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Maintain Your WordPress Blog

How Can You Maintain Your WordPress Blog For A Long Haul?

how to maintain WordPress blog

In a previous couple of decades, websites were easy. Building a website was indeed a difficult task but hardly any of the website owners worry about how to maintain WordPress blog.

No one was concerned of keeping their website secure or increase the speed of their websites. It was the period of HTML and CSS.

What changed after the first half of 2000? This question can be answered in one word, WordPress. Yes, this changed everything. Earlier, websites were just a visiting card with static information. Now, websites are dynamic and very complex.

WordPress proves to be a blessing of Hermes direct from the heavens. FYI, Hermes is the Greek God of trade and business.

As the complex nature of websites increase, the need for maintenance of WordPress websites also increase (See, directly proportional).

Maintaining a WordPress website can be a never-ending procedure. Still, there are some key factors that can help you in maintaining your WordPress website for longer duration.

You will get to know all these tips about how to maintain WordPress blog in this post.

So, without further ado, let’s get you started,

● Always Keep A Backup Of Your WordPress Blog

Imagine some worst-case scenarios (Honestly I am not scaring you but this can happen to anyone). There are probable chances that a WordPress website becomes messy for its users, or some elements of the website are broken beyond saving or worst it just disappear into thin air. What will you do?

When you have a backup of your WordPress website, everything above is treatable. The only condition here is you must have the most recent backup so that you can restore your website to the latest.

Backing up your WordPress website is the most important step in WP maintenance. Create a task list and put backing up WordPress in #1 place there.

There are many scenarios where the backup is important. Your website hosting provider might keep a backup of your website. Imagine the server is down, and you cannot reach out to your hosting providers.

How are you going to retrieve the backup from them? You simply cannot. There is only one condition where you can retrieve a backup, which is by having a backup of your own. In this case, you can easily restore your website.

There are cases where hosting service providers may lose your entire backup. So, keep a habit of keeping a backup of your website handy in cases of emergencies.

● Regular Updation Is Necessary

It was the time when website used to be an element to built and forget. Now the time is different, with WordPress being used in the majority of websites, “set it and forget” is not an option anymore. R

egular update of WordPress core files is crucial for the security of your website. Regular updating of WordPress core files will ensure that your users and your website’s data are safe and sound. Update your WordPress core files, WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes regularly.

● Optimization Of Your Database

In layman’s language, decluttering your WordPress database. The first thing you need to understand is that WordPress website is database oriented content management system. All your posts, pages, and other website related details are stored in the database of the WordPress website.

Generally, your WordPress database is filled with all kinds of details and of course junk as well. All your deleted posts, post revisions, unapproved comments, etc are junk which you don’t need to store. Deleting these junk files from your WordPress database will enhance the performance of your WordPress website.

● SEO Maintenance

When we built a website, we want an audience. The search engine provides you that audience for free if done correctly. Search engines run on queries and if any query is relevant to your website then you rank higher for that query. SEO is ideal for a long-term haul of your WordPress website.

WordPress websites are pinnacle when SEO as they are well known for their SEO friendly nature. There are many WordPress plugins that can help you in maintaining your website’s SEO rankings.

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular among them. It will help you in covering all the SEO enhancing tenets of your WordPress website.

This includes all your meta titles, descriptions, and keywords. In addition to that, you must maintain a better copy of your website for the long-term stability of your website.

● Maintaining Website Page Load Speed

If you want your WordPress website to give long-term results, you need to focus on its loading speed. Once you maintain the page loading speed of your website, your audience will tend to stay on your website. This not only reduces your website’s bounce rate but also increases the quality of user experience.

Run regular speed tests to check your website’s page load speed. Also, you can install WordPress plugin for Content Delivery Network aka CDN. As a little addon, minify your CSS and JS codes for better speed of your website.

Conclusive Remark

One thing is for sure. Whatever you do in order to maintain your WordPress website, it is always insufficient. I don’t mean to discourage you but it is a cold-hearted fact which is out in the open.

I hope that you like the points and they will help you in increasing the stability of your WordPress website. Mention your points how you would bring kudos to your business via WordPress website. Adios for now./

Author Bio
This post is submitted by Evan Ross. He is a WordPress developer and a part time blogger. He works for, Best Web Development Company in Seattle. He is an admirer of sharing his innovative ideas with others on the technology trends.

Free Car Repair WordPress Themes for Car Workshops and Garage

free car repair WordPress themes

If you already have a website, consider changing it with the following free car repair WordPress themes to get more leads.

With the increase in the sale of cars, more and more are crowding the repairing stores. It is not possible for a person to locate a car repair store immediate in a new place where the car has broken down.

He would search on the internet to find one in the nearby areas. Therefore, you need to have an online presence so that you appear first and get customers easily. There are amazing free car repair WordPress themes are available.

These free car repair WordPress themes mostly have a minimalistic approach with all necessary functions.

SKT Simple

SKT simple


This is one of the best free car repair WordPress themes available to design your website like a pro. It has awesome designing components, plugins for all functions and beautiful HD images and sections. It is compatible with all devices including tablets and TVs.

It is SEO-friendly and will make your website searchable and appear in the first place based on the proximity of your customers. There is a blog section where you can post useful articles to spread your name on social media.

SKT White

skt white free


This is one of the premium looking free car repair WordPress themes. The white color suits well with a repair website and you can have amazing galleries and sliders to showcase testimonials or special offers and services.

You can take contracts from customers to look after their vehicles annually and make packages annually. There is WooCommerce support for that, and the high SEO value and optimization for local business prosperity can help your website reach the pinnacle of success very easily.

SKT Parallax Me

parallax lite


It is a creative kind of free car repair WordPress theme that is suitable for all devices irrespective of resolution or size. It is also suitable for all browsers without any distortion for the parallax background it provides.

The design is professional and perfect for a car repair agency which has different stores at different places. The integration of social media and blog section will help to reach targeted audiences easily and retain them for a lifetime.

The SEO value is quite high, and a better rank on search pages can be expected. The call-to-action and advance contact page can be used by the potential customer to reach your representative easily and make a booking to visit home.

I Am One

free one page WordPress theme


This is going to come handy if you offer repairing services all by yourself. So, it is for individuals or a team and people prefer them over stores because stores generally charge a lot. The contact option is useful to get a quotation from you to prepare a budget accordingly.

People can also make a booking by paying a small token through the WooCommerce payment gateway. It has social media integration to make you go viral and you can show videos and testimonials to increase your credibility.

SKT Towing

free towing WordPress theme


This is one of the most suitable free car repair WordPress themes on the list. The design of the homepage is classic and sure to increase the creditability of the repair store or company. You can also show different packages of repairing and servicing of cars.

It has cross-browser support and WooCommerce support so that you can make a booking and pay something in advance so that they can send mechanics to your home.

SKT Panaroma

free photogallery WordPress theme


This is a multipurpose theme and stands out as one of the best free car repair WordPress themes. It has a wonderful landing page and support for all standard plugins. Even most of the common pages are present with required features.

You can do live customization and use the advanced page builder to create beautiful inner pages. The homepage also has creative animations and sliders with a stunning gallery.

SKT Build Lite

Build lite


This is one of the most amazing free car repair WordPress themes that can take your business to new levels. It has a stunning design that will make you the preferred store or company for repair. You can use pricing table to list different package for different vehicles repairing and servicing.

The slider and gallery plugins are awesome, and you can show different offers. It is a widget friendly theme, and you can show interesting thing there. The shortcodes can be used to show testimonials to build a trust factor.

The App

free app WordPress theme


This is one of the best free car repair WordPress themes for companies offering car repair services across various outlets. It is a one-page theme that be used to show contact details, booking methods and testimonials. The design is wonderful, and the functionalities are advanced.

There are cache plugins available for faster loading speed. You can have dedicated service page to showcase different package with price and discount tags.

There are many creative plugins pre-installed, and you can do live customization. It is retina ready, and the boxes and blocks on the homepage are super attractive.

SKT Start-Up Lite

free startup WordPress theme


This is best for companies or agencies as it is designing keeping in mind the local people as targeted customers. It has Google Map on the contact and homepage. It is thoroughly optimized for search engines so that local people can discover you and approach you quickly.

The call-to-action options will come very handy for them. The contact page is advanced, and booking can also be done. There are various useful plugins and sections on the homepage that can help you get more customers than usual.

SKT Handy

free doctor WordPress theme


This is one of the free car repair WordPress themes. It has great design, and it is editable easily. Customers will find all required options easily. It loads faster and is rather lightweight though designing components are plenty.

The inner pages have sample text and necessary features. You can edit them and make them the way you require. It has also passed Google mobile-friendly test.

The resolution of the images and designs are in high definition and appears wonderfully on all devices. The shortcodes are very helpful for creating attractive content effortlessly.

In this article, we have hand-picked the best free car repair WordPress themes for car workshops and garage. If you are a mechanic and want a nice WordPress theme for your garage, look no more.

There are so many free car repair WordPress themes available in the market to design your website perfectly. The above-listed ones have high SEO value and call-to-action option with advance contact page that will help you get more customers easily.

Manage A Community Forum On WordPress Website

How Can You Manage A Community Forum On WordPress Website?

Manage A Community Forum On WordPress Website

So, you want to Manage Community Forum On WordPress Website? If you want to take the conversation of your audience from the comments section to the next level, community forum can be the perfect destination.

But there is a catch!!!

Managing a community forum can be a tedious task. For a WordPress website, this task is even more herculean. WordPress websites are well known for their complex structures and layout. Creating a community forum on such platform can be brain cracking.

Now, wait!!!! I said it CAN BE, that doesn’t make it true. There is a possibility and that possibility can be eliminated with WordPress plugins.

In this post, you will learn all things that are important for running a community forum on your WordPress website. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get you started,

What Is A Forum?

Before we get into when, why and how, let’s face it honestly. What is a forum?

A forum is a sort of message board, which allows you to interact with other people. On the contrary, forum’s history goes way past 2000. They were known as the first form of social media interaction. The very first forum of the digital world was designed back in the 1970s with the name the Planet Forum System.

In layman’s language, you can say that forum is the mode of digital communication with a tree-like structure. You can post a new view or you can either agree or disagree with a particular post by replying to it directly.

The main motto of a forum is to indulge people in a healthy debate where everyone can put their points freely.

In the modern era of communication, forums are used to analyses socio-economic background of a person. They are used to take group feedback, know individual opinions, and engage the audience more with each other to make them stay on the website. This has increased the relevancy of a forum.

Ideally, When You Should Start A Forum?

In general, anyone can start a forum on their website. Once, you start it, you need to keep the posts in the forum ticking or else your audience will lose interest. This is where ground rules are applicable.

To avoid such blunders, you must avoid creating forums if your website does not have at least 20,000 visitors a month. Having less than that can result in a forum with much less engagement of your audience.

In addition to that, there is one more condition. When your comment section is with no comments at all, you need to direct your post in a conversational manner to encourage readers to leave comments. An open-end question sometimes does the trick.

Another approach is you can make your post more informative blog or argumental blog to encourage the audience to indulge in a debate.

There are some advantages worth knowing for having a forum. Let’s discuss that in details,

  • It is a platform where your audience can interact with each other effectively.
  • As a webmaster, you can spontaneously answer to all of your audience’s questions.
  • It makes your audience feel that they are in a community.
  • Will surely attract new readers.

When your forum become popular among your audience, they take initiatives to create new engaging content for your website which has the potential to draw more audience each passing day.

A WordPress Website and A Forum

A WordPress website can provide you with an excellent platform to initiate a forum. WordPress plugins are quite handy for the task. There are ample of WordPress plugins for community forums. All you need to do is simply visit WordPress plugin directory and type “Plugins for community forums”.

There are ample of plugins that can help you in building an effective and enticing WordPress forum for your audience. Some of the well-known plugins are,

  • bbPress
  • BuddyPress
  • WP Symposium Pro
  • CM Answers
  • DW Question Answers

Choose whichever suits your needs and get started with a community forum on your WordPress website.

Managing Your Community Forum

You started everything but the success of its operation relies on the effective management of your forum. How can you do that? Well, it is easy. You need to follow my breadcrumbs here and you will understand the point I am trying to make. Have a look,

1) You need to set ground rules. It is really important for your community forum that you take the control not others.

The ground rules generally consist of a couple of behavioral ethics such as Foul language, Intimidating comments, Personal comments, Spammy comments, and External links used. Study terms of service section of any popular forum such as Warrior Forum and take a lesson from their TOS.

2) Topics play a crucial role in operating a community forum. You as an administrator have a responsibility that the discussion must not go off beat. This is the reason you (As an administrator) must act as a moderator if something goes beyond the guidelines or topics.

3) The effectiveness of a forum relies on the total reach of the forum. If you have a mailing list, then let them know that how hot your forum is going and what they might be missing.

4) Schedule a regular social media post to aware your audience about the whereabouts of the forum.

Make sure that you have targeted the right demographics of your audience for the forum. Demographics is a very important category for your forum for the right audience.

Winding It Up

So, managing a community forum on your website can be both, either easy or difficult. The matter of fact is you must know the necessary actions to take to keep discussions on track.

I hope now you can manage your community forum. Pick the right topic and go ahead with these tips. If you have any idea that can help others, feel free to share it with us in the comments section. Happy managing fellas!!!!

Author bio

James row is a passionate blogger and professional software developer at web-designs who started his career in offshore web development in Australia . he love writing, share knowledge & thoughts with others.

Free WordPress Design Templates for Designer Websites

free WordPress design templates

These free WordPress design templates are stunning and they can be used for different types of website representing different businesses.

If you have a website with a lot of unique features but the design is awful, your website’s value is absolutely zero.

You will not get any leads and visitors would not visit your website the second time. If you are using WordPress for your website, you should know that there are some awesome free WordPress design templates available.

Consider moving your website to the following free WordPress design templates if you already have a WordPress website.

SKT Design Agency
design agency


This is one of the best free WordPress design templates that can be used to design any type of website. It has all the designing ingredients and the layout is awesome. The slider is superb followed by the adjacent boxes and sections.

You can use it for a commercial business website as well as for blogging. It is clean and lightweight and most importantly, it is highly SEO-friendly. The color combination stands out and you can change it with a few clicks.

free minimal WordPress theme


This is a perfect design template with minimalist yet eye-catching design approach. It is great for social media and the galleries are beautiful to showcase everything perfectly to the visitors. The flat slider is cool and there are various animations.

One can have widget-friendly sidebars and everything is customizable with live preview. The menu option is superb and SEO support is an added advantage. It also has a separate section for blogging and portfolio showcasing.

SKT Blendit

free one page WordPress theme


It is a stunning one page free WordPress design template. You can also have multiple inner pages with advanced page builder. It is good for personal as well as a commercial website.

The boxes and blocks on the homepage are eye-catching and there are more than 25 different widgets available to captivate the visitors. The gallery plugins are awesome and multiple variations are available for sidebars and footer. The design is flat and almost everything is editable.

CutsNStyle Lite



This is one of the best free WordPress design templates. The homepage has animations which are very attractive. It has passed Google mobile test and color scheme is fully changeable. If you are going to use it for representing your offline store, then users can make a booking through the contact page.

It is very easy to set up with a few clicks and the backend has lots of customization options. Is is very SEO friendly to let the site ride high on search engine result pages and get more organic traffic who are likely to be the customers.

Perfect Business Lite

free business WordPress theme


It is one of the amazing free WordPress design templates for business related websites. Its design is professional and makes a company look premium instantly. It will increase the trust factor which is very important for a business to succeed.

The slideshow and gallery options are truly amazing and they have the theme classic. It comes with many page templates and there is support for different fonts. It is totally retina ready and real-time changes can be done.

Wedding Lite

free wedding WordPress theme


Wedding related websites have to be spectacular and it is no secret that Wedding Lite is one of the best free WordPress design templates in the lot. It is responsive, classic and would make the wedding the best possible event in the lives of the couple.

You have the ability to change the theme color and add different sliders and galleries that suit your need. The customizer is quite advance and let you customize literally everything and it would be better to go for PRO version to get more features and leave your visitors in complete awe.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme


Girlie of a great design theme for websites related to females which could be an online store or a magazine for blogging. It is absolutely creative in layout sections and the color combination is great.

It can have parallax background and there are shuttle animations on the homepage. The standard pages are already present with the sample text and required features. It has WooCommerce support and sidebar for widgets.

Perfect Beauty Spa Lite

free beauty spa WordPress theme


This is a wonderful design template that is tailor-made for an online store. The color combination is extreme beautiful and the boxes and blocks available on the homepage are creative.

It has WooCommerce compatibility and there are several e-commerce related plugins like pricing table. It is a widget-friendly theme and it has multilingual support. The design technique is innovative and it supports on all devices and browsers.

Interior Lite

Interior lite


This is a classic design template for furniture companies or construction companies. The interior of the homes are shown in HD images and they are free for use. It is SEO compatible and supports social media integration and sharing for greater reach.

It has a multilingual plugin, advanced contact forms, and live customizer. It has passed Google tests for mobile-friendliness and the images in the background and header are changeable.

SKT Magazine

free magazine WordPress theme


If you are thinking of creating an awesome blog, this is one of the free WordPress design templates for you. It has professional design and creative look. The user experience is going to be superb and they are likely to bookmark you and even subscribe you for your regular blogs.

It has awesome social media plugins for better reach and interaction and there are several widgets to showcase different posts and captivate the visitors.

Play School Lite

school WordPress theme


While designing a website for kids, it is important to make it fun and colorful so that the kids get attracted and demands to attend such schools. Play School Lite has the perfect design templates for that purpose.

It is fully responsive and very simple to manage. It is social media friendly and will make your marketing campaigns to be successful.

It is very lightweight and it can be used for other purposes as well. It comes with various mandatory pages with awesome design and superb features.

These are certainly the best free WordPress design templates you can use for designing your website. They will attract more visitors and convert them into subscribers. From a business perspective, they are sure to get you more leads and conversion rate.

Free Blog WordPress Themes for Blog Related Websites

free blog WordPress themes

These free blog WordPress themes can be used for personal or commercial blogging. You can design them the way you like them to be without any knowledge of coding.

Blogging is one of the best things on the internet at present. Blogs are going viral like never before and hence, more and more blogs are coming up every day to earn money online.

Setting up a blog is very easy and inexpensive. WordPress is the best platform for designing a blog and start blogging.

There is free blog WordPress themes available with beautiful layouts.

SKT Magazine

free magazine WordPress theme


This is undoubtedly the best theme for creating a blog of any type. It is tailor-made for commercial blogs to be successful. It has high SEO value and with right keywords research and usage, you can land on the first page of search engine result pages.

You can have sidebars and widgets in header and footer. It appears wonderfully on all devices and has cross-browser support. It also comes with WooCommerce support for selling merchandise or affiliate products. The comment section is feature-rich with Facebook and Disqus section.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme


This is one of the best free blog WordPress themes for creating a blog related to females. It could be a fashion blog, a beauty tips blog or lifestyle and DIY blog. The layout is awesome with colorful designing components.

The widgets are best placed, and there are multiple layouts for header and footer. The boxes on the homepage to show latest posts are innovative and have shuttle animations.

The menu and sliders are the main focus points, and they will get more clicks for sure. It has passed Google test for mobile-friendliness and loading speed.


nature one


This is one of the most amazingly designed free blog WordPress themes. The color combination is awesome. Your blog is going to stand out because of the beautiful colors and icons used.

The slider is awesome as well along with gallery options. It is best for health and travel related blog. It is fully responsive, works well on mobile devices and all browsers. It has multilingual support, different types of page templates and awesome menu tailor-made for blogging.

I Am One

free one page WordPress theme


This is a personal blog theme. It is best if you use it in combination with YouTube videos. It can be used by brands to write blogs related to their videos and make them viral. You can also sell stuff directly from your website with WooCommerce support.

There is innovative plugins pre-installed and it comes with parallax slider. You can also have a forum to engage the visitors and solve their problem to increase your brand value.

CutsNStyle Lite

cutnstyle lite


This is certainly one of the most eye-catching free blog WordPress themes for beauty and fashion. The slider is killer, and the sections of the homepage are worth watching.

There are creative light animations, buttons are creative, and the overall design is sure to make the blog memorable.

It has passed Google test for mobile-friendliness. As a matter of fact, it is retina ready, and you have the license to use the provide gallery images.

Gravida Lite

free corporate WordPress theme


This is a multipurpose theme, and it is going to be the best for creating a commercial blog. The design of the theme is professional, and your blog will be super viral because of its innovative social media support. You can set up campaigns and get more conversion that before.

The average time spent on blogs will increase if you choose to use its creative widgets to show related posts and other criteria based posts. The navigation is super intuitive, and the menu option will help to show snippets of latest posts from every category.


free minimal WordPress theme


You can design customized blog with Shudh. It has all the designing ingredients, and all you need to do is to customize them live and set them up perfectly to start blogging. It is a lightweight theme with flat designs but very eye-catching.

There are multiple layouts, awesome galleries, creative slider to display latest posts and innovative widgets to keep the visitors engaged.

It also has translation support, SEO plugins support, and standard pages. The presence of cache plugins will help it load faster, and it is compatible with all devices.

Yogi Lite



This is one of the best free blog WordPress themes to create a health related blog. Health blogs are doing great at present as more and more people have started valuing healthy living.

The color combination is amazing, and the layout is creative to captivate the visitors for long. It is a widget friendly theme, and there are page templates for inner pages.

It is very easy to customizer live, and you can use affiliate products to sell them directly. The galleries are awesome, and various types of boxes and blocks are present to be placed on the home page.

Beauty Spa Lite

free beauty spa WordPress theme


This is a wonder theme to create a beauty and fashion related blog. It is beautiful in design and quite simple as well to load. It is suitable both as personal as well as commercial purpose.

The navigation is intuitive, and there is a lot of whitespaces. Hover effect is cool, and the slider is great. Social media integration is going to make you reach out to people easily and most importantly, it is SEO friendly.

Wedding Lite

free wedding WordPress theme


These days, people are creating websites for a wedding and using it as a blog to share their stories and plans. It is more like creating a personal place on a public platform.

This is one of the great free blog WordPress themes for putting up different events to come with an event calendar and have a blog to share feeling, story, moments and stuff like that. It is more for personal blogging, and it is fully responsive and can be seen equally well on mobile devices.

These are definitely the best free blog WordPress themes you need to create a blog that would be successful in short time. Make the best use of them and write quality posts and go viral to earn money like never before.

Instagram Marketing

How to Make Your Fashion Store Website Popular With Instagram Marketing

instagram marketing

With so much clutter in the online world, you can only attract visitors to your site with a very good Google search results rank. Apart from implementing on-page SEO tweaks, you need to use off-page SEO tactics to drive traffic to your site.

Some practical tips on promoting your Instagram marketing account to drive traffic to your fashion website:

Benefit from Instagram’s Environment

With its focus on images, Instagram caters to a younger audience than the rest of the social media; the demographics are ideal for lifestyle brands and fashion houses.

The app is also designed ground-up for smartphones, hence, using it to click a photo, beautify it, and uploading it to the account is extremely simple.

The one-scroll display also makes it very convenient for users to interact with the brand; small wonder that Instagram reports the best user-engagement figures among all the social networks.

Be Professional When Projecting Your Brand

Instagram Marketing

When you are using Instagram marketing for your fashion brand, it can be easy to be led astray by the platform’s informal atmosphere and mix up your personal and professional lives.

Essentially, this means that you should take care to segregate personal content and avoid posting them on your brand account. However, removing personal content does not mean that you should eliminate the personality of your brand.

Your photos and videos should emphasize what your followers can achieve when using your brand and not just showcase mannequins. To evolve a brand strategy, you can consult a professional agency like Gramista.

Make Your User Name Memorable and Searchable

Remember, it can be very difficult for users to search your brand out from the millions of social media accounts unless you make it easy for them.

The first step is to make your brand name memorable and ensure that you incorporate it uniformly across all the networks that you are present on.

Differing account names only serve to confuse. It should be easy to spell and reflect what your brand stands for. Numbers, special characters or underscores should be avoided.

Focus On Making Your Instagram Bio Compelling

While keeping your Instagram bio as brief and crisp as possible, you should clearly spell out who you are and what you deliver to your followers. Many users will run through your bio and make up their minds whether to stay with you or not.

Ensure that you include a link to your website in the bio. Make the link short, and try to point to pages that have been specially designed as landing pages for social media users instead of the home page.

This will allow better conversions and also let you monitor the efficacy of your Instagram marketing campaign.


To drive traffic you should use hashtags that are relevant to your fashion brand so that you become easier to be discovered.

Using too many hashtags is not a good idea as it can look messy. Keep following the trends so that you benefit from them. If you have a physical store, use geotagging to keep users informed.

Author Bio : Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

Free Music Artists WordPress Themes for Artists Websites

free music artists WordPress themes

There are some awesome free music artists WordPress themes available on the list below.

It has almost become a necessity for music artists to have a website. Without an online presence, the artist is sure to become obsolete.

Using these free music artists WordPress themes, you can create a stunning website, increase you fan following and most importantly, sell you records, albums, and embed music videos all by yourself.

SKT Design Agency

design agency


This is one of the multipurpose free music artists WordPress themes. You can make your website look so creative and visually appealing that your fans will start promoting your website through word of mouth. It is a fully responsive and device friendly theme.

It is also fully checked for security issues as there is payment gateway to sell records and albums online. You can also create a merchandise store.

There is a 5-level drop down menu to list discography accordingly. You can also notify people about different events and concerts and share your story through blogs.

Kraft Lite

premium WordPress theme


It is a really fantastic theme where you can upload trailer, teaser and full video of concerts for the fans to watch them and get inspired. The theme looks professional and premium. It works perfectly on all devices, and the slider can be used to highlight upcoming events.

The gallery section is lit, and there are various functionalities available on this theme that will help you reach out of more and more fans and followers effortlessly.

SKT White

skt white free


This is one of the tailor-made free music artists WordPress themes on the list that suits music artists who are a little old school.

The home page is enough to best the best first impression, and there are sections to leave messages for fans, writing inspiration stories through blogs, some interesting facts, and if you have a band, you can showcase the team members.

There are also various animations available, and you can sell anything through the website.

SKT Panaroma

free photogallery WordPress theme


This is one of the classic free music artists WordPress themes with full-width slider. You can change it as per occasions, and it comes with stunning gallery and slider options. There are various shortcodes available with the theme to embed music videos and concert videos.

The theme is highly secure and visually appealing. The social media reach can be great thanks to various social media plugins. Organizers can contact you directly through the advanced contact page to set up concerts.

SKT Full Width

free full wide WordPress theme


This is another unique theme for a music artist to portray himself in the best possible way to showcase his creativity and talent. The design is unique and instantly attention grabbing.

The menu is stunning different and attractive. It comes with live customizer and advanced page builder to create and modify anything. It has several standard pages ready for use, and there are various useful plugins available to increase the features of your theme.

Gravida Lite

free corporate WordPress theme


It is a multipurpose theme which can work perfectly for a music artist to showcase his stuff and gain a great following. He can give daily updates, posts photos and videos, and much more.

Even fans will be able to communicate through the website via the advanced contact page, and the social media reach will be greater due to some great plugins availability. The theme works perfectly on every device and browser.

SKT Strong

free crossfit WordPress theme


This is basically a theme for a male artist as the free images and color combination reflect the same. There are minimal changes that are needed to be done and the slider, gallery, menu, sections, blocks, and boxes are perfect to attract attention at once.

There are various advanced pages and plugins available to sell merchandise and albums and songs. One can also highlight important things through the rotatory plugin.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme


This is one of the best free music artists WordPress themes for female artists. The color combination is girly, and the design is unique and eye-catching.

It has passed Google mobile-friendly test and speed test. It also has translation support for international fans. One can do real time customization, and there are advanced plugins and features that will captivate the visitors at once.

SKT Launch

free launch WordPress theme


This is one of the most useful free music artists WordPress themes because they can use it to launch their albums online and create a hype through social media to sell the stock like hot cakes. The home page is beautifully designed, and it looks very premium stuff.

The section covers all the necessities, and there are various icons, fonts, and shortcodes available with the theme. You can also go for an upgrade to its premium theme in future and get all the dedicated support to set it up.

I Am One

free one page WordPress theme


This is a ready-made theme for music artists. It comes with beautiful parallax effect on the background that makes it stunning. The sections are great and cover everything needs.

It very muck looks like a one-page website but there are advanced tools available in the background to create any page. It also has bbPress with which you can create a discuss forum where the fans can pour their heart out and give you suggestions.

Yogi Lite



This is one of the great free music artists WordPress themes to start a website for a music artist. The theme looks beautiful with its perfect color combination and creative design. You can change the color combination and various components as per your requirement.

You can also place the widgets on the sidebar to help the fans get access to different useful stuff easily. It has a portfolio plugin through which you can list your discography and sell albums. It also has multilingual support, and the high SEO standard will help you gain new followers regularly.

Choose any of the above-listed free music artists WordPress themes and publish your website and with time, traffic will burst forth on your website. These free music artists WordPress themes will help you rank high on search engines and reach out to new fans through social media.