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WordPress plugins

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs & Business Websites in 2021

best WordPress plugins

As you are well aware now WordPress is one of the most known and also most used content management system (CMS) for websites and blogs. From business owners to bloggers, WordPress allows users to create content in an easy to use format.

There hundreds and thousands of WordPress themes free and premium themes out there. The best thing about WordPress is that one can create any type of website in just a few minutes without applying any code. And the reason best WordPress plugins is becoming popular is because of the numerous plugins available.

When it comes down to running a business on best WordPress plugins provide an extension for new startups to create a more wholesome experience for their customers. As there are numerous plugins available online, one of the biggest problems is to choose the right plugin for your WordPress site. You likely have numerous plugins on your webpage, however, does your WordPress blog have the essential plugins?

Let’s check out some of the plugins that will improve your site’s client experience and make WordPress admin tasks way easier. These best WordPress plugins are helpful for each blogger and website admin on the WordPress platform.

Best WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Website and Blog:

yoast seo plugin

Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins WordPress. This Yoast SEO affects the visibility of a website on search engines, such as Google. Having this plugin is essential for any blog or website that is made from the WordPress themes free, to increase their rank in the search engines.

Yoast guides you to produce better content. It also tells you to select a keyword that you want to rank for the post and then use the keyword suitability of the content you are writing. Like, use the keyword in the post title, in the article body, and in the description.

Furthermore, one can also customize their article headlines and description that may boost the click-through rate of your website. Yoast SEO is a free plugin, but there are also premium versions available.

akismet plugin

Whether you have a blog or a website WordPress comment spam is something that you will face for the first day. If you get some cheesy lines in your comment, you should not get excited about it as it is mostly a spam comment.

This Akismet is the best anti-spam plugin for WordPress. This plugin checks all the comments for spam and automatically filters out those spam comments, and so you can focus on your work.

If you do not use this plugin, then your blog will be spammed. As the spammers only want to throw their links on your article and don’t want to join the discussion.

This plugin is free to use for personal websites, and one needs to subscribe to its monthly plan for bigger companies. This Akismet plugin will automatically remove those spam comments into the trash.

wp super cache plugin

Speed should be the main priority of any WordPress business website or blog. There are many WordPress cache plugins out there, but WP super cache tops every one of them for its simplicity and effectiveness.

A slow site will rapidly make visitors go away in disappointment. WP Super Cache can accelerate WordPress site by making static pages from a client’s dynamic WordPress page.

In doing as such, server resources are saved and the speed can grow, consequently making more joyful clients on a quicker site.

jetpack plugin

Jetpack is power-packed with many features, as it is a multi-option plugin and is one of the most well-maintained plugins of WordPress.

It monitors your website and also helps one to increase the traffic. Jetpack also defend you from attacks as it monitors the downtime and login on your WordPress site.

With a business website, images tend to be heavy, which can have a tendency to slow down a site. With business destinations, substance, for example, pictures will, in general, be substantial, which can tend to back off a site. Jetpack speeds up the picture performance by utilizing the worldwide WordPress content delivery network.

Social Snap plugin

Social media sites are an essential portion of content promotion nowadays. To enhance your social networking, marketing, you need to use a social networking plugin for WordPress such as Social share buttons. It has become one of the major ranking factors for SEO and it’s free to use.

There are many social sharing plugins. It lets one add sharing buttons on both the mobile and desktop sites. It supports platforms like:
i. Facebook
ii. Twitter
iii. WhatsApp
iv. Telegram
v. Pinterest and many more.

Contact Form 7 plugin

There are many contact form plugins out there, but contact form 7 is one of the simplest plugins to configure. It is helpful as it shows the referral source which is very useful for knowing how your visitors navigate through your site before using the contact form.

With this plugin one can easily customize their forms, this form can be created and every entry form will be sent to your email. One can also create multiple forms with multiple tables.

WooCommerce plugin

If you run an eCommerce site made from the WordPress themes free, then you mostly use WooCommerce. Within just 5 minutes you have a fully-fledged eCommerce site up. One can sell whatever they want to. Products can have images, prices, categories and tags, which allow for a wide range application for clients.

WooCommerce features include multiple payment gateways, the free storefront theme, easy to use dashboard and many other options to manage your online store. WooCommerce is the only eCommerce plugin one will need.

Broken Link Checker plugin

Broken link checker is a free plugin that will continuously scan your blog or website for any broken links and allows to fix them with just one click. This also avoids sending pings when you publish your post with links to your own post.

Wrapping it Up!

In this article, we have shared the best WordPress plugins that is not only useful but are the top choices to use for making any kind of website from the WordPress themes free.

This will give your website or blog added functionality and features that will enhance both the user and the admin experience. With these WordPress plugins, one can also boost their search traffic as well.

wordpress frameworks

All About WordPress Theme Framework

WordPress Theme Framework

Back in the day when WordPress was brand new, there are a lot of problems with the theme development and maintenance. WordPress theme frameworks change that forever.

WordPress theme frameworks provide website admins with the essential functionality of a theme and give them the flexibility to design the theme’s appearance anyway they see fit.

The best part is that since the hidden functionality is a framework, website admins never again need to update the themes core file manually records and keep track of the customizations they make.

Here we will discuss the basics of the theme framework and will also explore the benefits and disadvantages of using them from developing WordPress sites.

What is a WordPress Theme Framework?

A WordPress theme framework is simply an advanced theme with extra highlights that empower web designers to upgrade its functionality and customize it. Also, there are free WordPress themes available too.

When you utilize a theme framework to create a WordPress site, you will need to make a child theme to use with it. In this way, the theme framework works like the parent theme. It’s completely up to you whether you choose to purchase the child topic or construct it yourself.

A parent theme is the default theme that is fully functional and also allows the user to set customization options. A child theme declares a certain theme as its parent and then the child theme inherits the functionality and styling of the parent theme.

Essentially, theme frameworks store the functionality and base code of a WordPress template and permit web developers to add custom styling to it utilizing a child template.

For most cases, a single WordPress theme framework can control a large number of WordPress sites. The frameworks hold the essential functionality of the theme and you’re allowed to design, the presence of the theme any way you would like.

Customizing sites with the theme framework
Customizing a WordPress website running a theme framework is much easier than a site without one. The different customization options that the theme framework offers for the developers and webmasters include are:

i. Widgets: Here the developers can customize the widget area on different template files and pages.

ii. Dashboard: the developers can customize everything from the layout of the page to the design elements and the content that displays on it. As the theme options given allow developers to customize the appearance of the site without having the code.

iii. Extensions: Some theme frameworks come with a wide range of plugins and integrate seamlessly with the framework itself. Developers have access to the plugin files to customize them for their free WordPress themes.

You will better understand the potential of a framework once you test a few of them. But before installing a framework, let’s look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of using the WordPress theme framework:

  • Community support: 

Most popular theme frameworks have a huge community behind it, one gets support. The best thing about utilizing a well-known theme framework is that numerous others like you have likewise utilized it or are right now utilizing it.

The WordPress people group is incredibly friendly and when you have a huge number of individuals utilizing a similar theme design, it’s easy to request to developers on forums and receive support for your issues.

  • Ease of development:

One can easily develop a website or a blog by avoiding the coding required to create the framework. It saves your time by avoiding repetitive tasks. If one is developing an eCommerce platform or a portfolio theme, the framework has the needed items to develop that theme.

  • Framework Functionality:

Frameworks are provided with a large number of functionalities that you don’t need to include yourself. Models are widgets, standard themes, certain SEO elements and methods for creating and editing pages and posts.

  • Flexibility:

WordPress theme frameworks are all flexible like theme options, customizations, function extensibility, and design alterations. If you think that you are not going to use certain features at this point, it is always to go with a flexible theme framework.

Disadvantages of using the WordPress Frameworks:

  • Learning the language:

It is generally important to become familiar and learn the language utilized in the frameworks. Hooks and filters, for instance, vary between Frameworks. Learning of this is essential when coding child themes.

  • Heavy cost:

There is a couple of top-notch free WordPress themes. In any case, in the event that you need an incredible and dependable structure, you will have to pay. Most frameworks utilize the membership model, however, there are a few that just require a one-time fee.

Regardless of the pricing model, you will have to pay to get a quality framework.
You will also need to pay for the updates and support. Updates are important because you want to make sure that your site is free of bugs at all the time.

  • Limited Customization:

There is a limit that framework allows for the customization. If one wants more extensive customization then do not use frameworks, but code from scratch.

Best WordPress theme frameworks
Here we will review some of the most popular theme framework and features that they offer developers and web experts.


Film Maker
One of the most popular WordPress theme Filmmaker t build with most popular framework Elementor. This WordPress theme will help one to reach out to their targeted audiences easily. With the WooCommerce compatibility, making client invoices online and getting them paid also becomes very easy.

This is designed to be translation ready thus it can be easily translated into any other language website with the help of POT file given inside.

Maintenance Services

maintenance service theme
One of the most popular WordPress themes, maintenance services, is built with the most popular framework Pro page builder.

The WordPress theme has been developed for construction and renovation and interior designing type of websites. SEO friendly coding has been done and SEO plugins can be added to get proper meta tags on each page and to get proper SEO results as well.

Adding extra layouts also becomes very easy because with the use of SKT Page builder a different landing page can be created without any hiccups by non-coders as well.

Wrapping it up:
A WordPress Theme Framework is an efficient tool that helps developers. Yes, it might cost you, you can also get free WordPress themes. Drag and drop functionality can save your hours of coding and you can get access to all the modern SEO tools and widgets.

WordPress SEO

Ways To Boost WordPress SEO

ways to boost WordPress seo

On the off chance that you need a decent position in the web search tools, at that point, you have to consider the importance of SEO. WordPress is good for SEO, particularly the new versions of free WordPress themes.

It’s one of the numerous reasons individuals pick WordPress in the first place. Setting up a WordPress site is simple, but properly optimizing them for SEO is not.

SEO is not limited to low-quality link building and keyword stuffing. It has truly experienced development in the previous decade and will evolve constantly.

There are a number of things one can do to take WordPress SEO to next level. If you want your WordPress blog to rank higher in search engine page result, here are a few things that you should consider doing.

Ways to Boost SEO on Your WordPress Website:

  • Choose your hosting provider carefully

The initial step is to guarantee your site loads quickly since speed is a very important ranking factor for Google.

In the event that your webpage is not loading quick, you can contact your host and ask them why is your site performing slowly on their server, yet on the off chance that they neglect to give you a specific reason, you can make sure that their servers are slow in the first place.

As Google takes speed into account while ranking sites, a good host can help push you to the top of search engine page results. A good way to go is with a WordPress specific hosting plan, these fully manage plan provide impressive speed and no downtime.

  • Pick a theme that is optimized for search engines

Your theme is amongst the most essential decisions you’ll make for your free WordPress theme. It controls your site’s appearance and layout, can give new functionality, and also plays important role in its SEO.

For instance, your template can affect your site’s speed — which is essential. The way in which a template was produced additionally matters since clean code gives your site the best chance in search engine page results.

Thus, when picking a design you’ll need to decide to choose one while also considering SEO. These themes are often referred to as SEO friendly.

You may likewise need to search for a template that offers explicit features specifically designed to enhance your SEO, for example, new heading tag options. Luckily, there are a lot of themes accessible to choose from.

  • Use a dedicated SEO plugin

In case you’re new to WordPress, you may not yet be comfortable with plugins. These are little bits of extra software you can install, which add new highlights and functionality to your site.

There are plugins to enable your site to do pretty much anything including rank higher in search engines. In fact, there are numerous plugins designed explicitly to enhance your website’s SEO.

For better outcomes, you can likewise select on a complete SEO plugin, for example, Yoast SEO, which will include an entire suite of optimization focused features to your site.

  • Use heading tags for your content

For individual content for your website, you need to use heading tags. Using heading tags while structuring your content achieves two things. It gives a visual advantage, by separating your content and making it easier to read.

Likewise, visitors give a lot of attention to headings, utilizing them to see how your content is organized and what it’s about. So, while making posts and pages for your free WordPress themes, remember to use WordPress heading options frequently and consistently.

  • Built your content around keywords

Choose a keyword for each post or page and utilize it in various places on your site like as the title, the headings, and the content itself is a common way to communicate your topic to search engine visitors and this also increases the chances of showing your content in relevant searches. It is best to avoid forcing your keyword into many places so that it appears unnatural or spam.

  • Include useful internal links and external links

Google and other web search tools don’t think about your site invalid. Rather, they see how well it’s connected, both inside and to different sites.

Utilizing a lot of links all through your posts and pages advises visitors how they relate to similar content. It likewise urges other individuals to link back to your site which in turn communicates to search engine that your content is profitable.

Always look to incorporate links where they fit naturally and to point readers towards high-quality websites that already rank highly in search engine result pages. Smart use of both internal and external links is the key to achieving the best SEO results possible.

  • Make use of responsive design on your site

More individuals than ever are utilizing cell phones to browse the web. This implies your site needs to look and execute as great on any type of device a visitor happens to be using. Responsive design is important to the point that Google utilizes it as a ranking element.

On the off chance that your site is responsive, its chances on appearing on the search result pages are much better. For WordPress clients, the most ideal approach to begin with a responsive plan is to pick a theme which is responsive.

  • Optimize your images

Pictures are important for any site. They give visual appeal and context, in addition to they help to break up the text and make it progressively meaningful. They can likewise affect your SEO.

For one, the quality and size of your pictures can influence your pages, loading speed, which is a ranking factor. Be sure to optimize your images and other media as they have a little impact on your site performance.

  • Update and add your post frequently

If you want your site to do consistently well in search engine result pages over time, you will want to add new content regularly. Try and create a post schedule to keep yourself on track and changing up the types of content you create to keep yourself and your visitors interested.

Also, do not neglect older posts and pages. Updating your existing content reminds visitors to re-evaluate it and to give it higher importance.

  • Focus on quality content

Whenever Google and other search engines make complex algorithms for ranking sites, they will likely help the most relevant and valuable sites score higher.

On the off chance that you need to see accomplishment with your SEO efforts, you have to concentrate on making quality content. Always keep in mind to carefully check and edit all that you add to your site as details matter the most.

Obviously, picking WordPress as your platform is the ideal initial step to making a well-optimized site. At that point, you’ll have to pick the correct host, select an appropriate free WordPress themes, and consider getting one or more targeted plugin.