Accessible WordPress Themes for Accessibility Ready Websites

Accessible WordPress Themes

You’ve probably heard of the accessibility readiness of WordPress based templates ready to make any kind of website or blog fully accessible to its mobile and desktop using guests.

Yes, in today’s ever developing digital world, one may find dozens of accessible WordPress themes which are all inclusive and well designed to make all the website visitors access to specific website as smooth and error free as possible.

However, some of those accessible WordPress themes are too sweet to pass up. Therefore, we have selected some of the best ones and are going to discuss them below.

They are all professionally coded and styled to make perfect compliance with the modern web coding and design standards, which, in their turn, make websites accessibility ready.

Mix and match different structures and colors, page layouts and menus, make the whole site visually captivating, yet easy to navigate, and finally, accessible from any portable device or gadget.

Check out the below discussed accessible WordPress themes.

Electrician Pro:


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Electrician Pro is one of the fully accessible WordPress themes that shares all the drive you would ever need to craft a really engaging and results driven virtual presence.

With this fully customizable and accessible website, you will be able to do all the creative work online, from adding pages and homepage sections to styling and editing them in the most attractive way, changing fonts and deploying icons and yet much more with drag and drop functionality.

The theme is really convenient for sharing electrician or repair, construction or renovation, design or service provision, plumbing or cleaning, HVAC or any other niche specific website easily and without hiring any developer to manage that.

Finally, Electrician Pro is as responsive and sleek in design as it is suitable for adding plugins and other useful systems, payment gateways, analytics and other add ons.

Underwater Pro:


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In case you set some lofty goals for your adventure or surfing, underwater or leisure business and want to contribute to the fulfilment of those goals by the creation and development of a modern looking and accessible website, look what Underwater Pro has to offer you.

Any web presence created on the basis of one of the top rated accessible WordPress themes known as Underwater Pro will let your website guests interact with your content and find whatever they are looking for in the simplest way.

The same simplicity can also be found on the theme backend ready to give you enough space for exercising different web design and structural solutions without working hard.

Luxury Watch:

Luxury Watch

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If you want to easily model your customers’ adoption to your website as an ideal shopping medium, then Luxury Watch would be a perfect starting point for you.

While there are hundreds of benefits of online shopping and e-store management both for you and for your clients, there are even more benefits to doing it with Luxury Watch.

The reason of Luxury Watch being a highly demanded WordPress web building platform is its flexibility and accessibility making the creation and management of any web look and feel a breeze.

Everything important is included in the theme, be it a shortcode, font, header or footer layout, sidebar option, menu management possibility, manageable color, etc.



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Evolve your kid or education related business competitive capacity with Kindergarten which is fully accessible and adaptive to different screen sizes and resolutions, Google and SEO friendly, as well as comprises a powerful tool kit even for a non coder to quickly get started with a unique website.

Taking your kindergarten or babysitting, school or preschool, academy or music school, kids zone or cafe website online and doing well with Kindergarten will cost you minimum efforts and time, as this website template is deisgned to be both admin and user friendly.

This colorful and modernly animated template has aslo been ckecked for working with different page building and editor plugins, as well as those for enhancing your site’s online results with better social media engagement, multilingual content, e commerce capability and search engine optimization.

Minimal Blog:

Minimalist blog

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Minimal styled websites and blogs are visually clean and accurate, easy to scroll from top to bottom while keeping the emphasis on what matters the most in web content.

So, keeping your website or personal blog simple and aesthetically neat with Minimal Blog will considerably do good for your site’s accessibility and user friendliness.

However, the minimalistic nature of this template does not necessarily equate with a lack of functions and less operating capacity. You are still going to have endless tools and web desing patterns at your disposal to make your appearance something really noteworthy.

Blog and Shop:

blog shop

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If you are striving to achive better recognition and increase credibility online, Blog and Shop is what you will like from the very first glance to achive your goals.

Made by the most professional web developers and designed to comply with the contemporary web design methods, Blog and Shop will give your blogging or shopping style website the functional base and visual model it needs even if you don’t plan to spend a huge budget on them.

Otherwise stated, Blog and Shop, being one of the high quality accessible WordPress themes, makes it possible for you to reach the maximum potential of the website without any technical knowledge while working from the backend of the theme.



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Stay at the top of the financial market with Finance that is responsive and fast performing, feature packed yet agile in management.

Whether you run a small consulting agency or a huge financial institution, represent bank or credit products, offer lawyer services or more, Finance is capable of presenting an information of any size and nature with modern fonts and typography, high quality imagery on the slider, call to actions, as well as blog area for constant updates, news and releases.

All in all, this is a template that will help any website owner make smarter decisions catering to the creation and advancement of accessible modern websites.

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