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Best Marketing Tools to Use on Your WordPress Site

Best Marketing Tools to Use on Your WordPress Site

Best Marketing Tools to Use on Your WordPress Site

Gone are those days when people used to advertise their business, service, and products via traditional marketing tools. Nowadays experts are using advanced techniques to advertise their brands. A site made from WordPress themes free without marketing tools will dependably resemble a warrior without weapons.

That is the reason after you launch your website, you have to figure out how to make it visible on the internet. How? Given below are some of the essential marketing tools that you will need to start utilizing for your WordPress website right now. One will need these for their website to work more efficiently, optimize your marketing tools and help you to get better results faster.

1. Google Analytics
All good marketing tactics are rooted in data. Google Analytics is the go-to source for all things details. It gives one a lot of insight information about the visitors that come to your website and their particular behavior. With this tool, one will be able to track their visitors’ actions on their website and can also know what they are up to.

To be progressively explicit about what you can discover with Google Analytics well, kind of everything. For example, like the total number of clients in a given period, page views, sessions and pages per session, bounce rates, most popular posts or pages, conversion, and so on.

As Google Analytics is a free tool, thus it can be included with your WordPress website through a simple embed code provided by Google.

2. SendinBlue
Email is still the best when it comes to marketing. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies, for making people engage and come back to your websites made form WordPress themes free.

SendinBlue has a user-friendly and easy to use dashboard, where one can carefully keep their email drafts and user lists. You can likewise utilize it to send your marketing email, transactional email, and even mobile messages.

Once you have sent an email, you will get all the reports and the details, so you can see what works for the website and what doesn’t work. Open rates, click rates, client’s engagement data. SendinBlue is a paid tool, but it also comes with a free plan.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast
Yoast SEO is the most well-known WordPress plugin or marketing tools when it comes to SEO, and it’s totally free. In reality, it is a standout amongst the most downloaded WordPress plugin ever. It lets you manage the SEO optimization on your page without any worry.

It has three essential settings for every one of your posts and pages: title, meta depiction, and meta keywords.

What’s more, not only would you be able to write your custom content and keywords, however, the plugin likewise tells you how weak or strong the optimization is. That is, you can increase the traffic just by optimizing your website made form WordPress themes free using Yoast SEO plugin.

4. Revive Old Post
This free tool will spare you a ton of time by automatically posting your articles to social media. Try not to let your posts live for a short timeframe and then be forgotten. The Revive Old Post can be set to auto-share at consistent intervals.

One can set many things about shares, the time intervals between shares, how old the post should be before it is shared, what number of posts should be shared daily, and how many times each one of the posts should be shared, what kind of format the article or blog should have when posted, and more.

The free version of this Revive old post plugin can share your content on Facebook and Twitter.

5. PageBuilder by SiteOrigin
This is another free WordPress plugin. This helps you create landing pages in an easy way through drag and drop.

Landing pages can enable you to make your offer more clear, and therefore make it simpler for the guest to choose whether they want to be the part of it or not. Landing pages, mostly target a specific audience and focus on their goals. The goals can be selling a product, email subscription, a giveaway, etc.

This free plugin enables you to create a landing page. It is very easy and one does not need any technical knowledge to utilize it. One can make an original landing page from scratch, or can also utilize a pre-built layout provided by the PageBuilder by SiteOrigin plugin which can be customized.

6. AB Press Optimizer
A/B testing is an extraordinary strategy to improve the performance of a landing page. Regardless of whether it’s guests, we are discussing, clicks or conversion, A/B testing can help you with whatever goal you have. What’s more, AB Press Optimizer is an extraordinary module that does all that. Essentially, it gives you a chance to take two pages and put them against one another.

How it works? Here you include experiments easily by going through a simple setting board. Write the name of your experiment, include a depiction, the time span for the test, and set an objective and the URL of the page that you need to test. After some time, the plugin will begin informing you of the results.

7. Canva
Canva is a graphic design platform develop with non-designers in mind. Embedded with an inbuild drag and drop user interface along with a huge library of pre-designed formats, Canva makes it actually simple for anybody to make professional quality picture designs effectively improving their visual content.

It has a wide scope of design types, for example, blog post graphics, presentation, letterheads, advertising graphics, digital flyers, and many more. You can essentially make any visual element you require for personal or professional purposes.

The use of this platform is free and you will possibly need to pay when you use premium components. Canva has a large number of free designs components and pictures.

As a website owner, you will require different tools for various purposes. Utilize the marketing tools given in this article to recover your strategy and set up your marketing game. Hope this information helps you to make your website made from WordPress themes free into a powerful marketing resource.

Guide on How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme Performance

Guide on How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme Performance

Speed is the main factor that must not be overlooked if you want people to visit your WordPress site. WordPress site is proned to getting hanged and causing the database to become corrupted especially when it is loading slowly. This is why you should take the steps to Optimize Your WordPress Theme Performance. An optimized site will be able to load faster and can also help you to rank higher in the search engine.

Guide on How to Optimize Your WordPress Theme Performance

Choose a Quality Hosting

Your WordPress site may be loading slowly because of the hosting you use. You can go to your hosting control panel and check how many bandwidths your site is using. If you are using up the majority of the bandwidth, you should be upgrading to a better plan with more bandwidth allowance. If you are hosting your site on a free host, it is normal for the site to be slow due to restrictions on the bandwidth. A free host is not recommended for the commercial site. You can at least buy a shared hosting plan to host your site by spending only $5 – $10 per month.

Cache Your WordPress Blog

You can convert all your WordPress posts into caches to prevent the need for retrieving the data from the server. To do this, you will have to install the WordPress caching plugin like WP Super Cache. After it is installed, go to the Settings and select Caching On. It will take some time for it to generate the caches. Basically, it will turn all the PHP posts into HTML posts and stores them on your server. With caching turned on, people can access posts on your site even when they have limited internet connection.

Optimize the Blog Post Images

Using a lot of images can cause your blog to become slow. It takes up some bandwidth to load each image on the post. You can fix this problem by using a photo editor to scale the image to a smaller size and saving it in a compressed format. JPEG is the best-compressed format – when you save the image in JPEG, it will ask you what quality you want to save it. You should set it to half the quality. If you don’t want to scale it, you can crop the photo so that it only shows the important subjects.

Don’t Upload Videos Directly on Your Server

If you want to include videos, it should not be uploaded directly to your server. Instead, you should upload it in video sharing platforms like YouTube. When people click on the play button, it will use YouTube resources to load the video content. Even if you are using YouTube resources, you should not be embedding too many videos thinking it won’t affect your performance. It will actually affect your blog loading speed because it runs a script every time a video is a load. Too many scripts loading in the background will slow down the blog.

WordPress optimization

Use Soundless Video

You may also want to consider using soundless videos on your blog as they are smaller in size and do not take as much buffering time. You can upload it first on Instagram and then embed it on your blog. It is best to incorporate captions to guide the audience into comprehending the video content. In Movavi Video Editor, you can by going to the Titles tab. You can choose from simple and animated styles to display the subtitles. To add a title style, drag it to the timeline and double click on it to enter the text. You will be able to edit the caption in the preview area. On top, you will see the options for clip, font, and color properties. You can move the caption to anywhere you want on the video. If you want to adjust the duration, click the gearwheel button and go to Tools > Video to enter the duration. Under the video tab, you can also adjust the opacity of the title.

Uninstall Plugins You Don’t Need

Sometimes, all you need to do is to delete the unnecessary plugins. Some plugins can slow down the blog because they load a lot of scripts, styles, make queries to the database or carry out other complex operations. The number of plugins you should run depending on how much your server can handle. You will know, for example, the blog suddenly become slowly after you install a plugin. If you notice a plugin that is slowing down your plug, you should deactivate and uninstall it. You only need to install a few necessary plugins like backup, and cache. You should also delete plugins that are incompatible with your WordPress theme, for example, it displays error message even though it is still working.

Choose an Optimized WordPress Theme

It is important that you use a WordPress theme that is optimized for SEO. An optimized theme is coded with the latest coding standards. The code must work on all major browsers and mobile devices. The WordPress theme file should be small so that you can easily upload and install it. Before buying a theme, make sure to preview it and see how fast it loaded. Ideally, it should load in 1.5 – 2 seconds. It should be optimized with a responsive design for mobile devices. You can check if there is an option to integrate social media profiles. A quality WordPress theme will also have an organized website structure that the search engine can crawl easily. Good website structure also enables your visitors to find what they are looking for easily.

Eliminate Spam Comments

Spam comments can take up spaces on your server and slow down your blog. If you frequently have a lot of spam comments, you should install a plugin like Akismet to help you filter the spam. You can also turn off trackback to prevent people from pinging trackback URL to your blog posts. On the WordPress dashboard, you can see where the incoming links are from so there is no need to turn on trackback. You can turn off comments for a blog post after 1 – 2 months as the majority of the comments occur within this period.


Add Creativity in Graphic Design

7 Tips to Add Creativity in Graphic Design

Add Creativity in Graphic Design

Add creativity in Graphic design encompasses the ability to create an image out of your extraordinary imagination, uniqueness, and originality. It is like a painting wherein you’ll need to find an interesting object to create your canvass.

If you want to enhance your skills in designing, you’ll have to practice and rework the designs to come up with a great masterpiece. Some people even study the course to have a better foundation for their graphic designing skills while some prefer to watch videos and do their own research. It depends on your desire to learn and creativity to craft unique designs.

When you create the artwork, you must pay attention to various circumstances, such as software, ideas, themes, concepts, a company’s goals, and mentors.

These key elements will help you build a professional career in graphic designing.

1.    Master the Software’s Functionalities

a)    Study the Software’s Features

You are passionate and eager to do some designs, but you don’t even know how to use the various functions in your software. There’s no other choice but to study all the functionalities. In this way, you will know what to use when you’re already creating a branding design.

Does this have something to do with creativity? Well, technically yes. If you know the different functions of the software that you’re using, you may come up with different strategies and techniques to make your craft.

b)    Choose the Best Software

You must choose software that you can comfortably use. Some people use Adobe Photoshop to create their designs, but you’ll need to pay for its premium fees. However, it’s user-friendly and a great tool to start-up your career in graphic designing.

If you’re looking for a free tool, you may use the GIMP. This tool is just free to download software, but it has a manual function as compared with Adobe Photoshop. Moreover, if you love to create infographics or grids, you may use the Canva tool. Of course, there is an unlimited number of various tools for the graphic artists and it’s up to you on which to choose.

2.    Collaborate with the Professionals

Graphic designing is not only all about the artwork, but it also plays a vital role in corporate branding. You need to create well-planned and professional layouts for the business documents. Infuse your creativity and align it with the mission, and vision of the company.

The best way to learn from scratch is to find a great mentor who can help you improve this skill. You may also refer to the SketchCorp Corporate Branding to see their professional samples for business-related documents.

3.    Expand Your Artistry through Research

According to Pablo Picasso, a famous Spanish painter, he once told that good artists copy but great artists steal. To explain this further, you’ll need to research first before you can come up with a great design. You don’t need to copy every detail of it, but you’ll need to get an idea from it and create a new one.

Research skills are also a must for graphic designers because this is where you can find inspirations and relevant subjects. You must also consider reading blogs to have several choices and ideas. Feed your mind with interesting graphic designs. Improve these designs and make them as your own.

4.    Find Interesting Ideas to Inspire You

Sometimes, you can find interesting ideas beyond Google. If you’ll look around, there are so many places, people, animals, and things to see. You may take a picture of it, then edit the image. It’s better to take a photo than download it from the website. In this way, you don’t need to worry about the trademarks and rights of the photo.

Aside from taking pictures, if you know how to draw, that’s another great talent to explore. You may use a drawing pad for graphic designers so that you can create unique logos and images for your work.

5.    Practice & Create Your Unique Craft

Do you know why some artists are well-known in the industry? The reason behind is the uniqueness and originality of their art. When you create a design, it should have an identity. Meaning to say, the design itself must be able to stand on its own.

Creating a branding design must need to be well-planned and drafted properly. It should represent the company and follows the objectives of the organization.

6.    Ask for an Opinion or Comments

Feedbacks are important things to consider because you will have an idea of what people think about your design. You will need their opinion or comments to improve the overall aspect of your craft. Get the relevant suggestions and rework on your design if necessary.

You may ask a friend, co-workers, or mentors to help you outline a perfect design. You can also ask them their ideas with the latest apps, sites, or tools that you can use for your craft.

7.    Outline a Theme as Your Guide

A theme is the skeletal framework of the design. It represents a sense of direction because you are guided on how you will be going to present the design in the public. A theme should be aligned with the industry. For instance, if you are creating a branding design for a company, it should be formal and technical in nature.

Add creativity in Graphic design is an important element of the business world because it helps with the marketing and promotion of the brand. By choosing the best theme, you’ll be able to come up with a creative, organize, and unique plan for your designs.

Free Corporate WordPress themes

Free Corporate WordPress Themes for Startup and Business Websites

Free Corporate WordPress themes

In earlier days, people used to go to the stores or malls to see the product they want to buy. Nowadays people have mostly switched to the internet whenever they have a query about any product, item or service that they want to purchase. And as a business owner, one should not overlook the importance of having an engaging and functional site made from free WordPress themes.

A site is an important tool for a lot of organizations these days. It does not just fill in as an advertising tool yet it likewise functions as an expansion of your offline business. It is an amazing platform to show your items. Your business site enables you to list down every one of the reasons why your target customers or clients ought to pick your item or service over your competitors. Some business owners even transact or get payments through their site.

Building a unique professional business or corporate websites these days has never been easier, it is possible to use Free Corporate WordPress Themes for developing websites in companies. WordPress templates are specially made to provide all the features that you need in promoting and managing your business online.

Given below is the list of best Free Corporate WordPress Themes for startups and business websites.


This free SKT Gardening Lite WordPress theme is a template created for the companies and for the individuals focusing on gardening. It is a green theme which focuses on nature, herbal, organic, natural, fresh, garden, agriculture, environment, forest, and many others. This is an amazing and elegant template for designing, gardening WordPress sites. The gardening lite theme is multilingual friendly, translation ready and also Woo Commerce ready for eCommerce. You can also change color as per your choice.

free IT solution WordPress theme

IT Solution WordPress theme is simple, flexible and easy to use. This template can be used for various websites like local IT companies, software, digital, training, corporate, business and many others. This is compatible with social media plugins like Facebook, Disqus and more. It is also designed with AMP plugins; thus, this theme perfectly fits into mobile and tablet screens. This theme includes one of the best visuals and features.

free education WordPress theme

This WordPress theme is best suited for college, university, training center, High school, Kindergarten, and another educational website. This theme is user-friendly and has the latest version of WordPress. With this theme, one should be able to add, edit and modify content using the built-in customizer. Your students should be able to access the information they need, right from the homepage. It is a responsive theme and has been tested for varying screen resolutions.

free blog WordPress theme

This free WordPress theme is a beautifully designed responsive theme for your blog website. in this post can be easily set up and also allows different sorts of formatting within a single post. This theme is designed with the minimalist design approach and clean look. It is Woo Commerce compatible so can be used for creating online shops or eCommerce. Secured and works well with security plugin and helps in keeping your site secure.

free spa salon WordPress theme

Beauty spa WordPress theme is designed for spa, manicure, beauty, clinic, yoga, fitness, treatment, nail, salon, resort, herbal and other industry as this template is multipurpose and is compatible with a visual composer, Elementor and others. It is developed keeping in mind the visitor’s engagement thus, this theme will help you to develop a professional looking site. The menu of this theme has 5 levels of drop down, which can be used to link up the categories, making it easier for the customers to check and review all that you have to offer.

photo world

With this free WordPress theme, you can create your own unique and beautiful website for bloggers, agency, photo studio, videographers, commercial and corporate types of sites. This is an entirely responsive WordPress free photography theme which is built by great highlights where you can modify the theme color and additionally change the image of the background and it is also applicable for every inner page as well. This theme has all the smart features of all smart devices.

free bakers shop wordpress theme

This template is suitable for bakery, restaurants, coffee shops, and other food related websites.  It is one of the most optimum themes for designing a website. It has so many eye-catching features and advanced functionality that this Bakers Lite theme is sure to give your competitors a tough fight in all respects. This theme is packed with eye-catching content, for representing an impressive website.

free elegant wordpress theme

SKT Elastic comes with built-in page builder and is a multipurpose, flexible, scalable, simple and modern WordPress theme. This can be used for designing websites like adventure, travel, spa, hotel, fitness, IT company, software, and others. By building your online presence you can reach to a bigger number of clients and individuals and accordingly can adapt your business. The overall professional and attractive look of this well-designed WordPress theme will end up being important in the upcoming prospects.

skt simple

SKT Simple is an efficient and high-quality free WordPress theme, used to develop any kind of a company or a business website. this theme has more than 100 shortcodes with the usage instruction to guide you in every step. To represent your content even more beautifully, this Free Simple WordPress theme gives you the default portfolio and the included gallery sections where you can add pictures to showcase the details of your visitors. It is also compatible with the contact form 7 plugin that has been checked and tested. It is widget friendly with sidebar, footer, as well as the header, is also widgetized.

the app lite

This theme can be used to define any type of app website as it has the potential to easily portray any app site. This is a multipurpose free template that can be used to create a professional looking website. Background option is given and one can load up a nice background for the entire site which looks really cool and gives a visual effect. This theme can be used as One page as well as a multipage template due to its uniqueness.

The above listed are the best Free Corporate WordPress Themes for startups and business-related sites. You can select the theme which best suits your needs and goal. We hope this article helped you.

6 Localization Hacks to Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic

6 Website Localization Hacks to Increase Your WordPress Site Traffic

Website Localization

Website localization is one of the more interactive and more user-friendly ways to attract new clients for increasing the traffics for your business websites, made from WordPress responsive free themes. As already there are many online sites effectively present in your industry, there is just so much you can do to appear.

On normal, brands have their footprints in 7 distinct markets through 7 various localization offering including their native language. Studies likewise demonstrate that 75% of online clients like to read and shop in their local language. This makes it clear that localization is turning into a need with the expanding competition in various online industries.

This is also unorthodox, extra mile localization hacks come into play. These transaction activities are more and less known to the industry at large. However, they need extra commitment and care in implementation, which is the reason most organizations tend to generally neglect them.

Advantages of Content or Website Localization:

  • Expand online visibility

Limitation indicates total transaction of your WordPress website’s content into different languages. It is practical that this move brings various advantages to your traffic and brand as a whole. One of the well-known advantages of localization is to increase in search engine ranking and general visibility on the web. You are most likely to show up on people’s search engine pages like Google, Yahoo, etc.

  • Wider Audience reaches

Individuals do not really communicate in English to utilize the web. Ensuring that your content is accessible in all the worldwide languages will guarantee that you attract in the wide array of individuals to your site. Clients and guests who might somehow or another unlikely to give your site an additional view. By appealing to audiences in native languages you can increase your reach and website traffic.

  • High ROI

Site administrators and business owners observe site optimization and localization as unnecessary costs. Putting resources into the localization of your site yields fruit over time. By ensuring that more individuals engage in with your client, you will probably change over your guests into purchasers and influencers.

Website Localization Hacks to Consider:

Here are the six simple ways to localize content on your WordPress website for increased traffic.

1. Keyword Optimization Across All Languages
SEO makes the website to rank high or low depending on the optimization level of their content. As it is vital to aside by SEO principles maintained up by Google to guarantee support traffic for your site. The real worry of business owners is the fact that numerous worldwide business clients do not purchase items that do not suit their way of life.

Platforms like Google Adwords and SEMRUSH have been developed from the ground to satisfy the SEO needs of the individual site. These tools are an extraordinary gateway for site-wide localization, particularly when it comes to building your site traffic.

2. Multimedia Content or Website Localization
Individuals skim through content when they browse the web. Anyway, this is against keeping them connected to your site. In order to make certain improvements to it, you should consider about localization of multimedia content. Your pictures, videos and all the multimedia content all add to the final result, which is unpredictable however frequent visitor conversion. Deficient or poor localization is at some point worse than no localization. Try not to attempt content translation through DIY ways and guarantee that each chunk of data is localized as per its content type.

3. Culture-Specific Website Localization
One common misconception about localization is that it is a similar thing as translation. Anyway, the two could not be farther separated. Translation indicates direct one for one translation into another language. Localization gets separated from this process because of the cultural, social factor behind it. For this current, it’s great working with local speakers and scholars with degrees in various languages.

4. Rethink your UI and Navigation
Simply because of translating the content into other languages like Greek, Japanese or Italian that doesn’t mean your work is finished. In fact, one of the greatest obstacles in the site localization lies in technical optimization of the WordPress site itself made from the WordPress responsive free themes.

Text encoding issues in the content can happen anytime when various alphabets are available. Not just you need to modify your User Interface yet additionally you have to change the backend coding of already present content to accommodate these changes. Unicode text types are ideal for localized site, particularly those with dozen languages on offer. Utilizing well-coded themes that support RTL and various types of text types are incredible to begin.

5. Make Conversion Easy and Accessible
While the transformation rate follows the initial traffic, their job on your web site’s visibility cannot be overstated. Websites with eCommerce intent should make it need to connect with the purchase buttons on their website’s interface, however much as could reasonably be possible. Blogs should do the similar for their comment section and social media buttons.

While the organization website ought to organize their client support and contact lines. Depending upon your website’s essential job in the online representation of your business, you ought to make sure that it’s anything but easy to engage and convert for any individual who may visit.

This will make sure that your clients engage with presented content no matter their native language or localization choices once they arrive at the website. As this will lead to high conversion rates, better SEO ranking also more revenue for your business. Optimize your site for lead generating while keeping SEO and localization in mind.

6. Feedback and Audience Communication
Last and a standout amongst the best tool in content or website localization is the audience itself. Continuously open to recommendation, criticism, feedback and easy-going chat with your audience. Utilize every single chance to strike conversations and discussion about related industry themes as well as thoughts and opinions about your brand and site.

This is priceless feedback and criticism source which you would be unable to search out a replacement for. International users that visit your webpage will without a doubt have tips and advice on improving localization of your site. To do as such their input will become a valued element in ongoing website optimization.

This is done to make sure that your website made from the WordPress responsive free themes has high traffic rates. But it does not mean that one should keep thing strictly technical and professional. For making the best impression on your visitors engage in conversations just as you would on social media and other popular forums.

Ensure that you research the most popular languages in your industry and whether they will or not make sense in terms of the existing content of your site made from the WordPress responsive free themes. Localizing is a great way to boost the overall performance of your WordPress website.

WordPress Widgets and How to Use Them

WordPress Widgets and How to Use Them

WordPress Widgets

As you begin designing your first WordPress website using free WordPress themes, there are some of the few basic features that you want to be familiar with. For example, one will need to learn about the content types such as post and pages. Also, it is important to understand the ins and outs of WordPress widgets.

WordPress Widgets are used to add features and functions to just about WordPress hosted websites. Widgets are contained to add a variety of add-ons that enable one to easily add text, links, Instagram feed or a social media image display, these widgets can be placed in the variety of areas in the website’s post and pages without having the knowledge of a bit of code.

Most of the free WordPress themes or paid comes with a set of pre-installed widgets that are ready to use, or you can include new ones from the directory of plugins that go with each WordPress installed. Simple to organize and arrange, widgets give clients more power over the look and usefulness of WordPress sites of various types.

In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know about WordPress Widgets.

How Do Widgets Work?
Free WordPress themes come with the essential elements everyone needs for a fully functional site, but different users will need to add a different kind of features to meet their individual website’s purpose. For that, WordPress additionally offers a variety of free plugins and widgets that can be included or deleted at whatever point vital as a site’s goal and structure change.

Almost every free WordPress themes incorporates some widget options for your blog or different parts of your website, in spite of the fact that those choices can vary from theme to theme, and a few themes, those designed for a single page webpage, do not include them at all. In general, however, you can hope to have access to a gallery of present widgets that can be modified from your templates WordPress Administration dashboard or theme customizer.

The little boxes of content can be added in various areas such as a sidebar, header or footer and can also appear on every page and post on the site. Widgets presets can be customized individually and can be moved with drag and drop effortlessly from one accessible area to another, and unused or inactive widgets can be stored for later use if necessary.

Getting Started with Widgets
Since WordPress is an open source and free site builder designed to enable anyone to establish a presence online, it was intended to be utilized by both new web page owners with no web development experience and by prepared developers ready to work directly with its PHP framework to include even more customization.

As different parts of WordPress, the WordPress Widgets feature likewise accommodates clients of all experience levels. The widgets placed on your webpage’s WordPress Admin dashboard offers every one of the tools expected to customize a website’s active widgets and place them as wanted, yet clients with web development experience can likewise make code-level changes to widget structure and add widgets for templates that don’t have them.

The widget panel of the theme shows all the pre-installed widgets available for use with the current template. The widget panel also has a place for the strong inactive widgets that are not currently needed.

Activating Widgets in WordPress
For activating a widget, select Appearance; WordPress Widgets from the website’s dashboard. This will open the widget panel, with options including a menu, text, calendar. One just has to click on the widget and drag it to the desired location, then click and drag to record widgets in that space. Similarly, your theme may add a widget button on a recorder option. And to deactivate a widget, just drag it back to the inactive widget space for later use.

All the active widgets can be customized by clicking on the down arrow next to the widget’s name. While customizing user can add a title, insert new content or can also change the parameter of a widget. As all the changes are saved WordPress update the page to add the new widget and the updated content. One can add, delete or edit widgets anytime.

Installing New Widgets
There is a wide range of pre-installed widgets for common tasks. But it is also possible to add different kinds of widgets from the plugin directory that comes with every WordPress install.

The text widget is an open widget that can be used to add text such as a blog author bio or your website’s information, and can also have content extending video and images and more. To add content to a text widget, one can to activate the widget by moving it to the chosen area. Then, click on the down arrow to edit the widget. In the appeared text box, paste or type any text content, one can also insert links or shortcodes for different kinds of content. Click on save and the content will be displayed on the website’s page. The Text widget can be utilized as frequently as needed to include various types of content in any widget area.

Managing Template and Widgets
Mostly all the WordPress theme includes widgets, but all may not have them in the same way. For example, a theme may be designed in such a way that some of the widgets are may not be available, or it can have an additional area for widgets that similar templates do not have. Since WordPress makes it simple to change templates either from its template directory or from outside programmers, a site owner may experiment with a few free WordPress themes while scanning for the best one to represent a brand or a service.

WordPress widgets include specialized functionality when constructing a WordPress site from the free WordPress themes. Regardless of whether you need to add an Instagram widget to feature your social media, make a widget for showing your latest blog entries through a slider, or you would like to design a custom widget explicitly for your website’s needs, you have the ability to do as such with WordPress. With drag and drop and a variety of available options, widgets are a free tool for customizing your WordPress website.

Can WordPress Handle High Traffic

Can WordPress Handle High Traffic?

Can WordPress Handle High Traffic

Getting lots of natural traffic for your site made from the free WordPress themes is a fantasy for every website owner, however, getting overwhelming traffic, or sudden spikes in the traffic to your website can drive users or visitors away if your site is not ready to handle it. Regardless of whether you are just starting out with no traffic in the site, or your site is ready to get through to huge numbers, you can set up your WordPress site for heavy traffic so as to stay away from the slowdown and crashes that can emerge out of a high volume of hits.

Or you have reached your goal of increasing the traffic on your WordPress site, but you are not sure what to do next for handling the increased traffic and to make sure that the server can handle it. You do not need to worry, we will provide you with some of the great tips on the steps you need to take to handle that problem and ensure that your WordPress site keeps performing at its best.

  • Heavy WordPress Traffic Places a Heavy Load on Your Site

Traffic that is, the increased number of visitors to your website that builds your brand’s visibility and if you have an eCommerce business website then it also brings a sale. Also, obviously, heavy traffic can mean a lift in both those things. Natural traffic to your website can increase bit by bit, gradually user time, or it can spike all of a sudden because of things like a viral post or a generally a promoted sale.

However, in some cases, you might experiment with various approaches to build the traffic to your site yourself. Regardless, though, numerous hits to your site at once can drastically expand the weight on your site’s servers, which must process each request. This might make your website to slow down, or crash totally when servers simply cannot keep up with the volume. The final result in either the situation is that potential guests can leave your site, never to return. This again brings us to the question; can WordPress handle heavy traffic?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and also a site builder that contains every one of the components that make up your site, including its source code, templates that control the appearance and format, and plugins for customizing functions. In its self-hosted form, a WordPress site can be set up with any hosting provider, utilizing the host’s servers to store and process request by guests for site content.

Every one of these components plays a vital role in how well a WordPress site can deal with overwhelming traffic or traffic spikes, and whether you’re new to WordPress or a prepared engineer, you can find a way to change them to make it easier for your WordPress site to manage high traffic volumes without crashing.

  • Consider Hosting and Server-Side Issues

Most of the new WordPress sites made from the free WordPress themes start out with the most economical web hosting available until that converted jump in traffic comes along. Minimal cost hosting implies shared hosting, with the goal that your site is hosted on servers carrying hundreds, if not thousands, of similar sites, which are all drawing on the host servers common resource of storage and bandwidth. On the off chance that your site is small and has less traffic, that isn’t an issue, but if any site on the common server has sudden traffic, it can slow down neighboring site can cause them to crash.

If you are still using shared hosting and your WordPress site begins to get heavy traffic, you can help it out by moving to a new hosting environment that is better to handle huge volumes. WordPress is known as the web server neutral hat is it can run on any platform that supports the database in MySQL. It is also important that the hosting is available to the owner as well. Ensuring that your hosting provider is able to support the latest versions of these platforms.

  • Optimize your Website for Heavy Traffic

WordPress sites that are designed from the free WordPress themes can also be optimized to perform well under the conditions of heavy traffic.

Restricting components that can make a site load slowly can make it easier for the site and its servers to process large volumes of guests. The heavy images template can take some time to load, so restricting visuals and optimizing the ones you do utilize can help keep the site running even during the peak times. In similar, plugins can cause an extra weight on a site that is heavily loaded with content, so keep their utilization to the minimum you need for essential functions. In this way, the server can process requests for all the more quickly, even during the heavy traffic times.

  • Manage your Site’s Comments more Effectively

A viral post or page can result in a flood of comments, which can likewise contribute to a heavy traffic load. To help process comments all the more effective, consider a comment on the management plugin or a third-party commenting platform like Disqus.

  • Utilize a Caching Plugin

Caching can enable your site to deal with heavy traffic by making HTML versions of your site’s pages and posts, which decreases the number of times WordPress has to use its local programming language PHP to request your content. In this way, visitors get quick access to the requested page, which decreases slowdown and avoids crashes during heavy traffic. So, use caching plugins for easy loading and faster speeds.

Wrapping it Up!

Heavy traffic is an indication of online achievement. Regardless of whether you’re simply beginning or you’re searching for ways to direct people to your new site made from the free WordPress themes, you can take steps to guarantee that your WordPress site is prepared to deal with the load. For making your WordPress site, keep performing at a good speed, one needs to ensure to do everything in your power to keep all the extra traffic coming your way.

The Definitive Checklist to Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

The Definitive Checklist to Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

The Definitive Checklist to Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Your Blog

With the ever-escalating popularity of online marketing, it seems like the world is becoming more and more digitalized. New emergent trends are taking the marketing sphere by storm. More websites are turning to WordPress to increase their online visibilities. Aside from contracting the most experienced writing service online company for high-quality content, you need the best WordPress them. It’s your blog’s skin. 

With that in mind, here is all you should know about selecting a best WordPress theme for your blog.

First things first….

What is WordPress them?

Put simply, a WordPress theme is the skin of your blog! It controls the look of your WordPress site. Typically, WordPress themes represent a collection of templates as well as sheets—that help define a WordPress powered site’s appearance as well as display.

The Power of WordPress Themes

Building your blog on WordPress is one of the best things you can do if you are looking to establish an authority in the crowded online marketplace. With this platform, you have the power to develop the site you want. So, whether you are looking for that attention-grabbing image, that perfect footer, or want that business of yours to go viral, WordPress Themes got you covered.

Predesigned to modify your website’s look as well as function, WordPress themes come in templates that work in unison to achieve a powerful graphical interface. So, if you are planning to build your website on WordPress and not sure which theme to choose, here are top factors to help you get started.

The Power of Simplicity

Have a simple as well as a clean WordPress theme. With a simple theme, your visitors are able to focus on the contents of your website. It also helps them stay longer on your website—clicking through more links which translate to more traffic.

Does it Have Common Plugins?

You’ve contracted the most experienced content writing company for high-quality content. Congratulations! A blog is all about content. However, the way your content is displayed is also vital. It should be displayed in a creative way. With WordPress themes, you have the power to design your blog to reflect your personal style. Take care of your plugins.

A WordPress site usually has plugins for SEO (search engine optimization), contact forms, backup, adding legal pages, as well as social sharing.

Ensure that the theme you choose doesn’t conflict with these plugins. Conflicts may occur if your theme includes or defines a code that’s similar to that of these common plugins. Your theme should actually come with default styling for all these plugins.

Responsiveness is Key

In the present world, most of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Google, in the year 2018, made mobile site speed an essential component for ranking search results. Your website must look and function well across various devices. And your theme plays a significant role in this. Choosing a highly responsive WordPress theme can help pull more traffic to your website.


It’s also very important that your website works well across browsers. While it isn’t necessary to have a theme that supports old browsers like Internet Explorer 6, you ought to make sure that it’s compatible with major browsers.

Let it Match with the Blog’s Main Purpose

Choose a theme that reflects your blog’s purpose. For instance, a blog should have a theme that promotes readability as well as attracts typography. On the other hand, a portfolio blog demands a theme that can stylistically showcase images. And if you are marketing your website, a simple and organized theme is all you need.

WordPress 5.0 Compatibility

The latest WordPress version (5.0) offers a new editor experience referred to as Gutenberg. This feature allows for dynamic editing and makes it easier for you to check how your blog post will look in the editor.

So, be sure to choose a theme that’s WordPress 5.0 compatible to achieve the best results.

Does it Support Page builders?

Get WordPress theme that supports various page builder plugins like Visual Composer, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. These page builders allow you to create special landing pages using a drag-and-drop interface.

Support from the Theme Developer

Sometimes you’ll need the developer’s help. So, be sure to find one that provides ticket-based or forum-based support. If you want to achieve excellent results, get a developer that swiftly responds to support requests.

Usability and Customizability

A good theme comes with numerous customization options. However, they shouldn’t be too much or too less. Websites with few options tend to feel empty while those with too many look complicated. Ideally, you need a theme that enables you to customize the colors, branding, typography, and navigation.

Is the Theme Extendable?

At times, basic customization options aren’t enough. In this case, you’ll need an extendable theme. Typically, this is achieved by creating a child theme. This allows you to extend your parent theme’s design beyond basic customization.

Sometimes basic customization options are not enough. You need more than changing colors and typography.

Lightweight and Fast Loading

You have contracted the best writer and you have high-quality content. You expect more visitors, right? They will come, but they won’t stay if it loads for years. According to research, most visitors quit websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Watch your site-speed; pick a light theme that loads fast on the browser. It should send a few server requests and leverage the most from browser caching by connecting with server resources.

Is it Updated Regularly?

Just like any other open source software, you need to regularly update your WordPress. Choose a theme that keeps up with updates to avoid website breakages. Check how frequently the developer updates the theme to provide support for upgraded versions or fix arising issues.


Your website must be fully accessible to everyone. Your chosen theme should allow for optimal accessibility and support. It should cater for people with disabilities, allowing them to perceive, understand, and interact with your website.


When configuring specific theme options, documentation comes in handy. Make sure that the theme you select features proper documentation regarding its installation and configuration.

Is it optimized for Search?

A good WordPress theme features appropriate heading tags, correct HTML5 structure tags, and proper outputting. Besides, it offers basic schema support or both web pages as well as blog posts.


The WordPress theme you choose for your blog is one of the selling points when it comes to online marketing. Of course, you have built a wonderful blog. You’ve outsourced your content from the best ewriting service company. Your site is securely hosted. What about the display aspect of your blog? Well, choosing the best one can be challenging—especially for beginners. Luckily, with the above pro tips, you can nail that WordPress theme that reflects your style and your website’s main selling points.

free WooCommerce WordPress themes

Top 10 Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes For Business in 2019

free WooCommerce WordPress themes

Online shops are one of the most popular business models of today. Most people are looking for easier, manageable and faster solutions to develop their eCommerce stores. Free WooCommerce WordPress themes provide one the easiest way to develop a fully functional eCommerce store, even if you do not have technical knowledge.

With WooCommerce setting up and managing an eCommerce business is simple. However, selecting a theme for your WooCommerce website plays a vital role. The theme you select, it should be compatible with the free WooCommerce WordPress themes standards.

Business themes even the free WordPress themes, look incredibly professional and there are several options. But not all the themes are created equal, which is why we have listed the best 10 free WooCommerce WordPress themes here for you so that you can make a smart selection about which one is right for your business.

Here we introduce you to the best 10 Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes for business in 2019.

  • IT Solution
  • free IT solution WordPress theme


    This free IT solution theme is ideal to design websites for maintenance services, IT companies, software companies, online shops, institutes, and many others. This template is free, simple, flexible and multipurpose. This is designed with the minimal design approach so that the visitors can focus on the content as well on the images on your website. It is available with the latest plugins and the latest version of WordPress as well. One can also increase their site’s loading speed with the help of cache plugins, as the speed plays an important role in getting traffic.

    free fullscreen WordPress theme


    This free full-page WordPress theme is extremely beautiful and you will not have to with the troublesome coding task. This theme is well suited for websites like hotel, café, resort and restaurant related sites. Also, one can use this theme’s design to showcase their infrastructure like cottage, clubs, swimming pools, and can also show the areas of their importance.

    As they all say that pictures speak and tell louder than the words and this is the reason numerous individuals lean toward the free full-page WordPress theme which contains a full-page slider. On high-resolution screens, this theme will look incredible as it displays your business in terms of images very nicely.

    free remodeling WordPress theme


    This free maintenance service WordPress theme can be used for creating websites like construction, maintenance, interior design, and renovation. This theme is free of cost and the installation done is likewise free. It has features that provide you to make changes as per your needs. Designed with the latest languages like HTML and CSS3. One can also change the color of the theme as well as textual style, size change, language change, and etc. Once installed then the usability of the theme turns out to be considerably easier and simpler.


    This theme is for those who love pets and are a businessman engaged with pet business. This template is perfect for pet shops for creating their own new blog or website that depicts you and your business to the pet service seekers and online visitors. This is developed and designed for the pet care business and also the basic information about keeping your pet healthy. Customize your website according to your need, as it is very easy and anyone can be able to modify it. It has a flexible home page with the modern look and is fully responsive.

    free photo gallery WordPress Theme


    This free perfect photography lite WordPress theme is a great platform for the ones who want to create a visually appealing site and not just a functional site. Different colors can be added to these different segments to create a beautiful difference for the identification. There is a call to action option available which is provided in the form of the slider. This allows linking to the website possible. Designed by the professional all the modern techniques and tools are a part of the free photo gallery WordPress theme.

    free sports WordPress theme


    This adventure lite is one of the most attractive themes for adventure and sports-related websites. It supports almost all kinds of free and paid plug-ins there is no way the functionalities are decreased for the users. One can create a slideshow or a gallery within the page which is very useful, especially when it comes to adventure. The menu bar is also set at the top this is for undivided attention on the images. There is a drop-down list of five items on the main menu.

    free feminine women WordPress theme


    This free Girlie WordPress theme has been designed for the modern women who want to create their website for blogging, salon business, for entrepreneur and others. This theme has been coded and styled greatly and is ideal for all the new starters with no coding knowledge and no budget to start an online website. One can make use of the customizer for making any changes and can also view all the changes live.

    free hotel WordPress Theme


    This is one of the best free WordPress themes for the hostel, hotels, resorts, restaurants and many others. Style your website to highlight your own business objectives and show the content in a neat fashion to save the visitors time. This Hotel lite theme is SEO friendly, with this your website will attract more traffic. It is also compatible with the SMO plugins, thus; your visitors can share your content. This theme is fully responsive and fits very nicely into any screen size.


    This event planner theme is developed for creating a site like weddings, birthday parties, event agencies and likewise others. This theme has been launched with the minimalist design approach and modern look. Coded and stylized with HTML and CSS3, hence you can see a website loaded with the eye-grabbing animated effects. Free event planner WordPress theme is graphically stable, SEO optimized, translation ready, highly nimble and still simple and user-friendly.

    free fast food WordPress theme


    Pizza lite is suitable for pizza delivery, online ordering, restaurants, bistro, coffee shops, food, chef, caterers, night clubs and other types of sites which are a local and small business. This theme nicely displays phone numbers and location of the place so that the customers can immediately contact them if need be. This theme allows flexibility so one can change the color of this theme. It is a page builder friendly with Elementor, Divi, live composer, visual composer and other, perfect for an online food business.

    With WooCommerce you are a long way ahead of your competitors. Given above is the list of the 10 free WooCommerce WordPress themes that will help you to achieve your business goals. Choose your free WooCommerce WordPress themes wisely for your business as per your needs.

502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

How to Fix a 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress

502 Bad Gateway Error

When it comes to WordPress there are a lot of errors that can be downtime frustrating and confusing. Any error that makes your WordPress site made from WordPress free themes unusable is a genuine cause of concern because it means poor SEO rankings, lost revenue and a lot of unnecessary stress for you. A standout amongst the most infamous errors to ever grace the web is the 502 bad gateway error. It is a very annoying and frustrating problem as it can be caused by a lot of different things, which make it difficult to investigate and fix the 502 bad gateway error.

Read more below about what causes this 502 bad gateway error and some solutions on how to quickly resolve it.

What is a 502 Bad Gateway Error?

502 Bad Gateway Error

A 502 bad gateway error is activated when your WordPress hosting server gets an invalid reaction for the requested page.

The bad gateway error is one of the common WordPress errors that you may experience on your site. It tends to be brought about by various reasons and relying upon your server the error message may likewise vary in looks somewhat.

When you visit a site, your browser sends a request to the hosting server. The hosting server at that point finds the page and sends it back to your browser with the status code. Mostly, you wouldn’t see this status code. But in case, if there is arising of an error the status code is shown with an error message.

The widest explanation behind a 502 bad gateway error is the point at which your demand takes unreasonably long for the server to respond. This delay can be a temporary glitch brought about by high traffic. Also, this glitch can be caused by a poorly coded WordPress free themes of plugins. To wrap things up, it can likewise occur because of a server misconfiguration.

The 502 bad gateway error can and takes many different forms such as:

  • Error 502
  • 502 Bad gateway NGINX
  • 502 Proxy error
  • 502 Service Temporarily Overloaded
  • HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway
  • 502. That’s an error. The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.

How to Fix a 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress?

This error is usually caused when your server is unable to find the cause of the invalid response. This means that we will try different troubleshooting steps until we find the problem. This error might seem problematic but is incredibly easy to fix. Just have little patience to try out the following solutions.

  • Refresh and Reload your Website:

At times your server might take more time to respond because of expanded traffic or low server resources. All things considered, the issue may accordingly disappear in almost no time. One should try reloading the site page that you are viewing to check if the error cleans on its own. Additionally, try a different browser or device to see if the error resolves itself.

However, if this fixed your problem, at that point you don’t have to read any further. In any case, on the off chance that you see this error frequently, at that point, you have to keep reading and move on to the next solution in this article as there might be something different that needs fixing.

  • Clear your Browser Cache:

Are you unable to fix the 502 bad gateway error even after refreshing your browser? If so, your browser might be shown to you the error page from the cache. Indeed, even after the issue is fixed, you may see the 502 bad gateway error because of the fact that the browser is loading your site from the cache.

To fix this, clients with Windows/Linux operating frameworks can press Ctrl + F5 buttons and Mac OS clients can press CMD + Shift + R buttons on their keyboards to refresh the page. You can likewise also remove the cache from your browser history as well.

Once you have cleared the cache, try and reload your WordPress site again. Similarly, you can use a different browser to troubleshoot if the problem is occurring because of the browser cache. If you see an error on every browser, then continue reading.

  • Disable you CND or Firewall:

On the off chance that you are utilizing a CDN service or site firewall on your site, at that point, it is conceivable that their servers are not acting properly. To check this, you will need to temporarily disable your CND.

As it is once disabled, it will evacuate the extra layer that has been made between your browser and the hosting server. Your site will presently load completely from your server and in the event that the issue was brought about by the CDN/firewall service, then it will get fixed at this point.

One can then contact their CND service provider for support. As soon as the issue is resolved, you can then go ahead and enable the CND again.

  • Update WordPress Themes and Plugins:

Can’t seem to fix the error so far? Then your problem lies within your themes and plugins.

First, you will have to deactivate all your WordPress plugins via the FTP. Then visit your WordPress site made from the WordPress free themes to check if the error is solved.

If it is resolved, then one of your plugins was causing the 502 bad gateway error problem. You have to now activate your plugins one by one while reloading your site after each activation. Repeat this until you find the plugin that was causing the problem. This problematic plugin will obviously recreate the 502 bad gateway error on activation, which might lock you out of the admin area.

You can find an alternative plugin or can contact the plugin author for support.

If deactivating plugin did not solve your issue, then one should check their WordPress theme. You will need to switch the WordPress theme via phpMyAdmin.

After switching your theme to the default WordPress theme, visit your site to check if it’s working. If still there is an error then continue reading.

  • Check the Hosting Server:

Still can’t seem to fix the 502 bad gateway error on your WordPress site even after trying the above solutions? Then it is likely an issue with your hosting server.
You need to contact your hosting provider, service and let them know about the issue and get professional help. All the good hosting companies will be able to quickly fix the issue if it was caused by a server misconfiguration.

While a bit frustrating and confusing, fixing a 502 bad gateway error for your website created from the WordPress free themes is easy with the solutions we provided in this post. We hope this article helped you in fixing the error.

WordPress plugins

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs & Business Websites in 2019

best WordPress plugins

As you are well aware now WordPress is one of the most known and also most used content management system (CMS) for websites and blogs. From business owners to bloggers, WordPress allows users to create content in an easy to use format. There hundreds and thousands of WordPress themes free and premium themes out there. The best thing about WordPress is that one can create any type of website in just a few minutes without applying any code. And the reason best WordPress plugins is becoming popular is because of the numerous plugins available.

When it comes down to running a business on best WordPress plugins provide an extension for new startups to create a more wholesome experience for their customers. As there are numerous plugins available online, one of the biggest problems is to choose the right plugin for your WordPress site. You likely have numerous plugins on your webpage, however, does your WordPress blog have the essential plugins?

Let’s check out some of the plugins that will improve your site’s client experience and make WordPress admin tasks way easier. These best WordPress plugins are helpful for each blogger and website admin on the WordPress platform.

Best WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Website and Blog:

yoast seo plugin

Yoast SEO is one of the best plugins WordPress. This Yoast SEO affects the visibility of a website on search engines, such as Google. Having this plugin is essential for any blog or website that is made from the WordPress themes free, to increase their rank in the search engines. Yoast guides you to produce better content. It also tells you to select a keyword that you want to rank for the post and then use the keyword suitability of the content you are writing. Like, use the keyword in the post title, in the article body, and in the description.

Furthermore, one can also customize their article headlines and description that may boost the click-through rate of your website. Yoast SEO is a free plugin, but there are also premium versions available.

akismet plugin

Whether you have a blog or a website WordPress comment spam is something that you will face for the first day. If you get some cheesy lines in your comment, you should not get excited about it as it is mostly a spam comment. This Akismet is the best anti-spam plugin for WordPress. This plugin checks all the comments for spam and automatically filters out those spam comments, and so you can focus on your work.

If you do not use this plugin, then your blog will be spammed. As the spammers only want to throw their links on your article and don’t want to join the discussion. This plugin is free to use for personal websites, and one needs to subscribe to its monthly plan for bigger companies. This Akismet plugin will automatically remove those spam comments into the trash.

wp super cache plugin

Speed should be the main priority of any WordPress business website or blog. There are many WordPress cache plugins out there, but WP super cache tops every one of them for its simplicity and effectiveness. A slow site will rapidly make visitors go away in disappointment. WP Super Cache can accelerate WordPress site by making static pages from a client’s dynamic WordPress page. In doing as such, server resources are saved and the speed can grow, consequently making more joyful clients on a quicker site.

jetpack plugin

Jetpack is power-packed with many features, as it is a multi-option plugin and is one of the most well-maintained plugins of WordPress. It monitors your website and also helps one to increase the traffic. Jetpack also defend you from attacks as it monitors the downtime and login on your WordPress site.

With a business website, images tend to be heavy, which can have a tendency to slow down a site. With business destinations, substance, for example, pictures will, in general, be substantial, which can tend to back off a site. Jetpack speeds up the picture performance by utilizing the worldwide WordPress content delivery network.

Social Snap plugin

Social media sites are an essential portion of content promotion nowadays. To enhance your social networking, marketing, you need to use a social networking plugin for WordPress such as Social share buttons. It has become one of the major ranking factors for SEO and it’s free to use. There are many social sharing plugins. It lets one add sharing buttons on both the mobile and desktop sites. It supports platforms like:
i. Facebook
ii. Twitter
iii. WhatsApp
iv. Telegram
v. Pinterest and many more.

Contact Form 7 plugin

There are many contact form plugins out there, but contact form 7 is one of the simplest plugins to configure. It is helpful as it shows the referral source which is very useful for knowing how your visitors navigate through your site before using the contact form. With this plugin one can easily customize their forms, this form can be created and every entry form will be sent to your email. One can also create multiple forms with multiple tables.

WooCommerce plugin

If you run an eCommerce site made from the WordPress themes free, then you mostly use WooCommerce. Within just 5 minutes you have a fully-fledged eCommerce site up. One can sell whatever they want to. Products can have images, prices, categories and tags, which allow for a wide range application for clients.

WooCommerce features include multiple payment gateways, the free storefront theme, easy to use dashboard and many other options to manage your online store. WooCommerce is the only eCommerce plugin one will need.

Broken Link Checker plugin

Broken link checker is a free plugin that will continuously scan your blog or website for any broken links and allows to fix them with just one click. This also avoids sending pings when you publish your post with links to your own post.

Wrapping it Up!

In this article, we have shared the best WordPress plugins that is not only useful but are the top choices to use for making any kind of website from the WordPress themes free. This will give your website or blog added functionality and features that will enhance both the user and the admin experience. With these WordPress plugins, one can also boost their search traffic as well.

wordpress frameworks

All About WordPress Theme Framework

WordPress Theme Framework

Back in the day when WordPress was brand new, there are a lot of problems with the theme development and maintenance. WordPress theme frameworks change that forever.

WordPress theme frameworks provide website admins with the essential functionality of a theme and give them the flexibility to design the theme’s appearance anyway they see fit. The best part is that since the hidden functionality is a framework, website admins never again need to update the themes core file manually records and keep track of the customizations they make.

Here we will discuss the basics of the theme framework and will also explore the benefits and disadvantages of using them from developing WordPress sites.

What is a WordPress Theme Framework?
A WordPress theme framework is simply an advanced theme with extra highlights that empower web designers to upgrade its functionality and customize it. Also, there are free WordPress themes available too.

When you utilize a theme framework to create a WordPress site, you will need to make a child theme to use with it. In this way, the theme framework works like the parent theme. It’s completely up to you whether you choose to purchase the child topic or construct it yourself.

A parent theme is the default theme that is fully functional and also allows the user to set customization options. A child theme declares a certain theme as its parent and then the child theme inherits the functionality and styling of the parent theme.

Essentially, theme frameworks store the functionality and base code of a WordPress template and permit web developers to add custom styling to it utilizing a child template. For most cases, a single WordPress theme framework can control a large number of WordPress sites. The frameworks hold the essential functionality of the theme and you’re allowed to design, the presence of the theme any way you would like.

Customizing sites with the theme framework
Customizing a WordPress website running a theme framework is much easier than a site without one. The different customization options that the theme framework offers for the developers and webmasters include are:

i. Widgets: Here the developers can customize the widget area on different template files and pages.

ii. Dashboard: the developers can customize everything from the layout of the page to the design elements and the content that displays on it. As the theme options given allow developers to customize the appearance of the site without having the code.

iii. Extensions: Some theme frameworks come with a wide range of plugins and integrate seamlessly with the framework itself. Developers have access to the plugin files to customize them for their free WordPress themes.

You will better understand the potential of a framework once you test a few of them. But before installing a framework, let’s look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of using the WordPress theme framework:

  • Community support: 

Most popular theme frameworks have a huge community behind it, one gets support. The best thing about utilizing a well-known theme framework is that numerous others like you have likewise utilized it or are right now utilizing it. The WordPress people group is incredibly friendly and when you have a huge number of individuals utilizing a similar theme design, it’s easy to request to developers on forums and receive support for your issues.

  • Ease of development:

One can easily develop a website or a blog by avoiding the coding required to create the framework. It saves your time by avoiding repetitive tasks. If one is developing an eCommerce platform or a portfolio theme, the framework has the needed items to develop that theme.

  • Framework Functionality:

Frameworks are provided with a large number of functionalities that you don’t need to include yourself. Models are widgets, standard themes, certain SEO elements and methods for creating and editing pages and posts.

  • Flexibility:

WordPress theme frameworks are all flexible like theme options, customizations, function extensibility, and design alterations. If you think that you are not going to use certain features at this point, it is always to go with a flexible theme framework.

Disadvantages of using the WordPress Frameworks:

  • Learning the language:

It is generally important to become familiar and learn the language utilized in the frameworks. Hooks and filters, for instance, vary between Frameworks. Learning of this is essential when coding child themes.

  • Heavy cost:

There is a couple of top-notch free WordPress themes. In any case, in the event that you need an incredible and dependable structure, you will have to pay. Most frameworks utilize the membership model, however, there are a few that just require a one-time fee. Regardless of the pricing model, you will have to pay to get a quality framework.
You will also need to pay for the updates and support. Updates are important because you want to make sure that your site is free of bugs at all the time.

  • Limited Customization:

There is a limit that framework allows for the customization. If one wants more extensive customization then do not use frameworks, but code from scratch.

Best WordPress theme frameworks
Here we will review some of the most popular theme framework and features that they offer developers and web experts.

SKT Perfect:

skt perfect theme
One of the most popular WordPress theme SKT Perfect build with most popular framework customizer. This WordPress theme will help one to reach out to their targeted audiences easily. With the WooCommerce compatibility, making client invoices online and getting them paid also becomes very easy. This is designed to be translation ready thus it can be easily translated into any other language website with the help of POT file given inside.

Maintenance Services:

maintenance service theme
One of the most popular WordPress themes, maintenance services, is built with the most popular framework Pro page builder. The WordPress theme has been developed for construction and renovation and interior designing type of websites. SEO friendly coding has been done and SEO plugins can be added to get proper meta tags on each page and to get proper SEO results as well. Adding extra layouts also becomes very easy because with the use of SKT Page builder a different landing page can be created without any hiccups by non-coders as well.

Wrapping it up:
A WordPress Theme Framework is an efficient tool that helps developers. Yes, it might cost you, you can also get free WordPress themes. Drag and drop functionality can save your hours of coding and you can get access to all the modern SEO tools and widgets.