commerce integration for WooCommerce
  • Email notifications
  • Detailed reports and statistics and many more

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is known as the world No.1 WordPress SEO plugin. It is a favorite tool for many and preferred by millions of users. The toolset that you get in the plugin helps you to reach the top position in the search results.

The engine of your site is tuned so that you can work on creating great content. By upgrading to Premium you will be blessed with several extra features like internal linking suggestions, cornerstone content checks and redirect manager, multiple focus keywords and much more.

These are some of the Newsletter plugins for WordPress which are sure to provide a boost to the business and content of our WordPress website by ensuring continuous and quality emails to our clients.

If someone is looking for one such plugin, it is recommended to try one of the aforementioned plugins and see if it seamlessly fits into the business requirement of the website.

Author bio:

Brandon Graves is an expert WordPress designer. He has an excellent command on how to deal with HTML to WordPress conversion and other WordPress related issues.

Marketing Technique for Your WordPress Website

How to Use a Marketing Technique for Your WordPress Website

Marketing Technique for Your WordPress Website

The primary goal of every website is to attract maximum traffic. This is achieved ideally by increasing the visibility of the site that they are promoting.

The marketers also focus on facilitation an optimal conversion rate for the website in the most effective way. There are a lot of options and support available to these marketers to involve in effective marketing technique for WordPress website.

Think about the use of an open source content management system which is WordPress to simplify the creation of the site and also to streamline the process.

The support that WordPress provides is also in the form search engine optimization and content publishing on an ongoing basis.

Started as a blogging platform which was originally used as a corporate blog platform WordPress has increased its functionalities and have been providing quality control since long.

You may be new to the platform or hardcore WordPress users who have been involved with the platform since long there is always something great WordPress can help you with.

The followers and users for years have the same tale of added functionalities and the new Bandwagon additions have so much more to be done, which in the haste one must have overlooked.

There are principles, tricks, and tips that will be beneficial in the fast-paced online marketing word. Have a look at what marketing technique for WordPress website you can use.

Use the Fully-Responsive Multipurpose Theme:- WordPress has a huge database of customizable WordPress themes.

There are more than ten thousand such themes that a user can choose from, picking the right template and then set up the site can be a challenging job if you are not sure about what you want.

If you are indecisive about what you are looking for then it will not be a beneficial process. For helping you in the process and avoid some confusion one can choose the themes which are fully responsive which means they are designed in a way that they look good on various devices.

This is an required functionality for all website especially because most of the users are using various different devices.

It is shown that mobile devices are common devices used to access the websites which is way more than the desktop.

This makes it clear that the use of responsive devices are imperative, Along with choosing something that is fully responsive go for something that is ideal for a marketing idea, a theme that is designed with a purpose to be achieved and which has a niche in mind.

For better understanding, we all know that there are sites that are created with the intent of serving as a landing page while there are many others that are designed to serve as portfolios or blogs.

They have created with the idea that particular form of a website has some specific requirements related to functionalities.

These niche designs have background images, icons, graphics that are relevant to the specific niche they belong to.

The most effective way, however is to find a design that is highly versatile and suitable for various different niches.

This is effective for those who are not sure about the outcome and are looking for something which is self-sufficient.

They will cater to different requirements as they will have several page layouts capable of being used for landing pages, portfolios, forms, blog posts, squeeze paper, testimonial page and what not.

Once you get acquainted with the working of these websites and are familiar with the administrative panel then you will be strongly positioned to create optimized sites in a scalable manner.

Since multi-purpose website come niche flexible themes which include libraries and content that is suitable to various different industries. Thus once there is grasp of the backend interfaces the rest is all easy.

Know the Features of a Theme Which Will be Beneficial for the Marketing:- We have been talking about aesthetic abilities and the fact that the multi-purpose themes are great, but it is true that despite the above mentioned advise the users will make a choice post due diligence which is commendable.

Now to help you in this quest here are some features that one can look out for in the theme they are planning to finalize for their work.

These features are essential for marketing tools and make the whole process effective and efficient

  • Have an analytics panel or plugin panel
  • They are SEO Friendly
  • Have e-commerce functionalities i.e they are compatible with WooCommerce and other such plugins.
  • Have mega menus that are required for advance site navigation.
  • Support for Parallax section which is animation, videos etc.
  • Comes with a variety of preset layouts one can choose from( blog post, portfolio, testimonial, landing page, about us page, squeeze page, meet the team page and so on)
  • Comes with clean HTML and CSS codes which must be upgraded from time to time to keep at par.
  • Have a contact form or opt-in form feature

Choose the Right Plugin:- It is a known that complete power of CMS cannot be reached unless the plugins and extensions are used. Now the question arises how to choose these plugin which will be suited to your requirements and needs.

The fact is that there are so many plugins out that which has become obsolete which makes updating the library and optimizing the same can take a lot of time.

For the ones who are determined to upgrade the site with the correct use of the plugin should focus on should go through the latest plugin list provided by WordPress and find their reviews.

Know what the users have to say about them and then only make that choice of including them on your website.

Since the list of long know what your requirements are and then you will be able to narrow down your search to the ones that will maximize the WordPress site’s marketing potential.

Use Other Means Which are Compatible with WordPress to Collaborate:- Collaboration with suitable platform provides a synergy in the marketing world. The expertise and the benefits of both the world are enjoyed by the creator.

Now the problem that they face while doing this is that there is a risk of duplicacy of content if the user is not taking the correct steps towards them.

For better understanding think that you use a reputable news site that syndicate content from blogs and then add relevant meta information to the page which is to avoid the penalties risked by the search engine for the original site, this won’t lead to any problem.

Explaining it with just this small example will not do justice to the whole topic. It is advised that the users take initiative and research about the topic as much as they can.

There are ‘syndicate techniques’ and ‘how to syndicate the content’ information available on the internet by various experts.

Make Use of Analytics to Revise the Strategy and Determine the Best Time to Post the Content Online:- It may sound like a lot of work but finding out and analyzing the information has many benefits that go beyond the imagination.

To know the site traffic on a per page basis is a great indicator to identify what kind of content the search engines and the visitors are looking for.

Also making a comparison of the initial traffic and the change when the content was posted on different time will help you determine when you have received the highest number of visitors.

You will be able to determine the week, day and the times when any new content is received with maximum visits. This is a great strategy used for improving the conversion rate by appealing to the target audience.

This is even more effective when the visitors are geographically concentrated in one area. There is no reasonable doubt that it is prudent to become acquainted with the major analytic solution used in WordPress.

Importance and Power of Social Media and the Relevance of the Same with Social Networks:- You must be already aware of the fact that word of mouth publicity is everything in marketing.

When you say one thing it is OK, but when users say the same thing it has a huge impact. Thus a marketing campaign without a social presence is unlikely to reach it’s true potential.

This is the opportunity of exponentially boosting the traffic using this platform will be missing. And the fact that the process is easy also doesn’t leave any doubt that the users should make use of it.

There are simple plugins that can help the website optimize the sharing along with that there are practices that can take the whole process to another level.

Use Diversification:- Everyone of us have a specific view on the social media, we only think about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when the word is being discussed.

They are popular no doubt but let’s not forget the fact that are dozen others that could be more beneficial to the website given the content it provides.

You must be active on as many of these platforms as your time permits. Ensure that you are selling your campaign short and since WordPress is with you in this there is no need to be worried.

There are simple integrated buttons which can easily be used for sharing along with the comment section on each page which is an advantageous opportunity which much not be missed at any cost.

Share Social Media:- Now that you are aware and present on various social platform start working on it. Sharing links to the posts are great and if there are some added efforts made then it will bring the load down which can be done by well-syndicated info-graphics or videos.

Using YouTube or Instagram is a great source here which must be a prerequisite for all campaigns and again make it available on as many platform as possible.

Follow a Trend:- Well attracting crowd and interacting with them is all about knowing and following the trend. Know what is hot and create similar content tailored to your needs and demands. This will ensure flow of genuine traffic and continuity.

WordPress has widgets compatible with Twitter trends and Google trends. Use these for every campaign. Along with this tie the trending terms and use hashtag wisely to show up on top with each such search.

Follow Others so that they Follow You:- Well, there is not a lot of difference in the online interaction and real-life interaction.

It is give and take and thus you must make the first step so that the others are motivated or tricked into taking the counter step.

Start following and interacting with other sites and accounts that have similar content as yours. With similar niche they will be inclined to follow you back.

This does not mean that you have one more follower but this means that your content is now available to their followers.

Since these followers are already interesting in the content that you have they are more likely to follow you. This is a mutual benefit that both of you enjoy and it works wonders.

Know the Power of Minimalism:- Of course there are so many option you have to create a website, there is no dearth to the amount of functionalities you can add to your page but that in no way means that you must use them.

The most popular and widely acclaimed pages have very limited content and even limited plugins to be used.

This is because users love the ease of operation and they want the website maneuvering to be as simple as possible. This is achieved by following a minimalistic approach.

The following principles have been successful in reaching the desired goals but you must also remember that the online world is changing so fast.

A few years back there was no hashtag and now it is an important part of the marketing strategy.

It is advised that the marketers stay up to date with the trends. The more knowledge you have of what is new the better your planning will be.

Free StartUp WordPress Themes for Startup Company Websites

free startup WordPress themes

There are amazing free startup WordPress themes for those who do not want to waste money buying a premium theme.

The most important thing for a startup company is to reach out to the targeted audiences as soon as possible. The first step towards online marketing starts with a website.

WordPress is the perfect platform for start companies to design their professional website.

These free startup WordPress themes have professional look and all promotional and technical features to offer grand user experience.

Free StartUp WordPress Themes for Startup Company

SKT Startup Lite


This is the best free startup WordPress themes on the list for any startup company. It loads faster, works great on all devices and browsers and the design is stunning.

It makes a company look premium and there are options for changing color, showing items beautifully and have amazing menu option to list product according to the categories.

You can sell products and let people book your services. Call to action will help to get more leads and conversions. There is also a section for blogging and engaging audiences.

SKT Launch
free launch WordPress theme


From the name of the theme you can understand that it is tailor made to launch new companies. It has a flat design and multilingual support for the global approach.

The color scheme is cool and it is passed Google tests for mobile-friendliness and loading speed. It has advanced live customizer and you can add required inner pages with any standard page builder form.

It is a multipurpose theme and therefore, any category of startup company can use it to serve their purpose in online marketing and generating unlimited leads.

Spirited Lite

Spirited lite


It is one of the most amazing free startup WordPress themes with a beautiful layout. It is easy to build and edit. It is mobile friendly and there are many useful buttons and icons.

The slider is one of the main attractions with creative transitions. All the standard pages are present and it has WooCommerce compatibility to sell products and services directly through the website.

Apart from that, it has social media integration which is where the source of traffic lies for most of the startup companies.

Business Lite


This is one of the best free startup WordPress theme for new companies to showcase their service to the world. It has an extraordinary user interface for easy navigation and with faster loading speed.

It can be viewed from any device and browser. The color combination is professional and the homepage has multiple sections to represent everything perfectly.

The slider, portfolio and gallery section are very eye-catching and the SEO support will help to get organic traffic from search engines.

Perfect Lite


This is another great theme with multipurpose nature. It comes with all the designing components and there are call to action forms and options for integration at required places.

The sidebar, header, and footer have multiple variations. It has SEO plugins for a better search engine ranking and cache plugins for faster loading speed.

The service section and page are well designed and can be used for both products and services. If you buy the pro theme, there are nearly 20 pre-built themes available as per the different categories of the business.

SKT Condimentum



This is a multipurpose theme and best for startup companies. The color combination is highlighting and all the components for designing are classic.

The standard pages are beautifully designed and features are added to make them attractive. The menu option and contact plugins are advanced and everything is easily editable with the customizer.

It has useful plugins for payment gate, SEO, and SMO, listing products and services with special tags and prices. It is fully documented and coded according to proper standards.

SKT Corp

skt corp lite


It is one of the coolest free startup WordPress themes for companies to set up their business identity online and reach out to people for leads. It is SEO and SMO friendly and it can be used for any type of business.

It is WooCommerce ready and the sliders have many variants. The galleries are stunning and it works on all devices irrespective of size and resolution.

Coding has been done for the search engine crawlers to get a better understanding and multi-drop menu option will help in listing products and services with headings.

Kraft Lite

kraft free premium WordPress theme


This is undoubted on the good loving free startup WordPress themes that can make your company stand out. The color combination can be changed and navigation is intuitive.

There are options to change the icons and layouts of widgets or other boxes on the homepage.

It comes with NextGen gallery and advanced contact form. It is e-commerce friendly and all other ingredients are present to make the business successful.

Naturo Lite



This is a theme designed with a minimalistic approach. It is one of the best free startup WordPress themes because it will give you more exposure as it has advanced SEO settings.

The theme looks professional and there are shuttle animations on the boxes and blocks. You can change the outlook easily with the live customizer. It comes with several plugins for slider and gallery.

The mandatory pages are present with sample text and necessary features. It has a payment gateway and multilingual support which are essential for startups.

Its pro version allows you to choose from hundreds for fonts, color and provides shortcodes for better representation.

SKT Construction Lite

free construction WordPress theme


This is one of the best free startup WordPress themes for construction and real estate companies. The sliders are stunning and the galleries can take away the breath of the visitors.

The design is retina ready and images are having free licenses for any use. It has WooCommerce support and advanced contact page for booking and appointment.

There is a separate blog section to write interesting posts. The design is clean and modern and it appears great on handheld devices.

These are the best free startup WordPress themes to showcase your business to your targeted audiences and create the best first impression.

If you want for customization and features, you have to go for the pro version and you will receive full dedicated support along with your purchase.

Features of WordPress for Building an Efficient Business Website

Exploring The Various Features of WordPress for Building an Efficient Business Website

Features of WordPress for Building an Efficient Business Website

At present, if you have any business, you have to ensure the online presence of your business. This is because about 3.58 billion people across the globe use Internet and out of the millions of people indulge in shopping online through E-commerce websites.

In today’s digital age, it is essential for every business to have their website. Read various features of WordPress for building an efficient business website.

So if you have your business website, then that will help you to obtain a worldwide reach and thereby increase your customer base into a huge number.

So how does WordPress help you for the above purpose? WordPress helps you to design your Business website and efficiently manage the content of your website.

It provides you with various themes and page styles to help you design your site in a customized way, and it also provides many significant add-on features to help your business in various ways.

Various Best Features of WordPress with their Benefits for your business website:

  • Plugins:

WordPress provides you with about 44000 different Plugins. A Plugin is an additional software which you can add to a computer program (aka application) to enable the addition of various new features of WordPress to it.

A plugin can also provide you with many other advantages related to the management of your website content. However, if such plugins are licensed and their source is closed, their utility becomes limited.

But WordPress also provides you with Open Source Plugins along with licensed plugins. Open Source Plugins are third party software which you can alter or modify as per your requirement and thereby use the same plugin in multiple ways.

  • Blogging Feature:

Originally, WordPress was introduced solely with the aim of facilitating the creation and posting of Blogs for various Journalists and Editors.

Therefore, WordPress was primarily perceived as only a writer’s destination because even its name suggested the same. But later on, other facilities like Content Management and SEO were introduced, making businesses aware of WordPress.

  • Creation of Your Company’s Website in the Desired form:

As stated above, after starting with blogging services, WordPress also provided another facility of creating a website for all the businesses which were new to the online world.

With the help of WordPress, you can create any desired form of Website with Customized themes and page styles.

  • Posting a New Project and Updating the work through Content Management System:

Once you have created your company’s website, WordPress now allows you to create custom content for your site. This means you can add new information or modify the existing content simply with the help of Content Management System.

Also, gone are the days where you need to install particular software in the PCs of all your employees just to be able to update the work on your website.

All you need to do now is, give username and passwords to your employees to access your website content management and then whenever there will be an update of any project or work; an authorized employee can simply log on and update it instantly.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is increasing your website’s visibility in the search results of a Search engine. This can be done in many ways. WordPress makes your website’s content easy to read and index for search engines, thereby taking your Search Result Rankings higher. This is one of the best features of WordPress.

  • Themes, Page Styles, and Auto Upgrades:

As mentioned above, WordPress provides you with many different pre-designed themes to design your website in the best possible way which also comes with many different Widgets and Templates.

You can use these free Templates to publicize your business more to potential customers. If you don’t want pre-designed themes, you can also opt for customized themes, and the “Live Customization” feature helps you to enhance your website’s looks in real time.

Apart from themes, you can also create unique page styles for the multiple pages which your site offers to the users for More Info About Us, Reviews, Contact, Support, etc.

Also, all these themes and Page Styles are automatically upgraded by WordPress for you, and you aren’t required to install anything else separately.

Don’t Borrow Beyond Your capacity – If you already have then here’s a Solution:

With the inception of a large number of Banks and their attractive credit facilities, people are interested in trying various credit offers like EMI, Different kinds of Loans, Incentive Credit Schemes, etc.

As a result, many people end up borrowing a lot of money under such schemes and later on realize that they have borrowed beyond their capacity. So you need to be alert regarding your Money Management and limit your borrowings.


Thus, in today’s Digital Age, it is essential for every Business to have their Website. For this, the best website which can help you in creating the best quality website for your business is WordPress.

The best features of WordPress is not only help you in creating your Business Website, but it will also help you in managing the website content, SEO, Customizing your Business Website’s design, etc.


Best Free WordPress Video Themes with Video Slider

Free WordPress video themes

There are so many WordPress themes available in the market which are specially designed by focusing on text, but there are very few which are developed by focusing on multimedia or video content.

If you are a person belonging to the entertainment industry and looking for the best free WordPress video themes then here you will find top themes that are specially developed by considering all your business needs.

We have the best collection of professional template that will be more useful for you as you can create any type of YouTube or Vimeo website.

With such free video templates, you can easily create any type of website from a personal blog to a YouTube blog, or multipurpose video website to a modern filmmaker website for your customers.

Most of the themes mentioned in this blog come with beautiful layouts and astonishing feature to help you to get started with demo content and inbuild sections.

The themes mentioned in this blog will help you to showcase video content on your website without any problem. These templates are free, up to date, and concentrated on video.

You will find that very few video templates are available for free this is because premium themes come with support, free upgrades, and documentation.

But if you have very basic computer knowledge then free themes are the best suitable platform for you to start creating a website by your own.

These free WordPress video themes support a one-click import option and a third party plugin by which you can grow the website’s functionality without writing a code.

SKT Actor Lite

SKT Actor

SKT Actor Lite is multipurpose music and video WordPress theme that has a clean design. This template suits best for actors, musicians, videographers, models, etc to showcase their portfolio with the best visual effects.

SKT Actor Lite is a very easy to use and easy to customize template. It is also very fast and SEO friendly. It supports Gutenberg and WooCommerce plugins too.

It is also compatible with well-known drag and drop page builder plugins including Gutenberg Editor, Elementor, WPBakery, and many more. You can use these builders to customize your website content to make your website unique.

It is very lightweighted so that your website’s content will get load faster. This will improve the conversion rate and search engine rankings. some other features of SKT Actor are RTL ready, translation ready, responsive, bug-free, coded with clean code, files are available.

SKT Filmmaker

Film Maker

SKT Filmmaker is one of the great free WordPress video themes for any kind of video or filmmaker agencies, video creators, musicians, photographers, videographers, etc.

It has a stylish and modern layout and beautiful animations to attract more visitors to your website.

This template has a mobile-friendly design so that your customers can view your website on their preferable devices including mobile phones and tablets. It comes with the inbuild homepage to give you an idea that how your website can look like.

The template is very easy to customize, very fast, and SEO friendly. It is compatible with WooCommerce and Gutenberg Editor. Thus you can start customizing the website with any page builder plugin that suits your requirements.

SKT Filmmaker was developed for search engine optimization which will help your website to get visible on top of the search engines.

The major plugins that help you to make your website more functional are supported such as Contact form 7, appointment booking plugin, event calendar plugin, ticket booking plugin, and more.

Modelling Lite

Modelling Lite

Modeling Lite is the best for photography and videography blogs. It comes with an elegant look with a beautiful slider, social media options, a social sharing feature, and smooth scrolling effects.

It has high rich features including responsiveness, user friendly, call to action button, WooCommerce compatible, 900+ google fonts options, and color options as well.

This template is supported by the video content. Additionally, you can add video content on the landing page and in the image slider’s background very easily.

A one-click import option is provided which will make your website creation task simpler. It has easy navigation that will engage more visitors with your website content. However, it allows you to add the number of video content.

Modelling Lite is compatible with Elementor page builder so you can create some more beautiful sections and pages for your website.

SKT Elastic

SKT Elastic WordPress Theme

SKT Elastic is a very handy customizable multipurpose theme. This template can be used to create any type of website whether it is a blog, portfolio website, corporate website, or video website.

The free WordPress video themes is fully supported with comment likes, post likes, and post views plugins. Also, it has so many color options, widgets, footer and header options, etc.

It is SEO friendly and well-crafted template with the latest coding and SEO standards.

SKT Elastic is just more than a template as it comes with the best features that allow you to design a beautiful website without writing a single line of code. However, you don’t even need to add so many disorder or unwanted plugins.

One can use this template for your video blog. It supports text, image, and video content. Your visitors will love your website as they will be overwhelmed with your website visuals.

Thus the theme features sliders, social options, header and footer option, logo upload option, 800+ Google fonts, and more.

Event Planners

Event Agency WordPress Theme

If you are looking for very elegant and flexible WordPress theme for your video website, then Event Planner should be your first choice among others.

Event planners is available free of cost so you don’t have to invest bucks in your business website creation. It comes with outstanding features that add a new effect to your website.

Some of the features are smooth scrolling effect, beautiful and clean animations, user-friendly interface, video content, PayPal integration, WooCommerce plugin integration, and more.

Because of a wide range of features this template will be suitable for creating any type of event website. One can use it for creating wedding events, celebrations, music events, dance events, catering, DJ, etc.

The highlighted features of Event planners are WooCommerce ready, responsive design, demo content available, supportive with major page builder, header and footer options, and more.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme

Girlie Lite is a surprisingly multipurpose free WordPress video themes that can be used to create any sort of website, blog, portfolio, etc.

Because of good optimization, this template manages the lightning-fast even if it has a huge collection of features. Without any issue, you will be able to add a number of videos to the website. It comes with a professional-looking demo that will make your website more beautiful.

Girlie Lite can be used to create an impressive video-ready website. In no time you will be able to create a website with a demo import feature.

you can make use of any page builder. Major page builders like WP Bakery, Elementor, Gutenberg Editor, etc works seamlessly with the theme.

Key features of Girlie Lite are one-click demo import, WooCommerce ready, highly customizable, lightweighted, fast, page builder friendly, and much more.

Complete Lite

skt complete

Complete Lite is impeccable, flawless and just a complete theme that gives you an option to design and customize the website with ease. Thus you will be able to sell or promote your videos directly from your website.

You can sell a number of videos and categories them as per your demand. The specialty of this theme is that it is a bug-free, and user-friendly template that does not ask you to write any sort of code.

If you want you can also sell your videos on basis of subscriptions. You can add a pricing table plugin to showcase your yearly or monthly video plans.

To target a huge audience, get brand reorganization and earn more revenue it allows you to import visuals on your website. You can even take the help of another major WordPress plugin to enhance your website’s functionality.

SKT Black

skt black

SKT Black is a dark free WordPress video themes that will assist you to build a good looking website.

Thanks to the features provided by this template and the plugins provided by it, with SKT Black you will be able to create a video sharing website same as YouTube. Using this template you can create any type of video website. Even you can create a movie promotion website.

The theme has a dark i.e. black background to make sure your visual looks more attractive more overwhelming.

This theme includes the complete support for social networking plugins so that you can add new social media features to your website. By doing this your customers will be able to share, comment on your videos.

This theme is for free so you will find this theme to be more worthy which will help you to create a community around your website. Thus it will provide some potential visitors.

SKT Launch


The slight look of SKT Launch could be what you were looking for in a video website. This theme could be a reason for getting your brand recognized on the web market. Additionally, the theme is well optimized for SEO and lightweighted in nature.

This template can behave as a single page or a coming soon page. Thus you can add a number of different content to it without worrying about page loading problems. As mentioned it supports different types of content including videos, text, animation, contact form, etc.

However, SKT Launch is retina ready and fully responsive in nature which will look good on all small and large devices. To make it more functioning it is made compatible with Gutenberg Editor.

Now launch your new website quickly with one click import option. Use SKT Launch to launch your upcoming single product like video, app, camera, etc.

SKT Full Page

free fullscreen WordPress theme

SKT Full Page is another best free WordPress video themes that can be used for vlogs, videos, podcasting, or other multimedia sites. This template has a simple yet modern homepage layout that will attract more customers to your business.

The homepage layout is supported with social sharing and social media icons so that you can engage your visitors for a longer time. On your website, you can showcase the video or audio without any problem.

SKT Full Page is actually developed to provide you super easy to use functionality. It supports the video content and allows you to build a beautiful website just the way you were looking for.

Moreover, the template is Gutenberg optimized, translation ready, optimized for good speed and performance, translation ready, and fully responsive.

Charm Lite

charm -WordPress Theme

Whether you want to build a beautiful portfolio, a simple videography website, or a fully functional online store, Charm Lite will help you. It has a pre-build demo layout for a homepage which can be imported in just one click.

Using this template you will be able to build an amazing looking website that goes as per your business content. Because it is compatible with major page builders including elementor, WP Bakery, Themify, and Brizy you will be able to customize the website in a super-easy way.

Because of demo content availability you can save your time as you dont need to waste your time while creating a website from scratch. Additionally, the Charm Lite is responsive in nature that make sure your website looks best of best on handheld devices.

People looking to create website for their videos should choose Charm Lite.

SKT Pathway

skt pathway

For any business website and video design agencies. It has a clean and minimal layout and smooth scrolling effects.

Using this template you can create an amazing looking website that will captivate more visitors’ attention. Thus, it comes with a lot of customization options that help you to build your dream website.

Using this single theme you can create an unlimited website without facing any issue. To showcase your website content in a unique manner you can turn the background into a slideshow. Most powerful slider plugins are compatible such as crelly, revolution, smart slider 3, and so on.

Different sections are provided so that you can display content related to your business in the most systematic way. Some sections that you can utilize are a call to action, testimonial, portfolio, and much more.

Digital marketing for business

Which digital marketing techniques (SEO vs SEM vs SMM) is best one for your business?


Digital marketing Techniques for business

You all are aware of the various digital marketing techniques but not to the deep level.

There are many techniques now but it is somewhat tricky which to use and how to use in an appropriate way in order to get expected results.

Digital marketing has made the things easier for all business owners and companies tremendously.

It proved to be advantageous specifically for startups. Digital marketing for business is like a boon for all.

By adopting diversified digital marketing strategies and tactics anyone can augment sales noticeably.

So, here in this post, we are going to discuss various digital marketing techniques. And, hopefully, we can make a choice which one is topnotch.

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

Website ranking plays a vital role in traffic of your website. No matter how much elegant your website is?

But, if you do not have good search results then all your drudgery will fritter.

SEO techniques encompass numerous strategies and practices to enhance search rankings of your website on search engine result page(SERP). If your website will rank higher then it leads to enhance traffic to your website.

Some of the SEO techniques are meta description, legitimate keyword research, enthralling content, meta tags, SEO optimized coding of the website, fast loading speed of a website, meta tags and likewise.

Different types of SEO Digital Marketing techniques are listed below.

On Page Optimization:  

on page SEO

In on page optimization, you have to optimize your webpage in order to increase its rank in SERPs. After doing appropriate keyword research you can optimize your webpage by targeting that keyword.

Use that keyword with a density of 5-10%. If you are posting any blog then include the keyword in the meta description and title also.

But this is not much sufficient you also have to take care of other techniques in digital marketing for business.

Off Page optimization:

off page seo

From the other pertinent websites, you can get backlinks. Consider you have to optimize your website, so you can quest for a website with higher search ranking and can seek one-way backlinks from that website.

But you have to ensure that the link incorporated your keyword in the anchor text. This way, you can have quality backlinks and you can also enhance search rankings of your website.

Thus, digital marketing for business proved to be efficient to attain good search results.

White Hat SEO technique:

White hat technique incorporates optimizing the website as per the rules developed by Google. This is one of the best digital marketing techniques.

All the rules are updated at regular time intervals. Some of the optimization rules of designing the website are listed below.

  • A user-friendly design approach.
  • Evacuating irrelevant elements thereby augmenting the loading speed of your website.
  • Making the pages responsive and many others.

It might be plausible that this technique will take time but it has better and long-term benefits.

Black Hat SEO technique:

As per name you have understood that these techniques are considered to be unscrupulous. It is just opposite of the white hat SEO techniques as it is not as per the rules developed by the search engine.

Of course, the tactics and strategies used will make you available with higher rankings. Some of the techniques of Black Hat SEO are listed below.

  • Websites are not designed with a user-friendly approach.
  • Represent content in a cluttered manner.
  • Violate search engine rules and regulations.    

 It will not give you good results if consider for a long run. Will work in a legitimate way only in the beginning.

And, it might plausible that your website would be banned with the use of this techniques.

  1. SEM(Search Engine Marketing):

It deals with inflating traffic rate and enhancing visibility with paid search results. It is somewhat similar to SEO but you have to pay for this.

On the top right-hand side of the organic results, paid search results appear. It comprised of diversified features and tools as well.

If you are also looking forward to adopting this technique then you have to be aware of all the methods of it.

Some of them are Click Through Rates (CTR), Cost Per Click (CPC), advertisement copy, geographic locations, and many other factors.

Some of the largest platforms using SEM are Google, Yahoo, Microsoft adCenter, AdWords, and Search Marketing. One of the optimum technique of SEM to drive more traffic is PPC(Pay Per Click).

You do not have to wait a long to see its results, you can able to see results immediately. Digital marketing for business helps you in growing your business.

But, you have to use it carefully with a short term and long term goal in mind. As whenever you thwart PPC campaign you may not get as much traffic as you are getting earlier.

  1. SMO(Social Media Optimization):

Internet social media Marketing

It is related to spawning business/company accounts on various social media platforms. By doing this, people can share your website content like blogs, articles or any other information with their contacts.

So, you can create a profile on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. And, can share legitimate information about your business or company in that profiles.

But, keep in mind one thing that the information you share will be of people’s interest. And, you also have to take care while doing the selection of platform and adopting appropriate digital marketing techniques to promote your contents.

As a result, you can enthrall more traffic to your website without spending even a penny.

  1. SMM(Social Media Marketing):

By making use of this technique you can promote your channel with the use of social media channels.

You can also do paid advertising on numerous social media channels and can appear in the paid search results. You can step forward to take profit from prodigious social media community available on diverse channels.

Yes, when we are talking about paid social marketing then it is similar to SEM.

One of the major similarity is you only have to pay if a visitor clicks on your ad. Hence, digital marketing for business proved to be advantageous no matter any kind of business is.

Wrap Up:

As per my opinion, all the techniques are optimum at its own place. But, it totally depends on your requirements and budget.

Like if you do not want to invest any money then you can go for SEO and SMO.

In vice versa situation, you can opt SEM SMM. Digital marketing for business is a boon specifically for start-up business or companies.


web hosting

WordPress Web Hosting: How to Choose the Best One

web hosting

If one wants to run a blog for making money or just for fun, you ought to have your domain name and you need a platform for your WordPress blog. Here is how to choose the best free WordPress themes and the best WordPress web hosting to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a new free WordPress site there are many options out there in front of you. Also, there are many web providers of web hosting services.

WordPress is a simple content management system (CMS) to have, and most of ordinary web hosting services come with the databases required and a WordPress installer included.

All you need to do to install and is clicking the installer and follow some easy guidelines on making usernames and passwords. With so many options, the question then becomes, “How do you pick the one that’s best for you and your website?”.

Your decision of WordPress web hosting services will depend to some degree on your requirements. You can pick a free WordPress themes and free hosting services if all you need is a basic blog, yet large blogs with loads of documents and lots of traffic will require a progressively more professional hosting service.

One should ignore free hosting here because of the fact that it is not normally the best for any reason. It ordinarily includes having adverts or a banner on your site, while uptime and support are not constantly certain.

Types of Paid WordPress Web Hosting:

There exist 5 different types of hosting services that anyone who runs a WordPress site chosen from free WordPress themes or is going to start a new WP site has to be aware of before arriving at the right choice.

  • Shared Hosting

It is one of the cheapest forms of hosting and the most flexible among the other types of hosting. In this, you share a server among a lot of other users.

This is one of the most popular types of web hosting for ordinary blogs and websites. This is acceptable for a small business with less traffic. But if the server that loads your site ever gets overloaded then all the website on it including yours will slow down.

In other words, you get a good host all the time, but if your site or other sites on the same server starts getting too much traffic, the server will either slow down or crash, although shared hosting is the common type of web hosting used for WordPress blogs.

  • Virtual Private Hosting

With the VPS you are not given the complete resource of any one server. Instead, the said server is partitioned with your needs in mind. You are given a certain amount of disk space, memory, and processing power. You have your own part of a server that is reserved only for you. It is useful if you have too much traffic for shared hosting.

  • Dedicated Hosting

You get a whole server for your blog or much more than one in the event that you have a huge number of files and traffic to deal with.

This is helpful because of the fact that it allows you to pick the hardware and operating system. This is appropriate for experienced professional bloggers with a lot of traffic and who have a need to customize their server configuration.

  • Managed Hosting

This is the best option for the non-tech savvy people, the technical side is completely taken care of by your hosting company. Your blog is managed for you, using the most up-to-date versions of plugins and software available. Thus, your blog speed, traffic handling, and security are maximized.

The fact that everything is taken care off, isn’t necessarily the best thing about managed hosting plans. They come with the promise of infinite scalability at reasonable added costs. It is the best option if you don’t want to get involved with the technical sides of the things.

  • Shared WordPress Hosting

Though most shared cheap WordPress hosting services looks the same at first look, it’s simple to get captured out except if you cautiously look at what they bring to the table at what cost.

Each facilitating administration will probably offer various plans at various costs, and keeping in mind that the least expensive, probably won’t address your issues, the costlier alternatives may offer excessively.

Don’t pay more than you have to. Here is what you should be looking for:

  • Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk space controls the amount of file storage you have, and Bandwidth capacity refers to the amount of content one can download.

Despite the fact that you won’t require more than 5GB of each in any case, it won’t take long to reach that. It is ideal, to begin with, unlimited storage and bandwidth. Most of the popular web hosting services include that.

  • Domain Allowance

A domain is fundamentally a site. Every domain has its very own name, and one site is sufficient enough for many people to begin with. In any case, most hosts offer more than one name as ‘add-on’ domains.

The unlimited domain enables you to keep running as many numbers of sites or blogs from your webpage as you need. You may not require this immediately, however, it’s a decent choice to have.

  • MySQL Database

Note that each installation of WordPress will need its own database, so check that your plan offers as many MySQL databases as the domain.

  • Quality and Availability of Support

Support is very important, and you should look at the kind of help offered by every one of your hosting choices. Is telephone support offered or is it email or ticket only?

With messages or tickets, you need to hang waiting for help, however, with the telephone you get the support immediately. Is there a toll-free number? Far better is Live Chat.

Now and again you discover the help given by an outsider, paid for as a major aspect of your hosting costs. Whatever it is, check the accessibility – is it 24/7 or is its restricted to day hours?

Choosing the best WordPress Web Hosting: Conclusion

After selecting a template from the best free WordPress themes for the website. There is a countless number of web host available, and it isn’t simple to pick the best for you.

However, the most popular tend to generally work great. In the event that a web host has been in operation for at least two years, it is likely OK to utilize. Be that, to locate the top WordPress hosting companies for your particular needs, you should take the majority of the above factors into consideration.

20+ Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress

20+ Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress CMS

20+ Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress

WordPress users often restore to an online platform to ask questions. It is common that some questions find their way more frequently to such forums.

There are frequently asked questions about WordPress on technicality, protection, operation etc. It is best that users go through these questions as they might find their answers here.

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress CMS

1) How to start a WordPress blog?

Know that you choose the right platform and then sign up for a WordPress hosting account to gain an online presence.

Ensure that quality and interesting content goes on the blog and create links to other blogs with relevant information to reach out to many.

2) How much cost is associated with WordPress website creation?

One thing everyone must understand is that WordPress provide free WordPress themes and templates.

The other services which are required to make the website go live cost money. The web hosting service for example will add to the cost of running a website.

3) How to make money using WordPress Site?

There are a lot of ways with which the owners can make money. The owners can run advertisements, add affiliate products on the page, sell products directly, teach courses, add paid content and lot more.

4) Can WordPress be used without Blog feature?

There are a lot of business websites that do not use blog feature.

This is optional and there are CMS and many similar applications that can be used. There are even single page templates that can be created. It is simple to tune the blog feature off.

5) How do I install plug-ins using WordPress?

Simply by visiting the Plugin, ad New in the admin area and search for the kind you are looking for. Install the desired plugin and activate it with a simple click of a button.

6) Why is there no Plugins in the admin panel?

WordPress was originally created as a blogging support platform. The thus comes with a limitation of not being able to install Plugins. The users need to move to WordPress.Org to be able to use plugins.

7) How to select a theme?

The themes are available in free and premium options. Think about the requirements and spending capacity to choose the right kind of these for self. Think about the content which will help the choice.

8) How to install the WordPress theme?

Go to the Appearance head and theme in the options. Search for the theme from the directory and download it. Look for this theme in the zip file form and install it.

9) How to add blog post or page in WordPress?

This is simple and the WordPress comes with the default option of posts and pages. Go to Dashboard and click on Add new post to add new post and pages to add new page.

10) How to add videos to WordPress?

To ensure safety and quality the video should be uploaded with the help of a hosting service. Use the URL and post it on the video post editor. The code will be used to display the video on the page.

11) How to show photos in rows and columns?

The WordPress will by default add images next to each other or on top. This spoils the look of the page and the issue can be solved by simply adding the photos in grid form. There is a simple step by step guide to help new users.

12) How to add navigation menu in WordPress?

Navigation means links that connect different sections of the website. With WordPress you can manage this using menu management system. Add simple links and add them to the location defined by the theme.

13) How to use tags in WordPress?

Tags allow the content to be found easily. They can easily be added using the admin panel. They are a great SEO strategy and helps the readers reach what they are looking for in no time.

14) How to add contact form in WordPress?

A contact form makes communication between the visitor and website owners easily.

There are default built-in forms in WordPress with different plug-ins that can be used by the owners. They can be added with a simple click.

15) How do I start an online store with WordPress?

There are a lot of E-commerce websites by WordPress. Using eCommerce plugins is simple which can be added through the admin panel under the head plugin.

16) How to improve SEO in WordPress?

The best practices that attract more traffic to the website is simple with WordPress.

Go through the documentation which has a long list if steps that will the website gain more visitors by making it show as a preferred page on the web.

17) How to deal with spam in comment section?

As the website grows spam will be a common thing that will bother the owner.

Use plug-ins that will monitor the WordPress comments for spam.

These have powers to automatically block these comments. One such plug-in is Akismet which is very powerful.

18) How to use email subscription to the blog?

Using email subscriptions ensures that the visitors are converted into regular clients.

It is simple to add them to the list by asking them to quickly sign up with a pop box when they first visit you.

19) How to increase email subscribers?

Using a lead generation software can help any website increase email subscriber. One good example is using OptinMonster which can boast the list.

There are many simple ways that can be used to increase the number of email subscribers.

20) How do I add my own image to the WordPress site?

There are times when you are not able to find a suitable image for the blog online.

There are also situations when you want to use custom image to make the blog more relevant.

Even without the slightest knowledge of the graphic there are many simple tools which are available to the users to create such images.

21) How do I speed up my website?

Slow websites bring the reputation down. Check for the hosting services first and then there is a long list for WordPress users to check from to bring the speed of the website up.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully we’ve been able to answer frequently asked questions about WordPress which can be really useful for WordPress beginners.