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Accessible WordPress Themes for Accessibility Ready Websites

Accessible WordPress Themes

You’ve probably heard of the accessibility readiness of WordPress based templates ready to make any kind of website or blog fully accessible to its mobile and desktop using guests.

Yes, in today’s ever developing digital world, one may find dozens of accessible WordPress themes which are all inclusive and well designed to make all the website visitors access to specific website as smooth and error free as possible.

However, some of those accessible WordPress themes are too sweet to pass up. Therefore, we have selected some of the best ones and are going to discuss them below.

They are all professionally coded and styled to make perfect compliance with the modern web coding and design standards, which, in their turn, make websites accessibility ready.

Mix and match different structures and colors, page layouts and menus, make the whole site visually captivating, yet easy to navigate, and finally, accessible from any portable device or gadget.

Check out the below discussed accessible WordPress themes.

Electrician Pro:



Electrician Pro is one of the fully accessible WordPress themes that shares all the drive you would ever need to craft a really engaging and results driven virtual presence.

With this fully customizable and accessible website, you will be able to do all the creative work online, from adding pages and homepage sections to styling and editing them in the most attractive way, changing fonts and deploying icons and yet much more with drag and drop functionality.

The theme is really convenient for sharing electrician or repair, construction or renovation, design or service provision, plumbing or cleaning, HVAC or any other niche specific website easily and without hiring any developer to manage that.

Finally, Electrician Pro is as responsive and sleek in design as it is suitable for adding plugins and other useful systems, payment gateways, analytics and other add ons.

Underwater Pro:


In case you set some lofty goals for your adventure or surfing, underwater or leisure business and want to contribute to the fulfilment of those goals by the creation and development of a modern looking and accessible website, look what Underwater Pro has to offer you.

Any web presence created on the basis of one of the top rated accessible WordPress themes known as Underwater Pro will let your website guests interact with your content and find whatever they are looking for in the simplest way.

The same simplicity can also be found on the theme backend ready to give you enough space for exercising different web design and structural solutions without working hard.

Luxury Watch:

Luxury Watch


If you want to easily model your customers’ adoption to your website as an ideal shopping medium, then Luxury Watch would be a perfect starting point for you.

While there are hundreds of benefits of online shopping and e-store management both for you and for your clients, there are even more benefits to doing it with Luxury Watch.

The reason of Luxury Watch being a highly demanded WordPress web building platform is its flexibility and accessibility making the creation and management of any web look and feel a breeze.

Everything important is included in the theme, be it a shortcode, font, header or footer layout, sidebar option, menu management possibility, manageable color, etc.




Evolve your kid or education related business competitive capacity with Kindergarten which is fully accessible and adaptive to different screen sizes and resolutions, Google and SEO friendly, as well as comprises a powerful tool kit even for a non coder to quickly get started with a unique website.

Taking your kindergarten or babysitting, school or preschool, academy or music school, kids zone or cafe website online and doing well with Kindergarten will cost you minimum efforts and time, as this website template is deisgned to be both admin and user friendly.

This colorful and modernly animated template has aslo been ckecked for working with different page building and editor plugins, as well as those for enhancing your site’s online results with better social media engagement, multilingual content, e commerce capability and search engine optimization.

Minimal Blog:

Minimalist blog


Minimal styled websites and blogs are visually clean and accurate, easy to scroll from top to bottom while keeping the emphasis on what matters the most in web content.

So, keeping your website or personal blog simple and aesthetically neat with Minimal Blog will considerably do good for your site’s accessibility and user friendliness.

However, the minimalistic nature of this template does not necessarily equate with a lack of functions and less operating capacity. You are still going to have endless tools and web desing patterns at your disposal to make your appearance something really noteworthy.

Blog and Shop:

blog shop


If you are striving to achive better recognition and increase credibility online, Blog and Shop is what you will like from the very first glance to achive your goals.

Made by the most professional web developers and designed to comply with the contemporary web design methods, Blog and Shop will give your blogging or shopping style website the functional base and visual model it needs even if you don’t plan to spend a huge budget on them.

Otherwise stated, Blog and Shop, being one of the high quality accessible WordPress themes, makes it possible for you to reach the maximum potential of the website without any technical knowledge while working from the backend of the theme.




Stay at the top of the financial market with Finance that is responsive and fast performing, feature packed yet agile in management.

Whether you run a small consulting agency or a huge financial institution, represent bank or credit products, offer lawyer services or more, Finance is capable of presenting an information of any size and nature with modern fonts and typography, high quality imagery on the slider, call to actions, as well as blog area for constant updates, news and releases.

All in all, this is a template that will help any website owner make smarter decisions catering to the creation and advancement of accessible modern websites.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Code Secure

Let’s Talk Safety: Keeping WordPress Theme and Plugin Code Secure in 2021

Theme and Plugin Code Secure

WordPress is one of the most popular and innovative website publishing platforms available out there with 409 million people viewing more than 15.5 billion pages per month.

The application is intuitive and user-friendly which allows users without any technical background to easily set up a website according to their style preference within minutes. While there are many challenges when it comes to creating a WordPress website, coding shouldn’t be one of them.

Some of the best websites nowadays are run by WordPress and it powers approximately 28% of the internet. WordPress is used all over the world and is trusted by major entities such as the U.S Government, NASA, CNN, Tedx, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Harvard University and more. The WordPress community is huge with users making 41.7 million new posts and 60.5 million new comments each month.

Even giant corporations such as Yahoo, eBay, Equifax, Target and more all suffered data breaches in our recent memory. Depending on the size of your business, these security risks could be damaging towards the reputation of your company.

As a result, it’s important to keep your data safe through encryption and by enhanced security measures. If you have a WordPress websites, you will most likely need to keep your WordPress theme and plugin up to date to eliminate the latest digital threats towards your company.

Some Quick Facts About WordPress

WordPress is open source and free for anyone to use. WordPress was created back in 2001 and is older than Twitter and Facebook. Understand that there is a difference between and

The open source platform includes which allows you to build your website for free; however, it is recommended that you choose the top hosting services in order to benefit from maximum security. Hosting services through HostGator or Bluehost are quite popular for WordPress websites. which is the hosted version of the open source software can be easily set up without requirements of external hosting services. You can pick either options to get your website started; however, could be less challenging and time consuming for a small business or solo entrepreneur.

There are countless available themes and over 50,000 free plugins to choose from. No matter what version of WordPress you choose, the backend functionality is quite similar; therefore, if you decide to switch between different versions of WordPress you can do so at any time without losing your content.

Choosing the Right Theme

Since there are so many themes out there to choose from, it’s often difficult to choose the right design let alone consider security features.

One of the most painstaking and crucial steps in creating a WordPress website is choosing the right theme because it’s the embodiment of your brand identity and give people impressions about your company. It could take forever to choose the right colors, fonts, templates, navigations, plugins and more.

While it’s important to think about colorful options, styles, user experience and even SEO strategy for your website, security is also imperative and something that most businesses don’t think about.

Since WordPress is an open source platform, many themes while beautifully designed might not be safe to use.

By choosing a secure WordPress theme and plugin, you can spend less time worrying about security breaches and malfunctions within your website. With a little more free time, you can focus on improving your marketing strategy and content creation.

Stay Secure

According to statistics, 73.2% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks and can be detected through free automated tools or simply by updating to the latest versions. Since your website is an extension of your brand and houses all of your company’s crucial information, it’s important to take time and protect it.

As a company, you should maintain high standards and follow strict protocols to protect your data. In the digital era, not only your company’s details are at risk but your customers’ private information as well.

Doing business online can be risky and stressful; therefore, it’s crucial to ensure the security of your site, themes, and plugins.

Making It A Habit To Update Regularly

In the open source WordPress community, anyone can design themes and develop plugins. Some of these products are free and some of these themes could cost you a hefty price.

While some web developers update their themes and plugins on a regular basis, others don’t for months, years or even at all. Running an older version of WordPress can put your websites at risk.

A research which surveyed 42,106 WordPress websites found in Alexa’s top 1 million found that 30.95% of them are still running an older version of WordPress which is version 3.6.

While updating your themes and plugins frequently could be a pain, it shouldn’t take much time at all. The ways that themes and plugins are integrated WordPress allow you to quickly install updates without disturbing your workflow.

You can complete other tasks without having to wait for your downloads. In addition, most hosting services have auto updates to continuously protect your website against the latest threats.

Whether it’s manual or automatic, make sure that you update your website often to ensure that you are protected against bugs and malware.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that your WordPress site is protected so you can focus more on creating engaging content and worry less about security risks.

By updating regularly, you can have a faster loading speed, be protected against the threat of hackers, have a new innovative design, access to the latest competitive tools and allow your website to work at full capacity.

With WordPress built-in update system, you can have access towards minor updates as well as major updates if there is a common severe vulnerability amongst other websites on the internet. So there is really no excuse not to update and make your website security your number one priority.

Free Personal Trainer WordPress Themes for Personal Trainer Websites


Hence, it is great for personal trainers to get a website using the following free personal trainer WordPress themes and get hired easily.

The demand for the personal trainers is at its peak. Personal trainers help people in achieving physical fitness through exercise and at the same time, motivate people to achieve fitness goals in life. Those who do not like to go to the public gym and get a general trainer, they find personal trainers online.

These free personal trainer WordPress themes have stunning design and will establish the personal trainer to get hired instantly.

Best Free Personal Trainer WordPress Themes

Fitness Lite

skt fitness


This is one of the fantastic free personal trainer WordPress themes with an awsome black color combination. It is very easy to hook the visitors, and the layout is so clean and professional that most of them would form the best first impression.

There are all functionalities available to make a booking and hire, pay in advance for an appointment. The theme works well on all devices, and even the footer looks stunning with a background image.

The color combination is fully changeable though the existing one is probably the best one. One can also sell fitness related products through the website.

SKT GymMaster


This is another free theme for a personal trainer to showcase their services and get hired easily. The theme has minimalistic design approach, and the sidebar can have multiple widgets as per requirement.

One can also open a blog section for educating people and increasing the awareness, and in the process, they can get organic traffic. It has high SEO value, and one can easily get the local customers. The social media integration will also help in increasing the reach.

BeFit Lite



This is one of the best free personal trainer WordPress themes especially for companies or agencies which have multiple personal trainers under them. This is a retina ready theme with a stunning black color combination.

The boxes and blocks on the homepage have hover effects, and everything is so well organized that the first impression would be the best.

There is WooCommerce support, NextGen gallery, and advanced contact form. The SEO standard is high, and you can add more SEO plugins to write better content for better search engine ranking.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme


This is one of the stunning free personal trainer WordPress themes especially for those training the females. It does not necessarily have to be a female personal trainer. The design of the theme is supreme and would increase the brand value of the personal trainer immediately.

He or she can write blogs to motivate people to have fitness goals in life and live a better life than most other. The design is fully customizable, and it is translation ready. It works on all devices and browsers.


free minimal WordPress theme


This is a creative theme for representing a personal trainer. It has a flat design, and everything is perfectly organized. The sections and boxes on the homepage make the theme look beautiful. The color combination is changeable, and one can show the services, clients and testimonials easily.

The theme has a 5-level dropdown menu, and all the standard pages with standard plugins are available. The SEO value is quite high, and the social media integration will help to reach out to more and more people effortlessly.

SKT Strong

free crossfit WordPress theme


This is one of the most beautiful free personal trainer WordPress themes to offer all the services ad gain credibility. The homepage has a stunning design, and the slider is cool. The color combination is absolutely awesome, and everything is editable in real time.

The testimonial rotational plugin is present, and there is event calendar. One can also utilize the blog section to motivate people and showcase talent and knowledge depth to convince the potential clients.

Yogi Lite



This is one of the great free personal trainer WordPress themes with stunning color combination and outlook. It is best for yoga trainer, and their demand is at its peak now.

The theme is mobile-friendly, and one can also demonstrate yoga technique through videos in the slider. The sidebar can be used to show attractive offers and events. The contact page is advanced for instant contact and advanced booking.

Healing Touch Lite

healing touch


Even though the theme is a medical one, it is perfect for personal trainers to use it to create stunning websites to increase their brand value and spread their name. It is SEO-friendly, and hence, you can get a good rank on search engine result pages.

It has WooCommerce support to accept the fee and sell fitness related products as well. The social media integration and call-to-action buttons will help in connecting with more and more people.

SKT Black

skt black


A black theme goes well with personal fitness as it is a premium color and SKT Black is one of the best free personal trainer WordPress themes on the list. The design is surreal, and the layout is eye-catching.

It is very easy to engage the visitors, and the shuttle animations on the homepage make it more attractive. The homepage can have as many sections as needed and hence, the user navigation would be best as they do not have to go to different pages to access different information.

Online Coach



Even though a personal trainer is meant to be physically present with the candidate, in today’s world, personal trainers are available online to cater to multiple people through online interaction.

They demonstrate the techniques through video calls and also send videos packages for motivation. From that perspective, this is one of the most useful free personal trainer WordPress themes.

One can make advance payment and booking and interact through various video call platforms. As a matter o fact, online chat plugin can be installed for direct conversation through the website.

These are the best free personal trainer WordPress themes with stunning design and professional outlook. It increases the value of the personal trainer in multi fold and makes it easy to hire them online.

Choose the best one from the above free personal trainer WordPress themes and publish your dream website.

free photography WordPress themes

12 Modern Free Photography WordPress Themes for Photographers

free photography WordPress themes
Are you looking for some best free photography WordPress themes for getting an online presence for your business? WordPress is the best platform that is on-demand for creating photography, videographer, or designing website because it provides so many features that can be added within a few clicks.

Artists and other creative industries can use WordPress for showing photos and portfolios of their recent work throughout the world. While creating a website for your business you will be benefited with so many features, as you get easy access to your world, enhance the option to work from everywhere, and interact at any time. And all this is possible if you choose a template correctly.

First of all, see whether you are in the hunt for a free template or a paid one. If your business is long term based and looking for extraordinary functionality then pick a paid template i.e. premium but if your business is just a startup and you are having a tight budget then we will recommend you choose the free option. Some top 12 templates are listed below that will help you to create an awesome online presence for any type of creative industry

Checkout Best Modern Free Photography WordPress Themes

1. Photo World

free gallery WordPress theme

Photo World is the perfect free photography WordPress themes that come with an unbelievable layout that helps you to add a work portfolio in an impressive way. You can add a number of images on your website in no time.

A simple header is given so that people can navigate through the pages very easily. You will love the fact that the template is fully compatible with retina display images that means it allows you to add high-resolution photographers without worry about loading speed.

Arrow button will be a provided in the footer so that you can view the images horizontally. You will have an option to add a logo and call to action buttons. You can add third-party plugins to promote your photography business and get more traffic towards your online business.

One of the best plugin to attract more clients is social media plugins. This template makes sure that no space would be wasted on the screen.

2. SKT Full Page

free fullscreen WordPress theme

SKT Full Page is a modern template that comes with minimal design and countless features to use. The main focus is given to simplicity so that you can drive user attention more on photographs. The artist should use this template for getting their online appearance because it is very easy to handle and does not need to mess with useless features.

Photographer will fall in love with this template as he/she did not need to mess with so many difficulties. This template is considered to be most unique because it has full-width demo content which is needed by most of the freelancers belonging to the artist and videographer industry.

SKT Full Page allows you to build an elegant and professional-looking website in no time. The template is made available for free to remove a bar of budget.

If you would like to target more intentional clients then it also possible because your website will be easy to read by every native users. Thus the template is supported with WPML and other translation plugins.

3. SKT Photo Session

free photography WordPress theme

SKT Photo Session is a free photography WordPress themes exclusively created for photographer, portfolio, videographer, and photography industry. It is a neat and responsive design, 1 click installation, amazing new features, easy to import the demo, and much more. The design of this template can be used for any type of website.

You can also add video content to attract more people to your website by telling the story of your personal or business life. It has some basic features such as color option, Google fonts, header option, user-friendly, multilingual, GPL ready, translation ready, and much more.

The menu bar and logo are kept on the right at the top so that beginners will not get confused while navigating. The template is also useful for photo blogging. You can change the slider images to what you want to target and easy to start selling your paintings and photographs online with WooCommerce integration.

4. SKT Full Width

skt full width

If you are truly looking for a completely functional and good looking free photography WordPress themes then you will find it here. SKT Full width is a fully-featured photography template that is created for beginners and experts. It follows the trendy design and featured with the most powerful aspects.

The template is specially created for photojournalists, photographers, videographers, photo bloggers, and photo freaks who just love photography. It has a responsive and beautiful design that will attract more customers to your website.

The main features are social media integration, based on customizer, compatible with powerful page builder, gallery and portfolio option, multilingual language is supportive, and so on.

It comes with some modification option to add your personal business info to the theme. It also supports scrolling functionality and beautiful animations which is also viewable on every mobile device and browser.

The template was crafted by technical experts who make sure that the content you add would be presented beautifully on the internet.

5. Interior Lite

free interior WordPress theme

Interior lite can be considered as one of the most overwhelming free photography WordPress themes because it is a very innovative product that enhances your website pages from every aspect. It provides a user-friendly interface so that your customers navigate through each page without any hassle.

The template design is adaptable means you can add more functionality to it as per your business niche. The template permits you to add a call to action, portfolio, gallery, products, testimonial, and some more other widgets.

Interior Lite is compatible with the third-party plugins and free plugins such as WooCommerce, gravity forms, contact form 7, MailChimp, SKT popup, SKT appointment, Google analytics, Yoast SEO, and more. According to your need, you can search for plugin and easily add them through the WordPress dashboard.

The theme is easily viewable on laptops, tablets, and computers. Additionally, the theme will work perfectly on any operating systems or browsers.

6. Panaroma

free photogallery WordPress theme

Panaroma is a premade mobile friendly and super responsive free photography WordPress themes that can be used to create multiple websites for multiple business niches. The template is carefully constructed to provide you all the required features and functionality right away.

By default, it has a gorgeous layout design that will take your business to the next level. It helps you to create a website without previous coding experience.

Creative businesses such as photography, videographer, paintings, arts, interior, architecture, etc will find this template helpful. It comes with smooth transition effects that will attract more clients. Panaroma actually get fits on every modern device including TV, mobile phones, personal computers, etc. thus the template beautifully works on every latest browser too including Mozilla Firefox, chrome, IE, and more. The theme is just perfect to showcase all photography work. With the live customizer option, you can check the look and feel of the website in real-time.

7. SKT Black

skt black

SKT Black is a fast loading and highly responsive website that suits various business niches including photography and videographer industry.

The template has a simple but elegant layout that comes with the combination of black and white colors to showcase your work portfolio and focus more on visual content. It comes with a range of features that will help you to build an online presence for personal and professional use.

SKT Black is just the right template for every simple startups and beginner’s user that gives limited control over features to manage it carefully. You can easily change the content of the header, footer, slider, sidebars, and more.

You will get access to new technologies to make your website dynamic and functional from every corner. The website content will get load faster and provide you a mobile-friendly performance. SKT Black works perfectly with all browsers and devices available.

8. Nature One

nature one

If you are looking for the easiest solution to get your business online then Nature One is the option for you. Nature one is a very simple but elegant looking template that will not ask you to pay or even a single dollar.

Like other WordPress templates, this also does not require coding skills to work with. The page builder option will make every user edit the content freely. Unique sections such as testimonial blog, rating section, portfolio section can be added to make your website look more unique and modern.

With this template, you can explore your work widely by adding social media profiles and giving authority to your users to share the template.

The free photography WordPress themes can be used by creative agencies, digital agencies, designers, interior engineers, and artists. Creating a website with Nature One is the best solution if you have a tight or no budget and no technical expertise.

9. Clean Lite


Clean Lite is a powerful and simple looking free photography WordPress themes. You can download this template without paying any dollars.

You will be able to get so many customization options such as Google fonts, color picker option, widgets, logo upload, slider images, and much more. You can add some more WordPress tools to showcase the total social media counts and the post added to your website.

The template is much responsive and adaptive. Your customers from all devices will be able to view your website content including videos and text. WooCommerce plugin, contact form 7, Yoast SEO, revolution slider, and many other plugins also work fine with the template.

The template would work outstanding for individual personal projects. Social share buttons, menus, background images are all exciting features of a template. So just start showing your online appearance to your customers and get benefited from the web world.

10. Parallax Me Lite

parallax lite

Parallax Me Lite is a template that has a unique header to impressive more clients towards your business. It has a simple yet elegant interface which provides an overwhelming user experience.

It comes with the template works perfectly for photographers, creative industries, and interior designers to showcase their work portfolio visually. Each component is designed in such a way that it appears good on the web world.

Free photography WordPress themes comes with translation-ready code, retina and responsive feature, supportive with modern devices and browsers, compatible with free plugins, and much more.

Responsive design, gallery layout support, CSS animations, plugin compatibility, SEO optimized, and translation ready are the main features of Parallax Me Lite.

11. CutsNStyle Lite

cutnstyle lite

CutsNStyle lite is a template that supports the hair salon industry but suitable to add a portfolio of your photography and videography. It is a very simple yet straight forward template which will be well suitable for almost every business niche.

The template is well optimized to work smoothly on the latest devices and browsers. The premium quality features make this website suitable for other professional business niches such as graphic designing, photographers, freelancers, and artists.

It has all the features that are required to present your business nicely on the internet. You can focus on your visual content. The basic features of free photography WordPress themes are social media integration, multi-page or single-page layout, SEO friendly, user-friendly, WooCommerce integration, responsive layout, and so on.

This template will help your business by making it ranked on search engines very quickly. Thus it will provide great visibility on top of the search engines.

12. SKT White

skt white free

SKT White comes under the category of free photography WordPress themes that is well suitable for corporate or professional industries that provide services such as mobile applications, e-marketing, website designing, development, and more.

The template is tested with countdown plugin and skill bare tool so that you can showcase your overall experience in a specific field, total projects completed, files downloaded, happy clients, and awards won.

It comes with the default portfolio section so that you can add your team member’s information and profile pictures for personal interaction. If you want you can also provide links to social media profiles of your teammates.

The main features of SKT Simple are supportive with the customizer, responsive design, demo import feature, easy and one-click installation, and multilingual ready.

WordPress Is the Perfect Platform for Your Nonprofit Organization

Why WordPress Is the Perfect Platform for Your Nonprofit Organization

WordPress Is the Perfect Platform for Your Nonprofit Organization

Choosing a new platform for your website is stressful. You don’t want to start with one website platform only to find that it is outrageously expensive, too difficult to use, won’t integrate with your other systems or doesn’t offer a needed feature. Luckily those descriptions are less applicable to WordPress.

It’s free and widely used

WordPress is open source software, which means that anyone can use, study, change and redistribute its source code. And best of all — it’s free! It’s not a coincidence that an open source platform is also the most widely used content management system (CMS) by far. WordPress runs 60% of websites that use content management. What this means for your nonprofit:

  • Its large user base means that you can more easily find people with the knowledge to design, fix or customize your website.
  • With a huge usage base, developers have created tens of thousands of themes to choose from. WordPress comes with free themes, but you may want to invest in a theme with more a certain look, additional features or ongoing support and upgrades.
  • Although WordPress itself free, you will sometimes need to pay extra for plugins that expand the capabilities of WordPress beyond its core offering. Plugins such as your donor or or member directory will charge for the service they provide.
  • If you compare the price of a WordPress membership plugin to all-in-one systems that combine a content management system with a membership CRM, you will pay less with the WordPress solution.
  • Aside from plugin purchases, which may incur a one-time or ongoing fee, other ongoing costs to anticipate include website hosting, domain name registration and a security certificate.
  • You might budget for a web designer to help you select a theme and initially design the website to meet your needs. The large majority of WordPress themes can be customized without code knowledge, but you may want to hire professional help if you are:
    • Wanting to progress quickly.
    • Have very specific your design ideas or seek to emulate the look of another website.
    • Want to be sure you are following best practices that come from years of experience.

WordPress is scalable and offers more choices

Because of WordPress’s dominance of the CMS market, many developers choose to build plugins for it. The wide availability of plugins means that you, your designer or developer can quickly add new functionality to your website without expensive and time-consuming custom programming.

If you choose a platform that is closed or not open source, you will be limited to the features available at the time of purchase or beholden to the platform creator’s interest in adding more features.

For example, even if you are satisfied with your current donation platform or WordPress membership plugin, down the road you can upgrade to another one with more features such as additional membership payment options or an online membership directory.

And the number of membership plugins available for WordPress greatly exceeds the number of Weebly or SquareSpace membership plugins, so you’ll have more choices too.

It’s portable and lasts longer

If you have worked in a nonprofit long enough, you have likely witnessed the ugly process of changing systems. Whether it is a new phone system or membership billing change, technology change will always bring friction for staff and those they serve.

The learning curve is the most painful part of the process. Having a platform that minimizes change means it can last longer than other solutions.

WordPress helps you avoid changing technology when you want a new website because:

  • If you want to change your website host, a WordPress site can be fairly easily moved. Some hosts even provide moving assistance or a plugin to handle the move for you.
  • Instead of moving to a new platform for your whole website to add features, you can typically just change or add plugins.
  • With thousands of themes to choose from as well as highly customizable drag-and-drop page builder options, all you need to do to redesign your site is to change themes. You This saves you time; you don’t have to move your content to a different platform.
  • Redesigning a WordPress site instead of changing platforms is good for SEO. You will retain your search engine results page position; the pages that Google has crawled will keep the same URLs. Redesigned sites can lose search engine ranking if care is not taken to either keep the same URLs or create redirects from each page’s old location to its new location.

WordPress is great for search engine optimization (SEO)

While search engine position doesn’t matter to every nonprofit, those using WordPress are well-positioned to do better in search engine results. Here are some of the ways WordPress can help you rank for your keyword terms:

  • WordPress has a great linking structure available for blog posts and pages. You can set up your permalinks to reflect your blog post titles, which are more likely to contain your keywords. More keywords in your URL equals better placement in search engine results.
  • WordPress has plugins that can help you write search engine-friendly copy and set up your metadata for each page.
  • There are many plugins available for social media sharing. The more your pages are shared, the more respect Google gives to your site in search engine rankings.
  • WordPress themes are mobile-friendly. Google gives ranking preference to mobile-friendly sites. As long as you are using a more recent WordPress theme, your website will have responsive design, which means that it scales to the width of the viewer’s device.

WordPress is upgraded often

Major versions of WordPress get released every 152 days on the average. Because it is open source software, the potential number of contributors working on improving WordPress is unlimited. No other content management platform or closed system has this potential.

Amy Hufford is a Technologist at MembershipWorks. She has worked in nonprofit technology for more than 20 years and has experience with a variety of donor and membership software platforms.

15+ Best Free WordPress Themes for Portfolios Creative Digital Ones

free WordPress Themes

A portfolio WordPress site can be a truly significant resource in case you are making something wonderful and want to share it to the world. With a good online presence, your website will be visible to everybody.

There are hundreds of free WordPress themes that can be used for creating websites for business, portfolio, personal, corporate and many others. And if you are a creative professional then portfolio website is very essential.

All the WordPress themes given here are responsive, have various shortcodes, customization, and anyone can use these websites to showcase their high-quality work. If you are looking for a great Free WordPress themes for Portfolios that search for the one that includes features like homepage sliders, well-designed galleries that help you create a website that stands out.

All of the themes below are the most popular themes and have excellent functionality that you can download and utilize for free and can also use for commercial and personal use.

Best Free WordPress Themes for Portfolios

SKT Full Page

free fullscreen WordPress theme

This WordPress theme is the best one that can be used for creating websites like a professional portfolio, hotels, restaurants, portfolio of models and also for organic food. This full-page slider WordPress theme has a beautiful design layout and also suited for creating different business websites.

One can showcase their past work done and also the pictures. This theme works great on different types of devices and screen resolutions. This is a multipurpose, basic and elegant theme and can be used for creating any type of site.

Photo World

free gallery wordpress theme

If one wants to create a unique identity on online media, then you need to have an attractive portfolio. This Photo world free WordPress theme can help you to make an attractive online presence and it also attracts clients as well.

Creating an online portfolio helps you showcase your work for everybody to observe. This is a simple and unique design that helps you to build a professional website for your organization.

This template is translation ready, thus when your clients will visit your website, they can change the language as per their needs. Also, this is a fully responsive website, one can change the color and images for every inner page.

Girlie Lite

free feminine women WordPress theme

For creating a feminine WordPress portfolio website like the designer, salon owner, blogger or anyone who wants to showcase their talent and leadership through their online profile.

This website is coded with the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. This theme is customizable, thus one can make changes according to their needs and can also see all the live changes while making changes in the backend.

Event Planners

This theme can be used for creating websites like campaigns, grand events, meetings, wedding portfolios, and many others. This theme has a minimalistic design approach and a clean design.

This is very simple and easy to use, as without paying anything you are getting a fully featured website. Here SEO standards have been followed while designing this theme. This one of the best templates for creating a portfolio website.

Web Programmer Lite

Web Programmer WordPress Theme

This website is perfect for the ones who want to create a visually appealing website. this theme is the best option to display their pictures in various ways. The fonts can be changed as per their needs.

This theme is highly responsive to all the mobile devices, here sidebar is also widget friendly and thus one can showcase their social media profiles, forms can be added too. There is a call to action button available that is provided in the form of the slider.

Flower Shop Lite

free store wordpress theme

With this theme, one can create an elegant portfolio WordPress website. This is easy to use and provides a high amount of functionality for the website. This theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin thus one can easily create an online site.

The slider given in the header can change the way clients experience the website. Users who do not have any technical knowledge can also use this website without any problem.

Adventure Lite

free sports WordPress theme

This template is one of the most attractive themes for creating a sports related website. This supports all kind of plugins, so one can add features to their website whenever they want according to their needs.

One can create a slideshow or a gallery within a page that is very useful when it comes to adventure. To gain more visitors attention you can add social media icons on your website, you can add these icons in the contact page or at the bottom of the website.

A step by step documentation is also provided with this template that supports the user for any action they want to add to their website.

SKT Construction Lite

free construction wordpress theme

This template can be used for creating a site for construction, business, personal, portfolio, photography and others. Instead of coding everything from scratch, you can make a website with this ready-made template with making some changes as per your needs.

This theme is highly customized and coded with the latest technical languages like HTML5 and CSS3, so your website will look more professional. You can also make use of other compatible plugins for better results.

Hotel Lite

free hotel WordPress Theme

This is a clean, simple and easy to use WordPress theme. This theme is developed for creating websites like hotel, restaurants, resorts, cafes, portfolios, personal blog, bakery, and many others.

This theme has unique features and tools that you need for creating a professional website. It enables you to change colors, text, fonts, images and more. It is designed SEO friendly and SMO compatible also.

IT Consultant Lite

It Consultant

This is the best theme for those who want to create free WordPress themes for IT and digital consultant, consulting firms, Financial planning, business analyst, portfolio and others. With this theme, you can display all your services. It is Google friendly test passed and is fully responsive.

This theme provides support on all the available mobile and other portal devices and their screens. Thus, it is a perfect theme for creating your WordPress website.

Ele MakeUp Lite

Ele MakeUp lite

Ele Makeup Lite is a free portfolio WordPress themes that can be used for corporate, business, agency, portfolio, blog, freelancer, or any other creative business website. The template has premade demo content that can be used to set up makeup portfolio websites quickly.

You will be able to create a completely optimized website very easily and faster. The template is totally compatible with all the latest browsers and well optimized for getting high rankings on search engines. The theme is very easy to use and easy to configure.

It has a minimalistic design that will help you to focus more on your work. You don’t need to mess with code. It is a well designed and effective template that is perfect for a portfolio website.

The template is supported with Google maps, contact forms, slider images, text content, social media icons, and more. It will adapt all screen sizes. However, the template works perfectly with all modern electronic devices.

Your website content will look awesome and responsive on all popular browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and IE.

SKT Architect Lite

skt architect lite

SKT Architect Lite is a most professional and good looking free portfolio WordPress themes that can be used to create a portfolio website for corporate use. For example one can use SKT Architect Lite to showcase architect work, interior work, designing work, development work, and other creative work.

It is a very simple, highly personalized, and professional template that comes with so many plugin integrations by default.

You can make use of WooCommerce integration to sell your architect portfolio in no time. The template is more simple and user friendly. The content of the call to action, footer, portfolio, team section, services can be changed according to your business niche.

The template is compatible with all major page builders like Site Origin, Beaver builder, elementor and supports drag and drop functionality. Access to 800+ Google Fonts, Color options, icons, widgets is provided by default. Supportive with RTL languages and other multilingual plugins.

Modelling Lite

Modelling Lite

Modelling Lite is a responsive and user-friendly free portfolio WordPress themes ideal for modeling and fashion agencies. The template is also suitable for creating a portfolio website in no time.

It has almost every feature that is required to establish a successful portfolio website. It has an interactive header section where you can add detailed information on your services or products. If you want to can add real photographs of your modeling photo shoots to display your talent and styling.

Along with this, you can easily add a call to action button on the header section to make easy communication with your customers.

After the header section, you can create a portfolio section to add information about your team members like a profile picture and contact details of your photographer, videographer, styler, etc.

The Footer area will be very beneficial for you as it has a wide space area where you can add important links like contact links, contact form, Google map, social media icons, latest posts, etc. Modelling Lite is just a perfect platform to highlight your services and explore your talent.

Kitchen Design

kitchen design

Kitchen Design is Gutenberg optimized template that can be used to simplify your website content design and modification process. This theme is totally optimized for better search engine results.

People looking for a perfect platform to create a website can choose Kitchen design as it comes with a lot of features to showcase your portfolio in a strong way.

It will also help you to improve your existing presence on the internet. You can give a very clean and modern look to your existing website with slider or header image integration.

The template comes with some options such as social icons, call to action, color option, Google Fonts option, Google map integration, and more. You can add some high-quality images to impress your viewers.

The theme is supported with a translation ready feature, multilingual feature, responsiveness, SEO optimized, CSS support, live customizer option, and so on. Also works great with third-party plugins.

SKT Luxury

Free Luxury ECommerce WordPress Theme

SKT Luxury is an eye-catching and responsive free portfolio WordPress themes that can be used to create a personal or professional portfolio website so that the whole world can see your world.

It has a completely retina ready and user-friendly design that will help you to create an engaging website and drive more user attention.

It is fully supportive with elementor, WPBakery page builder, and visual composer page builder. The compatibility of the page builder will help you to setup an entirely functional website within some clicks. The template has a faster loading speed.

The amazing layout structure will help you out by appealing your thoughts in a very strong way. It is totally flexible and cross-browser compatible which adapts all screen sizes, devices, and browsers.

You can add up to 4 slider images, you have permission to upload the logo of your choice, make use of Google fonts from 890+ options, and more. To provide full support to multilingual features, the template is supportive of WPML and TranslatePress plugin.

BeFit Lite


BeFit Lite is specially designed for a fitness trainer, individual to showcase their work to motivate people in weight loss or gain. This template is created with the latest web technologies by considering all WordPress standards.

The template is also suitable and capable of adding a new feature that is an eCommerce feature that will encourage your customers to buy your fitness products or services. It will provide you many more features to represent your product or services in an impressive manner.

In your header section, you can add high-quality images of your products and can add text with bold typography to drive user attention.

The template is totally compatible with third-party plugins like visual composer, beaver builder, elementor, Divi, site origin, and more. With this template, you can also create a fitness blogs, fitness magazines, fitness portfolios, and other types of websites related to the fitness niche.

The demo content of a homepage is created by considering beginners’ needs. Thus the template is retina ready and has a user-friendly interface.

The free WordPress themes given above are the Free WordPress themes for Portfolios, one can use for creating any type of portfolio website. We hope you like this article and select the best theme according to your needs.

Choosing Graphics Cards: Technical Characteristics You Should Pay Attention To

Choosing Graphics Cards

Whether you are an amateur or experienced computer user, sooner or later you have to upgrade your hardware. Someone wants to improve computer performance. Others need to change elements that are broken or outdated.

For gamers, it’s important to change GPU regularly unless they are going to play one and the same game for hours. Moreover, everyone who wants to experience cryptocurrency mining can’t cope without a powerful graphics card.

On the website, you can find a wide range of available variants. It’s possible to pick up the most appropriate model that meets the definite needs. Yet, before you smash your computer, you have to be sure you really need to change GPU. If you experience one of the following symptoms, it’s high time to choose a new graphics card:

  • Artifacting. It means the pictures look strange; colors are not as they supposed to be;

  • The loud sounds of the graphics card fan;

  • The drivers crash from time to time. It’s a very annoying and disruptive process;

  • Black or blue screens;

  • Screen glitches.

You have to think about the updating of the graphics card if you are going to work with 3D models, mine crypto, become a good web designer or just enjoy the newly-released PC or online games.

To choose the best GPU is not an easy task. If you think that it’s a good idea just to buy the most expensive article, you are wrong. The most important criterion is not the price but the technical characteristics.

Tips for Choosing Graphics Cards

The first thing you should know about is that there are two main types of GPUs: integrated and discrete. The first one is a part of the CPU. You don’t need to expect extra-quality from it.

It’s good for watching videos online, surfing the Net, and sending emails. The discrete cards are a must when it comes to improving visual performance. On the website, you can find the samples of both variants.

You have to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The manufactures. Everyone knows AMD or Nvidia products. They are the most popular and effective ones. Yet, the list of GPU manufacturers includes a couple of dozens of companies. It’s necessary to compare other characteristics, too;

  • Memory capacity. 4 GB is enough for gaming at 1080p. However, nowadays 4K becomes more and more popular. It needs more than 8 GB;

  • Thermal Design Power. You should consider the characteristics of both the PSU and GPU. The modern graphics cards often have 250-watt TDP;

  • The shape and sizes of the card. No matter how cool and powerful GPU you but, it’s useless if there is no place for it in your case. The most popular models are full-height, half-height, dual-slot, single-slot, and even triple-slot;

  • The number of CUDA cores. It may vary between 2 and 16 cores in standard gaming CPU. The high-end cards may have up to thousands of them.

It’s also important to consider such characteristics as power limit, core clock, memory clock, and fan speed.

The right choice of GPU is the main condition for perfect visual performance and stable operation of your computer.

Bootstrap or Material Design

Bootstrap or Material Design – Which is better for your website

Bootstrap or Material Design

Today, customers are more conscious about the reputation of their brand, and this can only be established when they use the latest and advance technology to develop a platform that delivers unbeatable business solutions.

According to the most recent research, companies using traditional development platforms are getting less business in comparison to those that are using the latest technologies.

Whether you are building a web app or dynamic website, leveraging the components in a framework can make a significant difference between weeks and months of work.

Ultimately, framework contains templates created in CSS, LESS, HTML, and JavaScript that make it much easier to design user interface.

While there are a lot of frameworks with high-quality buttons, typography, forms, and other interface components, today, Bootstrap and Material Design are the hottest topics among web developers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the framework that is better for your website.

What is Bootstrap?

Introduced by Twitter, Bootstrap is a CSS, HTML, JavaScript framework admired for designing the front-end web applications and websites. Bootstrap is a free open source web framework that supports faster and easier web development.

It uses HTML and CSS based templates in order to design the components with buttons, typography, navigation, and forms.

Moreover, Bootstrap, like Designmodo bootstrap builder, gives you the ability to create responsive layouts by using fewer efforts. Today, Bootstrap is one of the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks approved for developing mobile-first and responsible front-end web development projects.

Due to Bootstrap’s perfect coding documentation, it has become one of the most preferred and sought-after web development frameworks and platforms options that many web developers had adopted to facilitate and design their CMS theme.

Plus, Bootstrap is easy to learn and provides a consistent design by making use of reusable components.

What is Material Design?

Material Design is a visual language design created by Google. It is an advanced designing platform that allows you to add material design feel and look to your proposed sites. With this framework, you will find several elements that are added to the Material Design library to develop highly interactive and data-driven websites and applications.

Specifically, it can be stated that Material Design does not rely on any JavaScript frameworks or libraries, and they always promote the optimization of web design on multi-browser compatibility.

One of the most significant parts of Material Design is that it is a Vanilla of CSS and JavaScript that is not aimed towards dependencies, and this makes it incredible for the development of websites.

In addition, in terms of appealing color-correction and templates, this platform is well-liked for its customization as many web designers are starting to create customized components which take their project beyond the expectations.

While the Material Design color wheel might be limited, you must remember that the platform is a lightweight application of the more complicated Material Design guidelines. There is an extended color palette you can work with.

The difference in the details between Bootstrap and Material Design

1. Community

When it comes to community, Bootstrap is the clear winner. Among front-end frameworks, it has the largest online community. And this gives it an advantage over Material Design when it comes to templates and custom themes available.

Having a massive following of developers and designers can come in handy when you run into any problem. That said, while the Material Design community may be smaller, it is becoming quite popular even though it is still in its early days.

2. Philosophy

While both Bootstrap and Material Design are used for the purpose of web development, Material Design is more focused on the way that an application and website will look. You can see this in the way it uses its design rules and guidelines and the various components and templates that comes with it.

On the other hand, Bootstrap is mainly focused on easily creating responsive web applications and websites, which are of high quality and are functional when it comes to user experience.

3. Design process and components

Material Design boasts of a lot of components that offer fundamental designs, which can also be worked upon by developers.

The Material Design guideline provides the necessary information required for developers to use each component. Bootstrap is an open-source framework that makes use of Grunt to create and operate its designing processes.

Bootstrap also features a couple of components lacking in Material Design. Further, when it comes to third-party components, Bootstrap is compatible with a lot of components, whereas there is none for Material Design. However, appearance-wise, Material Design has much more appeal.

4. Development experience

Bootstrap has very comprehensive documentation. And its development involves getting usable results fast and copy/pasting from examples.

On the other hand, Material Design is built around Block Element Modifier (BEM), and the components are a result of combining multiple classes. This process gives you a significant deal of control, but it can sometimes lead to clumsy HTML.

5. Frameworks and browser compatibility

In this regard, both Bootstrap and Material Design are evenly and similarly matched, as they are compatible with many browsers.

Regarding frameworks, Bootstrap supports the frameworks of Angular UI Bootstrap and React Bootstrap. Plus, it can use the LESS and SASS languages for building websites.

Material Design, on the other hand, supports both of the frameworks of React Material User Interface and Angular Material. It also uses a SASS preprocessor.

Bottom line

Bootstrap is an excellent framework for simple, professional, and responsive mobile-first websites and apps. It enjoys extensive documentation and support, thus making it very easy for developers to work with it. If you are just starting out, a good rule of thumb is to opt for Bootstrap if you value stability and speed.

On the other hand, Material Design is specific as a design language and ideal for building websites that focus on innovative designs and appearance. At the end of the day, the framework you choose will mostly depend on what you are looking to create.

Best Marketing Tools to Use on Your WordPress Site

Best Marketing Tools to Use on Your WordPress Site

Best Marketing Tools to Use on Your WordPress Site

Gone are those days when people used to advertise their business, service, and products via traditional marketing tools. Nowadays experts are using advanced techniques to advertise their brands. A site made from WordPress themes free without marketing tools will dependably resemble a warrior without weapons.

That is the reason after you launch your website, you have to figure out how to make it visible on the internet. How? Given below are some of the essential marketing tools that you will need to start utilizing for your WordPress website right now.

One will need these for their website to work more efficiently, optimize your marketing tools and help you to get better results faster.

1. Google Analytics

All good marketing tactics are rooted in data. Google Analytics is the go-to source for all things details. It gives one a lot of insight information about the visitors that come to your website and their particular behavior. With this tool, one will be able to track their visitors’ actions on their website and can also know what they are up to.

To be progressively explicit about what you can discover with Google Analytics well, kind of everything. For example, like the total number of clients in a given period, page views, sessions and pages per session, bounce rates, most popular posts or pages, conversion, and so on.

As Google Analytics is a free tool, thus it can be included with your WordPress website through a simple embed code provided by Google.

2. SendinBlue

Email is still the best when it comes to marketing. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies, for making people engage and come back to your websites made form WordPress themes free.

SendinBlue has a user-friendly and easy to use dashboard, where one can carefully keep their email drafts and user lists. You can likewise utilize it to send your marketing email, transactional email, and even mobile messages.

Once you have sent an email, you will get all the reports and the details, so you can see what works for the website and what doesn’t work. Open rates, click rates, client’s engagement data. SendinBlue is a paid tool, but it also comes with a free plan.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most well-known WordPress plugin or marketing tools when it comes to SEO, and it’s totally free. In reality, it is a standout amongst the most downloaded WordPress plugin ever. It lets you manage the SEO optimization on your page without any worry.

It has three essential settings for every one of your posts and pages: title, meta depiction, and meta keywords.

What’s more, not only would you be able to write your custom content and keywords, however, the plugin likewise tells you how weak or strong the optimization is. That is, you can increase the traffic just by optimizing your website made form WordPress themes free using Yoast SEO plugin.

4. Revive Old Post

This free tool will spare you a ton of time by automatically posting your articles to social media. Try not to let your posts live for a short timeframe and then be forgotten. The Revive Old Post can be set to auto-share at consistent intervals.

One can set many things about shares, the time intervals between shares, how old the post should be before it is shared, what number of posts should be shared daily, and how many times each one of the posts should be shared, what kind of format the article or blog should have when posted, and more.

The free version of this Revive old post plugin can share your content on Facebook and Twitter.

5. PageBuilder by SiteOrigin

This is another free WordPress plugin. This helps you create landing pages in an easy way through drag and drop.

Landing pages can enable you to make your offer more clear, and therefore make it simpler for the guest to choose whether they want to be the part of it or not. Landing pages, mostly target a specific audience and focus on their goals. The goals can be selling a product, email subscription, a giveaway, etc.

This free plugin enables you to create a landing page. It is very easy and one does not need any technical knowledge to utilize it. One can make an original landing page from scratch, or can also utilize a pre-built layout provided by the PageBuilder by SiteOrigin plugin which can be customized.

6. AB Press Optimizer

A/B testing is an extraordinary strategy to improve the performance of a landing page. Regardless of whether it’s guests, we are discussing, clicks or conversion, A/B testing can help you with whatever goal you have.

What’s more, AB Press Optimizer is an extraordinary module that does all that. Essentially, it gives you a chance to take two pages and put them against one another.

How it works? Here you include experiments easily by going through a simple setting board. Write the name of your experiment, include a depiction, the time span for the test, and set an objective and the URL of the page that you need to test. After some time, the plugin will begin informing you of the results.

7. Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform develop with non-designers in mind. Embedded with an inbuild drag and drop user interface along with a huge library of pre-designed formats, Canva makes it actually simple for anybody to make professional quality picture designs effectively improving their visual content.

It has a wide scope of design types, for example, blog post graphics, presentation, letterheads, advertising graphics, digital flyers, and many more. You can essentially make any visual element you require for personal or professional purposes.

The use of this platform is free and you will possibly need to pay when you use premium components. Canva has a large number of free designs components and pictures.

As a website owner, you will require different tools for various purposes. Utilize the marketing tools given in this article to recover your strategy and set up your marketing game.

Hope this information helps you to make your website made from WordPress themes free into a powerful marketing resource.

Guide on How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme Performance

Guide on How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme Performance

Speed is the main factor that must not be overlooked if you want people to visit your WordPress site. WordPress site is proned to getting hanged and causing the database to become corrupted especially when it is loading slowly.

This is why you should take the steps to Optimize Your WordPress Theme Performance. An optimized site will be able to load faster and can also help you to rank higher in the search engine.

Guide on How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme Performance

Choose a Quality Hosting

Your WordPress site may be loading slowly because of the hosting you use. You can go to your hosting control panel and check how many bandwidths your site is using. If you are using up the majority of the bandwidth, you should be upgrading to a better plan with more bandwidth allowance.

If you are hosting your site on a free host, it is normal for the site to be slow due to restrictions on the bandwidth. A free host is not recommended for the commercial site. You can at least buy a shared hosting plan to host your site by spending only $5 – $10 per month.

Cache Your WordPress Blog

You can convert all your WordPress posts into caches to prevent the need for retrieving the data from the server. To do this, you will have to install the WordPress caching plugin like WP Super Cache. After it is installed, go to the Settings and select Caching On.

It will take some time for it to generate the caches. Basically, it will turn all the PHP posts into HTML posts and stores them on your server. With caching turned on, people can access posts on your site even when they have limited internet connection.

Optimize the Blog Post Images

Using a lot of images can cause your blog to become slow. It takes up some bandwidth to load each image on the post. You can fix this problem by using a photo editor to scale the image to a smaller size and saving it in a compressed format.

JPEG is the best-compressed format – when you save the image in JPEG, it will ask you what quality you want to save it. You should set it to half the quality. If you don’t want to scale it, you can crop the photo so that it only shows the important subjects.

Don’t Upload Videos Directly on Your Server

If you want to include videos, it should not be uploaded directly to your server. Instead, you should upload it in video sharing platforms like YouTube. When people click on the play button, it will use YouTube resources to load the video content.

Even if you are using YouTube resources, you should not be embedding too many videos thinking it won’t affect your performance. It will actually affect your blog loading speed because it runs a script every time a video is a load. Too many scripts loading in the background will slow down the blog.

WordPress optimization

Use Soundless Video

You may also want to consider using soundless videos on your blog as they are smaller in size and do not take as much buffering time. You can upload it first on Instagram and then embed it on your blog. It is best to incorporate captions to guide the audience into comprehending the video content.

In Movavi Video Editor, you can by going to the Titles tab. You can choose from simple and animated styles to display the subtitles. To add a title style, drag it to the timeline and double click on it to enter the text. You will be able to edit the caption in the preview area.

On top, you will see the options for clip, font, and color properties. You can move the caption to anywhere you want on the video. If you want to adjust the duration, click the gearwheel button and go to Tools > Video to enter the duration. Under the video tab, you can also adjust the opacity of the title.

Uninstall Plugins You Don’t Need

Sometimes, all you need to do is to delete the unnecessary plugins. Some plugins can slow down the blog because they load a lot of scripts, styles, make queries to the database or carry out other complex operations.

The number of plugins you should run depending on how much your server can handle. You will know, for example, the blog suddenly become slowly after you install a plugin. If you notice a plugin that is slowing down your plug, you should deactivate and uninstall it.

You only need to install a few necessary plugins like backup, and cache. You should also delete plugins that are incompatible with your WordPress theme, for example, it displays error message even though it is still working.

Choose an Optimized WordPress Theme

It is important that you use a WordPress theme that is optimized for SEO. An optimized theme is coded with the latest coding standards. The code must work on all major browsers and mobile devices. The WordPress theme file should be small so that you can easily upload and install it.

Before buying a theme, make sure to preview it and see how fast it loaded. Ideally, it should load in 1.5 – 2 seconds. It should be optimized with a responsive design for mobile devices. You can check if there is an option to integrate social media profiles.

A quality WordPress theme will also have an organized website structure that the search engine can crawl easily. Good website structure also enables your visitors to find what they are looking for easily.

Eliminate Spam Comments

Spam comments can take up spaces on your server and slow down your blog. If you frequently have a lot of spam comments, you should install a plugin like Akismet to help you filter the spam.

You can also turn off trackback to prevent people from pinging trackback URL to your blog posts. On the WordPress dashboard, you can see where the incoming links are from so there is no need to turn on trackback.

You can turn off comments for a blog post after 1 – 2 months as the majority of the comments occur within this period.

Free Corporate WordPress themes

Free Corporate WordPress Themes for Startup and Business Websites

Free Corporate WordPress themes

In earlier days, people used to go to the stores or malls to see the product they want to buy. Nowadays people have mostly switched to the internet whenever they have a query about any product, item or service that they want to purchase. And as a business owner, one should not overlook the importance of having an engaging and functional site made from free WordPress themes.

A site is an important tool for a lot of organizations these days. It does not just fill in as an advertising tool yet it likewise functions as an expansion of your offline business. It is an amazing platform to show your items.

Your business site enables you to list down every one of the reasons why your target customers or clients ought to pick your item or service over your competitors. Some business owners even transact or get payments through their site.

Building a unique professional business or corporate websites these days has never been easier, it is possible to use Free Corporate WordPress Themes for developing websites in companies. WordPress templates are specially made to provide all the features that you need in promoting and managing your business online.

Given below is the list of best Free Corporate WordPress Themes for startups and business websites.

SKT Gardening Lite


This free SKT Gardening Lite WordPress theme is a template created for the companies and for the individuals focusing on gardening. It is a green theme which focuses on nature, herbal, organic, natural, fresh, garden, agriculture, environment, forest, and many others.

This is an amazing and elegant template for designing, gardening WordPress sites. The gardening lite theme is multilingual friendly, translation ready and also Woo Commerce ready for eCommerce. You can also change color as per your choice.

IT Solution

free IT solution WordPress theme

IT Solution WordPress theme is simple, flexible and easy to use. This template can be used for various websites like local IT companies, software, digital, training, corporate, business and many others.

This is compatible with social media plugins like Facebook, Disqus and more. It is also designed with AMP plugins; thus, this theme perfectly fits into mobile and tablet screens. This theme includes one of the best visuals and features.

Education Lite

free education WordPress theme

This WordPress theme is best suited for college, university, training center, High school, Kindergarten, and another educational website. This theme is user-friendly and has the latest version of WordPress.

With this theme, one should be able to add, edit and modify content using the built-in customizer. Your students should be able to access the information they need, right from the homepage. It is a responsive theme and has been tested for varying screen resolutions.

Bloggers Lite

free blog WordPress theme

This free WordPress theme is a beautifully designed responsive theme for your blog website. in this post can be easily set up and also allows different sorts of formatting within a single post. This theme is designed with the minimalist design approach and clean look.

It is Woo Commerce compatible so can be used for creating online shops or eCommerce. Secured and works well with security plugin and helps in keeping your site secure.

Beauty Spa Lite

free spa salon WordPress theme

Beauty spa WordPress theme is designed for spa, manicure, beauty, clinic, yoga, fitness, treatment, nail, salon, resort, herbal and other industry as this template is multipurpose and is compatible with a visual composer, Elementor and others.

It is developed keeping in mind the visitor’s engagement thus, this theme will help you to develop a professional looking site. The menu of this theme has 5 levels of drop down, which can be used to link up the categories, making it easier for the customers to check and review all that you have to offer.

Photo World

photo world

With this free WordPress theme, you can create your own unique and beautiful website for bloggers, agency, photo studio, videographers, commercial and corporate types of sites.

This is an entirely responsive WordPress free photography theme which is built by great highlights where you can modify the theme color and additionally change the image of the background and it is also applicable for every inner page as well. This theme has all the smart features of all smart devices.

Bakers Lite

free bakers shop wordpress theme

This template is suitable for bakery, restaurants, coffee shops, and other food related websites.  It is one of the most optimum themes for designing a website.

It has so many eye-catching features and advanced functionality that this Bakers Lite theme is sure to give your competitors a tough fight in all respects. This theme is packed with eye-catching content, for representing an impressive website.

SKT Elastic

free elegant wordpress theme

SKT Elastic comes with built-in page builder and is a multipurpose, flexible, scalable, simple and modern WordPress theme. This can be used for designing websites like adventure, travel, spa, hotel, fitness, IT company, software, and others.

By building your online presence you can reach to a bigger number of clients and individuals and accordingly can adapt your business. The overall professional and attractive look of this well-designed WordPress theme will end up being important in the upcoming prospects.

SKT Simple

SKT simple

SKT Simple is an efficient and high-quality free WordPress theme, used to develop any kind of a company or a business website. this theme has more than 100 shortcodes with the usage instruction to guide you in every step.

To represent your content even more beautifully, this Free Simple WordPress theme gives you the default portfolio and the included gallery sections where you can add pictures to showcase the details of your visitors.

It is also compatible with the contact form 7 plugin that has been checked and tested. It is widget friendly with sidebar, footer, as well as the header, is also widgetized.

The App Lite

This theme can be used to define any type of app website as it has the potential to easily portray any app site. This is a multipurpose free template that can be used to create a professional looking website.

Background option is given and one can load up a nice background for the entire site which looks really cool and gives a visual effect. This theme can be used as One page as well as a multipage template due to its uniqueness.

The above listed are the best Free Corporate WordPress Themes for startups and business-related sites. You can select the theme which best suits your needs and goal. We hope this article helped you.

Add Creativity in Graphic Design

7 Tips to Add Creativity in Graphic Design

Add Creativity in Graphic Design

Add creativity in Graphic design encompasses the ability to create an image out of your extraordinary imagination, uniqueness, and originality. It is like a painting wherein you’ll need to find an interesting object to create your canvass.

If you want to enhance your skills in designing, you’ll have to practice and rework the designs to come up with a great masterpiece. Some people even study the course to have a better foundation for their graphic designing skills while some prefer to watch videos and do their own research. It depends on your desire to learn and creativity to craft unique designs.

When you create the artwork, you must pay attention to various circumstances, such as software, ideas, themes, concepts, a company’s goals, and mentors.

These key elements will help you build a professional career in graphic designing.

1.    Master the Software’s Functionalities

a)    Study the Software’s Features

You are passionate and eager to do some designs, but you don’t even know how to use the various functions in your software. There’s no other choice but to study all the functionalities. In this way, you will know what to use when you’re already creating a branding design.

Does this have something to do with creativity? Well, technically yes. If you know the different functions of the software that you’re using, you may come up with different strategies and techniques to make your craft.

b)    Choose the Best Software

You must choose software that you can comfortably use. Some people use Adobe Photoshop to create their designs, but you’ll need to pay for its premium fees. However, it’s user-friendly and a great tool to start-up your career in graphic designing.

If you’re looking for a free tool, you may use the GIMP. This tool is just free to download software, but it has a manual function as compared with Adobe Photoshop.

Moreover, if you love to create infographics or grids, you may use the Canva tool. Of course, there is an unlimited number of various tools for the graphic artists and it’s up to you on which to choose.

2.    Collaborate with the Professionals

Graphic designing is not only all about the artwork, but it also plays a vital role in corporate branding. You need to create well-planned and professional layouts for the business documents. Infuse your creativity and align it with the mission, and vision of the company.

The best way to learn from scratch is to find a great mentor who can help you improve this skill. You may also refer to the SketchCorp Corporate Branding to see their professional samples for business-related documents.

3.    Expand Your Artistry through Research

According to Pablo Picasso, a famous Spanish painter, he once told that good artists copy but great artists steal. To explain this further, you’ll need to research first before you can come up with a great design. You don’t need to copy every detail of it, but you’ll need to get an idea from it and create a new one.

Research skills are also a must for graphic designers because this is where you can find inspirations and relevant subjects. You must also consider reading blogs to have several choices and ideas. Feed your mind with interesting graphic designs. Improve these designs and make them as your own.

4.    Find Interesting Ideas to Inspire You

Sometimes, you can find interesting ideas beyond Google. If you’ll look around, there are so many places, people, animals, and things to see. You may take a picture of it, then edit the image. It’s better to take a photo than download it from the website. In this way, you don’t need to worry about the trademarks and rights of the photo.

Aside from taking pictures, if you know how to draw, that’s another great talent to explore. You may use a drawing pad for graphic designers so that you can create unique logos and images for your work.

5.    Practice & Create Your Unique Craft

Do you know why some artists are well-known in the industry? The reason behind is the uniqueness and originality of their art. When you create a design, it should have an identity. Meaning to say, the design itself must be able to stand on its own.

Creating a branding design must need to be well-planned and drafted properly. It should represent the company and follows the objectives of the organization.

6.    Ask for an Opinion or Comments

Feedbacks are important things to consider because you will have an idea of what people think about your design. You will need their opinion or comments to improve the overall aspect of your craft. Get the relevant suggestions and rework on your design if necessary.

You may ask a friend, co-workers, or mentors to help you outline a perfect design. You can also ask them their ideas with the latest apps, sites, or tools that you can use for your craft.

7.    Outline a Theme as Your Guide

A theme is the skeletal framework of the design. It represents a sense of direction because you are guided on how you will be going to present the design in the public. A theme should be aligned with the industry. For instance, if you are creating a branding design for a company, it should be formal and technical in nature.

Add creativity in Graphic design is an important element of the business world because it helps with the marketing and promotion of the brand. By choosing the best theme, you’ll be able to come up with a creative, organize, and unique plan for your designs.