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Free School WordPress Themes for School Education and College Websites


There are stunning free school WordPress themes available that can advertise the school for admission and achieve other purposes.

Just like every other institute and company, schools need to get their website online not only to advertise themselves but also to show vital information to the existing students.

Information like announcements, result declaration, holiday list, online payment of fees and much more can be achieved through a website.

These free school WordPress themes have awesome designs and robust functionalities, and they are sure to rank high on search engines.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme


If your school is a girls’ school, this is the theme that will do wonders for you. It is primarily designed to captivate girls, and the design is super stunning to create the trust factor. Girls will find it cool to take admission in such a school. The theme has all the required features and functionalities that a school theme must have. It is compatible will all browsers and devices. There are awesome sliders and gallery to showcase the school in the best possible way and get people to take admission instantly.

SKT Charity


Even though the theme is mainly for charity purpose, it serves greatly to create a professional school website with all the ingredients. The free images that come with the theme are tailor-made for kids. The theme is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It has good loading speed, and there are lots of gallery plugins. You can also show the teachers and their qualifications and roll a slider showing the testimonials of students and parents.

Hotel Lite

free hotel WordPress theme


This is one of the best free school WordPress themes on the list that showcase a school in a grand way. You can show the different parts of the interior of the school and captivate the audiences who are likely to be parents and students. They would take pride in taking admission to such a school and naturally, you will have a lot of admission than usual. You can also show different departments and subjects along with extra-curriculum activities which are main attractions now.

Gravida Lite

free corporate WordPress theme


This is one of the free school WordPress themes which can highlight your school in the best possible manner. The color combination and design of the theme are great. There are various useful plugins available. The animations and effects on the homepage will surely catch eyes and elongate engagement and make a good impression. There are various shortcodes available, and it also has multilingual support. Social media integration available will help to gain the targeted audiences easily.

Play School Lite

school WordPress theme


This is one of the tailor-made free school WordPress themes which is meant for kids school. The design and colors used are perfect to intrigue them and take admission to the school. This would also help the parents who had to force their children to go to school. By checking out the ingredients of the website thanks to the theme, they will surely look forward to going to the school. There are various animations and effects available, and everything is fully customizable. It has a dedicated FAQ and knowledge base segment which is very important for a school website. It is SEO and SMO friendly as well.

Interior Lite

free interior WordPress theme


This is one of the coolest free school WordPress themes on the list. It is best for those schools which have amazing decorations and designs both from inside and outside. The reason is that it is primarily based on galleries and showcasing amazing images to captivate the targeted audiences. It has social media integration system, and it is very easy to customize from the back end. Make sure the images you use are of high quality. The sidebar can have widgets, and it has vital SEO plugins for writing content that ranks well on the search engine result pages.

Kraft Lite

kraft free premium WordPress theme


This theme is applicable for big schools that have high accommodation capacity because the theme looks perfectly professional. You can change the design and components of the theme in real time. All the different ingredients for designing and functionalities through plugins are available for use. The design is clean, and it is fully responsive. It is tailor-made for all devices. The theme is fully documented and has WooCommerce support for payment gateway in case students want to pay fees online.

SKT Build Lite

free construction WordPress theme


This is one of the stunning free school WordPress themes with classic design and color combination. The theme is well-planned, and it comes with a double menu where you can additionally show working time and contact details. You can have a blog section to educate parents and students about lifestyle and guidance. There are many widgets available for direct use in the sidebar. There are advanced contact forms and plugins for immediate contact.


free nature WordPress theme


Open Schooling is becoming a concept in today’s world and this theme is dedicated to such schools. There are a lot of students interested in such a schooling way because of less burger and natural environment to study and prosper. The theme color is grand, and it has translation support. There are 3 types of page templates available for creating inner pages. The sliders can be used to show achievements of the past years by the students and facilities available in the school.

SKT Launch

free launch WordPress theme


This is one of the best free school WordPress themes for a new school to get started. A new school needs a lot of promotion and SEO value, and that is exactly what it has.

There are advanced gallery, contact plugins, and WooCommerce support.

The SEO plugins will help in writing effective content on the site. The theme has passed Google mobile-friendly and speed tests. It comes with customizer for editing and page builder to create any page you want.

These are definitely the best free school WordPress themes on the list that will take increase lead generation. Kids are going to like them and urge their parents to take admission. There are awesome galleries to captivate the audiences easily. Using any of these free school WordPress themes, you can take your school to the next level.

Free butcher WordPress themes for meat butcher websites


There are various free butcher WordPress themes available with great design and required functionalities.

Buying daily edible items like fresh vegetables, fishes and meat has changed completed. Now, people can order them online sitting at the comfort of their homes.

There are so many big companies who serve raw meat to restaurants and event organizers.

If you prepare a website based on these free butcher WordPress themes, your sale figure will go up and so will the revenue.

Perfect Pizza Lite


This is a perfect free butcher WordPress theme. It has an amazing slider with a double menu option. The top most menu, you can shop when your shop remains open and urgent contact information. The theme comes with price list table and product showcasing plugins so that users can check out the items and hit options to buy them instantly. There is payment gateway for various ways of payment, and the theme is completely mobile-friendly which is where the main source of traffic lies.

SKT Wine

free wine WordPress theme


This is one of the best free butcher WordPress themes because it has a stunning look and all the necessary pages. A minimum amount of editing has to be done, and your website will be ready for publishing. You can change the color options and add various UI elements for beautification. It is a very lightweight theme, and hence, the loading speed will be very fast. The gallery option is beautiful and creative. It has high SEO value and comes with SEO plugins for writing SEO-friend description and content.

SKT Launch

free launch WordPress theme


Most of you would be launching your website for the first time, and this is one of the ideal themes to do so because it has all the features to launch a website perfectly and attract a lot of customers. The design is very unique and sure to catch eyes immediately. There are plugins for social media integration and make the brand presence known to the targeted audiences. It is fully responsive on all browsers and compatible with all devices. Everything is fully customizable, and there are various options in the backend for fast changes. It has multiple useful sections and pages.

The App

free app WordPress theme


In today’s world, all the websites are having apps to reach out to the targeted audience exclusively. They are offering exclusive offers to make people download the app and make an order. You can use the same strategy and drive potential customers. This is one of the free butcher WordPress themes that have single page design. The look is absolutely awesome and sure to make a brand stand tall. It supports all the standard plugins, and there are various page templates for creating inner pages.


free nature WordPress theme


This is one of the attractive free butcher WordPress themes on the list. The color combination is stunning, and it is easily changeable according to your brand color. The design elements are plenty, and they are instrumental in the beauty of the design. There are so many relevant icons and UI elements with which better content can be written. The slider and gallery options are amazing, and they are quite unique in features. It has multilingual support and compatible with all devices and browsers.

SKT Coffee

free coffee WordPress theme


This is one of the tailor-made free butcher WordPress themes with the right color combination of a butcher website. The design is crisp, and there are various layouts and sections available. It has options to integrate social media to reach out to local and global customers. It has passed Google mobile-friendly test, and there is a separate section for blogging. There are plugins for payment gateway, on-page SEO and advance contact form.

SKT Restaurant

free restaurant WordPress theme


This is one of the awesome free butcher WordPress themes with stunning gallery and slider options. It will increase your brand value immensely and drive a lot of local customers. The contact page has been made advanced so that potential customers can contact directly and instantly. They can place an order and pay on delivery or in advance. The theme is thoroughly tested for security, and various types of unique plugins are available.

Clean Lite

free clean WordPress theme


This is one of the free butcher WordPress themes with minimalist design. It is clean and modern and has very fast loading speed. It appears on all devices perfectly. There is cross-browser support, and various SEO plugins are available for writing content that will rank high. It is translation ready and compatible with WooCommerce. You can make changes to the themes with the live customizer. There are advanced plugins for commenting and contact and social media share.

Perfect Agriculture Lite


This is a great theme for butcher website. It is quite simple yet has all the ingredients to make your website stand out in the crowd. There are sidebars to embed widgets of various types to engage the visitors and drive more leads. The theme has HD resolution, and there are various color schemes available. It is fully documented for advanced editing.

SKT Bakery Lite


This is one of the stunning free butcher WordPress themes with awesome design and color combination. Everything is editable in real time, and there are various fancy fonts available for use. You can also use the blog section to write quality recipes and drive more organic traffic and conversion. The design is flat and gradient less.

SKT White

free white WordPress theme


This is an awesome multipurpose theme that will suit well for a butcher website.

The sections of the homepage are beautiful to look at and represent different aspects.

The gallery and slider are awesome, and there are shuttle animations that will keep the audiences engaged for long.

All the different types of plugins are supported for better functionalities and user experience.

There are also call-to-action buttons for easy communication.

These are the best free butcher WordPress themes to get a website online and create a brand so that you can get big orders and grow big easily.

As these are free butcher WordPress themes, you have to spend money only for website hosting. You can edit these themes easily all by yourself.

Impact of Instagram on Website Design

The Impact of Instagram on Website Design


Instagram has garnered positive acclaim all over the world for its emphasis on visualization of content. It provides a great platform for marketers to promote their brand and products. This innovative social media platform also influences web designers while creating websites. The quality and frequency of images on websites are highly determined by Instagram.

This social media platform has led to a number of changes in website designing. Increasingly, it has become quite common for webmasters to integrate social media links and buttons to their website’s homepage. Take a look at the various aspects of web design and Instagram synergy –

More Weight on Quality Design

Instagram offers a great platform for online users to access visual content and connect effectively. They expect to identify the content they require and their experiences showcase how they perceive your brand. Hence, it is imperative to build and maintain a high-quality design on your website that highlights your social media accounts. If you have chosen Instagram for new interactions, an appealing and professional design is an absolute must. Availing Instagram for your online business asks for attractive profile and content that will keep your real Instagram followers interested in your brand.

Attaining Maximum Exposure

Instagram proves to be a profitable inclusion in your website design, especially if your social media marketing campaigns have a limited budget. It promotes your business on the web and unlike traditional marketing and advertising tactics; you can make changes to your content easily whenever it is required. Instagram can help you in improving your online visibility along with targeting particular audience base and achieve a higher return on investment.

Identifying the Needs of Your Audience

The best part of using Instagram for designing your website is that you can have a better understanding of your target audience. It will offer you an insight into who your prospects are, what they think of your brand, and their expectations from your services. When you get to know the needs and wants of your follower base, you can create your content catering to their requirements. In order to target your audience effectively, analyze the performance of your Instagram posts and identify your prospects accordingly.

Gaining High User Engagement

An aesthetically beautiful content on Instagram will receive a better involvement from your followers and you can leverage their attention to your website. This allows you to experience a boost in your website traffic, which means more and more followers will visit your site looking for further information. However, apart from the captivating design of your site to keep your audience engaged, you will need to post high-quality visual content on Instagram in the first place. You can customize your website design for making your followers feel similar comfort that they experience on Instagram. Avail the entire photo stream from Instagram on your website and match your design with the grid images.

Impact of Instagram on Website Design


The customization and Impact of Instagram on Website Design can pave the way for high user engagement and better quality of content which will ultimately result in higher sales generation. The influence of Instagram on web design is increasing day by day and you can apply the tactics to improve your online marketing campaign.


Features That Every E-Commerce Mobile App Should Have to Be Successful

e-commerce mobile apps

While the volume of internet searches fired from mobile devices has already crossed that from desktops, e-commerce transactions are showing a similar trend. This makes the development of mobile apps to facilitate e-commerce all the more important.

Some must-have features of e-commerce mobile apps:

Intuitive Design

With the typical mobile user using the app on the go, the app design needs to be comprehensible in the first few seconds. It may be very fulfilling to design something that tries to do a lot many things; however, it is well-established that users tend not to use apps that they find complicated. Simplicity is the key with the user being able to perform the most common actions without any hassle. When the user finds the app easy to figure out and use, it is more likely that he will stay with it and transact.


E-commerce apps need to take the security of personal and financial information of the user very seriously because, most users are very worried that their names, addresses, bank account details, credit card details, etc. can be used by the unscrupulous people. When building an app, you need to discuss with the mobile app development company Mumbai the security measures that they are putting in to prevent unauthorized access and use of confidential data. Test repeatedly to establish that there are no security loopholes.

Visual Orientation

When users use mobile apps, there is a need to make the information available to them fast and without cluttering the interface. One way of doing this is to make the app visual-oriented using good quality images to convey information. Since the human brain processes images far faster than text, images can do the job very well. However, you need to be careful about the image selection process as using low-quality or stock images can pull your reputation down.

Social Media Integration

It is well known that the biggest stumbling block to people signing up for accounts on e-commerce apps and websites is the form. You should integrate your app with popular social media platforms so that users can simply sign in using their social media credentials and can skip the tedious signing up procedure. The other advantage of social media integration is that now app users can very easily share interesting stuff on the app to their social accounts thereby giving your brand a bigger exposure.

Easy Checkout

If you make your checkout process long and complicated all the good work that you have done to engage the customer and induce him to transact goes for a complete toss. As it is,more than two-thirds of all potential checkouts are abandoned due to various reasons so it is better not to make the checkout add to the mess. Keeping the process simple, clean, and direct without any ambiguity and by providing all the alternatives, you can ensure a higher rate of conversions.


Users seek a buying experience that is very easy and fast, and unless your mobile app can score very high on these parameters, you will not get the expected return on investment.

Free Political WordPress themes for political campaigns and fundraisers

free political WordPress themes

These free political WordPress themes have the perfect structure to show a political party or a candidate wonderfully to the targeted audiences.

Every political person or party is coming online for their promotion to reach out to their targeted audiences effortlessly. Therefore, you will find so many new parties and individuals are becoming so popular in a matter of few months. The basic step of online promotion is to get a website that shows your personality, your achievements and what you can do when you have the power.

WordPress is the best platform to create such a website as there are superb free political WordPress themes.

I Am One

free one page WordPress theme


This is one of the perfect free political WordPress themes for a candidate to showcase his qualities and capabilities to the targeted audiences. It has video plugins for delivery speech, sliders to showcase strengths and promises and beautiful galleries and sections on the homepage to show testimonials, charitable works and past contributions to the society to gain trust. All the inner pages are present to show the political party background, values, mission and vision.

Online Coach

free coach WordPress theme


This is another free political WordPress themes that are best for a political candidate. He has live broadcast his videos of giving speeches in different locations. The sidebar widgets are creative and can be used innovatively to give different messages and updates. It has full integration with social media which is where the beating heart is. The menu option is cool, and the sliders and galleries options are plenty in number to choose from. It is SEO-friendly, and several shortcodes are provided for integrating and embedding useful options.

SKT Parallax Me

free parallax WordPress theme


This is an amazing WordPress theme that has awesome sections on the homepage, and each section has the trending parallax effect. Apart from that, the inner pages are equally beautiful and appear wonderful on all devices. There is a beautiful blog area, and it has multilingual support, and the sliders are extremely eye-catching.


free girly WordPress theme


This is one of the best free political WordPress themes for female candidates. The color of the theme has been kept accordingly. You can change everything as per your requirement, and the sections on the homepage are creative and classic. It is fully responsive, and people can access it on the go. You can design and header and footer creatively to spread a strong message on the very first impression.

Perfect Event Lite

free event WordPress theme


This is a political theme which can be used by a party or a candidate during different election events to make it look more effective and appealing to the voters. It has a clean layout, and you can also sell merchandise to make your movement viral and reach out to the farthest corners. It is retina ready and accessible from all devices. It has translation support and beautiful colour combinations. The design is flat, and the theme loads faster than ever.

SKT Launch

free launch WordPress theme


This is one of the best free political WordPress themes for a political party to do online promotion and get more and more followers. It has advanced plugins for social media to make the presence felt in all the targeted regions and become viral. It is fully responsive and has color settings to choose the colour as per the theme of the party. It has a blog section to write engaging and interesting posts to address local problems and propose solutions. There are animation sections on the homepage to make it visually appealing.


free minimal WordPress theme


It is a flat political template and one of the best-selling themes in the category. It has a minimalistic approach and compatible with all devices. It has passed Google speed test, and it is very easy to customize every section and component live. You can additional pages using page builder though all the necessary pages are already present. The blog section has been given importance and the representations of the blog posts are awesome.

Kraft Lite

kraft free premium WordPress theme


This is one of the best free political WordPress themes of the modern time. It looks wonderful on all devices and sets a political party or candidate apart from others. It is certainly going to increase the brand value and create the trust for the entity. There are awesome plugins to showcase the agenda and promises. Navigation is intuitive, and there are awesome blog templates and WooCommerce support for people willing to donate or buy merchandise.

IT Consultant Lite

free consultant WordPress theme


Even though the name of the theme is IT Consultant, it is one of the best political WordPress themes on the list. It is best for showcasing a candidate than a political party. He or she can use it to campaign for election and reach out to local people easily. The design will increase the trust factor in the voters, and there are sections for embedding achievements and speech videos. Beautiful galleries are there to captivate the visitors, and the slider can be used to give special updates and messages effectively.

SKT Design Agency

free design agency WordPress theme


This is a multipurpose theme, and it can be designed the way one likes to. It is best for political parties to showcase themselves to the targeted audiences during various elections. There are some awesome graphical components to design a perfect website like no one else. The design is going to be flat, and it would load instantaneously. It is fully documented, coding is done according to proper standards for SEO purpose, and it is fully secured which is an important issue for a political party or candidate.

SKT Strong

free crossfit WordPress theme


This is a perfect political theme for designing a website for a male candidate. As per its name, it will certainly deliver a strong message to the targeted audiences so that they prefer him over others. It has amazing sliders, translation support, testimonial section, mobile-friendliness and SEO support so that people discover the site easily. The color scheme is changeable, and there are various widgets and social media integration to make the candidate popular everywhere.

These are some of the best free political WordPress themes with which you can design a perfect website. But if you want more features and functionalities, you have to go for their pro version.

Free Handyman WordPress Themes for Repairs Handyperson Handyworker Sites


These free handyman WordPress themes are professional and look stunning to increase the trust factor.

When a person is new to a place, he searches on the internet to find a handyman to do repairing, designing, and installation job. Even those who are staying in a place for a long time now, follows the same process because handymen are hard to spot.

Therefore, they obtain the contact information from the internet and summon him to the house for the work.

It is highly important for all handymen and repair service providing companies to have a website so that people can spot them easily. WordPress is the best option because of the presence of free handyman WordPress themes, and one can make a website at a very low cost.

Here are the best free handyman WordPress themes to build your website all by yourself.

1. SKT Handyman


2. SKT Handy


A handyman can also be a doctor and provide home services from time to time and you can catch some premium patients as well. If you have a stunning website, your trust factor will increase significantly. It is clean and modern and compatible with several shortcodes to beautify your website and add testimonials. The theme is one of the best free handyman WordPress themes for part-time doctors and it comes with portfolio plugin, slider plugins as well as gallery plugins.

3. Movers And Packers


It is basically a logistic company website where there are many workers and repairers waiting for the customers to hire them. Movers and Packers is the perfect theme to create a marketplace and grab the potential customer’s attention easily. You can integrate a forum for better communication. The backgrounds of the inner sections are completely editable, and you can add some cool effects on the homepage.

4. Perfect Lite


It is one of the most versatile multipurpose free handyman WordPress themes. It can be transformed to any color combination, layout as well as design. There are page templates for designing inner pages. The pro version has header, footer and widget support. One can integrate WooCommerce support. There are multiple plugins pre-installed for sliders and galleries. It is mobile friendly, and its resources are completely free licensed to use them for any purpose.

5. Interior Lite


People like to hire interior designers and repairing technicians from time to time as per occasion in the house. A website can help you as a handyman to get more customers every day from local areas as well as global ones. Interior lite is one of the most perfect free handyman WordPress themes to showcase your works to impress the website visitors so that they get forced to hire you immediately. You can show your creativity through sliders and galleries. It has passed Google mobile test, and it is widget friendly which would come quite handy.

6. IT Consultant Lite


You can be an IT consultant or IT repairer, you definitely require to have a professional website to make yourself searchable to the internet to get unlimited clients. IT Consultant lite is definitely one of the most professional free handyman WordPress themes that will increase people’s belief in your work and hire you immediately. They can book in advance by paying a part of the total free through WooCommerce integration. Your website will load faster, and you can make changes to the site live.

7. Gravida Lite


This is one of the best free handyman WordPress themes on the list. It is very easy to setup, and unlike others, it could be used for any type of handyman’s personal website. The color combination is catchy, and visitors are more likely to hire the person because the website will have some quality in designing. It comes with five different slider types and awesome menu options with social media integration. Apart from that, it has a blog section where a handyman can share his services and experiences to gain more trust and increase the chances of getting a project awarded.

8. Online Coach


You may help people repair their stuff all by themselves while you are far away from the site. Online coach is tailor-made for such purposes. One can buy the services you are providing online directly through your website. It has some of the useful plugins like an event calendar, call-to-action forms which are quite important. It also has sections for the listing new items through shortcodes which are available on the backend along with live customizer.

9. The App


People would be searching for a handyman to get his contact, info and this is one of the best free handyman WordPress themes to create a personal website. You can list your contact detail and repair service. Companies can integrate an app for easy access. It is SEO and SMO friendly for greater reach, and even though it is a one-page theme, you can have multiple inner pages with a page builder. The design is creative and catches eyes instantly. The color combination is also highlighting, and the website will certainly benefit you immensely.

10. SKT Auto Car


People always look for a mechanic to do vehicle servicing at home or repair a vehicle when it is completely broken down. SKT Auto Car is the perfect theme for car mechanics to get a website and showcase their services. It comes with WooCommerce and social media support. It can be accessed through smartphones as it is mobile friendly. There are some awesome sliders and galleries available to captivate your visitors.

11. BeFit Lite


If you are a gym master and want to give personal workout demonstration to people who want to have a personal trainer, you should definitely have a website. This free WordPress theme would be ideal, and it has advanced contact forms to make appointment and pay the fee through WooCommerce. It is also SEO friendly so that people can discover you without any hindrance. The website’s design is stunning to look at, and it would increase your value in the eyes of the potential clients.

These are the best free handyman WordPress themes available to design a perfect website to reach out to the targeted audiences and get discovered by them easily.

Commercial Real Estate WordPress Themes for estate selling sites

Commercial Real Estate WordPress Themes

Let’s get started with the best commercial real estate WordPress themes anyone can find in today’s repository of professional WordPress themes and templates. These property and construction, realtor and agent, e commerce listings and commercial real estate WordPress themes come as a fantastic foundation of any kind of real estate and property presentation, sale and other relevant websites online. Interior design, architecture, urban and planning, utility service provision and many other web profiles will also look just fine with these templates.

Each and every single website template you will find in our assemblage of the best commercial real estate WordPress themes incorporates all must have features and web control tools you will ever need for running stunningly effective and sophisticated commercial real estate or realtor website.

Let your front end visitors add their own profiles and submit their real estate listings, upload high quality images of properties for better visual conception, add informative descriptions and details of each offer and rest assured knowing that your website is never going to be overburdened or working slowly with any of these commercial real estate WordPress themes.

1. Engineering Pro:



Engineering Pro is serious looking yet clean and crisp, well coded and modern styled web creation environment you can test and try for engineering and contractor, real estate agency or any other commercial website.

Material flat design is what makes commercial real estate WordPress themes compatible with the most demanded browsers, mobiles and other gadgets. Engineering Pro is not an exception in this relation and celebrates wonderful flat design touches which means your e commerce powered real estate or property website is going to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions.

2. Home Decor:

Home Decor WordPress Theme


If you are looking for a more elegant and classy template to go smooth with your interior design, home decor or painting website, here is Home Decor matching your needs.

As soon as you purchase, install and activate the theme, you will find default demo content uploaded on custom built theme sections, areas and parts. This will facilitate your work so that you can build your site upon the given pattern by merely replacing the demo content, and customizing other details of the theme like fonts, shortcodes, colors, logo, contact details and more.

3. Contractor Pro:



You will love how easy you can get online and have your own minutely customized contractor or real estate listings website with Contractor Pro.

With the most innovative admin panel on the backend and simple drag and drop functionality, you can play with endless customization and edition options to find out the website shape and look that works well for your target audience.
The theme is SEO and SMO ready for getting in front of more potential clients and buyers from all over the world, translation ready for sharing the same content in different popular languages, shortcodes ready so that you can use preloaded shortcodes or add new ones with compatible plugins.

4. WoodWorks:


Get the freedom to create your own commercial website and make money with it by the application of WoodWorks. Whether you want to start a real estate property selling website, run a blog on woodcraft or handmade hobbies, offer construction, renovation, furniture or home décor services, you can organize it all with this effectively versatile and animation ready website builder.

Get in front of your website guests with beautiful images on the homepage slider, manage sidebar for quick links and popular articles, make sure the blog area is frequently updated, customize footer and header layouts for giving the site a more gainful and business like appearance.

5. Real Estate:

Real Estate


Real Estate is going to be a true inspiration for all kinds of real estate, home and property selling agency or business owners.

The theme is really cheap as compared to what it has to offer to its purchasers. While being really pocket friendly and saving your hard earned financial means, Real Estate includes almost everything any e commerce based and sales related website should have. As such, the theme’s package offers endless choices in terms of the theme colors, shapes, animation effects, images on the homepage slider, inner layout controls, sidebar options and much more.

6. Maintenance Services Pro:

maintenance service theme


Enjoy the selection of your specific style and website structure while working with Maintenance Services Pro that is fully responsive and e commerce optimized, WooCommece and qTranslate compatible and shortcodes packed.

It is one of the admin optimized and fully packed commercial real estate WordPress themes for home and building, residential area and office related sales, service provision and more. Maintenance Services Pro comes as a unity of pixel perfect website look and advanced functionality with HTML 5 and CSS 3 combination.

7. Decor:

Home Decor


Your décor or design, property or building website is going to be more than just a showcase of listings, products and offers. It is going to be an effective interaction with your clientbase thanks to the theme’s responsiveness, smart navigation and search capabilities, fast loading pages and unique content, responsiveness and mobile optimization.
All kinds of commercial activities and sales promotions can be exercised with Décor so that it is possible to add as many e commerce tools and integrations with shortcodes, widgets and plugins as your specific website would need.

8. SKT Stone Pro:

Stone WordPress Theme


A huge army of SKT Stone Pro users confirms the excellence of this web creation tool as one of the best and top rated commercial real estate WordPress themes.

With e commerce approved functionality at its core, SKT Stone Pro can work perfectly with any kind of modern e commerce plugin or system for creating accurate real estate listings and making it easier for the site users to surf and find exactly what they have been looking for.

Other plugins like slider and gallery for ideal presentation of real estate images and photos, architectural drafts and projects, online reservation and booking, site and speed optimization and multilingual plugins are all compatible with SKT Stone Pro.

Small Business WordPress Themes for small enterprises

Small Business WordPress Themes

The success of startup or small businesses heavily depends on their online marketing efforts, and, particularly, the way they are presented to the prospective clients with their business profiles. Our small business WordPress themes will help any kind of startup business or undertaking create productive and meaningful connections with current and expected client base, attract the attention of new ones and contribute to the conduction of new lead generating mechanisms online.

Using a professional website and the digital communication ways to interact with local and international market is more pertinent than it used to be previously. With fierce competition for clients and more leads, all businesses do their best to jump into the online bandwagon and put their businesses online so that they will never miss a single potential client or customer. And the best and the most admin friendly small business WordPress themes come to be convenient tools for doing all this in a cost consciousness yet effectual manner.

Your small business won’t survive without professional and credible online presence. But if you think you will be forced to spend all your capital on building high quality corporate website for your niche specific business, we are happy to let you know that you are mistaken. We at SKT Themes are proud to share the most cost effective collection of small business WordPress themes so that you can feel confident while choosing so important base of your virtual profile.

1. SKT Start-up Pro:

free startup WordPress theme


SKT Start-up Pro has been raised and coded with the primary needs of startup and small scaled businesses in mind. However, it does not mean the capacity of the theme will not be enough for more experienced and famous businesses. All in all, SKT Start-up Pro is a universal multipurpose solution among small business WordPress themes that can be reshaped and modified to showcase a business of any size, background or spectrum.

One of the top advantages of this template is its simplicity and affordability in usage enabling you to enjoy the customization of the theme right from the back end of the theme with Live Customizer options.

2. Marketing Agency:


Visually elegant and pleasing, coded to comply with the modern WordPress version and other web standards, Marketing Agency is the next versatile and stimulating template to build any business website upon.

The theme’s flexibility in navigation and speed in loading content, HD readiness and responsiveness across diverse mobiles and browsers will let your business stay in the top of the web visitor’s mind. It means, that you are going to be the visitor’s choice when it comes to decision making.

Naturally, the theme has also been processed to be ultimately e commerce and online shopping ready for exercising the whole commercial power of your site with plugins and add on.

3. Condimentum:

free multipurpose WordPress theme


Your website does not need to be something splendid and heavy. It can be as simple and clean as Condimentum is.
Creating ”Wow” experience for your online guests has also to do with how organized and clutter free your web content is and how your website maps out the web user experience with perfect navigation levels, responsiveness and adaptability, etc. This is exactly Condimentum offers its users at a quite reasonable price.

More than 100 preloaded shortcodes, fancy homepage large slider, inner banner and other choices, plugin and shortcodes compatibility will be at your disposal to get your clients to come back to your posts and pages again.

4. Local Business Pro:



If you are looking for a full color changing and retina ready, Google approved and SEO competent website builder among local and small business WordPress themes, Local Business Pro will turn out to be a well advised solution for you.

You don’t need to be a web creation and design specialist in order to jump into the customization arena of this shortcodes ready template and try different combinations, designs and structures for the final look of the site. There are also tons of other useful features like fonts and social media icons, inner page layout choices, and finally, full documentation to make the whole process of the theme customization a fun for you.

5. SKT Cafe Pro:



Small coffee houses and movable cafes, food delivery services and food trucks are the businesses SKT Café Pro is experienced to support.

Get ahead of the competition with SKT Café Pro that is constantly responsive no matter what type of device browse your web content. It is also as search engine friendly as it is social media optimized and online shopping friendly. Standard pages like 404, search, blog and others are all included in the theme for offering the best and the most flexible, easy to search and organized content disposition for the theme visitors.

6. Blendit:

blendit - free one page WordPress theme


Create contemporary looking and in depth website while choosing one of the small business WordPress themes called Blendit.

With this bright and animated website builder you are going to have a content that will easily adjust to any screen size it is viewed on. This responsive design of Blendit is directed to welcoming your websites mobile guests and visitors providing them with easy navigation, clear content and accuracy.

Pre built about, services, team, gallery and other sections, shortcodes and color picking controls, slider are also available to present all the important information and business profile, give contact details, showcase motivational images and more.

7. Laptop Repair Pro:

Laptop Repair


Laptop Repair Pro is PC and mobile store, digital marketer, website developer and products repair WordPress powered template with which your website will look beautiful and will conform to the requirements of different mobiles, browsers and portable devices.

Totally e commerce optimized, Laptop Repair Pro will enable you to create the e store of your brick and mortar physical mobile and laptop store to get the attention of more clients and customers. Other important plugins for page building, visual composing, enhances leads and SEO results, social media presence and content translation, visitor and results tracking, additional shortcodes and more are all compatible with Laptop Repair Pro as well.

Clean Simple WordPress Themes for clean minimal website appearance

Clean Simple WordPress Themes

The goals of website designs can drastically differ from one project to another, from one business to the next one, but effectiveness and simplicity are what every website owner should strive for.
Below is the rundown of clean simple WordPress themes ready to fulfil both efficiency and clear appearance of a website of any nature, purpose or background.

In today’s never ending and sometimes even overwhelming digital world, it seems that simple web design is the best way to clearly convey your message to the target audience and deliver your content to them in the most productive manner.

One of the touchstones of modern web design philosophy is “less is more”, another one is “enough and not more”. It means that anything you want your website to encompass can be accurately presented and served to its end users with less stir around your site and, of course, with less stress for you.

Precise and definite appearance with minimalistic web design touches, accurate and to the point framework along with sustainable functional base and clear modern coding are what the best clean simple WordPress themes offer to you. Each of these website building templates will help you present your site in a simpler and easy to use way without losing the authenticity it wants to achieve.

And while these clean simple WordPress themes are used to keeping everything simple and neat, accurate and crisp, it does not mean you cannot create powerful and unique website with complex solutions and everything necessary including in it. The good news is that these modern yet clean simple WordPress themes are truly versatile in their admin friendliness and share convenient theme backend for anyone to make use of it easily. Additionally, they can also read full documentation of the theme which chops complex processes into smaller and easy to follow steps.

Check out the following clean simple WordPress themes which are listed below:

1. Clean Pro:

Clean Lite


Clean Pro is a multipurpose and minimalistic clean WordPress template that comes with a breath of wonderful theme management tools and features all available from the backend of the theme.

The theme focuses on simplicity and elegant look while generating enough space for your visual and textual content to be produced and shared with the audience. Hence, full width homepage slider is given for interesting images to complete the site’s look with high quality visual materials.

It is also fully widget friendly and responsive, mobile and plugin optimized, as well as fully manageable in terms of colors, fonts, menus, header and footer areas, etc.

2. Condimentum:

free multipurpose WordPress theme


The accuracy and serenity of Condimentum will make any kind of website content breathe and reach its potential audience within the shortest timespan.

You won’t distract the website visitors’ attention with excessive gimmicks and tricks, rather, will give them a feeling of comfort and persuade them you value their time greatly. Thus, Condimentum as one of the clean simple WordPress themes, is also fast in performance and page loading, as well as checked for its conformity to different devices, mobiles and browsers of old and new generations.

3. Shudh Pro:

free minimal WordPress theme


If you are searching for a logically thought out, elegant and eye catchy but simple design solution for your portfolio, personal or CV profile, service provision or contractor, artist or makeup website, NGO or something else, you are going to love Shudh Pro.

Devoid of any extra decorative element, this responsive and HD ready website template will make your visual and textual content the king of your website. Large homepage slider comes integrated right from the start for multiple image disposition and effect controls, as well as many layout, sidebar, blog, page and post controls.

4. SKT Landing Page:

landing Page - WordPress Theme


One of the best practices you can apply if you want to have a simple website is to unite simple and clean web design with landing page that will direct your visitors into interesting, informative and intricate places.

SKT Landing Page is one of such minimalistic one page styled landing website builder custom built to generate a really convenient and neat website environment for a large number of businesses and profiles.

This landing page is shop and digital e commerce compatible so that you can take total control over your website functioning as an online store, selling digital and physical products, services and more.

5. Simple:

skt simple


Clean Simple WordPress themes make it easier for you to put correct accents on your website that contributes to the growth of client base and conversion rate. Simple is one of such simple yet results driven WordPress powered template to keep your site interesting and productive while reducing user friction.

Easy to use shortcodes, color changes options with color picker, easy drag and drop functionality to be exercised from the admin panel of the theme, responsive and cross mobile compatibility, multilingual nature and plugin support, everything is well thought out with Simple.

6. Marketing Agency:


Marketing Agency is charming in its simplicity and affordability, perfect modern coding with HTML 5 and CSS 3, mobile and plugin friendly and shortcodes base. While this template is available at an affordable price, marketing and digital agencies, IT and computer repair services, system administrators and project coordinators, online job and vacancy portals can find their best exposure on Marketing Agency.

The theme’s backend is a great place to explore and start using to finalize the simple look of the theme with your own preferences in terms of navigation and menus, homepage sections and blocks, multilingual content, image galleries, contact forms, social media and other icons.

7. Naturo:



Naturo is one of the smart and seriously developed yet clean simple WordPress themes powered by laconic web design and minimal use of visual touches and elements.

The overall simplified structure of the theme enables you to avoid unnecessary content presentation online which would lead to slower user perception of the true value of the site. This clutter free nature of Naturo will also speed up the navigation of the site and will let the web users find the needed information in seconds.

Fully Responsive WordPress Themes for all device friendly websites

Fully Responsive WordPress Themes

Today a splendid collection of adaptive and fully responsive WordPress themes will be under discussion for all kinds of website owners and personal bloggers to meet all the needs of their online visitors coming from mobile and desktop traffics.

Each day new devices and smartphones, tablets and computers, smart TVs and other gadgets are launched and come along with specific resolutions and screens on the one hand, and the Internet access on the other. And although the majority of them are optimized for complying the modern web design requirements, the websites should also generate responsiveness and cross device compatibility to render their specific content and website structure in the most accurate way.

And this is where mobile friendly and fully responsive WordPress themes join the game. Adapting your web layout for as many screen dimensions as possible with the help of adaptive and fully responsive WordPress themes will win you thousands of website users and visitors from around the globe. Every single person interested in your website and surfing around it using a mobile device or PC, tablet or any other portable device is going to find the best version of your site and an accurate content displayed on his or her screen.

Lastly, what makes fully responsive WordPress themes and templates so popular is the fact that each of them enables you to have one and only website and different responsive demonstrations of it rather than forcing you to build a second, mobile friendly website version. It means you will be able to concentrate all your efforts and financial means on building one website accessible to every single visitor of it.

1. Electrician Pro:



Electrician Pro shares all the credentials and responsiveness to be called one of the reliable fully responsive WordPress themes suitable for electrician and electrical services, carpenter and plumber, local community and utility services websites.

With Electrician Pro, you don’t need to worry about losing visitors as you are going to get a desktop site for the PC users, and mobile optimized site for portable device users – both neat and easily scalable. Thus, your website paired with Electrician Pro is going to conform to the claims and requirements of all kinds of modern mobile and desktop based devices.

The theme is also fully optimized for commercial usage so that you can add and customize different e commerce plugins and create user friendly e store with physical and digital product listings, descriptions, pricing, comparisons and more.

2. Underwater Pro:



Underwater Pro is another five star website building tool that is well coded and taken care of to focus on your website optimization for the best adaptability and responsiveness.

The theme comes in handy with colors, layout options, header and footer styles, sidebar choices, contact form and much more for you to test and try different appearances for your site. As for the functional base of the theme, it is as solid and dependable as it is customizable and ready to be enlarged with compatible plugins like slider plugins, multilingual and gallery plugins, SEO and SMM ones, etc.

3. SKT Cafe Pro:



SKT Café Pro is a justified choice for all café and restaurant owners, as well as other food and drink business managers to not only showcase their coffee house or dining venue online, but also make sure it’s easy to find and follow for any Internet user, whether using a mobile device or PC.

While sharing the entire flexibility and adaptivity fully responsive WordPress themes do, SKT Café Pro is also very easy to manage and control with Live Customizer and prebuilt templates, footer and header choices, blog and post management, editable typography and color combinations.

4. IT Solutions Pro:

IT Solutions


IT Solutions Pro is an ideal website creation environment for IT and TT, telecommunications websites and digital e stores.

This shortcodes packed and fully customizable, translation ready and responsive template comes with more than 10 homepage sections which means you can have a well categorized and dispositioned web content that will be easy to search and find for the website guests.

5. Event Planners Pro:

Event Agency WordPress Theme


Event Planners Pro is also in the list of the top fully responsive WordPress themes ready to host any event planning or wedding agency, event invitation and announcement, décor and event management, love story and engagement, catering and other respective websites and blogs.

Since website visitors consume the web content based on how it is represented on their screens, Event Planners Pro has been well coded to offer full responsiveness and mobile compatibility along with being also plugin optimized for a variety of business purposes.

6. Business Consulting:

Business Consulting


With Business Consulting, your corporate and business, consulting and lawyer, financial and banking, IT and marketing website will have all the potential to adapt itself to any screen size and resolution, from the smallest to the largest. And this is thanks to the 100% responsiveness of the theme and its mobile optimized design based on HTML5 and CSS3.

Your website and its content, homepage and its sections, homepage slider and textual parts, blog area and sidebars are going to be rendered and showcased in the fastest and the most optimized way when accessed by different mobiles and browsers.

7. Cryptocurrency:

Crypto WordPress theme


Cryptocurrency is mobile friendly and entirely adaptive crypto and blockchain, currency exchange and bitcoin website building template to set up a contemporary looking and easy to scroll, view and read website.

The simplicity in usage and customization on the one hand and the theme’s responsiveness from the other make Cryptocurrency a perfect web solution for everyone. The website admin will have access to a professional yet easy to manage admin panel for polishing the website and giving a final look and feel to it with colors, page layouts, slider images, social media icons and other details. The website users, in their turn, will be capable of enjoying pixel perfect images and legible web content even while being on the go and using their gadgets and mobiles to access the site.

Feminine WordPress Themes for girly and women centric websites

Feminine WordPress Themes

Take a quick check of the best woman and female, girl and feminine WordPress themes with which any kind of website or blog owned by a woman or created for a woman will admire its users and readers.

Today women and girls are stepping into the digital world as often as men do and this fact is not surprising at all. Women are obsessed with as many different things and deal with as many businesses and ventures that it’s hard to imagine them thriving without getting online and exercising modern ways of digital marketing.

Therefore, the creation of women centric feminine WordPress themes to be the best environments women can create their websites and business profiles, personal blogs and online stores around has been in the list of SKT Themes developers and designers. As a result, we are thrilled to share the best of them with you right now hoping you will find the one matching all your needs, prerequisites and expectations.

Whether you want to satisfy your business aspirations, motivate other women and defend their rights, sell your products and services, run a blog about your hobbies and whatever you are passionate about, these feminine WordPress themes will act as a steady foothold for you.

What makes these feminine WordPress themes so elegant and lovely is their modern flat web design showcased in a woman and feminine centric way with colors, graphics, shades and more. If there is anything more you would like to have for your site and grab the attention of the web users, you are welcome to do it with the help of theme compatible plugins, the opportunities of which do not seem to have an end.

1. Girlie Pro:

free feminine women WordPress theme


The name of this template says it all. A wonderfully pliable and elegantly beautiful, Girlie Pro is one of the feminine WordPress themes crafted specifically for a female world and its representatives. However, men are always welcome to enter into the army of these theme’s fans and create something unique for their women clients or partners or for salon, spa center, fashion house, clothing store and more.

While sharing premium quality and endless customizability, Girlie Pro is also surprisingly affordable and handy in usage meaning anyone can start her online journey with Girlie Pro without spending much and without sweating hard.

2. Fashion Trends:

fashion trends


Fashion and style, modelling and clothing related businesses, online fashion boutiques and e stores, woman journals and magazines can all be taken online and showcased with pride if based on Fashion Trends.

With this easy to use and follow web creation mechanism, you don’t need to be a WordPress guru or an experienced web developer. All you need to put in gear is your creativity and unusual web solutions to make your website different from thousands of others. In this relation, Fashion Trends grants you with endless opportunities to affirm the best variant of your site through thorough theme customization.

3. Charm:

charm -WordPress Theme


If you are a blogger, creative writer or marketer, enthusiastic girl with perspective online projects and events management plans, female entrepreneur in an effort to find one of the best and top feminine WordPress themes, here is where it is. Charm is an interactive and woman centric website creation and blogging platform you are free to use for any purpose or undertaking.

Prove your professionalism and uniqueness with the help of a completely customizable Charm that will let you play with every single part of it, from colors and visual appearance to inner functionality and user tracking, search engine results and social media integration, content edition and layout choices, etc.

4. SKT Food:

food - Food WordPress theme


SKT Food is ideal not only for feminine related businesses and their exposure online, but also for recipe and culinary, food and drink related ones. Hence, both men and women food experts and chefs, food photographers and restaurant owners, cafe managers and event planners can all highly benefit from SKT Food that is feature rich and completely malleable.

Irrespective of the fact, that this template is functionally complex and plugin compatible to bring any kind of new function or feature into action with the default theme, it is unbelievably lightweight and smart in performance, page loading, sleek navigation and complete responsiveness.

5. Flower Shop:

free store wordpress theme


Flower Shop is a multipurpose and colourful WordPress powered template that will recognize all your needs and requirements easily.

No matter what the real purpose of going online is, whether you need to create a strong female community, share a blog that can be leisurely read, sale something online or anything else, this responsive and shortcodes ready template is custom built to do an excellent job for you.

The theme comprises default SKT page builder to simplify your life as a WordPress website admin with simple drag and drop functionality, widgets and shortcodes, color and font management options, SEO and SMO compatibility.

6. Jewellery:



Jewellery is the next e commerce ready and WooCommerce checked website template that can be run on the basis of different websites of any nature, business mission, size and capacity.

It will take minutes to launch your website with Flower Shop and customize it to reflect your own profile with your logo, images, unique content, preferred typography, footer and header style, sidebar position and much more.
Fully translation and multilingual ready, Jewellery can also be paired with other plugins such as slider, gallery, SEO and SMO, caching, speed optimization, tracking, analytics, contact form, online booking and so on.

7. Wedding Rituals:

wedding rituals


Women and girls are going to love Wedding Rituals thanks to its lovely look and advanced operational frame.
This amazingly sophisticated yet easy to manage website mixes modern flat material design style with progressive HTML 5 and CSS 3. It enables you to combine different colors and theme elements, use the themes Live Customizer for real time changes and add as many shortcodes, systems, plugins and tools as your wedding or engagement, event planning or celebration hall, love story or online dating, gift shop or girly blog will need.

Dark WordPress Themes for black and darker website experience

Dark WordPress Themes

You don’t need to surf the Internet for hours in order to dig out the most powerful and dark WordPress themes as we have already done it and are going to share the results with you.

Dark or black website design has always been trendy and is still being widely used by hundreds of website and blog owners. To use dark WordPress themes for emphasizing the power and authority of your business, making your site content more legible on the dark background, giving your blog a mystic and a darker look, the choice is yours.

If you want to convey a professional look and elegance through black or dark colors, stand out from the crowd of lighter websites and digital profiles, and, finally, highlight your web content, this assemblage of dark WordPress themes is for you. Then, why not to take advantage of this opportunity and make a modish choice for yourself or your business?

Giving your own touch to each of these dark WordPress themes is easier than you might consider. With Live Customizer and easy to use admin panel of the themes, you will be able to not only manage the default template in the way it looks and works, but also incorporate whatever is relevant to your business or personal brand, like logo, slogan, colors and other important features.

1. SKT Black Pro:

free black WordPress theme


SKT Black Pro will share maximum flexibility with its users while making any kind of website based on it enviably beautiful with dark shades.

Free of mess and compact, very easy to install and activate, as well as admin friendly with easy editing and customizing chances from the backend, SKT Black Pro is a top rated template in the repository of black and dark WordPress themes.

It comes with fully responsive and HD ready homepage slider with as many as 15 slides availability, standard pages like 404, search, blog, etc., icons and fonts pack, as well as full plugin support for e commerce, SEO, analytics, backup, site security and other purposes.

2. Luxury Watch:

Luxury Watch


Luxury Watch is a fashion and style, e commerce and online storefront dark WordPress theme you can use to stress the unique charm of your brand, shop, luxury products, accessories and more.

As a commercial business owner, you know that more satisfied your visitors are, more leads are waiting for you. With Luxury Watch, every single website visitor is going to find a website that is completely hassle and error free, cross mobile and browser compatible and very lightweight in loading. This will for sure lead to a fantastic user experience around your site, its multilingual content, posts and pages.

3. FilmMaker:

Film Maker


FilmMaker generates an elegant combination of the overal dark layout and red color touches here and there, thus ready to give your website a unique look and elegance.

Designed and offered specifically for film industry and cinema, movie and video websites and online tubes and repositories, FilmMaker, as one of the classy looking and fancy dark WordPress themes, has a wider spectrum of application and cater to other industries and corporate usages as well.

Header and footer sections of the theme come with layout choices, page building and visual composing plugins have been checked for their compatibility, blog section and other standard pages are available, and online booking and shopping experience can be shared with website users.

4. Full Page Pro:

full page WordPress theme


Full Page Pro is an easy to master and control website builder with a huge pack of preloaded features and customization controls. The default structure of it is very attractive with complete dark mode and full width homepage slider to set brighter colours against the overall dark. Although the given slider comes with animation and pause time control, you are free to add other slider plugins and make them run on your website like Crelly slider, Revolution Slider, Master Slider and many others.

In order to quickly get you to the process of web management and customization, a full professional support by the theme’s authors along with complete theme documentation is available as soon as you purchase this template.

5. Military:



What can be more descriptive of your military or hunting, security or protection business, governmental unit or armed forces than one of the dark WordPress themes originating strong and significant look?
Military is one of such strong and dark dominant website templates you can use for the presentation of the above mentioned topics and even beyond that.

With Military, you don’t need to be web design or development veteran to finalize the default product with the right color choices, layout and font choices, shortcodes application and integration of new plugins. The theme is quite intuitive in usage and comes with step by step documentation for you to follow if there is anything you need help with.

6. vCard:

vcard WordPress theme


Today more and more freelancers, service providers and specialists are switching to having a digital presence in the form of online CV, portfolio website and the like. vCard is one of such business card and CV WordPress themes powered by dark look and modern flat design touches.

To give it a more personalized look, you can add your image as a background, add your profile and services, portfolio and more, share contact details and social media links, profiles of team members, upcoming events, news, etc.

7. Music Producer:

music band WordPress theme


Give your music or DJ, dance or artist website a real sense of gravity and seriousness with the help of Music Producer that is multilingual ready and very well supported, fully documented and modernly designed. Make the most of its dark layout and perfect usability, customize the theme for more colors, font choices, images, permalink structure, search engine visibility, visitor tracking and more by using both the enabled customization options as well as additional plugins.

This template is a combination of contemporary HTML5 and CSS 3 coding, material web design, total responsiveness and mobile support, compliance with codex coding standards and latest WordPress requirements.