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How to Bring Targeted Traffic to Your WordPress Website? SEO Tips for The Beginners!

SEO Tips for The Beginners

WordPress is one the best content management systems in the world today. It is user-friendly and very simple for you to understand.

At the same time WordPress is loved by search engines, and so if you are looking for better web visibility and targeted traffic, it is crucial for you to bank on WordPress for your needs.

WordPress and its positive impact on search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a complicated process that needs the intervention of professionals. When it comes to business websites, opting for WordPress is a smart and prudent choice as this content management system is SEO friendly and can help your business or blog reach the search engine ranks faster.

WordPress uses SEO friendly codes, and this makes it simple for search engines to crawl your website or blog to list it in its top results.

WordPress and SEO for your business

When it comes to the use of WordPress and SEO, you will find that the needs of two companies are never the same. It is here that you need skilled and experienced experts that will ensure that you get the customized strategies for your website or blog.

The competition in the industry is vast, and so it is prudent for you always to consult professionals that have years of valuable experience and skill when it comes to strategies and campaigns that promote your WordPress site.

An SEO blueprint can help you build your business faster

An SEO blueprint mainly helps you to understand the right search engine strategies that are customized for your business.

It is essential for you as a business owner to work on an SEO blueprint as this will mostly help you to get the best for the development of your business with success.

When it comes to an SEO blueprint, it is crucial for you to always hire professionals from reliable and credible companies to do the work for you.

They will evaluate your WordPress site and create a checklist for you to maintain. This checklist will center around content, link building, testing, etc. The website or the blog will constantly be analyzed so that progress is monitored. Of course, the blueprint will not be a stringent plan that you need to abide by.

There should be room for modification as and when required by the business. The blueprint SEO strategy is now being embraced by both small to large companies as it helps them to progress and develops in the market competition faster.

Fine tuning

WordPress is known for its range of easy to install best free WordPress themes and plugins. Its SEO plugin Yoast is very popular and helps webmasters to get the best for their needs when it comes to search engine ranks and better web visibility.

When it comes to SEO strategies and campaigns, you will get targeted traffic and not just any kind of traffic. The best part of SEO and WordPress is that there are several developers out there in the market that are always releasing plugins and this helps you to get refined and updated plugins to make your site or blog SEO friendly.

Low cost and ideal for any business in any niche

WordPress is a very simple and affordable online publishing platform and many webmasters and business owners have derived a lot of benefits from it. Moreover, the best part of WordPress is that it is an open sourced platform and this helps you to get the development that you need for your online business in the modern times.

When you opt for the user-friendly SEO plugins for WordPress, you no longer have to be concerned about the smaller details like creating URLs that are SEO friendly, meta-tags and the like. You may focus your attention on publishing content that is new and fresh.

WordPress is a flexible platform, and it primarily helps you to get the best when it comes to extensive and low-cost architecture for your business set-up. It is ideal for both small and large-scale businesses.

It helps you to get the targeted audience that you are looking for your business. If you are a small business owner, you do not have to go in for large-scale marketing drives at all. Opt for WordPress and derive the benefits of a professional looking site or blog for your customers and the targeted audience who are looking for you!

Therefore, when you are looking for an efficient business website that will give you targeted and consistent traffic from search engines, opt for WordPress.

This content management system is the best when it comes to search engine ranks and web visibility. Moreover, it is user-friendly with a wide range of SEO oriented plugins that will help you to focus on your core business tasks better.

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk is an SEO specialist and WordPress developer in the USA. He emphasizes on the need of WordPress and an effective blueprint SEO strategy for the success of your business.

Free Musicians WordPress themes for music festivals artists event websites

Free Musicians WordPress themes

Free Musicians WordPress themes are important because it conveys to fans that the music artist has taken time to build an online presence so that they can connect with their fans.

It is also the best platform to store your personal information like name, contact numbers, email id at a single place so that people will get connected to you very easily.

Musicians, Artists can save his information that he needs like past experience working with another artist, his number of fan following, images, and videos that he wants to display.

Usually, it happens that many of the episodes get missed by your fan so this is the best platform where you can post your latest videos and episodes so that your fan will not miss anything.

You can also show your presence through social media sites that are connected through Themes. You can post your videos, images, links, etc. so that your fan gets connected to you widely.

With the help of Free Musicians WordPress themes, you can create your own blog where you can post questions and answer.

Main 6 reasons that Musicians, artist band needs a Music WordPress theme.

1. You own your website
2. You can control your experience.
3. You can earn more money via online presence
4. Industry professionals can easily find you
5. You and only you own your data
6. You own your mailing list

Some Silent features of WordPress themes for Musicians are listed below.

Events: Now you are able to know the availability of your music artist with the help of free musicians WordPress themes. you can book the ticket for events for the next song or video.

Gallery: You are able to post some images, videos, photography of various singers, photographers, or any artist. which will allow your fans to browse the portfolio.

Music Player: If you want to add your latest music in the portfolio but your fans are not able to hear you then music player takes a part that allows you and your fans to listen to a song with the volume they want.

Sale: If you want to sell your songs, poems, lyrics you can sale with the help of your own website created by one of the best free Musician WordPress themes because these themes are compatible with various plugins like WooCommerce which provides eCommerce functionality.

Please check some Free Musicians WordPress themes and their features

1. Event Planners

Event Agency WordPress Theme


Free Musicians WordPress themes i.e. Event Planner can use by different businesses like event agency, wedding planners, seminar, conference, meet-up, festival, business Summit, and related websites. This Theme is very easy to use because this theme passed the device compatibility. Means it adjust the size of the website according to the device you are using it can be mobile phones, Tabs, Computers, Laptops, etc.

This theme is created with the nested comments features means if you reply any comment it will shows as a nested shape which can be added to your websites, articles or blog.
This theme is also a widget friendly means you can add as many as a widget to any section on the website. Header, footer, and sidebar can use the CTA button.

2. Perfect Lite

Perfect Lite


Free Perfect Lite WordPress theme is 100% responsive to all devices available in the market it can be tabs, all types of mobile phones, etc. This theme’s homepage has an in-build slider where you can add up to five sliders which will help the user to view the homepage in an attractive way social media links can be given on the top or at the bottom as per your choice.

This theme is compatible with eCommerce plugin like Woo-commerce by which you will able to set up an online store. Free musicians WordPress theme i.e. Perfect Lite WordPress theme is compatible with SEO and passed all SEO standards.

3. Perfect Event Lite

Perfect Event Lite


This free Perfect Event Lite WordPress theme is 100% responsive because the user can access the website from any devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops, etc. This theme is provided with Cross-browser support. Which can be used on any browser like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.

The multi-language plugin is also compatible with this theme which would help you to reach the different parts of the world. Forum plugins are also compatible with this plugin which can increase the interaction between the users. E-commerce plugin like Woo-commerce is also compatible with this theme which can be used to sell online tickets.

4. SKT Complete

skt complete

One of the Free Musicians WordPress themes i.e. Complete theme is GPL and hence it can be used for any commercial or personal websites. This theme is very simple and easy to used which is Based on Customizer so that you can watch changes in real-time.
Also, it is SEO friendly which has coded with all meta and alt tags. And passed with Responsive and Google mobile-friendly test.

Premium functionalities like logo upload and color change are given. Which is Compatible with several contact form plugins for contact or appointment forms. Also, it is Multilingual compatible with multilingual plugins and has Translation ready and with PO file given.

5. SKT Black

free black WordPress theme


SKT Black WordPress theme has passed the mobile-friendly, design and mobile responsive test. This theme is Cross Browser Compatible means this theme can be used with various browsers. Provided with Higher Quality which can be seen on any higher resolution devices.
Lots of sections are included by default. Very easy to use because simple font, the design is used to gain more attraction in a simple way.

6. SKT Launch

free launch WordPress theme


With the help of customizer, you can easily maintain and manage this template. SKT Launch is Translation ready means you can translate this theme into any other languages as it has the POT file and can be used by loco translate plugins. Simple hover Color scheme and single color scheme change are given and more color options available in the paid version.

Also, the Best feature of this theme is that it is Retina-ready and HD resolution readiness is also done which is Tested with several devices including mobile phones, tablets, and desktops also Compatible with various OS versions in desktop, mobile, and tablet.

7. SKT Elastic

SKT Elastic WordPress Theme


SKT Elastic theme can also use by different businesses like medical, political, responsive, restaurants, school, education, kids, SEO and some other as it is a multipurpose subject.
This theme is tested with the latest plugins and with the latest version of WordPress as well.
Using this template one can design a beautiful website.

This theme is designed multilingual friendly with plugins like WPML, Lingotek translation, MultilingualPress, and many others. As this theme come to free musician WordPress themes designed with a flat and material design approach thus, this site is compatible with old and new browsers.
As social media plugins are used a lot these days. Thus, this template is designed to be compatible with various SMO plugins.

Free writers WordPress themes for writing journal blogging websites

Free Artists WordPress themes

Are you looking for some free writers WordPress themes with minimum but fresh designs? You can check out here. Free writers WordPress themes are a collection for best writers which can also use by freelancers, poets, Authors, journalists, pro bloggers, news writers, etc.

WordPress website also provides some important features that are used for your business purpose whether you are a novelist, simple writer, or a freelancer that you write blogs you will need to meet the peoples. You need to know how your competitors or other writer are earning and what exactly strategy they are using for increasing the business you need to be up to date.

Suppose you published the article on some topic and your fans need to communicate with you, follow you, and follow your latest articles. How they will find you? For all these questions free writers WordPress themes is a simple and effective solution.
With the help of these themes, you can easily post your articles and thoughts to get into an online presence. After successor creating a website you can perform SEO on it by which you can get traffic to your website and will get starting the more quality leads.

Some free writes WordPress themes are listed below

1. SKT Condimentum

free multipurpose WordPress theme


SKT Condimentum theme is a new age free WordPress theme that is created for different purposes such as for creating personal blogs, business websites, landing pages and so on.
This theme provides a bundle of features that you need for creating a powerful website.
SKT Condimentum theme is Provided with 3 main sliders on the top. These sliders can be used as per your developer’s or your choice for adding more images, pictures, and text to make an impression. In the homepage banner section, you can add up to 5 slider images to show some designing skills and creativity.
You or your developer can use a free WordPress writer theme as it is suitable for creating different widgets. At the top of the homepage call to action button has been given to make a call by a single mouse click. Social media buttons are also provided at the top so that you can communicate with other peoples directly.
The most important point this theme is multilingual friendly which supports different languages that can help for your SEO ranking.

2. Shudh Lite

free minimal WordPress theme


The Shudh lite theme is fully responsive with lots of features provided. This free theme is tested with the resolution test and it has passed that this theme can be used in any type of device it will adjust the size accordingly.

The backend of this theme is based on customizer hence it is very easy and simple to use. Different types of plugins are compatible with this theme like lots of galleries, sliders, events calendar, and contact forms and WooCommerce plugins can be installed which enables one to open an online shop.

Header and footer are provided with the call to action button. The best part of free writers WordPress themes i.e. Shudh theme is that technical, as well as a non-technical person, can handle this website very easily because documentation is provided.

3. Complete Lite

free complete WordPress theme


The complete lite theme has the biggest feature that it is GPL means general public license approved. It is free license software that is used across the world. It allows a user to run, install, share, and modify the software. And hence this theme can be used for any commercial or personal website.

This theme supports some features like SEO friendly, compatible with all devices, multilingual friendly, translation ready, different Google font was given and forum plugin available.

4. SKT Start-up lite

free startup WordPress theme


As you can see that this theme is for startup business so it can be used by a small business with a lower budget. This website is coded in such a way that call to actions are provided to the top of the header and footer. The best part is the backend is provided by customizer so anyone can easily view the changes which are done in real-time.

SKT start-up lite is featured with SEO friendly, device friendly, multilingual friendly, widget friendly. That will support you to start your own business easily and effectively.

5. Blendit lite

blendit - free one page WordPress theme


Blendit Lite is customizer based so any beginner or intermediate or advanced users can use this theme very easily hence this theme is comes to free Writer WordPress themes with user-friendly interface which helps to interact with any user easily.

This theme is cross-browser and device friendly means the website you build can be viewed at any browser it can be internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, chrome and can be used at any device like mobile phone, tabs, computers, etc. Up to 5 sliders are added on this theme’s homepage.
And a maximum of 10 sliders can be added if you have purchased the theme. 2 different page templates are provided in free WordPress writer theme i.e. Blendit lite

6. Online Coach Lite

free coach WordPress theme


Online Coach lite is 100% responsive and has been tested several times with different responsive tools and actual all mobile phones, all types of tabs have been tested.
You can add up to 5 sliders which are given by default but for more slides and slider variations like pause time etc are available in the pro version i.e. Paid one.

Backend is very simple as it provided by customizer with the minimum term of option like while applying some changes on the website on the top there is a preview button to check the changes instantly. Appointment plugin and contact forms are compatible with online coach lite. So the user can easily reach you.

7. Parallax Me lite

free parallax WordPress theme


The look and feel of this theme is taken care of. So that it will work effectively with the users. And lots of testing have been hence it has passed all the test. Parallax me lite theme is a single-page WordPress theme which is very easy to simple and easy to use. This template can also use as the multipage website as per your requirements. And the content you have.

Supports the features like user-friendly, SEO friendly, multilingual friendly, widget friendly.
Maximum 5 slider images can be added in the banner that you can show your designing and creativity. A total of 5 levels of navigation done and tested on this website. Plus provided with the complete documentation for changing the theme designs and layout as per your needs you don’t need to have technical knowledge. Beginners have the ability to make changes by yourself. Therefore many uses first choice is parallax me lite for starting a small business or company.

Free Artists WordPress themes for getting those artistic websites online

Free Artists WordPress themes

Best Free artists WordPress themes are completely made for an artist who loves truly artistry, this theme is also created for a business purpose and for the corporate sector and for those persons also who want to prefer to show their photographs, images, pictures, portfolio, etc.

When it comes to Artist people they need a platform where they can showcase their ability and interest. For showing some work like pictures, images, videography, artist WordPress theme is used. Artist WordPress themes is a platform where people can store their data and their work in a single place. You can create your own portfolio using free artists WordPress themes by which you can make your online presence.

WordPress is the best platform for designing and developing artist websites as there are so many amazing free artists WordPress themes.

Free Artist WordPress themes have all the features to showcase your business and work perfectly. Please check some other free Artist WordPress themes for artists and other businesses.

1. SKT Simple

Simple WordPress Theme


SKT Simple is one of the free Artist WordPress themes is one of the efficient and high-quality Free Artist WordPress theme to develop artist related websites.
This theme is absolutely free theme with maximum features like compatible with other devices and browser, user-friendly, SEO friendly, social media sharing features, more than 100 shortcodes, multilingual, etc.

This theme load faster any of the browsers. Also, it consists of the section for blogging and portfolio to add previous and latest work. This Theme zip file is provided with the zip.

2. Design Agency

Design Agency WordPress Theme


Design Agency free WordPress theme is a nice, clean, and simple WordPress theme with fully responsive and Google mobile-friendly. This theme is available with a single color theme rest is paid. This theme is passed with all types of security and plugins.

Design Agency free WordPress theme developed for a wide range of design and digital agencies, photographers and artists, freelancers and portfolio owners, public organizations and private entrepreneurs, etc. to build your audience, client market and get in touch with it.
About Us, page is created with 3 other designs such as PAGE RIGHT SIDEBAR, PAGE LEFT SIDEBAR, PAGE NO SIDEBAR. You can check the difference between them by clicking about us sections.

3. SKT Full Width

SKT Full Width WordPress Theme


SKT Full-width free WordPress theme is Created with full-width design. You can upload any type of image high-quality images in this theme as per your business requirement. This theme can be used by different types of industry. This theme is created with the black color by default, more colors are available but they are paid.

For opening an online store WooCommerce functionality can be added as well as contact form plugins can be installed for easy transaction and booking appointments.
Any type of personal portfolio or profile can be created using the free SKT Full Width WordPress theme.

4. SKT Elastic

Elastic Pro WordPress Theme


With the POT file, this free WordPress theme is designed as translation ready. This means this feature allows you to translate this theme into any other language. This theme is very easy to handle by anyone. While designing this theme SEO standards and features have been followed.

With this theme, different types of slider options are provided like meta slider, master slider, cyclone slider, and crelly slider. Also provided with different layouts pages, and blogs.

Contact Us page is provided with layout 1 and layout 2 option.

The blogs section is provided for getting an online presence. If you want to showcase some portfolio then it can be done by uploading images or pictures to the gallery section. The testimonial section is provided to get past customer’s feedback.

5. Event Planners

Event Planners WordPress Theme


Free event planners WordPress theme can be used by different businesses like event agency, wedding planners, seminar, conference, meet-up, festival, business summit, and related websites.

The event planners is some of the free Artist WordPress themes it adjusts the size of the website according to the device you are using because the design of the free event planners theme is responsive.
You can add n number of widgets to any sections like header, footer, sidebar, etc.
You can represent a blog section by adding the different blogs with the combination of images, videos, banner or anything.

The free event planners is browser compatible means it can be used in various browsers like Mozilla Firefox, opera, chrome, etc.

6. Photo World

Photo World WordPress Theme


Mostly this WordPress website can be used by businesses like photography, videography, painting makers, wedding shoots, engineering photography, etc.
Free Photo World WordPress theme is SEO friendly, Translation ready as it contains POT file, SMO friendly since social media icons are given and sharing plugins also work fine.
Also, this theme is Retina ready and HD readiness hence it is Responsive and Google mobile-friendly also.
This theme is created with a full-width display where a single image can be displayed at a time, a slider option is given to sliding the images.
You can add as many images as you want on the website.

7. Perfect Photography Lite

perfect-photography WordPress Theme


Perfect Photography lite is comes to the free Artist WordPress themes with Google-friendly and high responsive features.

SEO optimization can be done with this theme without any problem because this theme is SEO friendly. Support multilingual and compatible with all browsers.

The whole template is very easy to use and highly simple to handle.

The best feature of this theme is that at the top in the header there is a call to action button means while clicking on the number mentioned the call will be directly connected to the customer support team.

The gallery section is provided to add different images and pictures so that customers can view your portfolio.

8. Girlie Lite

free feminine women WordPress theme


Simple white and off white and pastel colors are used for designing the Free Girlie lite WordPress theme which is mainly designed for girls purpose.
The nice large and wide area is given to specify what your business is about. With Nice swirly fonts are used.

This theme is compatible with contact form 7 and ninja forms contact plugins, etc.
You can use any of them according to your business need.
Also, This theme is a Multilingual theme which works with qTranslate X and WPML.
Background images can be changes and also replace with different colors.

Most popular free WordPress themes for starting your website quickly

Most popular free WordPress themes

Now you can customize your blog and website with a unique design using the most popular free WordPress themes i.e. Themes21. Themes21 provides 90+ responsive best free WordPress themes and templates.

If you are new and starting a new blog or website you should always go with simple free WordPress themes. Premium themes can be a hard decision for you because you would have already invested enough amounts in hosting and acquired other necessary plugins and you won’t want to spend more on it.

So that’s why we recommend you to use the most popular free WordPress themes which has been provided with the best features that paid one provide. This will lower your cost and time. Themes21 is a collection of free responsive WordPress themes which is provided with many features and functionality like SEO friendly, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, etc.
Some Most popular free WordPress themes that themes21 provides are listed below.

1.SKT Gym

SKT Gym Pro


A strong online presence needs an awesome theme. SKT Gym is a perfect for fitness trainers, coaches, gyms, yoga, studio, workout, health club, health, and fitness event and gathering type of websites.
This free fitness theme is very much responsive on all other devices like mobile phones, computers, laptops, yoga, gym, studio, workout, health club, health and fitness event and gathering type of websites. His theme has passed the test like Google Mobilegeddon and mobile-friendly test.
SKT Gym is a Cross-browser compatible which can be used at any other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. Hence the theme is customized friendly which can be used by any type of user. Either the user is technical or nontechnical. And the changes can be viewed in real-time. WooCommerce compatible which provides the functionality of Ecommerce to add the product and sell it.

2. SKT Secure

SKT Secure


SKT Secure theme is most popular for academy private detective agencies like divorce matters, insurance matters, criminal cases, spy cams and agencies, even government agencies like the Intelligence Bureau can use this theme for their business.
SKT Secure is perfectly responsive to all types of devices suggesting a unified view across all the devices also It has passed Google mobile-friendly test and is also good with mobile and devices too.
For all the inner pages and the homepage, any type of page builder like SKT Page Builder, Elementor and others can be used. The POT file is included with the theme which means that the SKT Secure is translation ready and can be translated into some other language as well
Multilingual plugins like WPML, qTranslate X as well as Polylang are working fine.

3. SKT Handyman



Another Most popular free WordPress themes is the SKT Handyman which is a for caters that can be used by a different type of agency which deals with cleaning, home automation, home services like handyman, plumber, electrician, and others.
SKT Handyman free WordPress theme is fully responsive and Mobile friendly also, passed Google mobilegeddon test. This one is cross-device friendly too. This theme follows the WordPress Codex standards. SEO plugins like Yoast and All in One SEO are also compatible. Contact Forms like contact form 7, ninja forms and WP forms plugin is also compatible.

4. SKT Consulting

SKT Consulting WordPress Theme


Use this SKT Consulting free theme to list your consultancy services website and watch your business grow rapidly due to a nice SEO friendly site. A free SKT Consulting is created for consultant professionals. Its theme is simple and clean created for professional business.
SKT Consulting free theme can be used for building a website for business consultations, finance adviser, banking, consulting firms, law firms, accountant, etc. This theme is compatible with WordPress 5.1+ and is Gutenberg editor. Some inbuilt shortcodes are provided like a gallery, slider, testimonials, and other items. Hence anyone can create this website very easily.

5. Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair


SKT Laptop Repair is very much responsive template that can be used for computer, mobile phones, tablet, Mac, Windows, electronics, digital, software, desktop, etc. Laptop Repair theme is very flexible, modern and powerful. This template is AMP plugin compatible. hence, the website can be seen on any device like mobile, tablets or desktops.
Laptop Repair theme supports WooCommerce Plugin, so anyone can create their online store for computers, mobile phones, laptops, and others. In this theme, the slider is given with the call to action button for making an appointment, with this feature your customers can easily book an appointment without any issues.

6. Maintenance Services

free remodeling WordPress theme


Most popular free WordPress themes i.e. Maintenance Services Theme is a free construction, maintenance, interior design, and renovation theme. It is easy to customize and loaded with the most powerful features. It is compatible with the Woo-commerce plugin. That allows you to sell products and services online. Renovation plugin compatible means a plugin which makes it simple to demonstrate the materials required for development to the clients.
Maintenance Services theme is Basic and easy to use for tyro customers and clients also. Because it is compatible with the WordPress version 5.0+ Also, this Free Maintenance theme is compatible with page builder plugin, plugins like Elementor, Visual Composer. This theme has a beautiful and elegant design structure.

7. SKT Cafe

free coffee WordPress theme


SKT Cafe is a free responsive cafe and restaurant theme which caters to not just the food industry but is capable of multiple website use. like a bistro, coffee houses, restaurants, ice cream parlors, bakery and vegetable seller.
This theme is one of the best WP Recipe Maker plugin compatible. So that one can also showcase all their recipes and menu food items for their customers so that they can make an order. This theme is very simple and easy to use. This is a customizer based Free Cafe theme and thus one can easily edit the design from the backend and also can see all the changes being done while implementing it in real-time.


Search Engine Optimization Techniques to double your search traffic


It is crucial to understand search engine optimization techniques. As by applying these techniques on your website you can upsurge traffic rate tremendously. If you want to stay in the top search rankings then you have to do a lot of research and experimentation. But once you are clear with the notion of SEO techniques then no one can stop you. According to HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic starts with a search query. That is the reason why SEO is much vital these days. You can just double the traffic of your website by exerting SEO techniques. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the topnotch, competent and advanced SEO techniques.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques


Be aware of your user’s needs:

It is one of the most vital facets of advanced SEO techniques. You first have to understand what your customers expect from you or what is the topic of their interest. By doing this you can engross more audience towards your website or blogs. You also have to keep an eye on the feedback of your customers. By this, you can know more about your audience and can spawn your content accordingly. There are many ways by which you can know about your audience interest. Some of them are using social media platforms, visitors comments on your blogs and many etc.

Assure the responsive layout of your website:

You all are aware of the fact that nowadays ratio of people using mobile for browsing the web is more. Hence, it is one of the crucial facets of any of the websites. If you will not design your website to be responsive then directly you are losing your customers. It is one of the best search engine optimization techniques. Google also gives higher rank to those websites which are responsive. Designing your website to look good on mobile devices is not unique it is a standard now. More than 60% of daily searches are now performed on mobile devices. Hence, you cannot take a risk to have a non-responsive website.

Spawn SEO optimized landing pages:

These days there is a trend of designing elegant landing pages. The more the landing page the more the traffic on your website. Just consider if you design your landing pages with SEO optimized coding then it will just boost the traffic. While you are designing your landing page then you have to keep some key points in mind. They are; you have to use pertinent content, include a call to action, and try to use no navigation. It is a fact that most of the companies do not understand the sheer importance of landing pages. But, it is one of the most crucial advanced SEO techniques among all listed here.

Update website content at regular intervals:

It is good to keep your blogs and website content up to date as per the contemporary trends. As if you do not update your content on a regular basis then you might lose website traffic. Suppose you are a blogger and you have updated many blogs till now. Then, there will be some old blogs which are giving you traffic till now as well. So, you can update the content of that blogs also and take advantage of them. A headline is something much vital so you have to use an eye-catching headline in your blogs.

Legitimate Keyword Research:

You have to do a pertinent keyword research and have to target those keywords. It is vital as per the advanced SEO techniques. Can also keep an eye on your competitor’s keyword if they are doing well than you. By doing this you can also reach the same level as your competitor or even better than them. You can also use the same keyword as that of them and can spawn better content. In order to know the email marketing strategy of your competitor you just have to sign in for your competitor’s newsletter. Then you are done that is you will aware of their technique.

Keep an eye on Google search console:  

Keep an eye on Google search console
Keep an eye on Google search console


It is one of the vital tools which track the issues in your site which are affecting search rankings. If you are not using this currently then here I am telling you to step by step procedure to do this. In the search console, there are three main things which you have to check on regular intervals.


  1. Check if there is any crawl error like 404.
  2. Submission of new sitemaps
  3. Research the keyword people are using to find you.


After signing into Google search console, the page appears is dashboard page. If there are some issues you have to solve urgently they all will appear at the top “new and important. You can check out your error history and report by clicking on crawl errors.

Do SEO audit:

Search Engine Optimization Audit
Search Engine Optimization Audit


You all are aware of the term audit. So, you have to do a complete SEO audit of your website. This is one of the potent search engine optimization techniques. By doing an audit you came to know that why you are not getting sufficient traffic and sales. Auditing is done in order to find out where you are at present and how you can be more effective in the future. Many of the companies also provide auditing facilities but it is good to do it manually. As by this, you can save a lot of your money.

Use of Infographics:

Graphics will let people understand more than only text. So, you can design infographics in order to represent your product or services. It will let convoluted information delivered in an easily understandable format. Representing information in the form of infographics is considered to be one of the best-advanced SEO techniques. A high-quality and pertinent infographic will upsurge traffic of your website by approx 192%. Although, most of the people do not pay attention to the text part rather give sheer importance to graphics. Human brain grasps visual information faster as compare to the plain text.



Here I have listed some of the best search engine optimization techniques. By applying all of them you can upsurge the traffic of your website to a greater extent.       







WordPress Dashboard Components

Dashboard Components of WordPress — What Should You Know to Use Them Correctly?

WordPress Dashboard Components

The dashboard of WordPress is the main motherboard which controls and coordinates the look and the functionality of your WordPress website and determines its overall usability. It is also referred to as the administrative dashboard of WordPress.

Thus, when business owners want to create a good WordPress website, it is vital that they familiarize themselves well with the dashboard. In this article, you will learn about some of these components to help you understand the settings and the components of the dashboard in WordPress.

Admin Bar

The upper toolbar in the dashboard has some important links that can also be used as shortcuts for accomplishing important tasks. For instance, here you will find links the official website of WordPress, Codex Documentation of WordPress, support forums, add new posts, pages, media, users, edit your page, etc.

Five Default Widgets

“Welcome” followed by “At a Glance,” then “Activity,” in tandem with “Quick Draft” and lastly, “WordPress News” – these are 5 default widgets which will be displayed inside the main space in the WordPress dashboard. The widgets will also give you essential links to help you start with adding new content, learning how to navigate the site, and customize it.

Left-hand side Navigation Menu

This has certain items and sub-items which will accomplish various tasks over on your site. Almost all of the settings which determine everything in your WordPress site are present here in this side menu. All the items in this menu have the necessary sub items. You can click on the main item to get to the sub-item.

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For any business owner, a strong online presence is the need of the hour. One of the most convenient web hosting platforms is WordPress. Not only is it free, but it is also easily customizable and can be modified to suit the requirements of anybody. Hopefully, this article would have shed some light on the way the WordPress dashboard works.

WordPress Need File And Folder Permissions

How to Fix File and Folder Permission Errors in WordPress

WordPress is by far one of the most user-friendly content management systems for creating websites and blogs. The reasons why WordPress is popular are many, however, this isn’t to say that it doesn’t come with its own share of problems. For example, sometimes you may run into an error message regarding file and folder permissions.

Why Does WordPress Need File And Folder Permissions?

You see, all the files in your WordPress website are actually on a computer run by your WordPress hosting company known as the server. This server, through the use of some special software, manages all your files and serves them to the browser.

For WordPress to manage all the files and folders on the server, it needs specific permissions. Without proper permissions, the CMS won’t be able to read, run or modify any of the files hosted on your server.

Now sometimes, due to whatever reason, these file permissions might get changed. This will prevent you from creating folders, uploading images or even running scripts on your website. It could even compromise your WordPress site’s security.

Even though issues with file permissions can cause many problems, luckily all of them can also be quickly resolved. For the purpose of this read, we will be providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to fix files and folders permissions errors in WordPress.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Fix File and Folder Permission Errors?

Do remember to backup your WordPress website before going through any of these steps. In case, something goes wrong, the backup will make sure that your site doesn’t get jeopardized.

Step 1: Access Your WordPress Directory

You can do this either through a cPanel or an FTP Client.

  • By Using cPanel

If your hosting provider offers a Control Panel (cPanel), then accessing the root folder will be a piece of cake. All you have to do is log in to your WordPress cPanel – the login credentials should have been provided by your hosting provider. Next, search for the ‘File Manager.’ Once inside look for three specific folders – wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes.

Access Your WordPress Directory

  • By Using FTP Client

Since some users might not have the privileges of a cPanel, the same can also be done by using an FTP Client. Access your site’s server using the FTP client and search for the same three folders we did before – wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes. These folders can generally be found inside ‘public_html.’

Step 2: Fix The Directory’s Permission Settings

Regardless of which method you use, once you locate the three files, select all three of them and right-click. You should be able to spot ‘File permissions’ or ‘Change permissions’ option in the list of choices that pops up.

Fix The Directory’s Permission Settings

Click on that, and a new pop-up box will open up. Here you should see three attributes – Read, Write, and Execute, each of which is present for three different owner permissions – User, Group, and Public. You can tweak around with this options if you like, but if you don’t know what you are doing it is best to leave them with their default setting.

Fix The Directory’s Permission Settings

What we are actually interested in is the numeric value field down below. This is where we need to insert the number ‘755’ as a measure to solve the problem. These number basically identify the permission levels for the owners we discussed above.

Now once you have inserted the number, down below, you should notice another option. Tick on the ‘Recurse into subdirectories’ options and follow it up by selecting ‘Apply to directories only.’ Next up just click on ‘OK’ and you are done.

Following these steps will now give you full access, and WordPress will be able to read and open folders. However, it will not be able to delete any folders.

Now let’s solve the issue with your files.

Step 3: Fix WordPress File Permission Settings

Previously, you simply selected the three wp folders. Now it’s time to select all the folders and files in the ‘root’ directory. Just press CTRL+A to select all the files and folders, do a right-click, and again click on ‘File permissions’ in the pop-up list.

Fix WordPress File Permission Settings

The same box should appear again. However this time, we won’t be putting in the same numeric values. Instead of ‘755’ type in ‘644’ in the numeric value field.

Fix WordPress File Permission Settings

Once done, this little step will grant you – the owner, the power to read and modify every file. But the visitors and your other group members will only have reading access. Security wise, this is the perfect setting which will reduce security threats and potential hacking attacks.

However, there is one last thing to do before you hit the ‘OK’ button. Like before tick the ‘Recurse into subdirectories’ option, but this time, select ‘Apply to files only.’ Thus, the new setting will only affect your files, and your folders will retain the same options we assigned to them earlier.

Following the above steps should have solved all the file and folder permissions errors you were having. So now it’s time to head on over to your site and check if it worked. Everything should work as it used to and the error you were facing should have disappeared.

However, in case the issue persists, there might be other underlying problems on your website. It is time you get in touch with your hosting provider asap.

What To Do To Avoid Such Issues?

Problems such as these are usually a result of tampering with the core settings of your WordPress website. While WordPress has a user-friendly dashboard, the rule of thumb here is to avoid messing with settings you are not familiar with. And if you need to satisfy your curiosity, avoid experimenting on your main website.

Also, it is advised that you restrict regular users and even collaborators on your website from accessing your WordPress core files. In fact, no one but the administrator should hold the necessary permissions to modify the site.

Just follow these precautionary steps, and your website should not face this annoying file and folder permissions errors. But if it does, you now know how to fix it!


Free Graphic design WordPress themes for graphic design websites

The following are some of the free graphic design WordPress themes with stunning design.

Every graphic designer needs a website because graphic designing comes digital products and services.

It is obvious that the website of a graphic design should showcase the awesomeness of his designs.

These free graphic design WordPress themes will create the best first impression and increase lead generation.

Furthermore, they have all the required functionalities to get orders online and deliver with payment.


free minimal WordPress theme


This is one of the ready-made free graphic design WordPress themes for graphic designers to showcase their designs and services to get hired instantly.

All the arrangements and features are available with the theme and the required plugins are also pre-installed.

You can edit the theme in real time and add any page with page builder.

The boxes and blocks are great in every section, and the overall design is flat so that the theme is responsive and has fast loading speed.

SKT Simple

free simple WordPress theme


This is one of the stunning free graphic design WordPress themes with grabs the attention of the visitors at once. The theme has everything in perfect proportion. There are several new UI elements and innovative plugins that will keep the visitors engaged for long and check out all the available services. The icons and buttons are catchy, and it has double menu option with call-to-action button and other contact links like social media. There are ready-made options for payment gateway, SEO, gallery, portfolio showcasing and much more.

SKT BlendIt

free one page WordPress theme


This is a perfect combination of a professional website and blog. The blog can come handy to explain the latest trend in designing industry and inspire people to hire your services to get latest designs. It is easy to rank high on search engines with SEO posts. The color combination is very soothing, and it is easily changeable. The footer is kept simple, but you can always have widgets in it. The boxes on the homepage are simple but attractive. All the necessary features and plugins are available.

Photo World

free gallery WordPress theme


This is one of the stunning free graphic design WordPress themes. The design is awe-inspiring, and everything about the theme is premium. The slider is unique and highly entertaining. The menu bar is equally catchy. The footer will come handy to show contact information and links. All the necessary pages are available including portfolio and service pages. All you need to do is to customize them and make them the way you want.

SKT Black

free black WordPress theme


This is one of the premium looking free graphic design WordPress themes. It is a black theme, and hence, it looks all the more stunning. It will increase the value of the graphic design agency and create the trust factor immediately. The sections on the homepage are just beautiful and different from one another. There are various effects and animations that make the theme worth using for any website. It can be used as a single page theme, and you can show the ratings and reviews of the clients in the home section.

Complete Lite

free complete WordPress theme


This is one of the perfectly matched free graphic design WordPress themes for graphic designers. It has a typical infographic style outlook. The boxes and blocks on the home page are absolutely great. The design is flat, and it is supported on all devices. Several creative plugins are available for adding eye-catching features, and the sidebar and the footer can have widgets of various useful types. It has a 5-level dropdown menu to list different types of graphic designing services and samples.

I Am One

free one page WordPress theme


Most of the graphic designers offer services individually through their websites. It is one of the perfect free graphic design WordPress themes for them to showcase their samples and portfolio and list all the different types of services with price tags and estimated delivery duration. Apart from fixed services, the designer can also offer customized services. The theme has parallax background which is in trend and will impress anyone beyond limits. The photo gallery is stunning, and so is the slider. It is an HD ready theme.

Kraft Lite

kraft free premium WordPress theme


It is one of the professional looking free graphic design WordPress themes, and everything is well-organized. The slider is advanced, and so is the menu bar. There are two menus and the topmost and have contact links and information. The theme comes with all the different types of icons to represent content graphically. It has a sidebar and comes with over 25 different widgets to be used. It is mobile friendly and retina ready. Navigation is easy, and customization can be done by anyone without prior knowledge.

SKT Full Width

free full wide WordPress theme


It is an eye-catching free graphic design WordPress theme with a very different design approach. The menu is extremely creative, and the slider is full-width. There are various inner pages available, and you can create your own with advanced page builder. You can put up your best designs on the homepage and intrigue the visitors to check out your services and hire you.

IT Consultant Lite

free consultant WordPress theme


This is another theme for individual graphic designers to showcase their works and bag orders from different companies and individuals. There are payment gateway and advanced contact forms for booking. You can list your past works under portfolio section and list your services with fixed amount and duration along with the description. It has options for social media integration and run paid campaigns to reach out to the targeted audiences.

Perfect Photography Lite


This is one of e great free graphic design WordPress themes with awesome outlook. The menu looks cool and modern. It is perfect for mobile devices and has fast loading speed. It is retina ready and has translation feature. The color scheme is great, and you can have various widgets in the sidebars. Different types of call-to-action buttons and plugins available that will surely come handy to get more orders.

If you already have a website, you should consider using any one of these free graphic design WordPress themes. They are tailor made to serve the best purpose for graphic designers and impress the potential clients with the innovative design of the themes.

Promote Digital Signage Templates

Why is WordPress the Latest Edition to Promote Digital Signage Templates?

Promote Digital Signage Templates

First things first, let’s understand what digital signage means. A digital signage, which is also known as screen medium to a great majority of software experts, is a silver bar in which interactive programs are displayed in public for information and/or advertising tenancies.

Today’s world of business is extremely competitive. WordPress has many advantages to promote digital signage templates and bring in more traffic.

A digital sign or digital tag (if you like) consists of a playback device or a computer which is connected to a preferably large LCD, LED or plasma digital screen display.

The digital signage is designed to display different kinds of information according to the consumer needs. If you have been keen enough, then am pretty sure that you have noticed some digital signage in various institutions.

If not, some of these places that the digital signage is being used at the moment are Island complexes, schools, libraries, central offices, hospitals, railway stations and aircraft and other public places. And as an additional point, when connected to a playback device or computer, you can differentiate the internet or network connection.

The knowledge and skill concerning digital signage technology has increased dramatically. In the next two three years, the figure is expected to grow at $ 24 billion especially for businesses that are using or in the process of picking up digital signage technology.

There are many advantages of using digital signals to make the public understand and appreciate something new and thought-provoking. But with the rapid technological growth, you can now make even powerful content using digital signals. And this is   clearly evident through WordPress.

Well, at the moment, both professionals and laypersons have used WordPress either as a site builder, a blog builder or a CMS platform. Whichever the case, the undertaking of WordPress into the world of online advertising and digital signs is something to be pleased with. However, not so many have thought of using WordPress as a CMS platform for signage information systems.

If truth be told, WordPress for the Open Source Content Management System (CMS) is not a permanent blog block anymore. Now it has more than 60 million sites to power and also available as a powerful and dynamic website host. What makes this even a better option is the fact that CMS allows application blogs, content development, theme improvements, and hosting.

Moving on, there are several benefits associated with the use of the WordPress theme for digital signage TV and understand why WordPress is the latest and the most sought after platform for digital signage. And with that said, the advantages of using WordPress for promoting digital signals are;

  • WordPress is admired because of its speedy audience reach– with this fact, it basically means that you will easily reach more people with the digital signage information.


  • WordPress is user friendly even for beginners– The interface is user friendly making it an easy one to use. Some tasks like uploading photos, blog posting or other content development has now become easier to do and a much faster rate than before. At the end of the day, this saves a lot of time that could have been spent on formatting or other important modifications on other sites.


  • WordPress is easy on the pocket making it a perfect choice for just anyone–being in business is always a roller coaster, at least until you becomefinancially stable. And for this reason, WordPress would be a good pick for you especially when your company has financial problems. Fact is, you can save your blog on WordPress for free.


  • Hackers are least of your worries when dealing with WordPress– in most cases, plugins tend to be the most common route for hackers to get their hands on your system, but it is different with WordPress. When it comes to WordPress, its well-organized plugins are very safe and secure. And since safety is something you do not want to overlook, it would be in your best interest to choose. What is more, the WordPress team of experts releases security updates regularly, which is meant to address any security concerns and improvethe back-end UI.


  • WordPress is easy to customize and add a more personal touch– did you know that you can easily customize your website to improve its aesthetic view? Know you know and thanks to WordPress you can now do that. WordPress is that one platform that gives your guests a unique online experience to a point that they are more convinced of the need to come back.


  • WordPress offers amazing blogging services– Not forgetting the fact that blogging is one of the most effective ways to improve the site, you can take this opportunity to sell your digital signage through the WordPress platform made by WordPress.

An example of how the digital signage becomes a success on WordPress is through HTML based digital signage press and plugins. This is a digital signal platform where the plug-in support different functions and can be used for various functions.

This means that at the end of it all, WordPress will give you the opportunity to grow and get even more advanced in digital signage technology. And considering the fact that more and more people are becoming informed about it, it will be easily embraced by the society.

Also, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to using WordPress as your digital signage platform. For example, some of the digital signage system features that you will be exposed to include but not limited to;variation of text fonts, on screen management, font sizes and font colors, digital signage dashboard, automatic live updates and multiple layout templates for display.

In conclusion, it is quite evident that digital signage has modernized and revolutionized marketing. It is the easiest software to use, its efficient and highly effective. As if that is not enough, digital signage is resourceful and flexible.

As a matter of fact, digital signage is taking the world of marketing by storm; by quickly replacing carbon print way of marketing. So, it is time to let go of the old means and embrace digital signage. It is a guaranteed chance for you to get a whole new experience with technology.


Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

Tips to Improve WordPress Functionality for Your Website

Tips to Improve WordPress Functionality for Your Website

Tips to Improve WordPress Functionality for Your WebsiteEvery website that has high ranked on the search windows has something in common. They all have been working towards improving the functionality.

Building a WordPress website is a great option for future proofing your site. Pay attention to the following tips to improve WordPress functionality to drive more visits on a site.

Stats suggest that out of the top rated websites on the search option more than 25 % uses WordPress which is a huge number.

Now think about this more than 50% of the total websites built using the same platform for creating their website.

Now the main question arises what are they doing differently? The one thing that is definitely doing is not directly uploading the templates provided by WordPress.

The visitors to any website have a lot of demands; they have become choosy and demands better experience each time.

They want speed-optimization, higher functionality, visual appeal etc. To ensure that the users are getting what they want and keeping the website a step ahead of the competition there are few tips that website owners can follow.

1) Choose a reliable Host: – A reliable and best hosting service is an important factor that determines the functionality.

The options are numerous and they all have different price plans. Think about the features you want with your website. The plans can thus be chosen according to that.

Think about the budget that you have for your project according to that chosen a plan but do not comprise on the features. The option that is available for low budget is a shared hosting plan.

The option is good for small projects which do not have a flow of income. This is a good starting strategy when the website needs a new audience.

The web hosting plans should have regular backups. This safeguards the website content from hackers. To protect the valuable information and the image of the website the steps are important.

To have the website protected from hacking and other vulnerabilities choose a plan that has been providing backing up for that. The plans also determine the loading speed of the website.

The website loading times goes a long way in adding to the visitor’s experience and thus the hosting plan should help load the website faster.

The visitors do not wait for a second extra and immediately move to the competitor’s site and if you do not want that then use a hosting service that loads the page in less than 3 seconds.

2) Use of plugins thoughtfully: – The WordPress users have many free plugins that they can utilize. The count increases with premium services and themes. They are easy to install and add functionality to the website.

The plugins could include a form, store locator, contact form, booking service, chat, etc. The idea here is to be selective while choosing the right plugin, a great strategy is to combine the functionality into one.

The use of many plugins is not always a bad idea but it increases the efforts that go in while testing the updates. It slows that process down and indirectly affects the speed and functionality of the website.

3) Use responsive designs: – WordPress is primarily a blogging platform which was designed for bigger screens and not necessarily as a mobile-friendly solution.

The fact still remains the fact that most of the visitors are using these small screens to access these sites. Now an important thing every website owner should do is install third-party plugins to the dashboard so that the website s fits well on other devices.

There are a lot of plugins that are available that one can choose from that contains these features and are highly responsive.

The new websites are coming with mobile first designs which are higher on functionality, the existing designs also have a lot of support to be accessible to various different devices.

4) Social Media integration:- It is unlikely that any visitor does not have a social media account. The integration with these personal accounts of the website will allow higher visibility and easy access for the visitors.

The visitors then gets a personal connect with the brand which creates loyalty. There are sharing options which allow customers to click on their preferences, the widgets display new additions to the webpage on the social profiles with permission this creates higher connectivity.

The use of login here ensures that the registration form process can be eliminated as the required data is collected and a login is created with the right website.

There is basic social media integration in the themes but users can find the ones which are more suitable for them from different directories. Since it is easy to include them on the website it is a great move.

5) Focus on navigation: – The first-time visitors should find it easy to go through the site and reach the correct information they have been looking for.

The recognizable and intuitive patterns will improve the user’s experience with the website and the loyalty and continuity will be made.

There is no need to beat yourself to find the navigation genie, it is simple and it should be placed right on the top of the website page.

This is where the users intend to find it and this is where it should be. Include categories, archives, and breadcrumbs for enhancement of the feature.

Use Ajax-based search box next to the navigation panel for the ones who quickly want to move to what they have in mind instead of looking around.

Keep it simple and clean, there is always functionality over form. Do not overdo things that might confuse the visitors.

While you are improving the website use SEO techniques that will help you boast the visitors in no time. Maintain the balance in the race of getting something done do not miss out on other things.

Keep your website updates, regular updates have many benefits. It keeps the functionality in place and also safeguards the website from unwanted threats.

The bugs are fixed new features added are included in the website which directly and positively affects the functionality of the website.

There are many tools available to the users they should choose them wisely and discreetly to create a better website.

Tips to manage and grow a WordPress blog

Tips to manage and grow WP blog

The biggest misconception people about starting a WordPress blog is that once you’ve built it, you’re done. Here’s the thing, if you want to make sure that your WordPress blog reaches a bigger audience and be successful, then you need to know how to manage it properly.

Just because you’ve built your blog on a WordPress platform and designed it with an awesome looking theme, doesn’t mean that you can just sit back and relax. Once you’ve launched your website, you need to get started on the ongoing task of managing and maintaining your website to keep it secure, updated, and relevant.

Tips to manage and grow your WordPress

Tackling all the tasks is not difficult but it will require some effort on your part. If you’re ready to get started, then read on for the tips you need to know in order to manage and grow your WordPress blog.

Manage your content

The great thing about WordPress is that it lets you manage and update your content easily. This lets you focus on the hard part of making your blog grow, which is to create quality content and sharing it with a wide audience.

By doing that, you will have a website that encourages users to visit more regularly and will increase your visibility on search engines. The main parts that you should be thinking about when it comes content management are how regularly you publish content and how you share those content.

Publishing content should be done regularly. If you want people to keep visiting your site and for search engines to keep finding it, you have to post content on a regular basis. Set up a publishing schedule that you can realistically follow. If you got a bunch of ideas, write them up but don’t publish them all immediately. Instead, schedule them to post at regular intervals (i.e. 2 articles per week) to maintain activity on your website and keep visitors coming back for more content.

Getting your content out is only half the work. The next part is to tell people about it and there are a couple of ways that you can do this.

For starters, you can get people to subscribe to your blog or website and notify them via email plugins, such as MailPoet, to alert your subscribers when you post a new content or to send daily or weekly newsletter. Social media is also another great way to raise awareness about your content. Use tools and plugins such as HootSuite, ShareThis, and Ultimate Facebook to plan your social media posts.

Optimize your blog

Having quality content is important but you also need to make sure that your blog is working on all cylinders to give your visitors the best user experience possible when they load up your website.

That means making sure that everything on your WordPress website is fully optimized and up to date, including all the plugins as well.

WordPress often release updates for different reasons such as bug fixes, security patches, and enhancements. It’s important that you update your WordPress as older versions can be exploited due to security vulnerability and you wouldn’t want that to happen to your blog.

Minor updates for WordPress are done automatically but major updates will require you to manually install it, so check on your WordPress installs regularly to see if there are any major releases.

Similarly, for plugins and themes, make sure that you keep all of them updated as well. Again, the main reasons for an update are usually for feature enhancements, bug fixes, security patches, and compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

Updating plugins and themes is easy enough on WordPress. They will usually show any themes or plugins that require an update on the Dashboard. You can even head to the Updates screen to check as well and install from there.

Speed everything up

Performance and speed is an integral part of a website’s success. Before you can even consider about making your website grow bigger, you need to make sure that the performance and speed are up to par, because nothing will make people abandoned your page faster than a slow loading site.

In 2010, Google announced website speed would have an impact on web search ranking. The speed that visitor visits your site from the search result would be a factor.  How can you speed things up?

There are a number of ways that you can utilize to improve your website’s speed but the most important one is to use a good hosting provider. Do research on which hosting companies are the best web hosting for WordPress and look for hosting plans that are tailored specifically for WordPress users.

Another thing that you can do to improve your website’s performance and speed is to use caching plugins. Caching will generally speed up your load page times by having your general static data downloaded into the user’s browser instead of fetching it back from your database.

Some of the more popular caching WordPress plugins are the W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. While both are fairly easy to use, you need to test which ones will work best for your website and its needs.

Use themes and plugins wisely

Themes and plugins are useful tools that you can use to grow and manage your website easier. While reliability and security should be the first things to consider before installing one, you should also find themes and plugins that will make it easier for you to manage, update, and create on your website.

Of course, that does not mean you should start installing plugins and themes that you think will help with site management. Rather, you need to see whether the plugins or themes are easy to work with, quick to install, and won’t require extra work on your part.

Premium WordPress themes such as SKT Themes offers great designs while still being reliable and secure. Plus, they are easy to install and administer as they are created from the ground up to work with WordPress.

A good rule of thumb for using plugins is to choose the ones that are efficient and won’t slow down your site. Since there are thousands of plugins available in WordPress, you can pick and choose the ones that fit your needs. Dan Norris, the co-founder of WP Curve recommends 20 plugins for a WordPress site. A number of issues might arise such as performance, speed, and security if you do not maintain them well.

If you find that the plugin is slowing your blog down, make sure that it is up to date and if it is, then you might need to consider an alternative plugin. It is worth noting that plugins aren’t always the cause for bad site performance: the myth has been that more plugins installed will slow your site, but the reality is that it depends on the performance and size of the plugin itself.


After launching your blog, you can’t just sit back and relax, waiting for visitors to come. There’s a lot of management that you still need to do if you want your blog to grow and become successful.

Managing a WordPress is not particularly difficult but it can be a lot of work. But, if you do it well and you follow the tips above, then you will have a high performing, secure site that engages with its audiences and achieves the objectives you’ve set in place.