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How to Redesign Your Website in Order to Improve Your SEO



Building a SEO presence for any website is hard work. The rate at which the Internet and businesses are getting glued together only makes maintaining a strong SEO position harder.

With that in mind, another aspect of doing business online is to create a website that is engaging, appealing and brings value to the consumer. This cannot be achieved without iterations to the website itself.

Paying attention to SEO while redesigning has to be considered as that is the part of your website that is the most fragile to sudden changes.

Changing your Content Management System (CMS), UI/UX or other technical tinkering a developer may opt for can impact severely upon the site’s ranking.

The question, in that case, becomes: “How to prevent that?” The answer isn’t short and easy, but the gist of the matter is that you have to tread carefully in order to maintain the quality of all of the websites parts.

It is quite understandable why most developers are careful when opting for this move. Organic traffic and rankings can impact the established value of the SEO.

Technical changes can create numerous bugs that hamper or demotivate traffic. Every minute offline is a tremendous cost to the website’s quality. This is why I will go through a couple of points that can prevent and even improve the SEO when it comes down to the site redesign.

Oversee the changes

This is probably the most important part of the article. Making mistakes isn’t something that is preferable in any business, but here, in particular, it can cause a lot of damage.

Since correcting errors when doing redesigning takes up significantly more effort to complete, paying attention to details goes a long way.

Aspects like keyword rankings, backlink count, speed/spam score and other SEO related metrics are crucial to monitor. Online tools exist and should be used for controlling how the metrics behave.

Do your work offline

When it comes to website development, always make sure you have an offline version that is used for testing purposes. This is a 101 advice to be fair, but working on a live website is so detrimental that it warrants a direct warning.

Just disabling a website is a subpar option due to the loss of incoming traffic. The optimal way to go about this is to create a website on a separate domain for testing purposes. This allows the developers and designers to work in their preferred way, effectively removing the risks of working on a live website.

Mistakes will happen, iterations will come and the hierarchy of work will collapse given enough time. Allowing these inevitable issues to correct is countless times easier to do with an offline site. Most developers treat this as a necessary standard when it comes down to website design.

Don’t tear down the foundation

Despite all the positive improvements you want to implement within your website, sticking true to the original idea of the website is vitally important. This is the most relevant point in regards to maintaining and improving upon the existing SEO ranking.

Mapping out the layout along with realizing what the bread-makers are when it comes to visitor interaction is vital when considering redesigning.

Having a fresh look that is reminiscent of your previous design isn’t an unachievable thing. If URL links to specific parts of the website don’t match with the former version, SEO will suffer.

This is mostly due to the URL not being updated via 301 redirects within the search engine. Organic traffic and customer trust decrease if such updates aren’t put in place.

Details go a long way

Once the redesign is completed and everything looks ready for launch, consider taking a look at details to ensure top quality for your website.

Optimize images for improved SEO rankings and compress them for faster loading along with the usage of meta descriptions. Search engine crawlers cannot work properly without correct configurations of the robot.txt files (very technical, but crucial).

Integrating all the cogs of communication (social media or other relevant links) between the business and the consumer is vitally important before launch.

Connecting all the parts is important for a steady stream of web traffic. Sharing content in an accessible way that is being hosted by a variety of platforms maximizes the engagement. Missing out on this is very short-sighted and can cause accumulative traffic damage.

Broken links have to be found and repaired. In case of lost traffic and damage caused to SEO, there are quick ways to replenish the lost rankings.

Working with SEO resellers can mend losses caused by errors in development, but this fix can only work with specific websites that aggregate or provide specific kinds of content.


A lot of work has to be put in a website redesign. Realizing the flaws, designing corrections and implementing solutions is a drawn-out process. Hopefully, some warning I’ve issued in this text can provide context to and possible solutions for emerging problems.

Redesigning is inevitable for any website. Carrying yourself through that process is manageable with the right precautions, the most important ones laid out in this article.

Find the right idea, right people and right time to take the step. Correct implementation is vitally important and, with the aforementioned points in mind, easy.

Free Coming Soon WordPress Themes for Under Construction Maintenance Mode Websites

Free coming soon WordPress themes
We have listed the best free coming soon WordPress themes in this article that can be used to create a coming soon website or any kind of landing page, or a website for your business.

It is crucial to have a coming soon page for your upcoming website so that you can keep your audience engaged and give updated information on your business. The themes mentioned below are worth mentioning because they all are handy to use and very easy to customize.

The themes mentioned below can be used to create a website or a coming soon page for politics, NGO, home improvement, actors, eStore, maintenance services, fitness, fashions, and candy shop. These all templates are free to use but it comes with some more outstanding features.

For example, you can create a coming soon page to inform your audiences about a new project going on as well as you can add a subscription form or social media profiles to it so that they can get connected to you if it’s urgent.

Free coming soon WordPress themes have a superb design with all required plugins compatibility features including countdown timer, skill bar, subscription and contact form, etc.

It is very crucial to have a trustworthy and professional design website for your coming soon page to leave a good first impression.

So here is the list of best free responsive and user friendly WordPress templates for your construction pages and business landing page.

Under Construction Maintenance – Free Coming Soon WordPress Themes

Activism Lite


Activism Lite is a clean and multi-use template that comes with new features and can be used to create a website for non-profit organizations, an online presence for a political candidates, and can be used for a good social cause. This template is adjustable on various devices because it is made fully responsive to devices and browsers.

If you want to gain user attention as soon as they land on your website then you can add high-quality images and small animations.

Each and every element presented in this template are nicely designed and optimized for retina ready display. Thus, the template is built with CSS3 and HTML5 technologies plus included with more than 1000+ Google Fonts options.

Features of Activism Lite are

  • Compatible with newly WordPress version
  • SEO optimized
  • Retina ready and HD ready
  • Revolution slider supportive
  • Smooth scrolling effect.

Decor Lite
Home Decor


Decor Lite is a simple and very easy-to-use free coming soon WordPress themes that included so many options and choices to create a perfect looking landing page or coming soon page for your business.

In a few matters of minutes, you will be able to create a fully functional website. A lot of customization option is provided to satisfy your needs.

This template is packed with some beautiful sections which can be used to express the motto of your business and allow people to view your past work.

In just one click you will be able t0 import the content to start creating a website quickly. You can even download other useful WordPress plugins directly from the WordPress dashboard including the slider revolution plugin, constant contact, Beaver, elementor, SKT page builder, contact form 7, testimonial plugin, and more.

Features of Decor Lite are:

  • Contact Form 7 Plugin Support.
  • Google Map plugin support.
  • Compatible to MailChimp Plugin.
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly template

SKT Actor Lite
SKT Actor


If you are looking for themes to exhibit yourself and display your work on the web then you will be able to discover that SKT Actor Lite is truthful to you.]

This template will help you to target your clients by showcasing your work in a professional manner. On the other side, SKT Actor Lite comes with some packed features that help you to get viewed on the search engine easily.

It can be also considered as an all-in-one solution as you can use this template to create an actor based website, coming soon page, and estore to sell products or items.

It will be easy to update your company logo, social media links, favicon, and slider images. To check the homepage demo click on the demo button.

Features of SKT Actor Lite are:

  • Easy to use.
  • Page builder support.
  • Alluring homepage.
  • One-click demo import option.
  • Contact Form 7 integration.

SKT Pottery Lite


SKT Pottery Lite is a free coming soon WordPress themes that you can use to create and sell handmade products online, for example, pottery, ceramic models, handmade flowers, and so on.

With the same template, you can also create a coming soon page. It has a few stunning features that will make the under-construction page a perfect one. It is also compatible with shortcodes.

SKT Pottery Lite is a fully responsive and user-friendly design that makes your website looks great on small screen devices like mobile phones and tablets.

This template comes with very useful plugins like page builder, woocommerce, WooCommerce Cart abandonment plugin, countdown timer plugin, and much more. It also provides simple to use options and helps you to build a great ecommerce website.

Features of SKT Pottery Lite are:

  • Retina ready.
  • WPML compatible.
  • Typography options.
  • smooth scrolling effects.
  • Header and footer options.

Junk Removal Lite
Junk Removal new


If you are responsible for providing services related to garbage collection, garbage removal, cleaning surrounding, planting tree awareness, and other environmental-related services then Junk Removal Lite should be the first choice of yours.

This will help you to set a great looking website and will provide a better solution to express your thoughts on a green environment. The template is compatible with the plugin to allow people to subscribe and get updates on their business regularly.

One can use this template to create a blog, magazine, personal website, or a new website on environmental and green businesses.

The template is created with nice green color so that you can target topics including zoology, conservation, nature, wildlife, science, and others. It is supportive of the Woocommerce plugin to help you in selling green products and other items online.

Features of Junk Removal Lite are:

  • Responsive design.
  • Popup plugin support.
  • New google fonts support.
  • Multilingual friendly.

SKT Plumbing Lite


SKT Plumbing Lite is a stylish service-based WordPress theme that can be used by a person who would like to provide online services including plumbing, cleaning, repairing, maintenance, gardening, etc.

It has an updated SEO optimized design and superb flexible features to make your business more reachable to every client. this template can be used by drainers, sewer repairers, plumbing contractors, house renovators, heating, and cooling contractors, and among others.

This template is created with the best SEO and W3C standards so you dont need to worry about its coding. As all know the importance of online marketing.

Thus the SKT plumbing Lite is created in such a way that you can add social offers and allow people to share your post with their followers.

The features of SKT Plumbing Lite are:

  • WooCommerce plugin support.
  • Mobile and desktop are friendly.
  • A good template for SEO.
  • Loads very quickly on every browser.

Catering Lite
Catering Lite


Catering Lite is a multipurpose template that has a beautiful and elegant homepage demo used for catering and food-related businesses.

It has a collection of beautiful elements that are easy to handle by a non-technical person. It has parallax effects which will provide you overwhelming experience while scrollings the homepage. The header section is very easy to handle.

You can update your customers with the latest work you have done plus you can share testimonials of your happy customers. Catering Lite comes with the integration of the WooCommerce plugin. Setting up the complete theme is very easy.

Features of Catering Lite are

  • Elegant typography
  • compatible with Gutenberg and other page builders
  • Booking plugin compatible
  • responsive design

IceCream Lite
ele ice cream


IceCream Lite is a wonderfully created WordPress template that comes with plenty of features, resources, plugins, and WordPress tools at your fingertips.

All of these features are provided to help you with the website creation process. Finally, you will be able o create dynamic, fully functional, responsive, and user-friendly WordPress themes in just a matter of minutes even without writing a single line of code.

It is a truly overwhelming WordPress theme because it is beautiful layouts and an attractive homepage demo to help you in creating an impressive website within a matter of minutes.

Tons of options are provided by default such as one-click installation process, woocommerce compatibility feature, and different free plugin support. It is also supported with the timer plugin.

Features of IceCream Lite are:

  • Support to WPML, and TranslatePress plugin.
  • Easy to use, and easy to maintain.
  • Smooth Scrolling effect.

Local Business Lite
local business


For WordPress users, Local Business Lite is the best free coming soon WordPress themes that helps you in creating a professional-looking website.

This template can be used by different businesses including corporate businesses, IT consultants, website development companies, business consultants, and others to avail their services on the internet.

Every element of this template are designed for retina ready display. The theme is built by fulfilling all WordPress standards and new HTML5 and CSS3 technologies.

It is included with beautiful color options, Google fonts, plugins, animations, and more. Thus the Local Business Lite is available for free of cost.

Features of Local Business Lite are

  • Endorse for all use social media icons
  • Flexible website and can be used for multipurpose
  • Developer friendly
  • Multilingual and translation ready.

Chocolate Lite


If you want to ensure that your coming soon page or your bakery business should look appealing, attractive on the web then Chocolate Lite is for you.

This is an ideal free coming soon WordPress themes for landing and coming soon pages to your WordPress website. You can add different kinds of content to your website including Google map, contact form, social media buttons, social sharing icons, call to action buttons, and many more.

You will get access to Chocolate Lite without spending money on it. The template is also compatible with woocommerce, elementor page builder, contact form 7, lazy loading, booking plugin, and other popular free WordPress plugins.

Features of Chocolate Lite are:

  • Shortcodes are compatible.
  • Support to googles analytics plugin.
  • Easy to upload a logo.
  • Included with homepage demo.
  • User is friendly in nature.

Ele Yoga Lite
ele yoga


Ele Yoga Lite is the most well-known WordPress themes because it offers so many customization options so that you can create any type of wellness and fitness website.

The best feature offered by this template is coming soon design and demo content. By clicking on the demo button you will be able to see its features and functionality provided by it.

Ele Yoga Lite provides the support for other responsive and drag and drops page builder that makes any person easy website creation.

It is also made compatible with plugins like booking appointment plugin to taking online appointments, woocommerce to sell products online, social sharing plugin to allow sharing of blog posts on social media accounts, contact form 7 to allow your audiences to get connected with you, and more.

Features of Ele Yoga Lite are:

  • Beautiful landing page.
  • MailChimp compatible.
  • Retina ready.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Appealing design and appearance.

Ele Fashion Lite
ele fashion


Ele Fashion Lite is a modern and trendy theme create by the team of SKT Themes to help you in creating a WordPress coming soon page and a website for fashion studios, clothing store, fashion designer,s and others.

It is a responsive design that makes you perform to perform well on other small and large screen devices. Ele Fashion Lite is very quick to get started and simple to understand. It has a one-click installation process and allows you to start customizing instantly.

To capture users’ emails you can add the MailChimp plugin to your WordPress dashboard. this will make your users updated with the latest trends going on and the update on stock availability.

It is a completely user-friendly and perfect design. you can click on the below button to get this theme downloaded.

Features of Ele Fashion Lite are

  • Smooth Scrolling
  • 900+ Google Fonts included
  • Developed with HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Retina ready display
  • HD ready
  • Translation ready

Some Effective Social Media Marketing Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Website

social media marketing tips

One of the chief reasons for making the most of social media marketing tips is for driving more and more traffic to your website. If you use this smartly, social media could become an amazing source of your website traffic that could assist you in establishing a blog or an online business successfully.

While running a fabulous social media campaign for driving more and more traffic to your site, you could be using the following social media marketing tips in an effective ways.

Incorporate the Site’s URL to All Your Social Media Accounts

You must make it a point to include a website link in all your social media accounts and profiles. This URL must necessarily point to either the home page or a very important page of the website.

Even though this sounds pretty obvious but in numerous cases, people have not bothered to include their site’s URL into their individual social media profiles. Incorporating a link into your social media profiles would be great for SEO purposes and would effectively get more and more traffic to your site.

Follow these easy-to-implement SEO Tips for your Website, If used properly, that can make a significant difference as to how your website will be ranked in major Search engine.

Use & Acknowledge the Value of Social Media Advertising

The number of social media users and social media pages are going up by the day. This is good news as more people will be viewing your posts. However, it becomes tougher to present your post to your followers.

An active user on social media would be following almost one dozen pages and several hundred individuals. However, the timeline could be only demonstrating a limited number of postings.

Facebook has changed their algorithm quite a number of times but they would be presenting your posts only to just a fraction of the people following you. The best way of incorporating your message to followers’ timeline is to effectively use Facebook advertising.

If you have an Instagram account, you can also invest in Instagram ads to give your brand a better exposure.

Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags could be generating an increased exposure to social media posts. You must learn and follow the existing best practices for effectively using hashtags.

You must make sure that you are using the hashtags correctly. You can also buy real Instagram likes to drive more traffic to your site.

Get In Touch With Industry Influencers

Devote some time to identify profiles that are regarded as the esteemed social media influencers in your industry. These are generally the accounts that boast of a huge number of followers, as well as, fantastic engagements.

You need to request them to promote your brand in their posts so that you can reach the millions of followers they have and bring them to your website.


What is the best way of drawing more and more followers? By reaching out effectively! You will get people’s attention if you make things easier for them so that they could share your content effectively.

Moreover, you need to post on a regular basis. Refrain from over promoting your products and respond to the likes and comments by followers. Follow these expert social media marketing tips for boosting traffic to your website.

Best Free Landing Page WordPress Themes

best free-landingpage-wordpress-themes

Are you looking for best Free landing page WordPress themes? If yes then you are definitely on the right place. Here I’m going to listing some extraordinary free themes that suits on your different different niches business websites.

Before I started, I want to ask one question what you see in any theme at the time choosing landing page WordPress themes?

Your landing page WordPress themes should have a call to action, It should be responsive, simple, functional, lightweight, and easy to use. These are the some major things which you have to consider at the time of choosing WordPress theme for landing page.

Here I’m listing you some amazing Free WordPress themes by one and only SKT Themes, They guys have done such a great work, gives their clients tremendous support and yaa some really marvelous theme collection as well. Here you go…!

Top Best Free Landing Page WordPress Themes

SKT Charity
SKT Charity is a super clean and attractive WordPress theme specially built for charity. This absolutely free theme comes with a vast number of customization features.

It offers you fully responsive layout, that is the must have feature for any theme. Apart from that It cross compatible with all possible browsers Google, Yahoo, Bing, safari etc. and provides you RTL and Multilingual support.

skt charity


IT Consultant Lite
IT Consultant Lite is a Free consultant WordPress theme, comes with such an minimalistic design. It cleanly coded with HTML5 and CSS3.

This functional WordPress theme is fully responsive and looks absolutely amazing on all kind of devices either laptop, desktop and mobile phones. If you are planning to set up any consultancy related website then this free theme quite a good choice.


SKT Construction Lite
SKT Construction lite is a construction WordPress theme enable you to create any kind of construction, real estate, architect and landscape website.

This fully responsive WordPress theme offers some amazing features that are enough to add functionality on your website. It’s based on WooCommerce and built upon Customizer API.

SKT Construction Lite


SKT Magazine
If you are planning to set up any magazine and news portal website and looking for the theme that fulfill your requirements then SKT Magazine is quite a good choice. SKT Magazine a huge amount of customization settings.

You can make any changes as per your need. This beautiful theme is cross compatible with all the major browsers, fully responsive and comes with amazing, eye catchy layout. Check it out now.

SKT Magazine


Recipe Lite
Recipe Lite is an free food WordPress themes gives you a great way to showcase the food and recipes in quite attractive way.

Recipe is based on HTML5 and CSS3 and comes with such an extensive number of customization features, such as 100% responsive layout, cross browser compatibilities, SEO friendly theme, multilingual support and RTL support and much more.



SKT Design Agency
SKT Design is the most cleanest and simplest free design agencies wordpress theme specially tailored for startup, agencies, portfolios and business websites.

This fully mobile friendly themes is looks fabulous on every kind of devices perfectly and you don’t need to hire any specialist for writing big codes. You can manage it by your own. The documentation is available as well.
design agency


High Tech Lite
If I talk about High Tech Lite, It’s absolutely free landing page theme which is based on WooCommerce.

It provides you such an eye catchy sliders, mobile friendly layout and include the Call the action, contact email gathering and simple design and super easy to set up. Which is must have features in any landing page theme.

high tech


Flat Lite
Want to set up an simple and sober Event website the checkout the Flat Lite, It’s really a professional looking theme based on HTML5 and CSS3. It uses Shortcode plugins and page builder plugins as well.

You can create any kind of simple to complex pages just in few minutes. Talking about it’s features, This theme has fully responsive design, cross reconcilable with all the possible browsers and devices.



Clean Lite
Clean lite is such a versatile multipurpose theme easily fits on business, startup, blog and portfolio websites come with rich typography.

It provides you some default sliders which shows animated sliders, attractive home pages layouts.

Clean lite s fully SEO and SMO friendly, as it supports and compatible with SEO plugins and gives social media icons and easy to use and customizable.



About the Author:

Naveen is a Digital Marketer by Profession, Blogger by Passion, and kind by nature. He is working with JoomDev – A Leading Joomla Template and WordPress Themes development company in India.

Apart from this, he loves to research and converts new ideas into reality.

Free WordPress themes for small businesses helps in cutting cost for struggling firm

Free WordPress Themes for Small Businesses Help in Cutting Cost for Struggling Firm

Where and when to cut costs when your business is struggling

No matter how hard the situation is, there are always solutions to solve the problem. So, every problem has its own exclusive solution. And, you have to quest for that one persuasive solution which will solve your problem. So, here in this post, we are going to discuss some of the strategies for small businesses.

Designing a website with the use of free WordPress themes for small businesses is one of the effective medium. By designing your own website you can showcase your services and products in an organized manner to a wide number of people.

Free WordPress themes for small businesses helps in cutting cost for struggling firm
Free WordPress themes for small businesses help in cutting cost for struggling firm


So, here is a list of some ways which one can adopt when the business is on the struggling phase.

  1. Made a strategy:

It is a prerequisite before you start investing on any of your business plans. You have to make a strategy of your estimated budget, how to do advertising and related facets. As without adopting any strategy, all your backbreaking efforts will squander. Always we need an effective plan so that all our team will unify their efforts in a specified direction.

It is the only way to get optimum results. Plans narrate the good and best results of the past and help to draw out future vision evidently. You are also aware of the fact that companies which adopt a plan and a strategy will never get into a predicament.

  1. Go for a partnership:

You can opt to do a partnership with well-known companies. Also, you can go for non-competing companies as it does not require much expense. In turn, you can do marketing in an effective manner. This also reduces your marketing expenses. You might have also seen such type of advertisements on television.

But, one most vital factor to keep in mind is that partnership will be collectively conducive for both of you. Designing your website with free WordPress themes for small businesses will help you to do marketing.

  1. Meet with the directors:

You have to arrange a meeting with the key people of the companies like a board of directors and others heads. By doing this, you can discuss the future prospects and how to resolve the present issues. And, in such a situation if you have in your mind any brilliant ideas then do not hesitate to discuss it with others.

For example, if you are come up with the idea of redesigning your outmoded website with the free WordPress themes for small businesses. Then, you can put forward your opinion.

  1. Keep an eye on gratuitous expenses:   


Where and when to cut costs when your business is struggling
Where and when to cut costs when your business is struggling


This is one of the best ways to cut cost. You have to go through the list of unnecessary expenses. It might be the plausibility that you have checked your budget a long time ago, so you have to recheck it. And, have to remove superfluous expenses if any. Consider, you have hired an advertising agency a long time ago but you no longer need it. So, you can stop paying them in case not needed. It is a possibility that there are many expenses like this in your budget.

  1. Can opt for virtual meetings:

If you have expanded your business in more than one country or state then you have to play wisely. It is obvious that you have to attend meetings with your clients. If in case, you have to do any meeting with your client then you can ask them to do on Skype.

This way, you can save your expenses of traveling. As we are a part of the digital era, so we can use new features in our free WordPress themes for small businesses. As a result, you have done with your work and you not even needed to pay any travel expenses.

  1. Build your online presence:

If you have not built your website yet then it is must to build your online presence. By this, you can save a lot of money. In the earlier time, it is much difficult to go online. But now, it is much easy to build your online presence. And, also you need not pay anything for this.

By designing your website, you can sell products online, you do not need any large infrastructure. All you need is a warehouse only to store inventories. And, if we talk about websites, then you can design it by yourself with the use of free WordPress themes for small businesses.

  1. Hire interns and inexperienced:               

Yes, we all know that experience plays a crucial role if you have to solve critical scenarios. But, think from the other side, hire inexperienced, freshers or interns and then train them for a month or two. They are eager to learn new things, enthusiastic and you can hire them by offering an elementary salary.

And, if you hire experienced professionals then you have to pay a large. So, a better option is to hire freshers and train them. Also, you can hire a few experienced professional to accomplish your strenuous projects or work.

  1. Be prudent while giving credit:

It is much possible that you take wrong decision while giving credits. In a hurry anyone can take a wrong decision but, in any business, you have to take decision wisely. Sometimes, people take decisions emotionally but even you have done a small mistake and have to pay a large.

Before giving credit to any company or anyone it is recommended to check the client’s credit background. And, have to take all the obligatory documents. So, if they are not able to pay you can claim for your credits.

  1. Use Open-source software:   

Instead of buying paid software you can go for open-source software. By adopting this, you can save a hefty amount which you paid for paid software. For example, if you are buying laptops or PC’s for your staff, you can buy the one without windows Operating system. You can install any other OS which is available for free or cost a bit cheaper like Ubuntu.

Wrap Up:

I have listed here some of the prominent ways for cost-cutting which you can adopt when your business is in the struggling stage. You can pursue these ways while redesigning your free WordPress themes for small businesses and thereby can cut costs to a great extent. As a result, you can manage your business in a better manner. Hope, you enjoy reading this post.


Free WordPress Themes For Nonprofits and Charity Organizations

free WordPress themes for nonprofits
If you are planning to start a charitable or non-profit organization to support a good cause then you will require a good-looking website to begin with your requirements. For non-profit related organizations, it is very important to have a website so that you can display your good cause, exhibit your motivational thoughts, conduct charitable activities, and accept donations widely.

Thankfully, Themes21 is here to help you to set up a website including all those features that you are looking for. We came up with the list of free WordPress themes for nonprofits that will permit you to inaugurate your firm to your audiences in the best conceivable approach.

What more you need when you are getting all the required features and functionality for free of cost.

What are the factors that should be considered while looking for in free non-profit WordPress theme?

The theme selection is a very crucial decision that needs to be done carefully. How your firm or organization appears on the web all depends on the template design. It makes all variations that how your visitors will respond to you and how you present your thoughts.

Basic features are listed below that are important and can enhance your website’s visibility, appearance, functionality, etc.

Customization Features
Speed Optimized
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Integration
Mobile-Friendly Design
Multi-Lingual Friendly
Support for plugins

The free WordPress themes for nonprofits we shared in this blog have all the features listed above which are very important to set up the best charity website.

Best WordPress Themes for Nonprofits Organizations (2020)

SKT Charity
skt charity


SKT Charity is a polished free WordPress themes for nonprofits and NGO’s related organizations which is the best solution for presenting your thoughts on the digital market.

This template consists of all the features that are needed to penetrate your services to the web world in a professional manner. It comes with good thoughts of homepage sections to exhibit your organizational activities and features. This template works best for foundations, charity, non-profit, and websites related to good causes.

SKT Charity looks well on every screen size because it is a super responsive WordPress theme. This template is also optimal for SEO, which will assist you in high rankings on search engines.

With a call to action, you get an attractive full-width banner specially designed to drive maximum user attention. To get donations you can add a donation button by integrating a suitable plugin.

Fundraiser Lite


Fundraiser Lite is a complete dynamic template. It has an impressive and wide homepage that helps you to setup a great user experience. It is a search engine optimized for getting higher rankings.

The fundraiser comes with so many sections that can be used to add crucial links such as donation page link or volunteer page. You can showcase details of your community by utilizing other section features. It has an appealing design that accepts high-quality images and colorful text area.

This template also can be used to place affiliates. Social media integration is already done. Thus you can add links to the profiles in different locations.

The template is supported with modern browsers and translation ready feature. so your viewers can access your website on any browsers. It is easy to customize and use. You must choose this template because it beautiful and can be enough for you.

Activism Lite


Activism Lite is another free WordPress themes for nonprofits organizations charities, NGO’s, churches, online fundraising websites, and so on. This template is very flexible, free, and responsive.

Thus customization process is kept very simple so that non-technical people can also create a website without knowing code or with zero technical knowledge.

The template is compatible with the WooCommerce so that your website will be capable of handling number of items made by children or old age persons.

It is also supported with high-quality features and translation ready feature so that any native speaker can view the content of a template in their native languages. It comes with limited customization options but they all are very useful and handy to personalize your website appearance.

Junk Removal Lite
Junk Removal new


Junk Removal is actually a service-based WordPress theme but one can utilize its feature to create a website that works for a non-profit organization.

One can use this template to express their thoughts on environmental, clean surroundings, fresh air, pollution, deforestation, and other good causes.

In simple and most comfortable methods you can start customizing the website right away. With easy navigation, users will be able to navigate the complete website very easily. Additionally, the template is totally optimized for good loading speed and search engine optimization.

To create a unique impression you can use high-quality images and text. The best thing about Junk Removal Lite is that it is compatible with top plugins such as Gutenberg, contact form 7, YoastSEO, elementor, WPBakery page builder, and so on.

Ele Pet Lite
ele pets


Ele Pet Lite is a free WordPress themes for nonprofits and a foundation that comes with various homepage sections and impressive design. This template can be used to run political campaigns and fundraising events.

Different useful plugins such as event gallery, contact form, booking, donation plugin work best with the template.

It comes with numerous Google Fonts that can be used to create or customize websites beautifully. It comes with shortcodes that can be used on your website to enhance functionality by just adding a line of code to anywhere you want to.

The template provides complete support to the slider plugin that helps you to exhibit your thoughts in an appealing way. The template also provides complete support to Google Map and social media plugins. Related to your organization you can show the interesting numbers like total volunteers your organization has etc with the help of the count down plugin.

SKT Recycle Lite
SKT Recycle Lite


One should use SKT Recycle Lite as it is the most versatile and flexible platform to consider. Even with this free WordPress themes for nonprofits, you can give distinct look to your website. It has a straightforward and clean layout. It comes with free demo content that can be imported in just one click and you can start customizing for a good cause right away.

No coding skills required to edit the settings. This template fulfills all the latest trends in website development to make sure that your website works well on all web platforms.

It has a full width and attractive section to showcase your top causes. One different section can be created for showcasing information on your organization in detail. The basic features of SKT Recycle Lite are SEO friendly, translation ready, multilingual, user friendly, and code-free.

Ele Nature Lite
ele nature


Ele Nature Lite is a beautiful looking free WordPress themes for nonprofits organizations. For a good cause when you raise awareness you can leave a positive impression on viewers and that is possible by creating an impressive website.

The right template will help you to represent your goals and values in an elegant way. If they find your website and your organizational motto valuable they will love to donate some amount to your firm.

To make customization you get access to a WordPress dashboard which is also handy for non-technical persons. In proper visible format, you will be able to place your contact information plus you can add links to your social media accounts. CTA is optional but it is important to keep your audience engaged with calls to perform required actions.

BabySitter Lite


BabySitter Lite is another best template that can be used to create websites for child education and child care facilities.

It is a completely responsive template that has come with many features to offer an appealing look and impressive feel that will ultimately help you to get donations and fundraising very easily. It is a free version which is suitable to set up a minimal, functional, and good looking website.

The template is very easy to use. Thus anyone from anywhere can establish a professional-looking website. It has the right number of features and functionality that will help to create a dashing website.

BabySitter Lite is different from others because it has ensured with all WordPress and coding standards. It also ensures to match all trendy design aspects to serve you as per your needs.

SKT Gardening Lite


SKT Gardening Lite is a non-profit WordPress theme. It is really designed to be fitted with all environmental and non-profit organizations. The template has many features to exhibit your services and motto related to the environment.

The theme is well code with the help of page builders which allow you to create a website seamlessly. You can choose fonts from 1000+ options to give unique look using the right typography. Via the admin panel, it is possible to translate each element.

It is supportive of the cross-browser platform making it adaptable with every type of device including desktops and smartphones. You will have the best options for customization because it is supportive with elementor page builder and other top site builders such as visual composer, WPBakery, Beaver, SKT builder, and more.

Play School Lite
Play School


Play School Lite is an education WordPress theme that can be used for free. This template is a good fit for non-profit organizations and non-profit governmental organizations which mainly work for good causes related to child and girls.

This template comes with so many shortcodes and sections that can be used to display your organization’s design and with great understandability.

The theme comes with an attractive and professional-looking header design that can be used for showcasing main menu pages and contact information. Social media links are also included with the template to allow your customers to connect with your directly on social media platforms.

To allow customers to take desired actions you can make use of call to action feature. The basic features of Play School Lite are colorful sections, Speed optimized, responsive, mobile-friendly, supported with contact form 7, page builder, slider plugins, multilingual plugins, and many more.

Agriculture Lite
agriculture - Professional WordPress Theme


Agriculture Lite is here to help you in approaching audiences for different goals with all conviction. Agriculture Lite is the right free WordPress themes for nonprofits to help you with the right direction.

Does not matter if you want to use this template to create a website for a fundraiser, NGO, charity organization, or anything else. It has all those features that help you with every stuff.

It ensures that you will be able to create an engaging page that will grow your audiences. It has impressive footer and header styles, responsive layout, supportive with Woocommerce, Gutenberg compatible, and more. Agriculture Lite is a multipurpose and ready to use a template.

It comes with so many inbuilt features but if you want you can integrate some more plugins through a WordPress dashboard that suits your organization or businesses.

Nature One
nature one


Nature One is crafted to assist you in awaking people around the world to make the world cleaner, save can create a beautiful website with great shortcodes and setting options.

The different environmental websites can be created for green earth organization, ecology preserving movements, organic life projects, save tress campaign, fundraiser website for animal saving, and much more.

Lots of features and functionalities are made available for free including revolution and layer slider, RTL ready, third-party plugin compatibility, multilingual languages, and more. It has special functionality known as a special donation feature that helps you in accepting donations online.

The basic features of Nature One are the latest WordPress version compatible, easy to use, easy to customize, WooCommerce shop, WPML, and PolyLang plugin support, SEO optimized, responsive, and retina ready images.

Ele Attorney Lite
ele attorney


Ele Attorney Lite is professional looking and modern template that can be used for both law companies and lawyers. Plus it can be used for non profit organization website.

Ele Attorney Lite is a completely independent template which has visually appealing design to spread your message related to law in a strong way.

It has a easy header, typography options, Google fonts, parallax scrolling and much more. The basic features of this template are multiple pages, compatible with Gutenberg and elementor, Responsive design, lightweighted, SEO ready, etc.

Free WordPress SEO themes for Building SEO Friendly Websites


The following free WordPress SEO themes are meant to serve the exact purpose beautifully.

For every website, SEO is the priority in today’s world. Every website owner wants to outshine the peers on the search engine to get organic traffic and grow the website exponentially.

Any website with these free WordPress SEO themes will get a higher position on any search engine naturally.

This will ensure more leads and more traffic on a regular basis without having to do much of work.

SKT Charity
skt charity


This is one of the most used free WordPress SEO themes for charity. The theme has all the features that a charity website requires. One can pay through WooCommerce plugin which allows all sorts of money card and internet banking. The design of the theme is cool, and there are sections to launch campaigns and attract more people to donate to the noble cause. It is fully responsive and there are contact forms of various plugins and call-to-action buttons. It is SEO-friendly so that it appears higher on the search engine and gets more donations.

SKT Towing

free towing WordPress theme


This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes for representing service centers for automobiles. It can be used by mechanics for a personal website to get hired easily. The color combination is perfect, and one can use rotary review plugins to show the reviews of the past clients. One can also use the service page to offer repair and maintenance related services that people look for. The theme is clean and has fast loading speed. The SEO-friendliness will help the person or company to outshine the competitors easily.

SKT Coffee
skt coffee


This is one of the amazing free WordPress SEO themes for coffee cafes and hangout places. People always look for these whichever place they go so that they can spend some quality time with friends and family members over coffee and snacks. The theme is beautiful and eye-catching. The color combination is soothing, and the UI elements are creative that increases the attraction. The theme has passed Google mobile-friendly test, and there are plugins social media integration and attracting more customers.

SKT Launch

free launch WordPress theme


When you are launching a new business or website, it is important to start on a high note. This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes that will ensure the same. You can start from a good position of search engine and use the SEO-plugins to write better content and go up the ranking. There are various new features on the theme, and everything is customizable. It is best for service providing with sections for showcasing past clients and works.

Beauty Spa Lite
free spa salon WordPress theme


Whenever you are creating a website for your store or center, it is important to get a higher position and outshine competitors. This theme is perfect for that purpose, and the outlook of the theme is very attractive ad modern. It is clean and flat in design which makes the theme load faster. It appears on the mobile screen beautifully and supports all the popular browsers. It has high SEO standard, and the coding has been done keeping the same in mind. It has translation support and various unique plugins installed.

CutsNStyle Lite
cutnstyle lite


This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes for a beautician or for selling beauty related products. It is compatible with WooCommerce and has beautiful plugins for slider and gallery. There is a blog section where you can write convincing posts to attract organic traffic and convert them into customers. There are options for online booking and appointment. The pricing table will help to show the prices and place buy option for direct transactions. The homepage has several animated options which increase the attractiveness of the theme.

Spirited Lite
Spirited lite


This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes for corporate activities and companies to showcase their works and services. The theme has a professional look, and everything is fully organized and clean in outlook. The sections, boxes, and blocks are well-designed to catch eyes immediately. It is responsive on all devices, and there are social media plugins to increase the reach among targeted audiences. You can place widgets in the sidebar and the footer. The theme also comes with several shortcodes for better content representation.

SKT Build Lite
Build lite


This is a theme to represent construction companies which will help them bag various new contracts and projects. The theme has a stunning look, and the slider is of premium quality. There are two menus on the top, and the topmost one has contact information with call-to-action buttons. There are spaces for sidebars, and the blocks on the home page are well-designed and have a hover effect. The theme will help the companies to get higher ranking on search engine result pages and get more leads easily.

Restaurant Lite


This is one of the best free WordPress SEO themes for restaurants. It can also be used by companies who have a chain of restaurants and proper brand for the same. The theme is absolutely stunning to look at starting from its sliders and the galleries. There are plugins to showcase menu card and order items for home delivery. It is needless t say that there are payment gateway and booking options. The layout of the sections is as per the requirement of the restaurants, and the menu option has a 5-level drop down to list of the items effectively.

SKT GymMaster


This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes for showcasing fitness center and gyms. This theme can also be used for gym instructors and personal trainers. The design of the theme is great, and the sections are well-organized. You can add any number of sections as per requirement. There are options to showcase video playlist and a dedicated section for offering the courses. It can be used for a personal or commercial purpose.

Choose any one of these free WordPress SEO themes and build your website around it. These free WordPress SEO themes have the design and the functionalities to become any website literally from scratch.

Free Yoga WordPress Themes for Yoga Teachers and Studio Websites


These free yoga WordPress themes have the look and the feel that will catch the attention and get more leads than ever.

In today’s world, yoga is fast becoming a part of living. People look for yoga instructors and centers online to learn the postures and techniques.

Every yoga instructor needs to have a website online so that everyone can find them easily.

The following are some of the best free yoga WordPress themes to design a personal or commercial website.

Free Yoga WordPress Themes for Yoga Teachers

Yogi Lite


This is one of the tailor-made free yoga WordPress themes on the list that requires no modification as such. But still, there are options for customization in real-time, and all the standard pages and plugins are available. It comes with a double menu option to showcase contact information and call-to-action buttons on the top to get more leads easily. It is mobile-friendly and has cross-browser support. It has a beautiful slider, gallery, and perfect color combination.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme


This is one of the free yoga WordPress themes for female yoga instructor or yoga centers which are meant for girls only. The design of the theme is exquisite, and it contains all the necessary features to become a classic website that people would love and trust at the very first glance. It has awesome fonts, translation features, and also passed Google mobile-friendly test. You can make changes to the theme in real time. The sidebar is widget-friendly, and the gallery is beautiful.

SKT Strong

free crossfit WordPress theme


This theme is meant for males though it could be used as a general theme as well. Yoga centers also offer gym services to men so that it becomes a whole body exercise to get the maximum benefits. The theme has awesome color combination, and the layout is very professional which would increase the trust factor and drive more customers. It is SEO and SMO friendly, and it can also have an e-commerce section to sell health products. There are plugins to show team members and client reviews. It is fully responsive and has multilingual support.

SKT Panaroma

free photogallery WordPress theme


This is of the free yoga WordPress themes with a full-width slider that can show yoga posture and services. The design is unique, and people are likely to love it. There are plugins for creating inner pages as per your requirement. One can make a booking and pay the fee in advance with the WooCommerce payment gateway. There are various page templates available, and the standard pages are already made. The gallery and slider have been given importance, and there are social media sharing plugins to spread the word faster.

Play School Lite

school WordPress theme


With this theme, a yoga instructor can showcase the school he or she has opened to teach young kids and adults to do yoga and enhance their lifestyle. The theme is colorful to attract kids, and there are sidebars to show attract offers and information. There are relevant plugins for creating knowledge base and tutorials so that the service of teaching yoga can be offered online as well. It is very simple and easy to manage from the backend. The design is flat, and the theme has fast loading speed.

Beauty Spa Lite
free lifestyle WordPress theme


This is one of the free yoga WordPress themes that can be transformed into yoga center easily. As a matter of fact, some of the yoga centers offer spa and beauty treatment because more and more people are attracted to spa and massage therapies. The design of the theme is perfect, and everything is well organized. It is fully responsive, and it has high SEO standards. There are various useful plugins like WooCommerce, advanced contact form, event calendars, advance appointment and other SEO and social media plugins.

Fitness Lite
skt fitness


This is one of the professional free yoga WordPress themes with the dark color design. It is quite creative in design and innovative in structuring. The sections are well-designed, and it is likely to create a trust factor. There are sidebars, and even the footer can have widgets. The footer looks extraordinary and will attract attention at once. It is a fully documented theme, and there are hover effects and color changing options.

Healing Touch
healing touch


Though this s a medical theme, it can be transformed completely into a yoga center website. All the necessary plugins and pages are already there, and hence, the labor will be the least. The sections are very creatively designed, and it is SEO-friendly and likely to help you outshine your competitors. There are advanced customizers and contact forms, and the theme is thoroughly checked for security loopholes. The menu option has a 5-level drop down to list various services and products.

I Am One

free one page WordPress theme


This is one of the best free Yoga WordPress themes on the list for the yoga instructor. The design of the theme with parallax background sets it apart from others. There are advanced sliders and gallery options. The sections are beautifully designed, and they are very eye-catching. It can be used as a one-page website, and it is one for the best-selling themes. Everything about the theme is perfect, and it is likely to give your more customers effortlessly.

Online Coach


Yoga is something that can be taught over the internet and hence, online services by the yoga instructors have become a regular thing. People can go live anytime as per appointment and learn the yoga and try them out as and when they get time. This also helps the yoga instructor to attend to as many people as she or he wants. There are options for booking and appointment, plugins for knowledge base and gallery for uploading tutorial and videos. The theme has great SEO value and social media integration to spread the services among targeted audiences.

If you already have a website, you should consider changing the theme with any of these free yoga WordPress themes and watch your site grow tremendously like never before. These themes are SEO-friendly to give your website more exposure on search engines and let potential clients find you easily.

Free Fastest WordPress Themes for Fast Loading Websites


Here are the best free fastest WordPress themes you should consider.

We are living in a fast-paced world where everything is literally happening at the speed of light.

With the emergence of super fast internet service, people ignore websites which have low loading speed. If a website sudden turns slow, it loses its loyal followers completely because no one has the time to wait long for a website to load. Therefore, it is important to have the fastest website possible so that it opens as soon as its address is typed.

Most of the websites are built using free fastest WordPress themes.

But certain free templates tend to be very slow.

It is time to replace them with free fastest WordPress themes that will help you score over your competitors.

Play School Lite


It is of the free fastest WordPress themes to setup a website for school and educational institutes. It is mainly for the kids, and it is colorful and comes with all the icons and decorative fonts. The color combination is eye-catching, and it is SEO friendly for more visibility of the site on the internet. It is lightweight and has a flat design which helps it to have lightning fast loading speed. You can have sidebars and widgets as per your requirement.

IT Consultant Lite


It is generally used for designing a website related to consultancy firm or personal website where the person is providing services and promoting them through the website. It has minimal design components and has pre-installed cache plugin for faster loading speed across all web pages. The theme is tailor-made for e-commerce site because of the integration of WooCommerce plugins. It also has social media integration and passed Google mobile and speed test.

SKT Parallax Me
parallax lite


This is a great WordPress theme which is innovative in layout and creative in designing. It has all the functionalities one would ever require because it is compatible with all the plugins. The sliders and galleries are awesome and backgrounds of each section have parallax effects. A separate blogging section provided and you can have as many as ten different sections on one page including the home and inner pages. It is lighting fast and has translation support.

Perfect Agriculture Lite


If you are an owner of an agriculture based company or simply want to sell agricultural products and foods, this is the best you can find. It is one of the free fastest WordPress themes, and it has passed Google speed test. It is faster than most of the popular websites in the world. It is retina ready for all devices and green is the theme color which is changeable. With its pro version, you can get amazing shortcodes and icons to add more beauty effortlessly.

SKT Simple
SKT simple


It is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for various purposes according to requirement. It has super fast because it has a minimalist design and clean layout. The coding has been done in an optimized way so that the speed of execution is highest. Apart from that, it has all the features and functionalities for a personal or professional website. There are multiple variations available for headers, footers, templates for pages as well as different sections on the pages.

Restaurant Lite
free restaurant WordPress theme


If you want to put your restaurant online through a website and get local and global customers easily, this is the best theme for you. It is one of the free fastest WordPress themes on the list and it is faster that most of the websites exist on Earth. All the functionalities require in a restaurant website are already present along with sample content. There is a blog section which you can use to your advantage to recommend items for the visitors to try out.

SKT Charity
skt charity


SKT charity is one of the free fastest WordPress themes for collecting donation or representation NGOs. It is also used to set up campaigns by celebrities to raise money for treatment for kids and helpless people. It is mobile friendly and responsive on all screens. It has some of the best gallery plugins and comes with all the necessary pages. It is social media friendly and has intuitive navigation options.

Yogi Lite


This is a stunning theme for a website on lifestyle blog or beauty and spa center. The color combination is truly awesome and the loading time is absolutely negligible. It is completely flat and comes with hundreds of icons for better representation of content. The theme has portfolio pages in case you want to show your products and services or video demonstration. Multiple variations in content representation boxes are present. It also has WooCommerce installed for direct purchase.

SKT Corp
skt corp lite


SKT Corp is a business theme with super fast loading speed. It has passed Google speed test as well as various other tests on different websites. The ultimate result shows that it is one of the free fastest WordPress themes when it comes to representing a business online. It is super clean and modern. It has all sections on the homepage like about us, services, testimonials, contact us and likewise. You can also create inner pages and design them with any standard page builder.

Spirited Lite
Spirited lite


It is very lightweight but full of features. The color combination is cool, and you can change it with its pro version. The fonts are standard and there are icons available with fonts. Unlimited fonts and icons are available with its premium version. It has some of the best contact form plugins to use in contact us page for booking, general mailing as well as for creating call-to-action option on the homepage. You can make the changes to the theme live, and it is fully documented for advanced customization.

All the standard pages are available, and it is ultra-fast and uses cache plugins for faster loading of web pages the second time someone accesses your website. It is basically a company website related theme to showcase services and products.

These are the best free fastest WordPress themes with all the functionalities that any general WordPress theme provides. Start using them for your websites and see the difference in loading speed by taking a speed test.

Best Free Clubs WordPress Themes for Fitness Websites

Free Clubs WordPress Themes

Different peoples have different hobbies like dancing, parties, discos, bands, nightlife, jockeys and many more. A numbers of websites have been created for various business purposes but what about the hobbies and clubs related websites.

Are you interested in such types of hobbies and clubs and looking to start creating websites for the music club, drama club, a religious club, artist’s clubs? Then you found the right place to get it started.

We provide the best Free clubs WordPress themes consist of a bundle of features that you can integrate on your website to get high performance in terms of functionality.

All the Free clubs WordPress themes that are listed below are a multipurpose, customizable, responsive, clean, professional look, and elegant.

Ele Yoga Lite
ele yoga


If you are looking to create a simple website for your gym studio or fitness club then any ordinary free WordPress themes for clubs and organizations will do the work but if you are looking for some extra functionality and outstanding design features then Ele Yoga Lite will be the best suitable for you. It has some customization options to build a website as per your business niche.

It has a readymade homepage demo that can be used by fitness trainers, life coach, fitness studio, gym website, and more. Without zero coding knowledge, you will be able to modify the website content. The theme is supported by different page builders and other well-known plugins. It is eCommerce ready, translation ready, multilingual, RTL support, and among others.

SKT Actor Lite
SKT Actor


SKT Actor Lite is another free template that allows you to explore your skills or talent widely. The template comes with the support of PolyLang, which is the wordpress tool that allows you to translate your website into multiple languages. Some other features of the SKT Actor are logo, color, smooth scrolling effects, GPL ready, multilingual.

The content on your website will load quickly as it has been optimized with all wordpress standards and used clean and lean code. you can edit content in real-time with the wordpress customizer option. Some stunning features of SKT Actor Lite are WooCommerce, one-click demo import, cross-browser compatible, handheld device supported, and among others.

Ele Spa Lite
ele spa


Ele Spa Lite is the most beautiful and charming free WordPress themes for clubs and organizations. This theme has combined with so many strong features to make sure your website is visible on popular search engines and accessible on every device and browsers. With its fresh and impressive layout design, and wellness and spa club will have a remarkable and professional online presence for their businesses.

Different functionalities are easy to add to your website. for example you can create a website in such a way that it will allow your clients to enroll for online classes. This feature will make sure your business is running smoothly. It has social media integration to connect your business with social friends. It has provided the proper space to add information about your physical fitness and health club.

Modelling Lite
Modelling Lite


Modelling Lite is specially created for people looking to showcase their talent via an online platform. This theme can be used by an individual such as actors, producers, directors, or an agency such as filmmakers, dance academy, acting studio, etc. It has a focused design and comes with a feature that permits you to add extra details on classes, events, schedules, opening hours, etc. It is more suitable for non-tech users as well as intermediate users.

The demo comes with an amazing homepage that catches more user attention from customers. The header section is supported by the slider plugins so that you can add impressive slider images to spotlight your talent and skills. However, Modelling Lite is best to boost your brand.

Martial Arts Lite
martial arts


Martial Arts Lite works best on every screen size. It has a stylish layout, homepage demo, and more features that are required for any sports and fitness industry. Now designing a professional-looking website is possible with Martial Arts Lite even without knowing a single line of code. Fonts, colors, and more flexible options are provided to exhibit your business online presence beautifully.

The template is beautifully designed from start to finish that provides a professional look for your business. Some of the best features that come with this template as a default are compatible with Gutenberg and another well-known page builder, social media integration, contact form support, SEO ready, GPL ready and among others.

Beauty Spa Lite
free beauty spa WordPress theme


Beauty Spa is a well-mannered, well-coded, and well-designed free WordPress themes for clubs and organizations. you can use this template to create a website for fitness, health, spa, and saloon. The template is supported by WP customizer so that you can view changes in real-time. The template is coded as per wordpress standards so that your website get rank on search engines like yahoo and Google easily.

Mobile-friendly, optimized for speed and SEO, beautiful sections, plugin compatibility, and among others are the top features of Beauty Spa Lite. In the future, if you would like to add eCommerce functionality to your service-based website then it is also possible as the Beauty Spa is totally supportive of the WooCommerce plugin.

Adventure Lite
free sports WordPress theme


Adventure Lite is a seamless and professional-looking WordPress theme mainly useful for sports club and wellness organizations. The template goes perfectly with fitness, Crossfit, gymnastics, gym master, fitness coach, and among others. Because of its flexibility and customization options, it can be also used for other niches. Every section created is easy to understand and simple to handle.

The template is SEO friendly in nature that makes sure your website’s Google ranking is good. It is supported by some amazing features including call to action button. Contact form plugins, SEO plugin, breadcrumb, and caching plugins. To make your homepage sections more appealing and attractive, the right Google font, colors, and high-quality images can be used. Some basic features that come as a default are social media integration, multilingual friendly, translation ready, shortcodes compatible, easy installations, one-click importer option, and among others.

Free Wine
free wine WordPress theme


Free Wine is a modern, elegant, and free WordPress themes for clubs and organizations. The template is most useful to exhibit wine shop companies, grape farm, wine restaurants, wine steward, night club, and wine blogs. With Free Wine, you will be able to create easy to customize websites with essential features added to it.

To make your theme more useful and easy to use, it is made supportable with the best wordpress plugins including SEO plugins, multilingual plugins, page builders, translation plugins, WooCommerce plugins, and more. Some more plugins are supportive with the template that will enhance your website performance and help you to start monetizing.

Fitness Lite

free fitness WordPress theme


Fitness Lite is the top Free clubs WordPress themes as you can create your own website by customizing this theme as per your choice. This theme consists of Gutenberg functionality that allows you to drag and drop any elements that you need. No need to write any type of code. Hence this theme is very easy to use and handle.

Different type of business can use this website for getting presence through the internet. such as fitness centers, personal trainers, personal and public Training, weight loss clubs, fitness magazine, nutrition clubs also clubs related to entertainments such as music club, dance club, DJ club, etc can get into an online business by creating a website.

SKT Complete

skt complete


SKT Complete is a complete free package of classic features. This theme supports the true visual editing means the changes happening in the theme can be viewed in real-time with the help of preview option.

This theme design is much responsive in nature and easy user interface. It is a very simple and clean theme that can be used by small clubs and startups. Business like small club blogs, restaurants, start-up clubs, law firms, real estate, dance club can create a website.

It hides the complexity level and stores the code that is useful. Therefore a nontechnical person can also handle this theme very easily.

SKT Consulting

SKT Consulting WordPress Theme


SKT Consulting is very clean, modern, customizable and flexible free WordPress theme.

This theme can be used to create a website for a business like banking, consultancy, small firms, etc. This is a multipurpose WordPress theme that uses simple and clean code.

Social media icons are integrated into the bottom to stay connected with users and clients. More than 9 services can get a display in the service section to get more information about your business. and upto 5 slider options are provided to make the website more attractive. 7 header menus are provided in the header.

SKT Full Page

free fullscreen WordPress theme


SKT Full page is a full-width website template that is integrated with AMP plugins that allows a user to read-only. The website owner will have control over it to set the website as a read-only or not.

The designing part of this theme is totally different because this theme is divided into 2 section header at the left side and sections on the right-hand side. Social media icons are also provided by default. But it is your choice if you want to have access to it or not.

Free clubs WordPress themes are supported by various plugins like WooCommerce to make a website online store, translation plugins to make a website multilingual, security plugins to make a website secure, and SEO plugins to make a website ranked on the top of the search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc.


SKT Gym Pro


SKT Gym is all related to the fitness club, gym club, health club, event clubs, and many more.
With the help of this theme, you can sell some gym equipment, health supplements, instructional videos, workouts plans, etc.

a. SEO plugins like rank math, Yoast, and All in ONE SEO.
b. Contact form plugins like contact form 7, ninja forms, WP forms, and caldera.
c. Sharing plugins like mashshare.
d. Multilingual plugins like polylang and WPML.

These plugins work astonishing.

Perfect Golf Lite

perfect-golf WordPress Theme


Perfect Golf Lite is one of the best Free clubs WordPress themes that is used to create a website related to the sports agencies such as prestigious clubs and exotic tournaments, golf club Badminton club, Cricket club, Football club, and Yoga club.

This theme supports the retina image ready feature that one can use high-quality images to highlight more service through images. WooCommerce plugin is supported so that one can promote some products. Homepage with 5 slider options are given, call to action is provided at the top of the header with social media icons.

SKT Meditation

Meditation WordPress theme


SKT Meditation is light weighted Free clubs WordPress themes for a gym, health care, salon, spa, yoga training, fitness club, personal trainer, meditation, sports studio.

You can get more user engagement through visual effects that can be done by adding elements like video, images, banner, multimedia, etc. While creating a theme the special focus has been given to the mobile-friendliness so that most of the user can access the website via mobile phones. Also, the theme is much responsive to desktop computers, tabs, tv, and many more.

SKT Cafe



SKT Cafe is created nicely by adding all the features that business needs. Call to Actions have been provided at the top of the header section to get users connected in a single mouse click.
Free clubs WordPress themes theme is AMP plugin compatible means any user not having internet connection can also read the blogs very easily. It will not load any images just will load content without the internet.

Different slider option is provided in the homepage banner section. One can make it dynamic in nature by adding read more or contact us button. Different Blogs, Galleries sections can be added.

Event Planners

free event planner WordPress theme


Different event planners like event agency, wedding planners, seminar, conference, meet-up, festival, business, as well as clubs like event clubs, gym club can make use of event planner themes.

The best part is that this free theme is created by adding a nested commenting feature that helps you to view comments in the nested form. Different plugins can be used to enhance the functionality of the website.

Free Doctor WordPress Themes for Medical and Health Websites


Free doctor WordPress themes for both medical and health sites have been discussed.

It takes quite a long time to become a doctor but it could take longer to get the desired number of patients if you are not available on the internet.

All the popular doctors have an online website where patients can make an appointment easily. Most importantly, local and global patients can discover a doctor when they search for him or doctors belonging to his category.

To have a website online, you need to use WordPress as a platform because there are so many ready-made free doctor WordPress themes.

All you need to do is buy the hosting space and install WordPress and the desired free doctor WordPress theme.

Then you can modify the content and images easily without any technical knowledge and it is ready to conquer the world.

Here are the most beautiful free doctor WordPress themes you must consider.

Free Doctor WordPress Themes for Medical and Health Websites

SKT Toothy
SKT toothy new


This is an ideal theme for dentists though it can be modified for any specialized doctor. It can also be used for clinics and hospitals. It is well-documented to find and edit each component easily.

SKT Toothy comes with default slider and WooCommerce support for the monetary transaction during advance booking. The variations for header and footer section can be utilized creatively for promotional purpose and captivate any visitor immediately.

SKT Handy


It is one of the best free doctor WordPress themes that are on the list. It has perfect color combination, sample text, and provisions for each and every component you want. It is very easy and simple to customize with the live customizer.

It is compatible with all page builders which you can use to make inner pages as and when required. It has many call—to-action options which are vital for any medical related website so that people can reach you instantly.



Even though it is one of those free doctor WordPress themes you are looking for, it looks and feels like a premium WordPress theme. It has beautiful sectional components to list your services and medical packages.

It is clean and modern and due to a black background, it has become stunningly eye-catching. It is retina ready and compatible with all browsers and devices of all sizes.

There are certain shuttle animations on the homepage along with awesome galleries. Most importantly, it is SEO friendly and it will give you more exposure and visibility on the search engines to reach out to your targeted patients easily.

Healing Touch Lite
healing touch


It is one of the perfect free doctor WordPress themes that have everything in place to get started instantly. It is also SEO friendly with coding done according to the proper standard and supports SEO plugins.

You can integrate social media section effortlessly. It is mobile-friendly and loads at a faster rate due to the presence of cache plugins. The designing components are grand and overall it gives a feeling of a premium website.

SKT Pathway
skt pathway


SKT Pathway is definitely one of the most useful free doctor WordPress themes of them all. There are six different section of the homepage which you can edit and add more sections.

It comes with advanced contact forms for booking. You can add as many inner pages as you want with page builder.

There are multiple layouts such as full width, no sidebar and either side widgets and sidebars all of which are useful for different types of representation of website depending on what to show on the site.

Online Coach


Even though the name and theme are not tailor-made for a doctor’s website at the first glance, but it is very useful for doctors who want to give online treatment and counseling of distant patients. It is preferable for doctors who treat people with minor physical ailments or mental distress.

Therefore, it comes with WooCommerce integration so that patients can pay through the website. It is also widget friendly through which you can show many offers.

It also has a blog section where you can upload engaging posts for attracting more patients who would find your articles useful.

I Am One


This is another free doctor WordPress theme to showcase the individuality of a doctor. It has some beautiful gallery and slider options. There are so many different sections on the homepage that it would serve everything in one place without messing up.

It is good for online counseling and therefore, WooCommerce support will come handy to accept counseling fee directly through your website.



This is one of those free doctor WordPress themes that are perfect for female doctors attending to only female patients. It is responsive and mobile friendly and anybody can access it from any device.

It loads faster than others and the navigation is very easy due to a wide range of menu options. It also has translation support to cater to different categories of patients.

It is widget friendly and anybody can change any designing component without technical experience. Furthermore, it has WooCommerce integration for advance booking with payment.

Gravida Lite


This is not one of those ready-made free doctor WordPress themes with relevant sample content for your dental care blog. But it is a multipurpose theme with an awesome color combination that will show your services better than others.

It has some amazing sliders with innovative transition effects and it is compatible with every standard plugin to enhance its functionality. All the standard pages are present so that a visitor can leave with full satisfaction.

Clean Lite


It is very simple and easy to set up and edit with live customizers. It is user-friendly with a lot of white space and social icons with powerful menu options for easy navigation. It is widget friendly and has plugins for gallery and portfolio.

It is also SEO and mobile friendly. Therefore, local customers who search for doctors through their smartphones are very likely to discover you. There are several shortcodes available for beautification and embedding testimonials to increase trust factor.

Do not miss out using these awesome free doctor WordPress themes to showcase yourself as a doctor who could be approached by anyone and anytime. Get more patients like never before and quickly climb up the ladder to become a popular doctor in the town.

19 Free Minimalist WordPress Themes for Minimalist Style Websites


There are various free minimalist WordPress themes available for creating different kinds of website.

Gone are the days when websites used to be heavily designed with graphics and everything in one place. In today’s world, most of the websites have a minimalistic design.

These free minimalist WordPress themes appear wonderfully on all mobile devices and browsers. Moreover they have stunning design as well that the visitors will find quite attractive.

Free Minimalist WordPress Themes for Minimalist Style Websites

Activism Lite



Activism Lite is a new all-purpose and free minimal WordPress themes that can be used for the petition, social activism, social change, and wildlife protection. This theme has the right collection of features that are required to make your website popular, effective, and bright from every aspect.

It comes with the homepage demo for creating social activism website in just a few clicks but you can change its demo content as per your requirement. It is 100% responsive and scored an “A” grade in speed testing as it is optimized correctly.

The template is totally compatible with donation plugins that will accept donations all over the world. If you are a newcomer then you can use drag and drop page builder to start customizing the content.

Decor Lite

Home Decor


Selecting Decor Lite will be a great decision if you are looking to promote your interior designing and architectural related services online. Decor Lite has all the elements and features which are required to promote your remodeling services widely.

Like you can market your services as well as you can sell kitchen furniture online by integrating the WooCommerce plugin. To grow your business you can upload high-quality images of your products or services on your website.

You can control your website look by adding the right slider plugin and page builder. All popular plugins are compatible with the template so you dont need to worry about enhancing functionality even if you do not know how to code.

SKT Actor Lite

SKT Actor


SKT Actor Lite is another free minimal WordPress themes that can be used by an actor, designer, model, producer, director extra to create their own portfolio and share with among others. in Short, SKT Actor can be used for talent management, artistic showcase, and photography too.

One should use this template to showcase their portfolio and explore opportunities available for them. Various plugins and elements are supports for creating appealing and completing web pages. To display different photos, a slider plugin can be integrated. Event calendar plugin, booking form plugin, appointment plugins, and among others are supported and work great with SKT Actor.

Different agencies and users will be able to view information on the specific actors on their mobile phones and can book them for the next event.

SKT Pottery Lite



Does not matter which type of handmade product you are looking to make them sell, you will find SKT Pottery Lite to be the most helpful and high-rich featured WordPress theme that satisfies your basic website needs.

SKT Pottery Lite is best for all types of craftsmen, accessories, artwork, and artists to showcase their talent and start getting revenue in less time and effort. The demo content is actually made for promoting the pottery business but you can modify content as per your needs.

Your website content will appear good on any mobile devices and other platforms. You can shine on the web by adding best selling items on the homepage slider to promote it. For marketing, you can also utilize the features of social media share and social media icons.

Junk Removal Lite

Junk Removal new


Junk Removal Lite is a Junk Removal Lite is a free WordPress theme that can be used to market your junk removal and clean environment-related services. This template is compatible with various plugins that can be used to capture leads from the targeted location.

The template has a call-to-action button on the top that can be used by customers to get connected with the service team. You can add details on junk removal offers and discounts on the header section to get more customers diverted to your business. Social sharing icons and social media buttons are available to get in touch with customers on social media.

Basic features of Junk Removal Lite are multiple sliders, user-friendly, multi-language support, responsive layout, all screen sizes are suitable, widgetized sidebar, and more.

SKT Plumbing Lite



If you are looking for a smart website to explore your services related to plumbing then SKT plumbing Lite is for you. This template has a wide range of features that are stunning and suitable for exhibiting services in a professional manner.

The template is SEO friendly and optimized for good performance and speed. The theme is also best suitable for handyman professions, carpentry, painting, and electricians. It has easy customization options by integrating a page builder that comes with drag and drop functionality too.

It comes with more than 1000+ Google web fonts, a wide range of icons, a professional layout appearance, and a user-friendly template. The template is HTML and CSS validated and works better with the updated version of WordPress and PHP. Revolution slider, contact form, Yoast SEO, Caching, and other free plugins work well.

Catering Lite

Catering Lite


Catering Lite is a highly powered free minimal WordPress themes. The template gets loads very quickly as it was made by considering its performance. You can select different typography and colors to style your website as per your need. It is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.

Different content can be added to make your website informative. You can add content such as drinks, menus, food items, etc. The template comes with a default banner section which can be replaced with your business pictures.

If you are looking to run a reservation module then it is also possible by adding a reservation table plugin or booking plugin. you can also add an eCommerce plugin to sell newly created dishes or recipes.

IceCream Lite

ele ice cream


IceCream Lite is a superb and beautiful looking free minimal WordPress themes that can be used for multi-purpose. The template is created especially for ice cream parlor, juices, and shakes, and bakeries so that they can promote their mouth-watering dishes widely. it comes with a cool slider on the homepage, an attractive header, an appealing gallery, valid CSS and HTML code, smooth animations and much more.

It supports different typography styles to make your website more appealing and attractive and follow new web trends. The template is SEO friendly and gives awesome performance while loading the website content. The template is coded by following all SEO and WordPress standards to give outstanding performance on the web.


free minimal WordPress theme


This is one of the best free minimalist WordPress themes and the design is simply stunning. It has shuttle animations on the homepage and the color combination is awesome. It comes with page builder and customizer to edit the design and create stunning pages with page templates. You can use different fonts as it comes with plugins for the same. There are social media integration plugins and NextGen gallery is looking great. The main attractions are the sections on the homepage and there are beautiful buttons and icons available to design the website the way you want to.

Clean Lite

clean lite


Clean Lite is a fully responsive theme with SEO support. You can create any casual or professional website with it. It has an amazing gallery and portfolio plugins. Apart from that, there is support for social media integration. It is clean and has minimal graphical design and hence, it loads very fast. It is also translation ready and the footer section is full of widgets. One can also use the theme to sell products and accept payment through the payment gateway.

Bizness Lite

Bizness lite


This is one of the best free minimalist WordPress themes for creating business websites. It is mobile friendly and has very fast loading speed which will create a good impression. There are call-to-action buttons and the sidebars can have various useful widgets. The theme options in the backend will let you make a lot of changes and various necessary pages are available. There is also a blog section on the theme to write engaging articles and attractive potential clients and customers.

Naturo Lite

Naturo Lite


This is one of the free minimalist WordPress themes for construction-related websites. It is very easy to set up and customize later. It has awesome service and portfolio pages and plugins to captivate the visitors and increase lead generation. The theme is thoroughly checked for all security loopholes and it is fully responsive. It is supported on all devices and browsers and it is SEO and SMO friendly.

SKT Wine

free wine WordPress theme


This is a great theme for showing food related website. It could be an e-commerce site to sell food products with call-to-action options and payment gateway. It is great for its social media integration and the website can go viral easily and attract a lot of local customers and increase territory through social media marketing. The color combination is great and it comes with pricing table for all the products. Furthermore, shortcodes can be used to represent beautiful content to captivate the visitors.

IT Consultant Lite



This is one of the free minimalist WordPress themes for a personal website like consultant, advocate, and likewise. There are plugins to upload videos and show skills. The slider is also available to highlight different works and achievement. One can also provide online service and accept payment through WooCommerce. You can make changes in real time and there is an advanced contact form to making appointment or booking.

SKT Toothy

SKT toothy new


This is a theme for medical-related purposes like a dental clinic. It comes with stunning portfolio plugins and the homepage design is great to create trust and make bookings. One can also pay some money in advance for appointment through the site. The services and other important blocks can be highlighted. The menu option is a 5-level drop down and there is a section for blogging and highlighting skills and illustrating the need of the services offered.

Wedding Lite

free wedding WordPress theme


Wedding Lite is a beautiful theme that can be used to showcase the entire event of wedding. It can also be used by wedding agencies to provide different services like photography, event management, and photography. The homepage is quite unique in design and it has slider and gallery plugins which are the most important parts of the theme. The color combination is changeable and the design is totally editable.

SKT Bakery

skt bakery


This is one the best examples of free minimalist WordPress themes where the website is stunningly beautiful in spite of having a minimalist design. The slider is awesome and the blocks and boxes on the homepage are stunning. There are fancy fonts available with the theme and it can be used for any food related website for selling them or showcasing. The footer is also beautifully designed and there can be many widgets present.

SKT Simple

SKT simple


This is a great theme with beautiful design and layout. It is can also be used as one-page theme and there are many sections on the homepage already present. Furthermore, there can be a sidebar with widgets and more than 25 widgets are already present. The theme is elegant and responsive and it is compatible with all the standard plugins like WooCommerce, event calendar, portfolio, service, and pricing table to name a few. The header image and background of the sections are completely changeable.

SKT Condimentum



This is one of the multipurpose free minimalist WordPress themes and it can be used to create any heavy website for the professional purpose. It has cross browser support and amazing menu, category options, and blog section. It can also be used as an online shop because there are plugins for listing products and price and accept payment.

It is supported on all mobile devices and browsers without distortion and it is completely documented for advanced users to do editing as per requirement. It supports the latest version of WordPress and it checked for security issues.

These are the best free minimalist WordPress themes available for design any type of website with ease. They are going to help you get a lot of local customers as they are mostly mobile users and these free minimalist WordPress themes are tailor-made for mobile devices.