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Free Schema WordPress Themes for having a SEO friendly website

Every business website needs to show their plan of action to the potential clients to convince them.

Therefore, these days, websites are having schema plugins to let search engine result pages show exactly what is required.

Furthermore, a schema is an important aspect of data representation and storage so that search engines and social media can fetch the required data and make complete sense from them.

There are some awesome free schema WordPress themes for constructing websites of different nature and help search engines crawl the websites and retrieve useful information for better ranking.

The following free schema WordPress themes should be used to build your website as per your requirement.

1. SKT Biz

This is a business theme with schema support. All the schema plugins are compatible to show reviews, ratings, and different combination of services and the data flow processes. One can design sections according to services and products on the homepage, and it is best for all the different kinds of businesses. The schema diagrams will help the visitor to understand the work process and the product or service they should opt for to achieve their goals.

2. SKT Pathway

It is a multipurpose theme and one of the best free schema WordPress themes. It is clean and professional in design and likely to promote your business and brand value. You can select what exactly to show on the search engine for each web page and what will be displayed when you share the ink of social media. Apart from that, you can have widgets to show recent posts from specific categories. It has several plugins for advanced contact option and payment gateway.

3. Perfect Event Lite

Any event needs to show a schema diagram or widgets containing recent updates for its participants and attendees to follow the event closely and prepare themselves accordingly. Perfect Event lite is one of the awesome free schema WordPress themes that has options to satisfy all your needs. It looks stunning to make your event look premium and everything is HD ready for handheld devices as well as higher resolution screens.

4. SKT Design Agency

This is a theme for different agencies to display their products and services. Such websites need a schema to show how their services are different from others. There are unlimited icons available with its pro version to let you design the website exactly the way you want it. It comes with several slider options and gallery area layouts. The images have free license, and it is translation ready. Standard pages are available and compatible with WooCommerce and other standard plugins.

5. Spirited Lite

This is a corporate theme and one of the best you can get among free schema WordPress themes. It is easy to customize and design the inner pages with page builder. All the necessary pages are present, and you can add rich snippets in its sidebars and widgets. Header and footer section can be made significant for better navigation, and you can change the color combination with a few clicks.

6. Wedding Lite

Wedding websites need to have timeline and schema to show the targeted audiences the exact flow of the wedding and the events associated with it. Furthermore, there could be widgets to show the recent happenings and updates. Wedding Lite stands out as free schema WordPress themes, and it has support for all schema plugins to show the important posts, updates and better links on social media when you share them.

7. SKT Blendit

This is one of the best free scheme WordPress themes for designing a website and get more lead generation and conversion. You can set what to show on the social media platforms and what to display on search engines for specific pages. It has WooCommerce support and call-to-action options for immediate action. The sliders and galleries are overwhelmingly impressive. The boxes and blocks on the homepage are adorable.

8. IT Consultant Lite

This is a perfect website for consultant and consultancy companies to build their website. Any consultancy company provides useful services to their client but to convince them, they need to put forward the flow of your plans and actions to achieve the target. This theme is tailor-made for that, and there are various schema plugins to show exactly that. It is clean and professional in design, and you can customize the website live.

9. Gravida Lite

This is an awesome theme to design all required business irrespective of its purpose. Therefore, it is a multipurpose theme with all the features and supports for plugins. It has some of the best schema plugin pre-installed for your business to show effectively on search engines and social media pages. The standard pages are present, and there are some awesome sliders and gallery options available for beautification.

10. Perfect Business Lite

The schema is a big part of all business website like rating, reviews, showing survey data and figures. Perfect Business Lite is one of the most versatile free schema WordPress themes with a beautiful layout, design, and features. It is a widget friendly theme where you can show the rich snippets like latest posts and products, valuable reviews and rating of the products and services. It is SEO friendly and has all the social media integration and listing options.

11. Perfect Charity Lite

It is one of the best free schema WordPress themes, and you can show rich snippets with animation on the homepage. It supports all the schema plugins for dictating search engine and social media what exactly to show for its links. It is compatible with all browsers and comes with WooCommerce support for those who want to donate. There are several widgets, sliders, and galleries to show animated images, videos, and call-to-action options.

12. SKT Toothy

It is a health theme specially designed for dental clinics, and it qualifies as one of the best free schema WordPress themes. It is great for showing different dental and medical related services so that targeted audiences quickly find the option and item they are looking for. The schema plugins will help to gain more trust and showing quality information. It also has SEO and SMO plugins for better visibility and greater lead generation.

These are the best free schema WordPress themes you can use on your website to show rich snippets and dictate the search engines as well as social media what to show to get more customers easily.

Finding the Best SEO Company

Finding the best SEO Company online can be tough at times. Many small and large businesses struggle with the fact that there are so many companies out there to choose from and they all seem to have different policies and methods of search engine optimization to implement. This is further complicated by the fact that many businesses don’t understand how SEO works at all, leaving them in the dark when it comes to understanding their specific needs as a business online. This can lead to them hiring the wrong company for the job. However, hiring the right best SEO Company isn’t as hard as it seems so long as they keep a few things in mind.

The first thing that business owners need to consider when hiring the best SEO service is why they need SEO in the first place. Are they running a branding campaign, doing demographics marketing, or trying to directly sell stuff online? What their overall business plan is will have a major impact on how the SEO Company goes about implementing their services and getting the attention of the search engines. By keeping their goals in mind for both their website and overall business plan, a business can more accurately hire the best SEO firm for the job.

The second thing that a business needs to consider is what their advertising budget it. SEO falls into the category of advertising in a way and so it should be a part of that budget structure for a business. They should take a long look at how they are currently spending their ad budget and how the best SEO services fit into the mix. This will give them a good idea of which pricing structures and payment plans fit into their budget as well, making it easier to negotiate with the SEO firms.

Lastly, businesses need to think about whether or not an SEO firm guarantees their services’ success. SEO is not an exact science these days and sometimes takes a bit of work before hitting that “sweet spot” and getting it just right. The best SEO companies may or may not guarantee their services. Some may agree to work with you for a specified amount of time before the contract has to be renewed and payment rendered again. The good news is that most companies want to come to an agreement that works for both them and the business that has hired them.

Professional SEO Company

The reports are accurate. The business is not getting the amount of traffic needed to move forward. Though sinking more money into production would be nice; it is not the answer. Adding more products and data to the business’ site is not going to bring potential buyers through the door. However, a professional SEO company will do just that.

It all starts with an in-depth analysis of what is being done right and where the mistakes are adding up. A Professional SEO representative will look at everything from content to redirects. He will analyze what the sites capabilities are and maximize them. He will incorporate a number of tools that will pull the website up in higher rankings.

It can seem like an enormous task, and it is. That is why successful business owners depend on professional SEO services to get their traffic up, and keep it up. When it comes to doing business on the internet, the competition is right in the buyer’s view. Potential customers do not want to search a business out past the first page. These buyers often just enter key-words into a search field and pick one of the targeted links that come at the top of the page.

The right group of people, who understand building traffic, are not only an investment in the life-blood of online businesses; they are the foundation that keeps new traffic coming in. Without a solid foundation to build a business on, it will be difficult to near impossible to grow and produce quality results. When a business is ready to grow and produce more traffic, it is time to invest in the qualified professional SEO service. This will put a business on the track for success and bring in new buyers.

Potential buyers are being missed every single day when the traffic is not there. However, buyers are logging onto to the internet twenty-four hours a day. They are exploring products, gaining information and making purchases. They are visiting sites that come up first when they enter their key-words into the search field. Those business that are generating the traffic to catch the buyers attention and secure the sale, have a powerful set of tools helping them with their search results. In order for a business to be in the game, it needs to be able to be found on the first page, not page three.

What Will Do the Best SEO Company

When it comes down to it, the best thing that you can do for your business is to make sure that your potential customers can find your website during a quick search engine search. The average person does not really take a whole lot of time to search for a particular good or service, but instead they simply go to their favorite search engine to see what comes up. What this means is that a potential customers is also not apt to look through several pages of results when they look on a search engine, but instead only take a look at the top three or four options that are on the top of the first page. To most people looking for the services you offer, if you aren’t at the top of the first page of results, you might as well not exist at all. The only way to make sure that you get to the top of a search is to find one of the Best SEO Companies out there to help you out.

SEO, or search engine optimization, focuses on the placement of a website on a search engine search. Companies like Google use complex algorithms to decide the placement of sites during a search, meaning that you need to follow exact rules in order to get the placement that you need. The Best SEO services company knows these rules, and will take the necessary steps to get you where you want to be. They will pick the keywords that are most likely to be used in a search (for example, those who are looking for a plumber in San Jose, California are likely to use a phrase like “plumber San Jose CA” for their search), and place them in published press releases and blogs with backlinks to your site, helping you get to the top of your search. Because of the complexity of the process, it is something that needs to be left to the best SEO companies who know exactly what they are doing.

The best SEO services are those that allow for changes in the long term. Just because you get to the top of a search does not mean that you are going to necessarily stay there. The best SEO Company is going to understand this, and make changes when they are needed for both keywords and blogging needs. You can find more info by taking a look online.


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Free WordPress Gallery Themes for gallery & portfolio websites

These free WordPress gallery themes have super functionalities as well to support all your requirements.

Every website you build, it must have a gallery section to showcase beautiful images that will blow the mind of the visitors.

The theme that you have chosen or will choose for your website, if it does not have a great gallery section and plugin, it is not worth it.

WordPress has some awesome free WordPress gallery themes that are applicable for personal and commercial website building.

The galleries are creative and eye-catching and they are sure to make your website look premium.

SKT Photo Session

It is some of the best gallery plugins pre-installed. You can use the default gallery and change to others as per your requirement. The contact page has advanced plugins for appointment, booking and query discussion.

One can also have a discussion forum. The menu is a 5-level drop down which will help in showing the different categories of photos. Furthermore, the social media integration will give more exposure and you can run better social media campaigns for better conversion and leads for selling the photos and getting more clients to get hired.

Photo World

This is one of the best free WordPress gallery themes for photographers. One can also use it to show newly launched products as a landing page. It is extremely beautiful and unique. The galleries are something that most people have not seen before and hence, it is likely to become popular in no time. Apart from the homepage gallery, one can use the shortcodes to embed galleries in the inner pages.

It has social media integration and SEO compatibility. All the mandatory pages are present with creative design and portfolio plugins are superb to take a photographer to new heights and increase his sales figures.

Perfect Beauty Spa Lite

It is one of the best collections of gallery plugins to show the images of different products and services to attract the customers. The overall design adds more beauty and the color combination is mind blowing. There are plugins for payment gateway, portfolio, slider, contact form and call-to-action options.

The boxes ad blocks on the homepage are creative and the blog section can be used for better conversion and orders.

SKT Panaroma

This is one of the best free WordPress gallery themes on the list. It is best for photographers as they need creative gallery options to showcase their photos and portfolio. It is also social media friendly to spread the word and images better and gain popularity. Apart from that, all the necessary pages are present and the slider is truly awesome to watch. One can place videos in that too.

Interior Lite

If you are an interior designer or a designing company, you know that you need to show the galleries well to make the targeted audiences believe in your creativity. Interior Lite is an awesome theme to have creative gallery options to show images with different animations and functionalities. The frames of the images are pre-built and look wonderful.

There is always a novelty in design and there are many ways of showing designs and new ideas. It also has a blog section to captivate the visitors and call-to-action options for contacting.

Hotel Lite

If you have a hotel business and want to make it have an online presence, it is one of the best free WordPress gallery themes on the list. A gallery is very important for a hotel company as they have to show the images of the interior of the hotel in the best possible way to create the best impression in the mind of their potential clients.

This is exactly what the specialty of the theme is. There are multiple gallery plugins available so that the visitors do not feel bored and there is always something new to watch out for on the site. There are also galleries for showing videos.

Fitness Lite

This is one of the most awesome free WordPress gallery themes. There are some awesome sliders, boxes on the homepage with embedded gallery and there is another separate section for showcasing images. It is best for gym and health centers but one can also use the site for selling health-related products as well. There is a blog section to make people understand the value of health and fitness and drive them to the fitness center or buy the products. It comes with WooCommerce support and various e-commerce related plugins for better listing.


This is a female oriented theme and has one of the best gallery plugins installed to showcase all the products and items beautifully to the targeted female and male audiences. It is surely going to captivate the users and the layout is super cool. One can use it as a blog and sell affiliate items for better revenue generation. It is fully editable and there are shortcodes to place gallery in between a post.

SKT Simple

This is one of the best free WordPress gallery themes and it is clean and modern in design. It is a multipurpose theme and best for all websites where a lot of images are to be shown and it is one of the focal points for the success of the website. There are awesome icons and fonts available. The background is rather white and you can change the color scheme. The overall design is super impressive and there are many plugins pre-installed for different creative images.

Restaurant Lite

This is an awesome theme with innovative gallery and it is so important for a restaurant to have awesome gallery options to showcase their items. Apart from that, it has amazing sliders and other visual triggers. It is compatible with NextGen gallery and other standard gallery plugins as well. It is SEO friendly and hence, it would be helpful in targeting local customers easily. Everything is editable with live customizer and pricing table is going to be very useful along with call-to-action options.

These are the most amazing free WordPress gallery themes that you should use irrespective of the website or business type to captivate the visitors and turn them into customers or subscribers effortlessly.

Free Actor and Actresses WordPress Themes for Celebrity Websites

The popular of actors and actresses are no more restricted to super hit movies where they are a part of. Actors and actresses from short films, TV series and even web-series are increasingly becoming more popular than some of the movie celebs. That is why, WordPress serves as the best platform and there are some creative and unique free actor & actresses WordPress themes.

The credit for that goes to online presence and keeping in touch with the fans and followers. When it comes to reaching a celebrity status, branding is very important and hence getting a personal website is the first basic step.

The following are the best handpicked free actor & actresses WordPress themes to grace yourself with the ultimate killer website.

1. I Am One

It is one of the most stunning free actor & actresses WordPress themes with great color and designing options. It comes with amazing icons to represent everything graphically which should be the case for an actor or actress’ personal website. The navigation is intuitive due awesome menu options and there are several page templates to add variety to the inner pages. One can have up to 30 sections on the homepage to engage the visitors for long and make brand promotion permanent.

2. Girlie Lite

This WordPress theme is suitable for actresses as it is tailor-made for female. It is likely to give you more fans as they are going to love the design and appreciate your choice. This is a perfect theme that reflects female mentality. It has all the necessary pages and options like social media integration, SEO plugins and contact form to stay in touch with fans. There are some amazing sliders and gallery options with animation that will set you apart from others.

3. SKT Simple

These are the best free actor & actresses WordPress themes you would require to create a stunning personal website. They have all the designing ingredients and functionalities. With customizer, you can design your own website the way you want it without any technical knowledge or prior experience. You can change color, use ornamental fonts and suggestive icons for better representation. Header, footer and widgets are stunning and you can integrate all standard plugins seamlessly.

4. SKT Panaroma

It is more suitable for actresses especially because fans like to see their photos and videos rather than stories. You can have innovative transparent menu options, dedicated forum, contact form with captcha and amazing color combinations. It is SEO and SMO friendly to give you more exposure automatically. It has some powerful sliders and galleries which make the website powerful and unique in the eyes of the visitors.

5. Clean Lite

This is one of the coolest free actor & actresses WordPress themes that will enhance your personality and fan following. It is very simple in design but powerful in features. Navigation is going to be easy and everyone can find the option to access information or photos and videos intuitively.

It comes with blog section with awesome layouts, portfolio section with galleries and the background of the home page will define the beauty of your website. Every component is easily editable with customizers and the theme is quite flexible and highly scalable.

6. SKT Parallax Me

This is an ideal theme for artists like actors and actresses. The layout is creative and stands out among others. It is mobile friendly and supports all browsers. There are hundreds of shortcodes that can help you create amazing embedding effects. You can sell items like merchandise, brand products through your website. It has several unique blocks and boxes that define the beauty of the theme.

Transparency of header and footer, faster loading speed, amazing sliders with creative animations, and oblique layout make it one of the must-have free actor, actresses WordPress themes.

7. SKT Strong

It is ideal for actors and it is designed accordingly to showcase the male celebs like a pro. The color combination is wonderful and the layouts are supreme. It has some amazing sliders and galleries. With bbPress you can have a forum along with blog and awesome comment sections. You can integrate your social media profile and showcase your updates. Your website will increase your brand value as everyone will get all the required information at once and follow every event and updates.

8. SKT Launch

This is truly a unique theme to showcase personalities wonderfully. It is fully responsive and passé Google mobile friendly test and hence, you can get a lot of mobile user fans. It is retina ready and your photos and videos will appear perfectly on large screen. You can have a blog and a forum to interact with your fans and engage them with posts. You can do press release, upload events with event calendar and share personal stories that everyone loves to read. It is a widget friendly theme and you can show your products and merchandises to sell them directly from your website.

9. Online Coach

Even though the name of the theme is distracting but it is meant for creating a personal website. It is one of the best free actor, actresses WordPress themes because of its clean design and functionality. You can showcase videos such as trailer, personal recordings and integrate exclusive photos which are not available on social media, list interesting points about you to captivate the visitors. It has blog section to write engaging posts and keeping the visitors hooked.

Apart from that, it has social media integration and portfolio page with reviews so that you can showcase your works and receive appreciation and get noticed by popular producers and directors. It has a beautiful timeline where you can show the different event in your life and achievement. Needless to say, it is SEO friendly so that you can get listed on the first page of Google.

10. IT Consultant Lite

It is one of the exceptional free actor, actresses WordPress themes made for building personal website. It is mobile friendly and the layout is of one-page. It is very simple, clean and modern. It is likely to reflect your personality and the color scheme is changeable to match it with your own preference.

It also has fancy animations and visual triggers. It loads faster and has amazing animated sliders and filter galleries. The all-important blog sections for press release, events, news and sharing personal experience are present. You can also integrate WooCommerce if you are willing to sell merchandise.

These are the best free actor & actresses WordPress themes we have to make sure website showcase your personality and increase your visibility so that your follower base increases rapidly.

Free Agriculture WordPress themes for agri based & agro websites

These free agriculture WordPress themes are extremely well-designed and have all the required ingredients to reach out of more customers and increase the revenue massively.

Agriculture is the basis of growth for most of the countries.

In this world of digitization, even the agriculture sector has been touched significantly.

Now, companies are coming up with websites to sell their products locally and globally. Farmers can sell their crops, buy fertilizers and irrigation related products.

There are many free agriculture WordPress themes available for download.

Perfect Agriculture Lite

This is one of the best free agriculture WordPress themes on the list. It is simple and clean with fast loading speed. It is fully responsive, appears well on all devices and is retina ready. It has support for WooCommerce so that customers can buy agriculture products directly from the website. The galleries and sliders are great and there are many e-commerce related plugins are present like pricing table, labels on images and it is fully customizable.

Nature One

This is one of the most amazing free agriculture WordPress themes on the list. It has a stunning color combination that will make you website stand out. The icons are extremely well highlighted and it looks better than some of the premium themes as well. There are beautiful effects on the slider and it is a widget friendly theme with many pre-installed widget patterns. It comes with several page templates and a separate blog section to educate people about the products and benefits.

SKT White

This theme has all the ingredients to be a perfect agriculture theme. The slider is brilliant, the buttons and boxes are very highlighting and the sections of the homepage are creatively designed. There are shuttle animation components as well. It is a very easy theme to set up and modify. All the standard pages are already present with sample text and necessary functions. It is fully retina ready and there are useful plugins like a call to action, live customizer, and advanced page builder.

SKT Magazine

Having a great agricultural blog is not a bad option especially when it is one of the most searched topics in the world. It could have multiple other categories as well as sell agricultural production as an affiliation. From that perspective, it is one of the best free agriculture WordPress themes on the list. It has a beautiful layout, superb functionalities and compatible with all the standard plugins. It also has WooCommerce support and various other e-commerce plugins are compatible.


It is a great theme to have to build a perfect agricultural website. It is modern, classic and will get more conversion and better leads. It has beautiful animations and hover effects, awesome sliders with creative transitions and standard pages. It can also have a blog template and social media integration for targeting local people. It has very high SEO value which is important to get more exposure and drive more organic traffic easily. It truly is a smart theme and sure to take the website and business to new levels.

Clean Lite

An agriculture website does not need to be something really extraordinary. It serves to have a modern look and all the necessary functions and features. Clan Lite is one of the best free agriculture WordPress themes that is fast and SEO friendly. It has passed Google tests for mobile friendliness and loading speed test. It comes with live customizer for editing and advanced page builder for creating new inner pages. The plugins for social media, contact form, and call to action options are present. It has a minimalistic graphic designing approach and comes with multilingual support.

SKT Launch

If you have a relatively new company related to agriculture, it is a great theme, to begin with. It is tailor-made for new companies and you can sell your products directly for the farmers and various agriculture farms. The layout is clean and navigation is intuitive. The color scheme is changeable and it is very easy to set up. Everything is customizable and there are feature sections for product listing and payment gateway for people to pay using their payment cards and net banking.

SKT Wine

If you are into agriculture and produce items that you want to sell directly without third-party involved by any means, this is one of the best free agriculture WordPress themes for you. Coffee has been kept just as an example to show the things you can sell. It can be any natural beverage, vegetables, fruits and what not. The galleries are awesome and likely to impress the potential customers. It has passed Google page speed test and has a blog section to write captivating posts for better leads and conversions.

SKT Simple

This is one of the most beautiful free agriculture WordPress themes to use to build your dream website. Its aesthetic value will generate more buyers and will make the website one of the premium places to buy products related to agriculture. If you can use the blog section to your advantages, it would be far better. It already has good SEO property and hiring an SEO expert once the website is up ad running could lead to new heights in terms of traffic generation.

SKT Blendit

Though one it happens to be one of the free agriculture WordPress themes, it looks like a million buck. The homepage design makes the website look something very extraordinary and hence, it is going to generate huge bulk orders from big companies very easily. It is best for agriculture companies who want big orders and have the capacity to produce accordingly.
The theme has high SEO value, simple boxes, and blocks. It is a widget friendly and all the graphical designing elements are present. The products can be shown beautifully with price tag and testimonials section can be embedded with existing shortcodes.
These are definitely the most useful free agriculture WordPress themes and you can design your agriculture related website wonderfully and make your business better than ever.

Free Dentist WordPress themes for Dental Clinics and Dentistry Websites

The following are some of the best free dentist WordPress themes for dentists to create their personal website for their patients.

The trend of digitization has hit every industry, and medical industry is no exception. Hospital, laboratories, and doctors are using WordPress themes to create their websites. It helps to reach out to targeted audiences easily, and even people can spot them effortlessly and get all the required information.

These free dentist WordPress themes can also be used by the dental clinics.

They look very professional and have all the necessary features for better user experience.

SKT Toothy

This is a perfect theme for a dentist or a dental clinic to create a website and increase their reach and value. The design is quite professional, and the homepage is clean and modern. The slider is lightweight, and the sections on the homepage are creative. It has a 5-level drop down menu, shortcodes for embedding videos and testimonials, and social media support. The contact page is advanced because that is where most of the users would visit.

SKT Handy

Healing Touch Lite

This is one of the best dentist WordPress themes for the dental clinics to create a stunning yet professional website. It has passed Google tests for mobile friendliness and loading speed test. It is SEO friendly and has awesome navigation options with 5-level drop down menu. WooCommerce plugin is already installed, and a bunch of icons is present that could be used to design the website and content format in a better way. The boxes and blocks on the homepage are creative and highlighting.

I Am One

This is one of the best free dentist WordPress themes to showcase as an individual. It is basically a one-page theme yet you can create inner pages as per your convenience. The design of the theme is mind-blowing. There are options for creating a bbPress forum, payment gateway, blog and write attractive testimonials. There are various useful sections on the homepage to captivate the audiences easily. You can embed the contact form and information with call-to-action options.

Kraft Lite

This is a multipurpose theme for would look good for a dentist’s website. There are sliders, galleries of extremely good quality. The theme is fully responsive, cross-browsers compatible and loads faster than most others. All the standard pages are already available, and only a few modifications will be needed. You can also have a blog to enlighten the potential patients and show build trust factor. You are surely going to get more organic traffic.

SKT BlendIt

This is one of the suitable free dentist WordPress themes for individual dentists. The theme has a great look, social media support, live customizer and advanced page builder for inner pages designing. It can also be used a one-page website to have all the sections on the homepage. There are awesome sliders, galleries, and multiple widgets to show different packages and offers. Navigation is quite easy, and it works on all devices comfortably.

Online Coach

In today’s world, a patient always searches for online consultation before actually visiting a doctor. Patients do not want to waste one day just for visiting the dentist and doing the consultation. Sometimes, online consultation is required to fetch advice after the treatment. This is one of the best free dentist WordPress themes for dentists to provide online assistance and take a fee for that. The theme has WooCommerce support, and you can install free online chat system for direct communication.

Clean Lite

This is one of the simple free dentist WordPress themes for creating dentist website. It has multiple color options, buttons, and icons. It looks cool of mobile devices which is where the source of the potential patients is maximum. The sidebars could be utilized with various widgets. There are also several useful plugins. There is support for translation and sharing and commenting. You can also display testimonials on the homepage.

BeFit Lite

This is one of the stunning free dentist WordPress themes to create a trust factor in the visitors’ minds instantly. The theme is retina ready, and it comes in black theme color which is changeable. One can show different packages for different dental treatment with prices. People can make a booking and pay the fees in advance. It has better SEO value and compatibility with mobile devices so that patients can check it out on the go.

Complete Lite

This is undoubted the best theme on the list in terms of design and functionalities. All the standard plugins are already installed, and it has high SEO value for better exposure. The theme color is changeable, and every component is editable in real-time. The theme is quite flexible, and you can change anything or add something anytime. There is an option for advanced blogging and getting more organic traffic. The theme is completed documented and checked for proper security.

Perfect Beauty Spa Lite

In today’s world, people do not just visit a dentist for repairing their faulty teeth. There are various treatments available to whiten teeth, reshape them and perform other kinds of modifications. This is one of the best free dentist WordPress themes to offer such services, and even beauty centers have a special dental section to beautify your smile. The theme is attractive, mobile-friendly, widget-friendly, supports translation, and color scheme is modifiable.

You should not waste any further time to get your website online and choose the best theme from these free dentist WordPress themes. They are tailor-made to take your lead generation to new levels that you never imagined.

Free Marketing WordPress themes for marketing promotion websites

These free marketing WordPress themes have awesome design and all the required functionalities and features.

For the success of every business, marketing is the most important part. It does not really matter how great your product or service is unless you can reach out to your targeted audiences through proper marketing strategies.

In today’s world, online marketing gets the maximum priority for every business. The first step of online marketing is getting a stunning website with high SEO value so that it increases the trust factor in the targeted audiences who visit the site.

At the same time, with good SEO value, the visibility and exposure of the website will increase on the search engine pages.

There are awesome free marketing WordPress themes available to achieve the purpose smoothly.

1. SKT Start-Up Lite

It is one of the most ideal free marketing WordPress themes for the marketing of a new brand or product. It is more suitable for promoting a company and its products together. The design is flat but eye-catching. It has call-to-action options for better contact establishment, and it comes with social media support and SEO-friendly character.

2. The App

This is one of the best free marketing WordPress themes for an app or a product. The design is extremely beautiful, and the sections are creatively organized to engage the visitors and get more conversions. The theme is SEO friendly which is the ultimate weapon for marketing organically. You can design inner pages to list more products and attach a price tag for direct buying using WooCommerce payment gateway. It is suitable for all devices, and it is retina ready.

3. SKT Launch

This is one of the best free marketing WordPress themes on the list to promote start-up companies or their products and other items. It has all the ingredients to make the marketing campaign successful and fruitful. It is SEO-friendly and has integration with email marketing plugins. The galleries and backgrounds are retina ready, and there are awesome sliders to showcase featured and sponsored items beautifully.

4. Perfect Business Lite

For every business, marketing is an integral part, and this is the best theme to use to promote a business, its brands and products together without creating a separate theme. It is very simple to set up and edit from the backend. There is live customizer, and you can pace amazing photos and videos behind the sections and pages. All the mandatory pages are present, and you can change color and fonts easily with selective options. With the pro version, everything is unlimited.

5. I Am One

This is a beautiful theme to promote a person and his products and brands items. It can be a marketing website for an author, celebrity, artist or photographer. The person can do marketing for his brand, merchandise, items and services alongside him. The theme will provide dual benefits, and it is absolutely stunning in design and the homepage have all the different types of sections as per requirement in marketing.

6. Kraft Lite

It is one of the multipurpose free marketing WordPress themes. The homepage is extremely beautiful in design, and it can be used to promote anything. The color and the overall design are editable and can be changed as per requirement and the item that will be advertised. Social media integration, video embedding facilities, widgets, and SEO-friendliness will help to reach out to more and more targeted audiences with ease.

7. Perfect Event Lite

For an event to be successful, proper marketing is the key. This is one of the best free marketing WordPress themes for designing and displaying the event beautifully and do paid marketing, social media marketing or get organic traffic from social media pages and search engines effortlessly. The color combination, the free images, and the icons are extremely effective in better representation of content and other information.

8. Girlie Lite

This is an awesome theme for promoting and inline marketing of female products and services. It can be something related to fashion products, lifestyle products, and beauty services. The theme will help to reach out to the targeted audiences quickly as it has high SEO value and girls are going to like it more than any other website. It is creative, innovative and fresh enough to catch eyes and make the best first impression.

9. Perfect Lite

This is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for effective online marketing. You can design it the way you want to, and the color combination can be kept as per the item that is promoted. It is a widget-friendly theme, and there are some awesome sliders and galleries waiting to be used creatively. It is retina ready and appears beautifully on handheld devices. It can be the landing page for marketing of any physical and digital product.

10. Gravida Lite

This is one of the most versatile free marketing WordPress themes to promote corporate products and services with a bulk order coming from clients and companies. The color combination is professional, and the flat design with creative section will create curiosity in the mind of the targeted audiences. The sliders have different options to select from. It is compatible with most of the plugins for better reach.

11. Spirited Lite

This is one of the best looking free marketing WordPress themes to promote premium products and services targeting big clients and companies. The design is classic, and the functionalities are advanced. One can make an appointment and booking instantly. There are pricing table and beautiful portfolio plugins to list the packages. The contact us page is quite advanced, and the homepage is eye-catching to increase the trust factor for new clients and customers.

12. Interior Lite

This is a perfect theme to promote furniture and interior products for decoration and designing. It looks premium, and you can have a blog section to advice people for different designing things and current trends to follow. You can engage more potential customers and clients, and it has SEO support and plugins to get organic traffic and more orders.

These are the best free marketing WordPress themes to design your grand website so that you can reach your marketing goals easily and great more exposure, leads, and conversion. These are the keys to the success of your products and services and the company as a whole.

Free Consultant WordPress themes for consulting business sites

Use these free consultant WordPress themes to list your consultancy services and watch your business grow rapidly.

A consultant is an experienced professional who provides you the right advice with his expert knowledge.

Consultancy business is at its peak at present, and they have made their presence felt in every sector of business and personal life.

People search for consultant online because the advice can be given directly through online medium.

The following are some of the handpicked free consultant WordPress themes available to design an awesome website.

They have the right design template to showcase yourself or your firm as a trustable entity.

IT Consultant Lite

Information technology is a great sector that always seeks for consultants.
IT Consultant Lite is one of the perfect free consultant WordPress themes because it showcases a person very strongly with all the required components like testimonials, skills, and services.
There are separate useful sections on the homepage, and you can create stunning service page with accompanying plugins for listing services and prices.
It comes with Nivo slider for grabbing attention instantly.
There is social media integration option to spread your repute thick and fast.

WooCommerce payment gateway is important because people will generally seek online advice and will pay fee accordingly.

Apart from that, it is mobile friendly and fully responsive

SKT Design Agency

The design of advertisements and banners is very important for the promotional and marketing works of a company to be successful. Therefore, companies seek consultants to form the best banners, tag lines, catchy phrases and other requirements. This is one of the most beautiful free consultant WordPress themes with the useful 5-level menu, inbuilt standard pages, and other major plugins. You must have videos on your website to add confidence to the potential customers to hire you and buy your services. There are various video plugins, and the overall design is stunning to get projects awarded easily.

Accounting Lite

This is one of the free consultant WordPress themes for accounting consultants. Most of the individuals and companies seek the help of accounting consultants as taxation is quite a complicated matter. This theme is mobile-friendly and works well on all browsers. It comes with compatibility for WooCommerce, Google analytics, NextGen gallery plugin and Nivo slider plugin. There are various options available in the backend for customization. There is a board plugin where you can put up tips for the visitors and impress them easily.

Perfect Agriculture Lite

The agriculture sector has progressed a lot in the recent past because of the various consultancy services. Farmers seek consultants who have expertise in agricultural fields for better cultivation and yield. This is an ideal theme for that purpose as it is very lightweight with minimal design. It has high definition quality of display and all the required plugins for different useful functionalities. You can also install a plugin for online chatting so that you can provide the guidance instantly.

Healing Touch Lite

Over the last few years, the tendency of people consulting doctors online has increased significantly. This is a perfect free consultant WordPress theme for physicians to have an online presence and offer online services to earn few bucks easily and help the patients instantly. It is an SEO friendly website so that you can have a better rank on search engine. It comes with different widgets and sidebars. Attraction plugins are pre-installed to avail different useful functionalities easily. With its pro version, you can do further customization and get unlimited resources.

I Am One

This is one of the coolest free consultant WordPress themes for any general consultant. It can be a life coach, fitness trainer, interior designer and likewise. The overall design of the theme is perfect. The homepage can sustain multiple sections so that most of the website is completely on the homepage only. There are options for social media support, blogging, and theme color change. It is fully responsive, and you can even have a bbPress forum for better interaction and preservation of records.

SKT Launch

This is one of the simplest free consultant WordPress themes for those who provide advice to the start-up companies and individuals who are aspiring to be an entrepreneur. It has a simple design, but everything is quite highlighting. There is support for translation, WooCommerce, advanced contact forms and SEO plugins. It has good loading speed and compatible with all devices so that people can avail a service and discuss things on the go.

SKT Lawzo

This is an awesome theme for those providing legal consultancy services. Legal consultants are always in high demand, and this is a perfect theme for showcasing your services with price and testimonials. There are call-to-action options, page builders for creating and designing inner pages and it is a widget-friendly theme. The theme color can be changed easily, and the elegant styling will make it look attractive to the potential customers.

Yogi Lite

Yogi Lite is one of the great free consultant WordPress themes for health and fitness consultant. In today’s world, people have become very conscious of their health due to degrading environmental conditions. They always search for health and fitness consultants on the internet to seed advice. You can impress them instantly with your website design. Furthermore, the services of consultancy can be offered online, and payment can be accepted through the payment gateway. The color combination is superb and vital plugins are present like call-to-action, portfolio and service displayer and welcoming pop-up boxes.

Girlie Lite

This is one of the best free consultant WordPress themes for consultants who deal with girlie matters like pregnancy, skin care, hair care, beauty, and wellness. The theme comes with a blog section so that one can captivate the targeted audiences with quality articles. It provides multiple Google fonts and shortcodes for better content presentation. You can edit the theme in real time and add any required page with inbuilt templates. Once can also sell products after providing the required services and accept payment through the payment gateway.

Apart from the fact that consultant websites must have amazing design, they have to have all the required functionalities for better user experience. These free consultant WordPress themes are perfect from all aspects and ready to take your service providing business to the next level.

Free Author WordPress Themes for Article Writers and eBook Authors

Building such a website is inexpensive because of the availability of free author WordPress themes.

Whether you are an author or an artist, you know that online market is where the majority of your buyers are waiting.

If your online presence gets viral, there would be an exponential rise in your book or art sale figures.

Therefore, it becomes mandatory for an author to get a website published and what could be better than a perfect WordPress website.

These free author WordPress themes have all the features an author’s website must have.

But most importantly, they have some of the best eye-catching design which will increase the sale of the book beyond imagination. Consider the following free author WordPress themes for getting a stunning author website.

1. Perfect Lite

This is a multipurpose theme and can be used to design website having stunning design and booking services. It is sure to create the best initial impression and it is compatible with all social media and search engine optimization plugins. There is page builder and live customizer. It is needless to say that it has WooCommerce support for payment gateway. With its pro version, you can customize better with lots of available resources like fonts, color and shortcodes.

2. Online Coach

This is a theme which is perfect for showcasing individuality such as for authors and artists. One can interact with potential buyers through the chat system plugins. It has advanced contact form, multilingual support and awesome blog. There are also call-to-action options to let potential buyers buy a book instantly. There are so many unique and general features that you can avail in your website and turn into gold. It definitely is one of the best designed free author WordPress themes.

3. It Consultant Lite

The life of an author and consultant is pretty similar and this is one of the great free author WordPress themes with simple design, flat graphics and unlimited fonts. It has the best Nivo sliders which are so eye-catching. All the standard pages are present and there can be different pages for showcasing each book. Furthermore, there is an event page where the author can put up details of events he is going to attend. It passed Google speed and search tests. It appears beautifully on all devices and it makes the products and authors look extremely classic.

4. Girlie

This is one of the best free author WordPress themes, especially for female thoughts. The design is cool and the plugins support will help to maintain a functional website. It is SEO and widget friendly for easy reach out. You can change color in any circumstances with a few clicks. People can buy your books from your website and check if there is anything you want to buy.

5. The App

This is one of the most versatile WordPress themes that authors can use to sell their new books easily. You can also set up the website with different layouts and color scheme. One can also create an app and author can promote his books and interact with the buyers easily. The theme is super light and takes no time to render high-quality graphical objects. All the standard pages are present and it has a live customizer to modify the design and color combinations.

6. Gravida Lite

This is a multipurpose theme as well as one of the best-selling WordPress themes. The color combination is grand and the images are retina ready. They can be customized easily at the comfort of your home and there is a blog section through which you can maximize your chances of becoming more popular. It comes with 5 slider designs, easy to use customizers and different layouts. The menu option is great and it has social media support.

7. SKT Simple

This is one of the most beautiful and simple free author WordPress themes. It is very easy to design and modify. You can add several inner pages for each book with different color schemes using page builder. It has social media support which is vital for an author to go viral. Each component is editable and there are different variations in header and footer. There are around 30 widgets ready to be used. It has WooCommerce support to sell your book directly from your website and receive payment through a secure channel.

8. Yogi Lite

This is a WordPress theme which is meant for personal website creation. This is going to be one of the best free author WordPress themes to become popular soon. It has SEO property to get high ranks on the search engine result pages and social media integration will help the person and his books to go viral quickly. The design and color scheme are extraordinary and it is also mobile friendly for all users to use the website from everywhere.

9. Shudh

This is a multipurpose theme and the overall website color is superb and graphics are stunning. There are so many fonts, shortcodes, and icons are available for the beautification of the theme. The homepage is quite fancy and the sliders have creative transitions. You can use any font and there is live customizer for easy editing and modification of pages. It is SEO-friendly and will give you the much needed exposure.

10. SKT Strong

This is one of the best free author WordPress themes because of its color combination and design. You can have forum and online chat system. It is SEO friendly and has plugins support for social media. You can show testimonial to increase the trust factor for a book or an author and hence, it is only a matter of time before the book becomes bestseller and the author becomes popular.

11. SKT Launch

This is a great theme that serves the purpose of showcasing the author and selling his books effortlessly. There are awesome graphical objects and designs. It is clean and takes minimum time to load. It is translation ready which is very important as the potential buyer can belong to another country. Sliders and galleries are good and it has WooCommerce support for direct buying of books. The author can tie up with a logistic company to deliver them.

These are the best free author WordPress themes you need to build an eye-catching author website that will increase the brand value of the author and increase his book selling like never before.

Increase Google Ranking with Website Load Speed

Increase Google Ranking with Website Load Speed (Based on Page Loading Speed)


What do you think, what your website load speed should be, in order to attract more traffic? It should be 2 seconds as these days users do not stay on any website which is taking too much time to load. And, one of the most vital facets is the speed of your website also effects ranking to an extent. According to surveys done by Akamai and, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. The result of the slow loading speed of your website will adversely affect your sales. It also reduces traffic of your website and inflates bounce rate.


That is why website load speed must be faster. You can also check your website load speed. This is plausible with the use of some tools. Google Analytics plugin is now made available with site speed feature. Now with this, you came to know how fast or slow your website page loads. You can also use Page speed online. This tool is introduced by Google itself. With this tool, you can inflate your page speed and also get an overview of high, medium and low priority pages.


So, here in this post, we are going to discuss how you can enhance the loading speed of your website. Some of the techniques to abate page load time are listed below.

Website Load Speed



Do not use more redirects:

Redirects are good for making your visitors available with changed structure of your website. And, this way you do not lose search engine rankings as well. But, you have to keep in mind that you do not provide your website with a number of redirects. It will trouble browser and slow it down. As each time it came through a redirect it first has to go to the old destination then the new destination. Hence, be prudent while creating redirects.


Exert GZIP compression:

At first, before choosing your web host you have to be assured of one fact. That is you have to ask them that they are using GZIP compression and contraction on their server. You can use these techniques which considerably reduce your website load time by abating page load time. Without compromising the quality of images and videos, you can reduce file size maximum to 70%. You can do it effectively if you are using PHP code. As you can simply put the code for GZIP compression at the top of the page.


Maintain your JavaScript and Stylesheets:

Instead of clasping up each and every web pages, have your scripts and CSS loads in external files. It is recommended to put your external JavaScript files close to the tags and external CSS in the portion of your site. As a result, the browser has to load the files only a time rather than visiting each page of your site again and again. And, hence browsers does not hamper in parsing all those requests for external files from the start. In case, if you want to show a name or load an image carousel. Then, JavaScript needs to load on the top of the page.


Not Depend on HTML to resize images:

If you have a website with the HTML coding then it is much convenient to spawn compress image. But are you aware of the fact or not? Loading that compressed image does not mean that your website load time will abate. As the browser has to load the entire image, then it will monitor the height and width as you want then resize it accordingly. Hence, you need not think that if you are compressing image then it gets optimized.


Image optimization:

You can terrifically reduce image size by exerting Photoshop or fireworks. And, you need not do any strenuous task, just while editing you have to click the option “save for web”. It is just as simple as clicks of buttons. With the use of image quality slider, you can see the visual trade-offs between graphics file size and brevity. If you do not have on your desktop or PC a graphics program, then you can use these two. TinyPNG it is web-based and ImageOptin it works in only Mac. By using this technique you can augment website load speed to a great extent.


Content delivery network:

By making use of a Content delivery network, you can reduce page load time. One of the popular and effective content delivery networks is Amazon CloudFront. Depends on the user location of the user, these system serves the pages of your website. Your website will loads faster if there is faster access to a server near your geographical area.


If you are using WordPress website then you will be made available with a variety of caching plugins. Here, I am suggesting two of the best caching plugins, to upsurge your website load speed. They are listed below.


W3 Total Cache:

This plugin enhances the on-page speed of any WordPress website approximately by 20%. So, the average loading speed of website will reduce to 0.60 seconds. It offers various features so, it is worth to use this plugin on your website. Provides mobile support with AMP(Accelerated mobile pages). Caching is made available for search results pages. Caching statistics for measuring performance insights are also made available.


WP Super Cache:

It does not matter your website is having how much traffic and load it will not let down your website. After installing this plugin on your website you will notice a reduction of 0.85 seconds in loading time. But, the speed will be inflated by 28.07%. After doing so many tests it came to know that it is one of the best cache plugins and is a most downloaded plugin. It has been rated 4.2 stars out of 5. As it is available for free so it provides limited support. It is highly useful and it also simplifies the user interface. Works at its optimum with the Content Delivery Network(CDN).


Wrap Up:

Although, speed is not the most vital aspect in ranking, yes its effects rankings to some extent. But, speed affects other factors like traffic, bounce rate, brand recognition, and many others. Hence, you have to monitor your website load speed in regular intervals to keep it up to date.   


Free NGO WordPress Themes for Donation and Charity Websites

These free NGO WordPress themes have all the required functionalities.

With the rise of human population, non-government organizations are also increasing to help out needful people. Every NGO runs on donations from the volunteers and external sources.

It is important for an NGO to have a website to collect donation from people willing to donate for their cause and activity.

There are awesome NGO WordPress themes available with which different types of NGOs’ websites can be built. They also have social media integration to reach out to more and more people easily.

Perfect Charity Lite

This is one of the complete free NGO WordPress themes. All the necessary pages and contents are available. It supports all the standard plugins, and the theme works well on all devices. It comes with WooCommerce integration for people to make a donation. The design of the theme is perfect for highlighting the cause and activities and to encourage people to take part and donate. It is translation ready and has social media integration to spread the NGO thick and wide for more support and bigger success.

SKT Charity

This is one of the best free NGO WordPress themes, and it comes with dedicated pages to showcase the members who are working for the organization. There are various gallery plugins available to showcase the works done. The contact page is made advanced for people to contact and make a personal contribution other than monetary contributions. The theme is clean and fully responsive and works on all devices and browsers wonderfully. You can change the colors and add an event calendar to show different events and get more donations on those days.

Girlie Lite

This is one of those free NGO WordPress themes that can be used for NGOs dedicated themselves for the uplifting women in the society and women empowerment. The theme design is awesome, and it is a very lightweight theme with flat design and faster loading speed. It is SEO-friendly as well, and you can write blogs to encourage people and show them how you are making a difference. The theme is fully editable and customizable.

SKT Strong

This is a great theme for NGOs to accept corporate donations and make a big difference in the society and environment. Companies make a donation in the local NGOs for the social responsibility like planting trees, cleaning the local areas and medical camps and likewise. There are useful plugins installed for monetary transaction, invoice generation and creating a timeline to show achievements and highlighting the contributors. One can also use rotator testimonial plugin to show what local people are saying about the initiatives by the NGOs.

SKT Panaroma

This is one of the beautiful free NGO WordPress themes with full-width slider. You can showcase the achievement in the slides and impress potential donator at the very beginning. All the necessary pages are present, and you can create any inner page with advanced page builder. There are a lot of options for customization. It also comes with lots of fonts and shortcodes to write attractive content and make the best impression. Apart from that, the social media integration will help to reach out to more people.

Play School Lite

This theme can be used to represent NGOs that are helping kids in education and living a better life. The theme is colorful, and you can have FAQ section to assist people in making different types of contributions. It has double top menus and multilingual support for getting support for every community. The theme is fully documented for advanced editing, and there are widgets for placing them on sidebar and footer.

Yogi Lite

This is one of the awesome free NGO WordPress themes on the list. It is best for those NGOs organizing health camps in different areas for free checkup and treatment at low prices so that underprivileged people can afford it. The contact form is advanced, and there are options for integration of social media and make it a grand initiative. The homepage is wonderfully designed to that will inspire people to do something good for the society and make it a better place to live in.

Perfect Event Lite

This is one of the best free NGO WordPress themes which work on special occasions to help underprivileged people. These NGOs generally consist of full-time workers who get time quite rare, and when they do, they organize different events in different areas and help out poor people in all possible way for their personal as well as collected donations. It is SEO friendly and has advanced social media options to make the big successful and grand.

SKT Parallax Me

This is one of the tailor-made free NGO WordPress themes. The layout of the theme is perfect for NGOs, and several beautiful icons are used to represent different works an NGO does for the society. The contents are represented wonderfully, and it will surely motivate people to be a part of a good initiative. It comes with parallax background which makes the theme all the more beautiful and there are social media integration, WooCommerce, contact form, slider and awesome gallery options.

Healing Touch Lite

This is a wonderful theme to represent an NGO that provides medical aids to the underprivileged people in the society. Several doctors can contact to offer free services during their free time and put a smile on the face of people like never before. It has WooCommerce integration, SEO plugins, and social media update boxes. It works well on mobile devices so that more and more people can get involved and take the initiative to the next level.

Spirited Lite

From the name of the theme, you can understand that it is one of the best free NGO WordPress themes. It is best for those NGOs who buy gifts for the poor kids, and people from the donation collected and put a smile on their faces. It is call-to-action options, live customized and organized design.

Through these free NGO WordPress themes, it is easy to reach out to people and make your presence felt. You can showcase your works and encourage people to make donations to do better works and help more number of needful people.

Free Academic WordPress themes for academies and study related sites

There are various free academic WordPress themes available for the purpose.

In today’s world, the online platform is the best way of marketing and reaching out to the targeted audiences easily.

Therefore, if you have academic institute, you have to get a website online to increase your visibility and offer existing students advanced features.

These free academic WordPress themes have awesome features and will showcase your website as a professional to gain the trust of the visitors.

Girlie Lite

This is one of those free academic WordPress themes that are dedicated only for girls. The theme is superb from all aspects and looks professional to create value.

It is fully responsive and has cross-browser support.

It works well on all devices, and all of these will help in a better lead generation.

There can be advanced features for existing students.

All the standard pages are available, and you can do live customization.

You can also have a blog to increase engagement and drive more organic traffic.

It is compatible with WooCommerce, and hence, students can pay their fees through the portal.

IT Consultant Lite

This theme is for those willing to particular academic courses individually. It has minimalistic design, and it is mobile-friendly. The social media integration option will help to reach out to more and more people easily. The navigation is intuitive, and there are options to show reviews and courses wonderfully. The advanced contact form will get more leads, and the dual top menu has call-to-action buttons.

Play School Lite

This is one of the tailor-made free academic WordPress themes on the list to represent a school, college or university. Basically, it is made for kids school, and hence, it is very colorful and has all the different types of icons. But it comes with advanced customizer and page builder to modify it the way you want to without any coding knowledge. It has multilingual support and social media support. It is compatible with all device screens irrespective of resolution and size. There are various useful sections available, and the page layout is great.

Kraft Lite

This is one of those free academic WordPress themes that look absolutely professional and increase the trust value instantly. It is perfect for targeting mobile-users as it is tailor-made for the same. The sidebars can be useful widgets, and it loads very last due to flat design. The standard pages are present, and it has an advanced contact page to faster communication. The blog template is kept simple, and the gallery and slider add to the beauty of the theme.

SKT Design Agency

This is one of the most beautiful free academic WordPress themes with flat design, and it instantly catches attention. The homepage is clean, and hence, the information is noticeable quickly. It has high SEO value to help you outshine the competitors, and the sidebar will help to have useful widgets to better user experience. There is a payment gateway and advanced contact page. It comes with various useful plugins, and the blocks and boxes have effects to catch attention at once.

Perfect Lite

This is one of the best free academic WordPress themes that have all the required sections on the homepage, and each section has a different design. Some of them have parallax background and animations. There are various page templates available for creating standard inner pages. It comes with SEO and cache plugins for better ranking and faster loading speed. It is HD ready, and there are pages for listing courses and services. The paid theme has more options for customization, and there are various ready-made templates available which require minimal editing.

Accounting Lite

This theme can be used by coaching centers and institutes to attract students easily. The design of the homepage is very attractive, and it helps to list everything section by section. It is compatible with all standard plugins, and there are various unique and innovative plugins available which make the theme stand out among others. There are tools for creating new pages according to the theme and do all the customization easily. It is fully documented and checked for security concerns.

Complete Lite

This is one of the most attractive free academic WordPress themes on the list. It looks stunning, and the design is very creative. The blocks and boxes are represented and can be used for various purposes as there are different types available. There are awesome slider and gallery options. There are also plenty of useful icons, and it comes with handy shortcodes for better content management.

I Am One

This theme is tailor-made for individual academic to provide online and offline courses and a website with this theme will help to get the targeted audiences. The parallax background makes the theme look creative and beautiful. There are dedicated pages to list the courses, and the payment gateway will help to get the fees. There are beautiful icons to represent your text wonderfully. The homepage is enough to gain trust and get students enrolled.

Online Coach

This is one of the most popular free academic WordPress themes where individual academics are offering online courses as per the convenience of the students. The students will be available to create customized courses for them, and the website owner can install online chat plugins for direct communication and clarifying all the doubts instantly. The cache plugin will help to load the site faster, and the SEO plugins will help to outshine the competitors.

SKT BlendIt

This is a website cum blog theme. It has the perfect combination, and hence, the chances of driving more organic traffic are more. It has a beautiful layout, and you can convince potential students with your blogs. The color combination is good and highlighting. You can change everything as per your wish. All the different types of widgets, tools, and plugins are available.

If you already have a website, you should definitely use any of the above free academic WordPress themes to revamp it and get higher lead generation. They are fully customizable and flexible as well. In future, you can opt for the premium version of these themes for more features and functionalities.