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Free Gallery WordPress Themes for Pictorial and Visual Websites


There are various free gallery WordPress themes available which are quite innovative and creative.

For every website, gallery plays an important in its designing. An awesome gallery can change the way a theme look.

These themes will help your website look better.

These free gallery WordPress themes can be used it for e-commerce websites, photography website or any general websites where gallery plays a major role.

It is very easy to migrate your website into these themes and the following is the description of the features why these free gallery WordPress themes stand out.

SKT Panaroma

free photogallery WordPress theme

This is definitely one of the most attractive free gallery WordPress themes with multipurpose usage. It is mostly used by the photographers to upload their portfolio and videos to get hired or for customers to buy services.

The menu has 5-evel drop down option and there are various types of sliders available to make the website look awesome. You can change the theme color and add social media plugins to increase organic reach.


Photo World

free gallery WordPress theme

This is one of the best free gallery WordPress themes which is perfect for professional photographers and photography agency. It comes with a full-width slider and the homepage design is stunning to look at.

It has the options to add several gallery related plugins to make things eye-catching. You can use shortcodes to embed different types of galleries anywhere. There are various plugins available for portfolio showcasing, meta slider, cyclone slider, master slider and various gallery options.


Interior Lite

Interior lite

This is a theme for interior designers. It is natural that you have to show different types of designs and patterns to captivate the visitors and convert them into clients. This is one of the most beautiful free gallery WordPress themes with creative gallery options.

You can use the gallery options available to showcase your portfolio and services. Apart from that, there are amazing sliders which act as good as galleries for any website these days.


Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme

This is very obvious that a website related to female stuff needs to be attractive. What better way is there than to have awesome sliders and galleries on such a website? Girlie Lite is one of the most attractive free gallery WordPress themes on the list that will suit your need just fine.

The theme comes with live customizer, translations support and payment gateway setup. Gallery option is beautifully placed in a creative box on the homepage and you can include the same on different inner pages with advanced page builder available.


SKT Design Agency

free design agency WordPress theme

From the name of the theme, you can understand that it is meant for design agencies and professionals. It could be a digital graphics designer, a painter, interior design or even a fashion designer.

The theme has some of the best gallery options and plugins that will enhance user experience and set the website apart from others. The theme also has good SEO value and the section for blogging to capture organic traffic easily.

The gallery option can also be used to showcase portfolio and services and theme works well on mobile devices as well.


Wedding Lite

free wedding WordPress theme

This is one of the best free gallery WordPress themes on the list because a wedding website is all about photos and galleries. There are beautiful plugins available for showcasing images with labels and a hover effect.

Multiple types of galleries are present to add variations to the user experience. Even though it is mostly used as a wedding theme, it is actually a multipurpose theme that could be transformed for any purpose.


Hotel Lite

free hotel WordPress theme

This is a wonderful theme with awesome gallery option. It is a retina ready theme and the resolution of the free images is extremely high. The slider is also mind-blowing and it supports up to 5 slides with creative transitions.

There are social media integration plugins, SEO plugins for better content writing and getting higher ranks on search engines. The theme loads faster and has passed Google mobile-friendly test.


SKT Auto Car

free car dealer and repair WordPress theme

This is a perfect theme for showcasing car and providing car related services. In both cases, gallery plays an important role in capturing the attention of the visitors and turning them into customers. The design of the theme is awesome and over that, the gallery takes the cake.

It is creative in look and can be used to show the cars in the store that could be bought or rented. All the required features of a standard website are present like multilingual support, mobile device compatibility, social media support, payment gateway and SEO value.


Complete Lite

free complete WordPress theme

This is one of the multipurpose free gallery WordPress themes. The design of the theme is grand and makes it look like a premium theme. It is clean, modern and elegant. The boxes and blocks are the main attraction along with the gallery and slider plugins.

Any business or company website can be created with it and the theme will add more customers and generate more leads automatically. The color combination is changeable and if you go for its pro version, you will get more options for customization and designing.


Restaurant Lite


Just like any hotel website, restaurant website is primarily dependent on the galleries and sliders to drive more customers. Restaurant Lite is one of best free gallery WordPress themes for any type of restaurant or eating out places.

There are awesome gallery options which are creative and fresh and grab the attention of the visitors at once. If you put up HD images, your website will look heavenly and create a mental appetite in the visitors.


Perfect Beauty Spa Lite

free beauty spa WordPress theme

This is a mobile-friendly WordPress theme that can be used to showcase any local stores. The value of a store will increase tremendously if the theme is utilized properly by putting up quality photos. All the ingredients are present in the theme to make the website successful and you can do live customization.

It is a sidebar widget-friendly theme and there are call-to-action options and advanced contact page. There are various useful plugins available to beautify the website and serve all the functionalities.


Do not think twice to change how your current website looks and adapt these free WordPress themes for good. These themes will make your website look stunning and increase the brand value significantly.

Free Babysitter WordPress Themes for Babysitting Toddler Websites

free babysitter WordPress themes

The following are the best free babysitter WordPress themes you should consider for creating a babysitter website.

In this busy world, both the parents of the kids have to go out to work, and the need is a babysitter is mandatory.

Therefore, it is important for babysitters to have a website so that people can find and hire them.

There are various free babysitter WordPress themes available to design a website with high SEO value and social media integration to reach out of the targeted audiences easily.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme


This is one of the best free babysitter WordPress themes on the list. It is absolutely tailor-made with perfect design and functionalities. People can contact the babysitter immediately and hire her after negotiating the fee.

The babysitter can also write convincing blogs and list different types of services like full time and part time and also act as a teacher and set rates accordingly. She can also run a slider containing reviews and referrals from previous clients.

SKT Charity

SKT Charity


Even though it is a charity theme, it is one of the most perfect free babysitter WordPress themes to represent a babysitter in the best light. The theme has unique design and portions where the skills and services can be highlighted to attract the eyes of the visitors.

There are provisions for including useful widgets. The contact page has been made advanced for better and quick communication and hiring the babysitter easily without any hindrance.

As a matter of fact, even associations who have multiple babysitters under them can use this theme and conduct their business better.

IT Consultant Lite



Do not go by the name of the theme as it is perfectly suited for a babysitter to have an online presence and increase the number of clients. It is best suited for individual babysitters. The theme looks very clean and modern, and all the information gets the limelight.

There are some effects and animations to captivate the audiences and create a good impression about the babysitter instantly. The social media integration with the theme will help the babysitter reach out to targeted local people easily.

Gravida Lite

free corporate WordPress theme


This is one of the professional free babysitter WordPress themes which are meant for associations who deal with supplying babysitters to their clients as per their requirements.

They have babysitters with different skills. There is an advanced contact form where the potential customers can leave their requirements and accordingly the association will select a babysitter and call them up for the final deal.

One can also install the online chat system and showcasing reviews and rating from previous clients to gain the trust of the future clients.

Play School Lite

school WordPress theme


This is one of the tailor-made free babysitter WordPress themes, and it is meant for kids more than babies. It is colorful and has animations and kids are going to like it and ask their parents to go for it. There are beautiful icons, and the layout is clean.

Everything is editable, and it is mobile-friendly. There are options for social media integration, and it comes with a double menu. The topmost menu has all the contact icon, and the sidebars can have various types of widgets as per requirement.

Yogi Lite

free yoga WordPress theme


This is another great theme to represent babysitter individually. The theme looks stunning, and hence, the trust factor will be greater in the minds of the potential customers. All the different types of services can be listed gracefully.

The theme is absolutely clean, and the color combination is changeable. There is provision for writing blogs and captivation audiences to hire him or her. The footer also gets the significance, and the slider is creative to increase the value of the babysitter.

Perfect Charity Lite

perfect-charity WordPress theme


This is one of the best free babysitter WordPress themes with all the features and functionalities that should be there in a babysitter website. This can be used mostly by the associations who offer babysitting services and have number of babysitters under them.

It can also be used as a charity website to raise money and ask people to baby sit children who are orphans. The possibilities are limitless and hence, there is a live customizer to edit everything the way you want to.

Clean Lite

free clean WordPress theme


Clean Lite is always a favorite theme to showcase everything in a better way without complicating things. It is clean, modern and navigation is intuitive.

It works well on all devices and has options for customization, social media integration and WooCommerce in case someone wants to book a babysitter by paying advance. It is also SEO-friendly, and there are minimal graphics used which will decrease the loading speed massive. It is also translation ready.

Spirited Lite

Spirited lite


This is one of the most suitable free babysitter WordPress themes for associations offering babysitting services. The theme looks absolutely professional, and hence, potential customers will trust it and go ahead with their plans. There are call-to-action buttons and live customizers.

It is fully documented, and there is a payment gateway. The galleries and sliders are advanced, and it helps create a brand value. There are also various shortcodes to design the content beautifully.

Healing Touch Lite

healing touch


This is one of the unique free babysitter WordPress themes where babysitters just do not do the normal task of looking after a baby and teach them with educational games but also take care of them when they are sick.

There are lots of parents who search for such babysitters, and if you are one of them, you can use this theme perfectly to your advantage and enlist your services, fees and get booked instantly.

The theme is perfect is designed with soothing color and has all the features required. It works well on mobile devices which is where the sources of the potential clients lie.

With these free babysitter themes, your investment will only be for the web hosting space. Therefore, it is absolutely nominal investment, and you should get started immediately.

These free babysitter themes have good design and functionalities which will help to represent an association of babysitters.

How to Import WordPress Blogs into HubSpot1

5 Easy Steps – How to Import WordPress Blogs into a HubSpot

How to Import WordPress Blogs into HubSpot1

Modern technologies help all tech-savvy people to promote their products/services on independently the global internet. Different content management systems have made it possible for both tech and non-tech individuals to make a solid online presence, easily communicate with millions of people and sell their products/service in bulk.

There are a good number of people who prefer how to import WordPress blogs into HubSpot due to several reasons.

This CMS and inbound marketing platform is so popular among professional bloggers that several WordPress users consider taking their existing blog to the HubSpot platform. How can it be done? Do you know that? If not, then read this article and enrich your knowledge on how to import WordPress blogs into HubSpot.

1. Evaluate the Existing Blog Before Migration

Before starting the blog migration process, you need to evaluate it strictly. Generally, most bloggers commence the blog migration process without having any blueprint. This complicates the blog migration process and a lot of time is wasted.

Sometimes, bloggers fail to implement the necessary changes in the existing blogs due to lack of a definite plan. So, sit down with all stakeholders and create a definite blueprint in advance. Discuss all points in detail and what to have or what not to have on your new blog.

2. Backup Your WordPress Blog Completely

Before taking your blog to a new platform, it is very important for you to have its backup. It is because unexpected and unpleasant happenings might take place during the blog migration process.

You may lose access to your blog in case minor or major error takes place and you don’t have the backup files. So, ask your hosting company to back up your blog. You can also take the full back up your blog using a WordPress plugin or manually.

3. Create Templates for Different Pages

Now, it’s time to create templates for pages you want to see on your new website. Depending on your specific choice, you can create templates. Some common templates are-

  • Homepage,
  • About page,
  • Product page,
  • Contact page and
  • Blog Landing pages

If you face problems to create templates, don’t hesitate to take help from an expert WordPress Development Company. Ask the service provider to optimize your templates for SEO.

While creating templates, keep a few factors in mind listed here below:

  • Create templates in such a way that it can easily be used in the future for different web pages,
  • Each and every section of the template must have flexible modules,
  • Don’t make complex groups at all. Use custom modules instead,
  • Try to put only required content into the template,
  • Put content in your template in such a way that web developers can easily use them while creating pages,
  • Make use of common CTA buttons, sidebars, headers, footers, etc. It will make it easier for you to edit them easily in the future.

4. Take Your Blog to the HubSpot

Once you have successfully created and optimized page templates, now it’s time to take your blog to the HubSpot platform. For this, you need to have the sufficient knowledge of different programming languages and website building skills

This task can also be performed with the help of a WordPress plugin.If you don’t know how to do it, get it done by a WordPress Website Development Company. It will help you to move the content from one place to another without facing any hassle.

Use a spreadsheet to track the website migration process and eliminate the chances of technical errors. If you are new to the HubSpot, it will be better for you to get some knowledge about it at first through the HubSpot Academy classes, online courses and tech-gurus. This will help you to how to import WordPress blogs into HubSpot easily and quickly.

5. Check and Launch Your New Blog

It is the final step where you need to check your HubSpot website from A to Z. This is essential because Google and visitors are highly intolerant towards faulty blogs.

Google doesn’t prefer to displaying faulty blogs in its SERP. Even visitors will leave your blog instantly if it has UX/UI problems.

So, once you take your blog to the new platform, just think from user’s point of view and check it strictly. Make sure that your blog is visually appealing and professional. It has all basic pages that convey all-inclusive information to the targeted audience in an easy way.

Your blog should be responsive to all mobile devices and must load fast. It should free from UX/UI problems. Conduct content audit also if you want to gain the attention of the targeted audience with a new blog.

All these will make your blog fit to be used by the targeted audience. Once, everything becomes ok, launch your blog and start communicating with fans/followers, existing/potential visitors by publishing high-quality content at regular intervals.

Final Words

The popularity and use of HubSpot are increasing by leaps and bounds every day. Just follow the above-mentioned tips to take your WordPress blog to the HubSpot platform in an easy way.

Author Bio:

Kerin Miller is a Web expert, associated with Stellen Infotech, one of the best WordPress website development providers around the globe. She has a lot of experience in developing custom WordPress and Magento Themes.

She has delivered a numerous range of quality products related to this. She has a strong passion for writing useful and insights about WordPress tips and tricks.

Free Hotel WordPress Themes for Resorts and Vacation

There are awesome free hotel WordPress themes available for designing stunning hotel websites for hotel booking, reservations, menu online ordering and compatible with related plugins as well.

With the rise of human population, the tourism industry is having growth like never before. The hotel industry is directly linked with the tourism industry, and hence, hotels are always in huge demand.

It is important for every hotel to have a website because most people book hotels online.

If you already have a website, you can change the design with these free hotel WordPress themes easily. They are going to give you more leads and customers and establish you as a brand.

Hotel Lite

free hotel WordPress theme

This is one of a complete free hotel WordPress themes for representing your hotel in the best possible way. The design and color combination of the theme are stunning.

There are awesome sliders and galleries present. It has high SEO value and comes with advanced page builders and customizer.

Many fancy Google fonts are available for captivating users’ attention, and there are beautiful animations on the homepage. It works well on all devices.


Interior Lite

free interior WordPress theme

This is one of the most attractive free hotel WordPress themes. It has classic slider and menu option. There are call-to-action options on the header followed by the menu bar. The theme color is set to black to show the premium quality of the website, and everything gets highlighted automatically.

The items on the header and footer are completely editable. It has the best social media integration options, and the boxes of the homepage have a hover effect. The contact page is quite advanced to help users make advance booking and pay through WooCommerce.


SKT Construction Lite

free construction WordPress theme

As it is a real estate related theme, it can be utilized as one of the free hotel WordPress themes. The homepage is professional in design, and there are various sections available for showcasing different features of the hotels.

There are useful icons available to express more through graphics than words. It is fully responsive and comes with NextGen gallery. The theme is clean and highly navigable. You can change the color of the theme and place different widgets on the sidebar to attract eyes.


Gravida Lite

free corporate WordPress theme

This is a perfect theme for high-quality hotels. The design of the theme is beautiful, and the colors are highlighting. The menu bar and slider are awesome to look at, and it comes with multilingual support.

There are various shortcodes available to embed videos and testimonials. All the standard pages are present with equally beautiful in design. It is compatible with all devices and browsers.


Movers and Packers

movers and packers

Though this is not one of the tailor-made free hotel WordPress themes, it can be designed for any hotel. It has live customizer for real-time editing and advanced page builder for creating any required page.

As a matter of fact, all the standard plugins are supported to include any necessary feature on the website to give the users the best experience.

They can book in advance and pay upfront. There is social media options and forum for discussion. One can also embed testimonials on the homepage to increase trust factor.


Perfect Lite

free landing page WordPress theme

This is one of the free hotel WordPress themes that can be a one-page theme as well multipage. This is a premium looking theme, and all the designing components are available to tweak the pre-built structure and design it the way you want to.

The boxes and blocks on the homepage are colorful, and it is a widget friendly theme to showcase different captivating widgets. Furthermore, it has high SEO value and readymade hotel theme in its pro version.


SKT Simple

SKT simple

This is one of the stunning free hotel WordPress themes on the list. The design and flow of the theme are superb. One can show the premium rooms can place price tag or discount tags on them.

The design of each section of the homepage is unique, and it is surely going to convert the visiting traffic to customers.

The theme relies on social media for its popularity and there social media sharing and displaying plugins. It comes with several creative widget designs that could be placed on footer and sidebars.


SKT Condimentum


This is a multipurpose theme that could be used as one of the best free hotel WordPress themes. It has a stunning design that will capture attention at once. The highlighting color yellow has been used to highlight every section though the color is changeable.

It comes with advanced header and footer with a lot of customization options. There is a 5-level drop down menu to list different types of rooms available. It has support for WooCommerce, portfolio plugins, and pricing table.

Apart from that, there are plugins for multilingual support, and the theme has great SEO value to list of the first page of Google when people search for hotels in your region.


SKT Built Lite

Build lite

This is more a construction theme which could be utilized to create a stunning hotel website. It has passed Google test for mobile-friendliness and loading test. It has cross browser support and full responsiveness.

There are several blog templates available in case you want to have a blog to drive more organic traffic. It comes with a filterable gallery, and if you opt for its pro version, you can get some of the best features that are going to make your website and hotel different from others.


Perfect Golf Lite

Even though this is more a sports theme, but it has all the required features to be one of the best free hotel WordPress themes. It has the perfect slider and gallery option which are essential for any hotel WordPress.

It is retina ready and has an option for blogging. Furthermore, it is translation ready and has support for WooCommerce.

The theme color is changeable, and it works well on all browsers and devices. Additionally, it is widget friendly website, and you can show offers on the sidebars


These re the best free hotel WordPress themes with which you can create your hotel website and impress your potential customers. The designs are stunning, the functionalities are robust, and they will help form the best first impression.

Reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics

Reduce Bounce Rate of your Website in Google Analytics

No matter you are an owner of any type of website your main aim is to inflate the traffic of your website. You want impeccable audiences for your website and grasp their attention. But, it is also vital to know that your website visitors are valuable for you or not.

You can conveniently know that your audience is interested in your website or not. And, that is possible by knowing the bounce rate of your website.

In this post, we are going to discuss some crucial facts to reduce bounce rate of your website. You have to keep stable, bounce rate of your website.

  1. Identify goals:

You have designed your website with keeping in mind some objectives to attain. Might you want more leads or for online selling of your products or services? You can easily check the traffic of your website with the help of Google Analytics.

So, you have to set up goals in Google Analytics, you can easily measure conversions on your website. Consider, if your goal is to generate more leads, you can set up a goal for form submission.

  1. Exert Analytics:

With the use of analytics tool, you can easily measure website traffic and keep an eye on bounce rate. This way, if your website has a higher bounce rate then you can adopt some measures to reduce bounce rate of your website.

But, one most vital aspects is that you have to configure your analytics account. It is necessary to make sure that the data you capture is accurate or not. You can set event tracking to keep an eye on user actions. This work well if you have a single landing page or your website bounce rate is high.

  1. Enhance website speed:  

It is one of the most crucial facts on any of the website which plays a vital role in traffic. The bounce rate of your website will inflate if your website will take more then 3 seconds to load. You can check overall website speed as well as individual pages speed in Google Analytics.

It will also give you suggestion to enhance the speed of each individual page. You can also make use of cache plugins in order to augment loading speed of your website.

  1. Target optimum marketing channels:

If you carefully see, you can use a plethora of social channels to do marketing with your website. One of the topnotch strategies is to find out the most popular social platforms. And, after that, you can promote your content.

By exerting Google Analytics, you can easily find where the traffic coming on your website from. You can keenly observe each and every channel and other aspects of that. Some of them like average session duration, bounce rate, and conversion rate.   

 Ensure responsive layout:

As you all know that the number of people using mobile for browsing the web is inflating day by day. So, you have to consider this fact as your first priority. You have to ensure that your website can be seen on all devices with ease.

It is possible to check from which device your website is accessed more. With the use of Google analytics device report, you can see it. By making your website responsive you can tremendously reduce bounce rate of your website.

  1. Target pertinent keyword:

It is the key to get more organic traffic on your website. No matter traffic on your website coming from the paid ads or organic search but, you have to ensure that you are targeting right keyword. You have to select the keywords after determining its click-through rates.

If you are not targeting right keyword then it is just next to impossible to attract more website visitors. And, along with that, you have to focus on content as well. As you all know that content is the king.

  1. User-friendly navigation:

Try to provide your visitors a fantastic experience while they are navigating through your website. As if they do not find your website easy to navigate they will not stay on your website for a long. Visitors also expect that they find things on your website easily and without wasting much time.

Like, contact us section should be designed with a user-friendly form design. You have to check each and every element sharply in order to provide your visitors with optimum experience, this will help you a lot to reduce bounce rate.

  1. Eye-catching content:

As most of you have heard that content is the king. Yes, it is a true fact. You have to organize your content nicely on your website. Users will only find it readable when it is represented in a clear and concise format.

You have to generate your content cling to your user’s interest and requirements. You can check high-performing content on your website with the help of Google Analytics.

After this analyzation, you can use the same content pattern in more places on your website. You have to include such topics on your content after reading which issues of your visitors will be solved.

  1. Exert A/B testing for landing pages:

If you have developed new landing pages then you must have to test it. A/B testing helps you to create high converting landing pages for your business or company. What do you exactly mean by A/B testing?

It means to create multiple versions of your landing page and divide the traffic on both. By this, you can see actually which one will perform better.

Then after monitoring its result, you can finalize one between the two landing pages. You can also test multiple CTA’s or headlines on the same page with the use of some other types of tests.

  1. Internal Search:

Allow internal search on your website so that users will find the content of their choice with much ease. By this, you can also gain an idea of your user’s interest clearly. It also makes easy for your visitors to navigate your website.  


I have listed here some of the ways to reduce bounce rate of your website. By exerting all these practices you can reduce bounce rate to a larger extent. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Free Artist WordPress Themes for Artistic Websites

These free WordPress themes have amazing designs and all the necessary functionalities.

In this world of digitization, it has become easy for the artists to reach out to the world through the online platform.

Some of the artists are having a website where they are listing their paintings and drawings. People across the world are coming to know about it through social media or search engines and if they like a work, you can buy it directly from the artist’s website.

They are going to get the best rate and most importantly, they will get a genuine product. WordPress is where most of the artists make their website because of the stunning free artist WordPress themes.

Consider the free artist WordPress themes and you will be proud of your website when it is finished.

1. CutsStyle Lite


This is going one of the best free artist WordPress themes for those who are makeup artists and hairdressers. Though this looks more like a feminine theme but it can be used for artists of both genders. It has some of the best sliders and galleries you can ever get.

There is also a beautiful blog section with amazing design. It is superfast in loading and contains animations on the homepage which add more beauty. One can also book an appointment directly through the website.

2. I Am One


This is one of those tailor-made free artist WordPress themes. It has beautiful parallax sliders and there are over 12 different sections on the homepage with different designs. All the standard pages are already present with all the required features.

It also comes with various page templates to design inner pages differently from the home page which is becoming a trend now. You should go for its pro version to get more options for customization like font, color, and icons along with shortcodes.

3. SKT Launch


This is a perfect theme for those artists who are just getting started. It can give them maximum exposure as it is fully search engine friendly and has social media integration. It has also passed Google page speed test and mobile-friendly test.

Most of the clients will access the website of the artists from their mobile devices. You can customize the theme part by part and there are several gallery and slider options to choose from. It has a specialty section which can be very handy for an artist.

4. Photo World


This is one of the stunning free artist WordPress themes. It is SEO and SMO friendly and works equally great on all devices. It has full-width slider and you can change it into a different setting.

There are some of the best gallery options and in general, it is compatible with all the standard plugins. It is a very simple WordPress theme where editing takes only a few steps and creating a new page with page templates available is a matter of few minutes.

5. Online Coach


This is a very useful theme for all the artists out there. It is rather an advanced free artist WordPress themes that will let the artist interact with the fans and clients through the website seamlessly.

The artist can have better social media interaction directly through the website and with other social media plugins, the artist is sure to go viral. The design is classic and shows the personality of an artist beautifully.

6. Girlie Lite


This is one of the best free artist WordPress themes for a female artist. The design is creative and it will showcase the personality of the artist with its color combination.

The designing components are all present just like its pro version but the pro version will let you have more customization options.

It has different types of slider and standard pages. Blog sidebar can have widgets which is a must thing. It has passed Google mobile-friendly test and will give you more exposure with better SEO value.

7. SKT Panaroma


When you are going to build an artist’s website, you have to use innovative themes to catch the attention of the web visitors instantly. SKT Panaroma is ta full-width theme with complete slider on the home screen and it is easy to setup and modify.

It has a payment gateway and uses advanced contact forms. There are superb sliders and galleries. Apart from that, you will have translation support and different color choices. Sharing them on social media with social media plugins will help you get more reach.

8. SKT Full Width


This is a unique theme and likely to be liked by all the visitors coming to the website. It sets the artist apart from others in terms of creativity and increases his or her brand value in multiple folds.

It has SEO-friendly codes for better ranking on search engines which is going to the driving force for the popularity of the artists and getting regular clients and customers daily.

9. SKT Design Agency
design agency


This is not exactly one of the tailor-made free artist WordPress themes but you can design the best artist website that will make the artist stand out from others. It is highly functional themes with flat design. There are unlimited visually appealing icons and fonts.

The sidebar is full of different types of widgets to choose from. The blog page will come handy to keep a strong fans and clients base.

It is fully documented and coding is done according to the prescribed standards. It also has video plugins because artists are putting up videos more often to captivate the visitors and increase fans.

10. Interior Lite


The reason why this theme is fast becoming one the most downloaded free artist WordPress themes is because of its extremely beautiful designing components. It is very easy to change the color combination and it is mobile and payment-friendly.

It is fully responsive and retina ready for devices with higher resolution. It is also SEO-friendly and helps you to scale up the ranking on the search engine pages. Blog layout is cool and there are advanced contact forms for making appointments and booking.

These are the best free artist WordPress themes with eye-catching designs and features to list items to sell them with a payment gateway. You can prepare your dream website all by yourself and get it ready to publish within a day.

Responsive Collection of Free Photographers WordPress Themes 2021

Free photographers WordPress themes

Different hobbies and interest give you the opportunity to get an online presence via the internet. In the last decades, photography was just a hobby but now it arises to the passion hence online business get existence.

If you are a photographer and looking to create a website to start gaining profit then you must try Free Photographers WordPress Themes.

For creating a website or a blog, a photography website WordPress will be a better solution for you. as you may not related to the technical field and not friendly to the coding.

WordPress includes customizer which will help you to customize the website very easily through the back-end. Even some themes provide Free documentation that will assist you as a guide while making changes to the Free photographers WordPress themes.

Some basic features of Free photographers WordPress themes are listed below

  • User-Friendly
    User-Friendly means the themes are friendly with all types of users like technical as well as a nontechnical person. Anyone can easily handle this website and can make changes.
  • Cross-Browser compatible
    These themes are cooperative with all types of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.
  • Cross-Device Compatible
    These themes are cooperative with all types of devices like mobile phone, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, etc. It adjusts the size resolution according to the device we are using.
  • Social Media Sharing features.
    It allows you to share social media links and pages on the website so that the user can find you easily.
  • Visual composer
    You can easily create a website as same that you desire. Because these themes are compatible with a visual composer that provides simple drag and drop functionality.
  • SEO Friendly
    The best feature of these themes is SEO friendly, SEO means search engine optimization that is the main reason that helps you to rank your website to all search engines.

Please Look out some amazing Free photographers WordPress themes that support the bundle of features.

Photo World

photo world


Photo World is a next-generation theme which does not consist of sidebar option and homepage covered with the full width. Most advanced plugins are supported plugins like Huge-IT Portfolio, Nextgen gallery, Crilly Slider, Meta Slider, Master Slider and Cyclone Slider 2 are compatible.

One can easily change the background color of each page to look at each page refreshing. They have full access to change any element from the theme need to just drag and drop.

For booking your services contact form, booking form can be integrated. Also, it is translation ready which supports multilingual features.

SKT Black

skt black


SKT Black is a clean, well structured and modern theme that shows your portfolio in a more striking way. The Default Background color of this theme is black to highlight the images and photographs that you will display.

Free photographers WordPress themes permit you to upload the logo as per your choice, but you will not able to make further changes because the color changes permission has been allotted to a paid one.

SKT Black is so much responsive that has been tested in all devices browsers and passed with Google mobile-friendly test. That will help you to view the website on high quality/resolution devices.

SKT Photo Session

free photography WordPress theme


If you are a photographer or related to the photo field that you must go with the SKT Photo Session. This theme is specially made for professional use.

The industry like photo, photo album, photo gallery, photo portfolio, photo template, photographer, photography, photography gallery, photography theme, Photography WordPress, portfolio, video, videography can use this website very efficiently.

Call to action has been provided at the top so that your customer can easily make a call with the single mouse click.

Blogs page are also created by default in free photographers WordPress themes so that you can post the latest questions and answers that will helps search engine to crawl your website quickly.

Spirited Lite

Spirited lite


Spirited Lite Specially made for the technical field such as website-related service provides some services like website designing, digital marketing, graphic designing, etc.

Also, industries like private & public companies, partnerships and corporations, chartered and statutory companies, financial analysts and consultants, IT specialists and developers, photographers, designers, managers, engineers, and corporate agents can use this theme.

Different types of the widget are provided that you can customize the theme as per your business requirement.

More typography and fonts option is available but in the paid version to highlight your portfolio work. It is a retina image ready and multilingual site that you can target new users from all countries.

SKT Full Width

free full wide WordPress theme


SKT Full Width theme is a very colorful theme to attract more customers via designing and photographs. As it supports high-quality images.

The code of SKT Full Width is well optimized as it is consists of GPL that the theme can be used for personal as well as professional use.

Tables plugins, multilingual plugins, SEO plugins, WooCommerce plugins, Widget plugins, and social media plugins can be used to enhance the functionality of your website. Free documentation has been provided to setup theme easily.

Total 2-page templates are given that you can choose any one of them. And 5 slider options are provided to gain the attention of customers using high-quality images in the homepage banner section.

CutsNStyle Lite

free hair salon WordPress theme


If your business is related to the saloon, makeup, hairstyles, Groom makeup, bridal makeup then CutsNStyle Lite is the best option for you. This theme will fulfill all the needs that professional makeup artists, hair stylers required.

4-5 sliders option are provided to showcase your work and portfolio. Call to action has been supported to make a call and book appointments quickly.

Made a use of the lastest HTML5 and CSS3 code that will help you to customize the theme for the same feel and functionality you want.

Wedding Lite

free wedding WordPress theme


If you want to store some memories of wedding couples you should use a wedding lite. As it will help you to make yours and the wedding journey memorable.

A different Event planner can also use this theme for their business like engagement event, wedding event, service providers, wedding venues, photographers and DJs, hair and make – up specialists and studios, wedding florists, wedding caterers and rentals, wedding decor and lighting and other events

Different types of plugins are supported to increase the functionality and feel of your websites.
The flow of this theme is well organized that will be easy to handle by any kind of user.

Best Free Blogging WordPress Themes and Templates For 2021

Free blogging WordPress themes

There are thousands of websites available in the market but if you are looking after a blog theme it can be a tough decision for you. because the blog website will be the main reason for increasing your online presence in the market as well as it will be the only reason for removing your online presence from the market.

So, you should be careful about choosing the blog theme carefully.

I found some amazing free blogging WordPress themes for you that you will definitely love it. while finding the best themes for you all, I have taken these features into consideration.

Responsive – The blog theme should be always responsive so that your customers can use that website in all devices.
Easy – The theme you choose should easy to understand and easy to handle. sometimes lots of features can also slow down your website speed & performance.
Feedback and Reviews – Keep checking the themes reviews and feedback. Maximum received features and reviews will be the best.

All these features are present in the free blogging WordPress themes. Because you will not get simplistic features in other themes that WordPress themes provide.

Free blogging WordPress themes have a capability of creating different blogs type like Food Blogs, Fashion Blogs, Travel Blogs, Music Blogs, Lifestyle Blogs, Fitness Blogs, DIY Blogs, Sports Blogs, Finance Blogs, Political Blogs, Parenting Blogs, Business Blogs, Personal Blogs, Movie Blogs, Car Blogs, News Blogs, Pet Blogs, and many more.

Please check the best Free blogging WordPress themes listed below.

  1. SKT Full Page

free fullscreen WordPress theme


SKT Full page is a free blogging WordPress theme with the full page screen view. If you want to create a blogs that user can only read the content than SKT Full page is the best one.

This theme allows the sidebar to create a call to action. Many numbers of widgets are available you can make use of them.

Also, this theme supports different plugins that can enhance your website speed and functionality. Plugins like multilingual plugins, social media plugins, SEO plugins, eCommerce plugins, cache plugin, security, and shortcode plugins.

Different businesses like portfolios, photography, modeling, resorts, foods, hotels, event organizers and restaurants can use this theme for creating blogs personal or professional.

If your business is related to food blogs like recipe listing then you should try this theme once.

2. Pizza Delivery Lite

Pizza Ordering WordPress theme


Pizza Delivery Lite is the best free blogging WordPress theme as it is fully customizable.
You don’t even need to write a sole string of code. with the single mouse click, you can setup this theme very quickly.

Business like cafeterias, coffee shops, caterers and local businesses can use this theme. Pizza Delivery Lite is mostly created for a bakery shop.

This theme supports live composer means you can make changes on the website by your own also can view the changes in real-time i.e. live with the help of a preview option.

Page builder like SKT page builder is suitable for the same. If you need a total website solution then you can access 404 Standard pages, category pages, search and archives pages.

Most important plugins like Booking plugins, WooCommerce plugins are compatible with this theme.

3. SKT Full Width

free full wide WordPress theme


You can enjoy a full-width design structure here. Hence this theme utilizes all the space. Mostly this theme can be used by photographers, videographer, to showcase their portfolio by utilizing the full-width area.

Maximum 5 sliders option is given on the home page at free of cost if you need more you need to purchase this theme. Portfolio website, wedding pictures, profile site can use this theme.

If you don’t know how to create a website in such case documentation is provided which will work as guidance while creating a website. Also, some limited supports are provided.

SKT Full Width is Retina ready, HD ready, Widget ready, Shortcodes ready, Supports WooCommerce functionality, and many more.

This theme is created using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 code. Hence it is light-weighted that loads faster so No Speed Issue.

4. Perfect Golf Lite

perfect-golf WordPress Theme


Perfect Golf Lite theme is mainly created for a sports-related business such as Golf clubs, golf resorts, tennis courts, swimming pools, gaming zones, club, and casinos.

Call to action has been given by default at the top of the header so that your customer can make a call to you in just a single mouse click.

More than 6 sections are provided on the homepage and a maximum of 5 slider options, and single-page templates are given more are provided in the pro version.

Features like SEO Friendly, widget friendly, shortcodes friendly, user-friendly, social media-friendly, Booking form plugins, Multilingual friendly, WooCommerce friendly, etc. Are supported.

5. Wedding Lite

free wedding WordPress theme


If you are searching for a blog theme related to the wedding website then the wedding Lite will be the best option for you.

You can say that wedding Lite is a zero budget theme which is made free for you to gather all the memories for a lifetime.

5 level drop-down menu has been given so that you can add many pages. shortcodes are provided so you don’t need any technical person interference. Photo gallery and slider plugins options are given to store your memories.

Wedding Lite is also supported by SEO hence the theme is SEO optimized which will help your website to rank in the Google search. If you want to make some money and online presence you will need the help of SEO friendly features.

6. Online Coach Lite



This theme is created for coaches such as life coach, golf coach, sports coach, motivational coach, speakers, also personal website owners can use this theme for creating a CV or a card.

Online Coach Lite is much responsive in nature and has the feature of Cross-Browser independent and Cross-device independent. The theme is created using HTML5 and CSS3 to look modern and fresh.

PO and MO file is provided for translating the theme in different languages. Thus you can easily target international clients with the help of Online Coach Lite. Which may be the biggest reason for having more traffic and new users to your website business.

Top Free Organizations WordPress Themes for Small and Big Companies

Free Organizations WordPress Themes

Have you planned to start a new business or organization and now looking for a website?
So let me tell you Free Organizations WordPress themes have a bundle of features that you will need to grow your business online.

You can use free organizations WordPress themes for different kinds of business and companies like IT companies, Hospitals, Repair center, Maintenance services, electric services, home delivery services, Mobile shops, also if you want to sell your business online you can use this website. For all types of Business, these themes will suit better as compare to the other companies’ themes.

To create a website instantly you can use these themes as it has the drag and drop functionality where you can make customize WordPress themes.

Some basic features of Free Organizations WordPress themes are listed below
1.SEO Friendly
3.Social Media Sharing feature.
5.Cross-Browser Compatible.
6.Drag and Drop Functionality.
7.Visual Composer.

Free Organizations WordPress themes are listed below with there key features:

SKT Consulting

SKT Consulting WordPress Theme


If you are looking to start a business related to consultancy, advice, career advice, IT consultancy, consultations, finance adviser, banking, consulting firms, law firms, accountant, etc. I suggest you go to this theme.

You can see the design of this theme is so neat and clean which have been created with the use of fewer images to express more thoughts via words.

You have an option to use up to 4 header and footer layouts for logo and menus. This theme uses the latest version of WordPress i.e. 5.1. the most important feature of this theme is that the theme is Gutenberg optimized and woo-commerce functionality has been added where you can sell some services online.

Maintenance Services

maintenance service theme


You can use the Maintenance Service theme for different organizations like construction, maintenance, interior design, and renovation. The best feature like the call to action button is given at the top of the header so that the user can easily make a call in a single click.

This theme is comes to free Organizations WordPress themes with maximum 5 header options are given so that you can customize it as per your choice.

Many more options are also provided like gallery, your team mates, testimonial where you can add your past client’s feedback. Footer design of this theme is wide which is created to add the information you want to express more about your website in short.

SKT Elastic

SKT Elastic WordPress Theme


AMP plugins are used while designing this website so that anyone can view this website on different devices and different browsers.

Also, this theme is translation ready means you can translate this theme’s language in any other languages as per your choice. WPML plugin is used while creating a theme for the multilingual ready feature.

More than 100 shortcodes are provided so that you can create any section easily just you need to copy and paste the code. Organizations like medical, political, responsive, restaurants, school, education, kids, SEO, etc. It can use this theme to show their online presence.

Basic features of this theme are fully responsive, friendly support, retina-ready, retina display, and compatible with WooCommerce, polylang/WPML,crelly clider, event calendar, bbpress, Contact Form 7, Smart Slider, NextGen Gallery, and Yoast SEO.

Education Lite

free education WordPress theme


Education Lite theme is the most powerful WordPress theme that have created so that it can be used by different businesses like charity organizations, education, institute, free charity, old age organization, kinder garden, etc.

Contact Form 7 plugin has been install to book your seats. Event, calendar, gallery have been provided to give more specific information.

Clear documentation has been provided so that it can work as a guide during the customization process.

Different types of plugin like SEO plugin, SMO plugin, gallery plugin, slider plugin, LOCO plugin, Contact Form plugin have been installed for more easy customization. Call to action at the top of the header and footer has been provided.

Web Programmer Lite

Web  Programmer WordPress Theme


If you are a designer, or creative agency you should definitely use this theme. Because more focus has been given to designing work. Web Programmer Lite theme is the most powerful theme for building an effective website.

Web Programmer Lite provides you all tools that require for effective website design. You don’t even need to write one line coding because different shortcodes are provided for easy and effective functionality.

This theme is compatible with Elementor, Gutenberg, Page builder-friendly, SEO plugin, multilingual plugins, slider and header plugin, and contact form Plugins.

Modern HTML5 and CSS3 design have been used for more effective design. The best feature is the digital download you can download the resume that has been provided on this website easily.

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair


Laptop Repair theme is comes to free Organization WordPress themes specially created for a business that sells the product online like an online store for computers, mobile phones, laptops repair, hardware repair, app installation, and accessories.

Because the main focus is given to the woo-commerce functionality for that eCommerce plugin has been provided.

This theme is dynamic in nature means you can easily make changes on this theme like color change, font change, header footer layout change, you can change up to 4 slider images, this theme is very Fast and Quick because the technical team had worked hard to build this theme to meet your expectations and satisfaction.

SKT Secure

SKT Secure


SKT Secure theme is customized based WordPress theme of 2019. which can be used by security companies, CCTV services, private investigators, bodyguards, alarm and protection services companies, guardians and security systems companies.

SKT secure takes the security seriously hence this theme is provided with security plugins.

The layout of this theme is responsive provided with proper documentation which will act as a guide during customization, compatible with all types of browsers and devices.

Different features are provided like Drag and drop page builder, slider revolution, customizable header, different header types, different colors available, customizable slider.

These all Free Organizations WordPress Themes are created by using powerful templates and layouts. with the single click you can install these Free Organizations WordPress themes at zero cost.

If you are looking to get online presence through the internet you must try this themes once.

Top Easiest Free WordPress themes For a Professional And Beautiful Site

Easiest Free WordPress themes

If you are looking for Easiest Free WordPress themes that are available at free of cost and easy to use then you have the right search.

You can create a free but easy website using the WordPress only. The WordPress theme is not just available free of cost but also consists of all the features that every website theme should have.

Before choosing any theme just check if they consist of all these features.

a) Fully Responsive
b) Fully Customizable
c) Fully SEO Friendly
d) Compatible with Latest Editor
e) New Modern Design Templates
f) Multipurpose Theme
g) Light Weighted
h) Flexible in nature

The best and Easiest Free WordPress themes are listed below with their key features.

Charm Lite

free blog WordPress theme


If you belong to bloggers and creative industry then Bloggers Lite is the best solution for you all. SKT Complete theme can be used by personal blog, start-up business, law firm, real estate, and consultancy business.

Easiest Free WordPress themes theme is very easy to use as it uses the SKT Page builder to create website pages.

All types of plugins are compatible with this theme. Plugins like Social Comments Plugin, WooCommerce plugins, multilingual plugin, SEO plugin, security plugin and many more.

It makes the use of HTML5 and CSS3 code that reduces unnecessary code and enhances the speed of the website.

IT Solution

IT Solutions


IT Solution theme is the best theme solution for the technical person looking to build the website and increase online preference.

Business like maintenance services, corporate, local IT companies, consulting, mutual funds, e-learning, portfolio asset management, software companies, online shops, coaching institutes can make use of this theme.

You can represent the services in a more informational manner by using images, videos, pictures, multimedia, banners, slider images and by using other elements.

LOCO translator and PO translator are supported by the Easiest Free WordPress themes. Hence the theme is multilingual friendly that helps to translate the language in different languages.

Black & White Lite

Black and White


Black and white lite is created with minimal design approach getting access for only black and white color combination option. If you are a news reporter or a journalist then you should take advantage of this theme.

The Standard pages like 404, search, archives, category and many more all these are supported by Black & White Lite. This theme is also compatible with contact form 7, ninja forms, caldera, and gravity form that enhance the security level of your website.

Also, lots of plugins are supported like a multilingual plugin, social media plugin, page builder plugin, SEO plugin, and many more.

SKT Elastic

SKT Elastic WordPress Theme


The Easiest Free WordPress themes come with the awesome features that will be loved by everyone. The bestest feature is that it provides a live customizer option so that you can easily preview the live changes with the help of preview option. This theme has been created by using the AMP Plugin that enhances all the features to user-friendly.

Business like church, corporate, attorney, localization, medical, political, responsive, restaurants, school, education, kids, SEO can create a website using SKT Elastic. You can make your website dynamic in nature with the use of a color picker option.

SKT Handyman



SKT Handyman is RTL Compatible so the theme can be used for personal or professional business.

Various types of service providers like cleaning, home automation, construction, interior, movers, handyman, plumber, electrician, and others can use the Easiest Free WordPress themes in the easiest way. Just need to install and setup the theme and your website will be ready to use.

Lastest WordPress codex standards have been taken care of and made the website successful. Also, various plugins like SEO plugin, Social media plugin, page builder plugin, security plugins all this are tested and passed with the highest ranking.

No-fault or technical errors will be generated. Hence the SKT Handyman is an error-free template.

SKT Consulting

SKT Consulting WordPress Theme


Within a few minutes, you can create a website for your business that will look beautiful in terms of look and feel. You can add functionality as per your choice to enhance the website performance.

This theme will work with all types of business as it is a multipurpose theme but will more effectively for consultancy type business like business consultations, finance adviser, banking, consulting firms, law firms, and accountant type business.

4 types of header and footer layout options are provided, logo upload permission has been granted. Thus, it uses the latest version of WordPress i.e. 5.1+ so all types of plugins are also supported.

SKT Complete

skt complete


This theme is a very direct aiming theme. That can be set up in some clicks with the help of customizer options that allow you to drag and drop the elements that you want.

For extending the functionality you can just install the plugins in a single click it will get started working.

Bakers Lite

free bakers shop wordpress theme


If you are a totally non-technical person and do not have single code knowledge that you have found the best place to grab the best theme.

To create a website in the early days’ people use to write code but now you don’t need to worry about the coding part. With the new modern technology, you can create a website in some minutes.

More than 5 menu options are given that is sufficient to open an online store for a bakery shop.

With the help of different banner images, you can add upto 5 images to the slider option and make it dynamic by adding read more or contact us button. Social media icons are provided in the footer section to stay connected with the users.

Web Programmer Lite

Web Programmer WordPress Theme


Web Programmer lite is the Easiest Free WordPress themes that you can start your own business. If you don’t have developer knowledge then also you can create a website but if you have some knowledge about the WordPress code then you can lead to your business website performance.

Technical business like website design agency, digital marketing company, website developers, job portals can create a website.

As you may need access to get a new customer so with the help of translation-ready features the website can be multilingual friendly. Hence you can target international clients and customers to your business.

Free Design Agency WordPress Themes for Creative Agency Websites


These free design agency WordPress themes have an amazing look and feel.

There are various types of design agencies available.

Some of them make it big others perish with time. Getting a website online to represent the business and offer the services online is one of the best ways to make it big.

There are free design agency WordPress themes available for satisfying all the required needs.

A website with these free design agency WordPress themes will increase the trust factor and get you more orders.

SKT Design Agency

design agency


This is one of the best free design agency WordPress themes on the list that has everything readymade. It looks stunning and has a flat design for faster loading speed and compatibility with all devices.

The sections and blocks are well-designed, and the clean has clean outlook. There is a provision for writing blogs and showcasing them to get more organic traffic and increase lead generation.

The footer of the website has been given attention, and it is eye-catching. There can be a sidebar as well containing useful widgets.

CutsNStyle Lite



When it comes to design agency, there can be of various types. This theme is tailor-made for design agency focusing on giving a stylish outlook to change the personality of a person.

It can also be used as a website for brand stores where makeup, hair dressing, and fashion departments are available to give a complete getup for people attending different events. There are transition effects on the boxes, and everything is changeable with real time customizer.

Perfect Event Lite

free event WordPress theme


Event designer plays an import role in the success of any event which could be personal like wedding or commercial like presentation and awards shows. This is one of the grand free design agency WordPress themes suitable for such agencies.

The theme is unique in outlook, and the services can be offered with price tags so that customers can book them in advance and pay accordingly. The theme has good SEO value and plugins for social media integration. You can also have a forum for discussion, and it is HD ready for high-resolution devices.

Perfect Lite

free landing page WordPress theme


This is one of the best free design agency WordPress themes by far because it has all the ingredients to design a website for design agency with professional standards. The sections on the homepage are really different, and it is sure to create the best impression. Various types of design agencies can use it.

All the necessary icons, buttons and UI elements are available. It also has animations and transition effects which make the theme all the more attractive. Various sidebar widgets ad pre-install plugins are available as well which will be very handy.

Wedding Lite

free wedding WordPress theme


People hire designers for wedding decoration as well as to make the bride and bridegroom look stunning. There are various design agencies who take the entire contract and make the wedding event memorable from all aspects. This is theme dedicated to them.

The theme is very simple and has wedding related design. You will be able to change the color combination and various designing sections easily. Various necessary pages are available. It has NextGen gallery and Nivo slider.

Interior Lite

Interior lite


Interior design agencies are always in huge demand, and a website is mandatory to get hired easily. This is one of the best free design agency WordPress themes for them. The look and feel of the theme are perfect, and it inspires people to hire the agency.

There could be a section where reviews can be displayed. Different types of services can be listed in pricing table so that people can choose and order accordingly. The theme has plugins for social media integration, and the contact form and communication options are advanced.

Beauty Spa Lite

free beauty spa WordPress theme


This is one of the most attractive free design agency WordPress themes for beauty stores. This can also be used for fashion designing agencies, and the theme is simple yet powerful. It will surely create a lot of leads and conversion. It has passed Google mobile-friendly test and loading speed test.

All the standard plugins are compatible, and the SEO standard is good. It is easy to customize the design and make it look the way you want to. It is perfectly flexible in case you want to have more features in future.

SKT Panaroma

free photogallery WordPress theme


This is one of the wonder free design agency WordPress themes that can be used by design agencies of various categories. It comes with a full-width slider, and one can show various offers and discounts. The theme is easy to set up, use and edit.

It is compatible with all browsers and devices. There are various slider options available. It is translation ready and comes with page builder for creating different types of pages as per requirement with available page templates.

Gravid Lite

free corporate WordPress theme


It is one of the coolest free design agency WordPress themes for all design agencies. It has a professional look, and all the contact options are available upfront. It comes with 5-level dropdown menu option and social media integration.

You can list your services for potential customers to check out and order by paying the initial payment through the payment gateway. Multiple shortcodes are available to integration and embed various creative UI elements and videos in different sections.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme


This is a perfect theme for any design agency to impress the website visitors at once. The theme design is unique and eye-catching. It is very systematic and has several new designing elements. One can also use the blog section to write engaging posts and drive organic traffic.

The color combination is good, and it is best for agencies who target females as their customers. It has fancy fonts, creative menu and gallery options.

These are undoubtedly the most effective free design agency WordPress themes to get orders like never before. They have good SEO value, and hence, your website would be easily discoverable. Go ahead and choose the best free design agency WordPress themes according to your business and build the website.

Maintain Your WordPress Blog

How Can You Maintain Your WordPress Blog For A Long Haul?

how to maintain WordPress blog

In a previous couple of decades, websites were easy. Building a website was indeed a difficult task but hardly any of the website owners worry about how to maintain WordPress blog.

No one was concerned of keeping their website secure or increase the speed of their websites. It was the period of HTML and CSS.

What changed after the first half of 2000? This question can be answered in one word, WordPress. Yes, this changed everything. Earlier, websites were just a visiting card with static information. Now, websites are dynamic and very complex.

WordPress proves to be a blessing of Hermes direct from the heavens. FYI, Hermes is the Greek God of trade and business.

As the complex nature of websites increase, the need for maintenance of WordPress websites also increase (See, directly proportional).

Maintaining a WordPress website can be a never-ending procedure. Still, there are some key factors that can help you in maintaining your WordPress website for longer duration.

You will get to know all these tips about how to maintain WordPress blog in this post.

So, without further ado, let’s get you started,

● Always Keep A Backup Of Your WordPress Blog

Imagine some worst-case scenarios (Honestly I am not scaring you but this can happen to anyone). There are probable chances that a WordPress website becomes messy for its users, or some elements of the website are broken beyond saving or worst it just disappear into thin air. What will you do?

When you have a backup of your WordPress website, everything above is treatable. The only condition here is you must have the most recent backup so that you can restore your website to the latest.

Backing up your WordPress website is the most important step in WP maintenance. Create a task list and put backing up WordPress in #1 place there.

There are many scenarios where the backup is important. Your website hosting provider might keep a backup of your website. Imagine the server is down, and you cannot reach out to your hosting providers.

How are you going to retrieve the backup from them? You simply cannot. There is only one condition where you can retrieve a backup, which is by having a backup of your own. In this case, you can easily restore your website.

There are cases where hosting service providers may lose your entire backup. So, keep a habit of keeping a backup of your website handy in cases of emergencies.

● Regular Updation Is Necessary

It was the time when website used to be an element to built and forget. Now the time is different, with WordPress being used in the majority of websites, “set it and forget” is not an option anymore. R

egular update of WordPress core files is crucial for the security of your website. Regular updating of WordPress core files will ensure that your users and your website’s data are safe and sound. Update your WordPress core files, WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes regularly.

● Optimization Of Your Database

In layman’s language, decluttering your WordPress database. The first thing you need to understand is that WordPress website is database oriented content management system. All your posts, pages, and other website related details are stored in the database of the WordPress website.

Generally, your WordPress database is filled with all kinds of details and of course junk as well. All your deleted posts, post revisions, unapproved comments, etc are junk which you don’t need to store. Deleting these junk files from your WordPress database will enhance the performance of your WordPress website.

● SEO Maintenance

When we built a website, we want an audience. The search engine provides you that audience for free if done correctly. Search engines run on queries and if any query is relevant to your website then you rank higher for that query. SEO is ideal for a long-term haul of your WordPress website.

WordPress websites are pinnacle when SEO as they are well known for their SEO friendly nature. There are many WordPress plugins that can help you in maintaining your website’s SEO rankings.

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular among them. It will help you in covering all the SEO enhancing tenets of your WordPress website.

This includes all your meta titles, descriptions, and keywords. In addition to that, you must maintain a better copy of your website for the long-term stability of your website.

● Maintaining Website Page Load Speed

If you want your WordPress website to give long-term results, you need to focus on its loading speed. Once you maintain the page loading speed of your website, your audience will tend to stay on your website. This not only reduces your website’s bounce rate but also increases the quality of user experience.

Run regular speed tests to check your website’s page load speed. Also, you can install WordPress plugin for Content Delivery Network aka CDN. As a little addon, minify your CSS and JS codes for better speed of your website.

Conclusive Remark

One thing is for sure. Whatever you do in order to maintain your WordPress website, it is always insufficient. I don’t mean to discourage you but it is a cold-hearted fact which is out in the open.

I hope that you like the points and they will help you in increasing the stability of your WordPress website. Mention your points how you would bring kudos to your business via WordPress website. Adios for now./

Author Bio
This post is submitted by Evan Ross. He is a WordPress developer and a part time blogger. He works for, Best Web Development Company in Seattle. He is an admirer of sharing his innovative ideas with others on the technology trends.