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Free WordPress SEO themes for Building SEO Friendly Websites


The following free WordPress SEO themes are meant to serve the exact purpose beautifully.

For every website, SEO is the priority in today’s world. Every website owner wants to outshine the peers on the search engine to get organic traffic and grow the website exponentially.

Any website with these free WordPress SEO themes will get a higher position on any search engine naturally.

This will ensure more leads and more traffic on a regular basis without having to do much of work.

Perfect Charity Lite


This is one of the most used free WordPress SEO themes for charity. The theme has all the features that a charity website requires. One can pay through WooCommerce plugin which allows all sorts of money card and internet banking. The design of the theme is cool, and there are sections to launch campaigns and attract more people to donate to the noble cause. It is fully responsive and there are contact forms of various plugins and call-to-action buttons. It is SEO-friendly so that it appears higher on the search engine and gets more donations.

SKT Towing

free towing WordPress theme


This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes for representing service centers for automobiles. It can be used by mechanics for a personal website to get hired easily. The color combination is perfect, and one can use rotary review plugins to show the reviews of the past clients. One can also use the service page to offer repair and maintenance related services that people look for. The theme is clean and has fast loading speed. The SEO-friendliness will help the person or company to outshine the competitors easily.

SKT Coffee

free coffee WordPress theme


This is one of the amazing free WordPress SEO themes for coffee cafes and hangout places. People always look for these whichever place they go so that they can spend some quality time with friends and family members over coffee and snacks. The theme is beautiful and eye-catching. The color combination is soothing, and the UI elements are creative that increases the attraction. The theme has passed Google mobile-friendly test, and there are plugins social media integration and attracting more customers.

SKT Launch

free launch WordPress theme


When you are launching a new business or website, it is important to start on a high note. This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes that will ensure the same. You can start from a good position of search engine and use the SEO-plugins to write better content and go up the ranking. There are various new features on the theme, and everything is customizable. It is best for service providing with sections for showcasing past clients and works.

Beauty Spa Lite

free beauty spa WordPress theme


Whenever you are creating a website for your store or center, it is important to get a higher position and outshine competitors. This theme is perfect for that purpose, and the outlook of the theme is very attractive ad modern. It is clean and flat in design which makes the theme load faster. It appears on the mobile screen beautifully and supports all the popular browsers. It has high SEO standard, and the coding has been done keeping the same in mind. It has translation support and various unique plugins installed.

CutsN Style Lite

free hair salon WordPress theme


This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes for a beautician or for selling beauty related products. It is compatible with WooCommerce and has beautiful plugins for slider and gallery. There is a blog section where you can write convincing posts to attract organic traffic and convert them into customers. There are options for online booking and appointment. The pricing table will help to show the prices and place buy option for direct transactions. The homepage has several animated options which increase the attractiveness of the theme.

Spirited Lite

free corporate WordPress theme


This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes for corporate activities and companies to showcase their works and services. The theme has a professional look, and everything is fully organized and clean in outlook. The sections, boxes, and blocks are well-designed to catch eyes immediately. It is responsive on all devices, and there are social media plugins to increase the reach among targeted audiences. You can place widgets in the sidebar and the footer. The theme also comes with several shortcodes for better content representation.

SKT Build Lite

free construction WordPress theme


This is a theme to represent construction companies which will help them bag various new contracts and projects. The theme has a stunning look, and the slider is of premium quality. There are two menus on the top, and the topmost one has contact information with call-to-action buttons. There are spaces for sidebars, and the blocks on the home page are well-designed and have a hover effect. The theme will help the companies to get higher ranking on search engine result pages and get more leads easily.

Restaurant Lite

free restaurant WordPress theme


This is one of the best free WordPress SEO themes for restaurants. It can also be used by companies who have a chain of restaurants and proper brand for the same. The theme is absolutely stunning to look at starting from its sliders and the galleries. There are plugins to showcase menu card and order items for home delivery. It is needless t say that there are payment gateway and booking options. The layout of the sections is as per the requirement of the restaurants, and the menu option has a 5-level drop down to list of the items effectively.

SKT GymMaster


This is one of the free WordPress SEO themes for showcasing fitness center and gyms. This theme can also be used for gym instructors and personal trainers. The design of the theme is great, and the sections are well-organized. You can add any number of sections as per requirement. There are options to showcase video playlist and a dedicated section for offering the courses. It can be used for a personal or commercial purpose.

Choose any one of these free WordPress SEO themes and build your website around it. These free WordPress SEO themes have the design and the functionalities to become any website literally from scratch.

Free Yoga WordPress Themes for Yoga Teachers and Studio Websites


These free yoga WordPress themes have the look and the feel that will catch the attention and get more leads than ever.

In today’s world, yoga is fast becoming a part of living. People look for yoga instructors and centers online to learn the postures and techniques.

Every yoga instructor needs to have a website online so that everyone can find them easily.

The following are some of the best free yoga WordPress themes to design a personal or commercial website.

Yogi Lite

free yoga WordPress theme


This is one of the tailor-made free yoga WordPress themes on the list that requires no modification as such. But still, there are options for customization in real-time, and all the standard pages and plugins are available. It comes with a double menu option to showcase contact information and call-to-action buttons on the top to get more leads easily. It is mobile-friendly and has cross-browser support. It has a beautiful slider, gallery, and perfect color combination.

Girlie Lite

free girly WordPress theme


This is one of the free yoga WordPress themes for female yoga instructor or yoga centers which are meant for girls only. The design of the theme is exquisite, and it contains all the necessary features to become a classic website that people would love and trust at the very first glance. It has awesome fonts, translation features, and also passed Google mobile-friendly test. You can make changes to the theme in real time. The sidebar is widget-friendly, and the gallery is beautiful.

SKT Strong

free crossfit WordPress theme


This theme is meant for males though it could be used as a general theme as well. Yoga centers also offer gym services to men so that it becomes a whole body exercise to get the maximum benefits. The theme has awesome color combination, and the layout is very professional which would increase the trust factor and drive more customers. It is SEO and SMO friendly, and it can also have an e-commerce section to sell health products. There are plugins to show team members and client reviews. It is fully responsive and has multilingual support.

SKT Panaroma

free photogallery WordPress theme


This is of the free yoga WordPress themes with a full-width slider that can show yoga posture and services. The design is unique, and people are likely to love it. There are plugins for creating inner pages as per your requirement. One can make a booking and pay the fee in advance with the WooCommerce payment gateway. There are various page templates available, and the standard pages are already made. The gallery and slider have been given importance, and there are social media sharing plugins to spread the word faster.

Play School Lite

school WordPress theme


With this theme, a yoga instructor can showcase the school he or she has opened to teach young kids and adults to do yoga and enhance their lifestyle. The theme is colorful to attract kids, and there are sidebars to show attract offers and information. There are relevant plugins for creating knowledge base and tutorials so that the service of teaching yoga can be offered online as well. It is very simple and easy to manage from the backend. The design is flat, and the theme has fast loading speed.

Beauty Spa Lite

free beauty spa WordPress theme


This is one of the free yoga WordPress themes that can be transformed into yoga center easily. As a matter of fact, some of the yoga centers offer spa and beauty treatment because more and more people are attracted to spa and massage therapies. The design of the theme is perfect, and everything is well organized. It is fully responsive, and it has high SEO standards. There are various useful plugins like WooCommerce, advanced contact form, event calendars, advance appointment and other SEO and social media plugins.

Fitness Lite


This is one of the professional free yoga WordPress themes with the dark color design. It is quite creative in design and innovative in structuring. The sections are well-designed, and it is likely to create a trust factor. There are sidebars, and even the footer can have widgets. The footer looks extraordinary and will attract attention at once. It is a fully documented theme, and there are hover effects and color changing options.

Healing Touch


Though this s a medical theme, it can be transformed completely into a yoga center website. All the necessary plugins and pages are already there, and hence, the labor will be the least. The sections are very creatively designed, and it is SEO-friendly and likely to help you outshine your competitors. There are advanced customizers and contact forms, and the theme is thoroughly checked for security loopholes. The menu option has a 5-level drop down to list various services and products.

I Am One

free one page WordPress theme


This is one of the best free Yoga WordPress themes on the list for the yoga instructor. The design of the theme with parallax background sets it apart from others. There are advanced sliders and gallery options. The sections are beautifully designed, and they are very eye-catching. It can be used as a one-page website, and it is one for the best-selling themes. Everything about the theme is perfect, and it is likely to give your more customers effortlessly.

Online Coach

free coach WordPress theme


Yoga is something that can be taught over the internet and hence, online services by the yoga instructors have become a regular thing. People can go live anytime as per appointment and learn the yoga and try them out as and when they get time. This also helps the yoga instructor to attend to as many people as she or he wants. There are options for booking and appointment, plugins for knowledge base and gallery for uploading tutorial and videos. The theme has great SEO value and social media integration to spread the services among targeted audiences.

If you already have a website, you should consider changing the theme with any of these free yoga WordPress themes and watch your site grow tremendously like never before. These themes are SEO-friendly to give your website more exposure on search engines and let potential clients find you easily.

Free Fastest WordPress Themes for Fast Loading Websites


Here are the best free fastest WordPress themes you should consider.

We are living in a fast-paced world where everything is literally happening at the speed of light.

With the emergence of super fast internet service, people ignore websites which have low loading speed. If a website sudden turns slow, it loses its loyal followers completely because no one has the time to wait long for a website to load. Therefore, it is important to have the fastest website possible so that it opens as soon as its address is typed.

Most of the websites are built using free fastest WordPress themes.

But certain free templates tend to be very slow.

It is time to replace them with free fastest WordPress themes that will help you score over your competitors.

1. Play School Lite


It is of the free fastest WordPress themes to setup a website for school and educational institutes. It is mainly for the kids, and it is colorful and comes with all the icons and decorative fonts. The color combination is eye-catching, and it is SEO friendly for more visibility of the site on the internet. It is lightweight and has a flat design which helps it to have lightning fast loading speed. You can have sidebars and widgets as per your requirement.

2. IT Consultant Lite


It is generally used for designing a website related to consultancy firm or personal website where the person is providing services and promoting them through the website. It has minimal design components and has pre-installed cache plugin for faster loading speed across all web pages. The theme is tailor-made for e-commerce site because of the integration of WooCommerce plugins. It also has social media integration and passed Google mobile and speed test.

3. SKT Parallax Me


This is a great WordPress theme which is innovative in layout and creative in designing. It has all the functionalities one would ever require because it is compatible with all the plugins. The sliders and galleries are awesome and backgrounds of each section have parallax effects. A separate blogging section provided and you can have as many as ten different sections on one page including the home and inner pages. It is lighting fast and has translation support.

4. Perfect Agriculture Lite


If you are an owner of an agriculture based company or simply want to sell agricultural products and foods, this is the best you can find. It is one of the free fastest WordPress themes, and it has passed Google speed test. It is faster than most of the popular websites in the world. It is retina ready for all devices and green is the theme color which is changeable. With its pro version, you can get amazing shortcodes and icons to add more beauty effortlessly.

5. SKT Simple


It is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for various purposes according to requirement. It has super fast because it has a minimalist design and clean layout. The coding has been done in an optimized way so that the speed of execution is highest. Apart from that, it has all the features and functionalities for a personal or professional website. There are multiple variations available for headers, footers, templates for pages as well as different sections on the pages.

6. Restaurant Lite


If you want to put your restaurant online through a website and get local and global customers easily, this is the best theme for you. It is one of the free fastest WordPress themes on the list and it is faster that most of the websites exist on Earth. All the functionalities require in a restaurant website are already present along with sample content. There is a blog section which you can use to your advantage to recommend items for the visitors to try out.

7. SKT Charity


SKT charity is one of the free fastest WordPress themes for collecting donation or representation NGOs. It is also used to set up campaigns by celebrities to raise money for treatment for kids and helpless people. It is mobile friendly and responsive on all screens. It has some of the best gallery plugins and comes with all the necessary pages. It is social media friendly and has intuitive navigation options.

8. Yogi Lite


This is a stunning theme for a website on lifestyle blog or beauty and spa center. The color combination is truly awesome and the loading time is absolutely negligible. It is completely flat and comes with hundreds of icons for better representation of content. The theme has portfolio pages in case you want to show your products and services or video demonstration. Multiple variations in content representation boxes are present. It also has WooCommerce installed for direct purchase.

9. SKT Corp


SKT Corp is a business theme with super fast loading speed. It has passed Google speed test as well as various other tests on different websites. The ultimate result shows that it is one of the free fastest WordPress themes when it comes to representing a business online. It is super clean and modern. It has all sections on the homepage like about us, services, testimonials, contact us and likewise. You can also create inner pages and design them with any standard page builder.

10. Spirited Lite


It is very lightweight but full of features. The color combination is cool, and you can change it with its pro version. The fonts are standard and there are icons available with fonts. Unlimited fonts and icons are available with its premium version. It has some of the best contact form plugins to use in contact us page for booking, general mailing as well as for creating call-to-action option on the homepage. You can make the changes to the theme live, and it is fully documented for advanced customization.

All the standard pages are available, and it is ultra-fast and uses cache plugins for faster loading of web pages the second time someone accesses your website. It is basically a company website related theme to showcase services and products.

These are the best free fastest WordPress themes with all the functionalities that any general WordPress theme provides. Start using them for your websites and see the difference in loading speed by taking a speed test.

Free Doctor WordPress Themes for Medical and Health Websites


Free doctor WordPress themes for both medical and health sites have been discussed.

It takes quite a long time to become a doctor but it could take longer to get the desired number of patients if you are not available on the internet.

All the popular doctors have an online website where patients can make an appointment easily. Most importantly, local and global patients can discover a doctor when they search for him or doctors belonging to his category.

To have a website online, you need to use WordPress as a platform because there are so many ready-made free doctor WordPress themes.

All you need to do is buy the hosting space and install WordPress and the desired free doctor WordPress theme.

Then you can modify the content and images easily without any technical knowledge and it is ready to conquer the world.

Here are the most beautiful free doctor WordPress themes you must consider.

1. SKT Toothy


This is an ideal theme for dentists though it can be modified for any specialized doctor. It can also be used for clinics and hospitals. It is well-documented to find and edit each component easily. SKT Handy comes with default slider and WooCommerce support for the monetary transaction during advance booking. The variations for header and footer section can be utilized creatively for promotional purpose and captivate any visitor immediately.

2. SKT Handy


It is one of the best free doctor WordPress themes that are on the list. It has perfect color combination, sample text, and provisions for each and every component you want. It is very easy and simple to customize with the live customizer. It is compatible with all page builders which you can use to make inner pages as and when required. It has many call—to-action options which are vital for any medical related website so that people can reach you instantly.

3. BeFit


Even though it is one of those free doctor WordPress themes you are looking for, it looks and feels like a premium WordPress theme. It has beautiful sectional components to list your services and medical packages. It is clean and modern and due to a black background, it has become stunningly eye-catching. It is retina ready and compatible with all browsers and devices of all sizes.

There are certain shuttle animations on the homepage along with awesome galleries. Most importantly, it is SEO friendly and it will give you more exposure and visibility on the search engines to reach out to your targeted patients easily.

4. Healing Touch Lite


It is one of the perfect free doctor WordPress themes that have everything in place to get started instantly. It is also SEO friendly with coding done according to the proper standard and supports SEO plugins. You can integrate social media section effortlessly. It is mobile-friendly and loads at a faster rate due to the presence of cache plugins. The designing components are grand and overall it gives a feeling of a premium website.

5. SKT Pathway


SKT Pathway is definitely one of the most useful free doctor WordPress themes of them all. There are six different section of the homepage which you can edit and add more sections. It comes with advanced contact forms for booking. You can add as many inner pages as you want with page builder. There are multiple layouts such as full width, no sidebar and either side widgets and sidebars all of which are useful for different types of representation of website depending on what to show on the site.

6. Online Coach


Even though the name and theme are not tailor-made for a doctor’s website at the first glance, but it is very useful for doctors who want to give online treatment and counseling of distant patients. It is preferable for doctors who treat people with minor physical ailments or mental distress. Therefore, it comes with WooCommerce integration so that patients can pay through the website. It is also widget friendly through which you can show many offers. It also has a blog section where you can upload engaging posts for attracting more patients who would find your articles useful.

7. I Am One


This is another free doctor WordPress theme to showcase the individuality of a doctor. It has some beautiful gallery and slider options. There are so many different sections on the homepage that it would serve everything in one place without messing up. It is good for online counseling and therefore, WooCommerce support will come handy to accept counseling fee directly through your website.

8. Girlie


This is one of those free doctor WordPress themes that are perfect for female doctors attending to only female patients. It is responsive and mobile friendly and anybody can access it from any device. It loads faster than others and the navigation is very easy due to a wide range of menu options. It also has translation support to cater to different categories of patients. It is widget friendly and anybody can change any designing component without technical experience. Furthermore, it has WooCommerce integration for advance booking with payment.

9. Gravida Lite


This is not one of those ready-made free doctor WordPress themes with relevant sample content. But it is a multipurpose theme with an awesome color combination that will show your services better than others. It has some amazing sliders with innovative transition effects and it is compatible with every standard plugin to enhance its functionality. All the standard pages are present so that a visitor can leave with full satisfaction.

10. Clean Lite


It is very simple and easy to set up and edit with live customizers. It is user-friendly with a lot of white space and social icons with powerful menu options for easy navigation. It is widget friendly and has plugins for gallery and portfolio. It is also SEO and mobile friendly. Therefore, local customers who search for doctors through their smartphones are very likely to discover you. There are several shortcodes available for beautification and embedding testimonials to increase trust factor.

Do not miss out using these awesome free doctor WordPress themes to showcase yourself as a doctor who could be approached by anyone and anytime. Get more patients like never before and quickly climb up the ladder to become a popular doctor in the town.

Building Material WordPress Themes for Construction Concrete Contractor Sites

Building Material WordPress Themes

If your main concern is to find one of the best building material WordPress themes for your building, construction, renovation, real estate and property, drafting and design, stone and concrete, contractor, workman and handyman, block and cable laying, architecture and interior design website or blog, here are the top ones for your consideration.

Running a building or construction business has to do with large amounts of money, but the relevant website advertising and promoting it should not. Why to spend more if you can achieve the best and the most memorable presentation of your specific business without spending your hard fought money?

We at SKT Themes are proud to share a collection of the top rated construction, renovation and building material WordPress themes which are all of premium quality, but quite affordable. From large scaled building businesses to specific service provisions like plumbing, infrastructure and landscaping construction, window and door installation, painting and interior design, wallpapering and roofing, engineering and cleaning, absolutely everything can find the best exposure with the help of these building material WordPress themes.

Check out all of these building material WordPress themes which come as a feature rich yet flexible and easy to use web creation systems with advanced functionality.

With each of these construction company, builder, architecture and building material WordPress themes you will be able not only to create a wonderful business profile, but also customize and track every single part of it. This will help you keep your site under control and analyse it on a continual basis so that you can enjoy its progress and gradually higher results.

Engineering Pro:



With Engineering Pro, you won’t depend on professional web developers to make wonders with your site. Instead you are going to have full access to the backend of the theme, that is unspeakably easy and admin optimized for changes and modifications.

Hence, once the theme is installed and activate, you are free to spend your time on the back part of the theme for replacing the demo content with yours. Additionally, there are more than 100 shortcodes, color choices, banner area and inner page controls, useful content parts and columns, sidebar choices and much more you can get access to with Engineering Pro.

SKT Handyman Pro:



Expand your construction business or building related and handyman service provision website, online storefront selling building materials or drafts with the help of one of the retina ready and responsive building material WordPress themes called SKT Handyman Pro.

The theme’s neatness in appearance and fast loading pages, high quality image support and legible typography establishment possibilities via modern and Google approved fonts will take your relevant business to a higher scale of client engagement and sales.

Contractor Pro:



Bring your construction and building business online and make it on a durable footing with Contractor Pro. This carefully managed and thought out website builder comes with every single feature and management option you will need now and in the nearest future for making your site highly productive in the way it attracts customers and keeps loyal clients around your posts and pages.

In order to have further reach to more perspectives and leads while breaking geographical boundaries, you can add different plugins to your site based on Contractor Pro, translate the whole website, its parts, menus, and content into different languages to have multilingual website. Basically, not only translation

Maintenance Services Pro:

free remodeling WordPress theme


Maintenance Services Pro has been professionally processed to be launched and delivered in the most professional manner and with the focus on satisfying the customer expectations.

As such, this template is functionally well promoted and freshly designed, yet lightweight in performance and simple in usage. This unity of functional power and easiness in usage makes Maintenance Services Pro a good kick start for the majority of web managers who are not experienced in WordPress based websites and their customization.
The good thing about this template is that everything is kept understandable and fully documented so that anyone will be capable of using the whole power of it for the benefit of their niche specific business.

Solar Energy Pro:

Solar Energy


Build strong relationships with your audience by creating a comfortable and time saving web environment for them based on Solar Energy Pro. Cost effective, yet noticeably spectacular, this theme has already gained the reputation of an admin friendly website builder with easy to use Live Customizer on the backend and quick live changes you can make whenever needed.

The theme’s responsiveness and mobile optimization facilitate your website access both for you and for the website guests. It enables you to use portable devices for updating the site from every single part of the world on the one hand, and keeps the website precise and screen optimized for all the visitors who use their mobiles for accessing the site and its content.

Real Estate:

Real Estate


Easy start and maintenance, low starting cost, modern look and reliable technological base, search engine optimization and mobile friendliness… the advantages of Real Estate over many other pocket friendly real estate, property and building material WordPress themes are many.

The theme shares a heap of amazing features and theme controls among them font and color, typography and slider controls, loads of shortcodes, page and post controls, sidebar options, standard pages and blog area management capability, etc.



Painting is one of the color rich and vivid web solution among painting and decor, construction and building material WordPress themes that is as easy to use and customize as it is accustomed to be responsive and cross mobile compatible.

It’s a full fledged premium template with wonderful design supported by modern coding ready to host a website of any kind and size, as well as keep its presentable look while being browsed on different browsers, screens and devices.

The theme is also widget and plugin friendly meaning you can test and try different plugins as an addition to the default template for running an online store and selling building materials, having your content translated, images edited and galleries created, better search engine results and more.

Beauty Blog WordPress Themes for salon massage spa parlour websites

Beauty Blog WordPress Themes

If you ever think about starting a feminine centric website or beauty, fashion or health related blog, consider choosing one of the best woman and beauty blog WordPress themes for the start.

We live in a world where almost anything can be monetized. Your presence in the digital platform will give you even more opportunities to make money and increase your revenues. A well formatted, styled and worked out presence, in its turn, will attract more attention and will bring more partners and clients, as well as more chances to getting “rich” through advertising, presenting this or that product, service and more of another business, etc.

The above mentioned advantages are more than real for any beauty blogger or stylist, hair or nail salon administrator, healthcare or massage center manager, woman entrepreneur, a mom ready to share her parenting stories or tips online, and, finally, for any individual blogger. All they need to do is to build their online presence or community with the help of beauty blog WordPress themes and enjoy hundreds of their benefits.

As a simple rule of thumb, all this spa and salon, personal and beauty blog WordPress themes are tailored to grant their users with the best web design and management choices with templates, layouts, customization with drag and drop functionality, easy to use shortcodes and much more.

Check out these beauty blog WordPress themes that are mentioned below:

Blog and Shop:

blog shop


Blogging and shopping are for sure among the top preferences of thousands of female representatives irrespective of their age, nationality, profession and other distinctive features. Blog and Shop, is one of the contemporary coded and visually tempting, interactively dynamic shop and beauty blog WordPress themes anyone can use for sharing any website or blog revolving around beauty, women, shopping, stores, accessories, female communities and the like.
This responsive and HTML 5 and CSS 3 based website template has already proved itself to be amazingly versatile in management and customization thanks to the Live Customizer hidden behind the theme. You can actively use it at every stage of your beauty blog development for making it better looking and extensively functioning.

CutsNStyle Pro:

free hair salon WordPress theme


CutsNStyle Pro is an elegant looking and blogging ready WordPress template made with the requirements of female audience in the theme developers’ mind.
Unique color combinations, large screen image demonstration capabilities via slider, lovely fonts and social media integration, quick performance and smooth navigation will certainly make any woman website visit useful and enjoyable.

There are dozens of plugins you can install and activate from the backend of the theme along with using the default functionality of CutsNStyle Pro. Among them are SEO and SMO, caching and speed optimization, slider and contact form, mailing and subscription, translation and many other required plugins.

Girlie Pro:

free feminine women WordPress theme


Get a quick start on your next online plan with Girlie Pro and get your website or blog ready and well working around the clock.

Thanks to the theme’s abundance of preloaded features and great customizability, working on your website powered by Girlie Pro will be a pure bliss. With easy to edit homepage sections and menus, layout options and galleries, blogging area and homepage responsive slider, you can effectively get your way to creating a thriving beauty blog, salon or any other service based website.

Reiki Pro:

Reiki Pro


Modern and clean coding to attractive animations, easy to read typography with Google approved fonts, retina readiness and responsiveness, easy navigation controls and manageable backend. These are the must have qualities of the top beauty blog WordPress themes to be shared with you right from the very beginning.
In this regard, Reiki Pro has absolutely all the features that can positively affect the overall working and operation, as well as the unimaginable appearance of your future beauty and healthcare blog, meditation and massage, spa and yoga website, fitness club or weight loss center, etc.

The theme is also 100% responsive with mobile ready approach, as well as fully compatible with the latest updates of WordPress.

SKT Spa:

spa WordPress Theme


Right helpful tips and review, share makeup looks and technics, fashion styles and modelling articles, accessories and beauty hacks, spa and other beauty related services with SKT Spa. Use the default look of the theme or change it to have another look quickly since the whole template is customizable in colors, shapes, effects, fonts, images, galleries, content disposition and more.

Have you ever come up with reject your clients because it’s closing time? Well, with SKT Spa you won’t miss a single client or visitor as your website will be open for them and their reservations and online bookings all the time. All you need to do is to add relevant plugins and reservation forms and make sure in your site’s accessibility.

Meditation Pro:

Meditation WordPress theme


Mediation Pro can turn out to be a key to presenting your business to your audience and to enhancing your beauty service business growth in the most effectual fashion.

Get yourself confident in providing your clients with a premium quality profile or blog that will truly reflect the quality of your works and services as well. Showcase the most eye catchy images and photos with a homepage slider and share daily posts via blog part, direct them to social media platforms with the help of social media plugins and make sure your website is easy to find with better search engine optimization.


Personal WordPress theme


Character is one of ready made personal and beauty blog WordPress themes coming with demo content and custom built homepage sections which can be quickly edited to reflect your business or blog in the way you prefer.

Adding posts and articles, managing typography and slider images for a better view, linking your blog with social media platforms. Using of sidebar, footer and header layouts for address, contact info, popular links and content, call to actions and more will be fun with Character.

Whether you are an experienced WordPress user or quite the opposite of it, you will be able to expand your online presence with as many new functions and useful systems, plugins and shortcodes as needed to get the maximum results.

Charity WordPress Themes for NGO Non Government Fundraiser Websites

Charity WordPress Themes

Our charity WordPress themes are designed and developed for charity and non profit organizations, fundraising and humanitarian projects, human rights defenders, churches and religion related activities, caregiving and medical websites, and more.

If you want to direct more attention to your charitable or donation programs and get help from many more people across the globe, then channelizing your way up to the most effective online presence can be done with the help of one of the charity WordPress themes developed by SKT Themes.

Since human beings decipher photo and image elements quicker than other elements, all of these donation and charity WordPress themes are HD and retina ready, as well as pixel perfect in image and photo support. That is to say, with any of these templates, you will be able to instantly ”persuade” your website guests to join your events and donation programs via motivational and high quality imagery on your posts and pages.

However, perfect visualization and image or gallery support of these web builders are not the only advantages they are praised for. All of them are wonderfully polished and codded to work error free even while you are tweaking the theme’s back part for changes and modifications. It means you website is going to stand firm and accept online donations, share heart warming stories and more in 24/7 format.

Now, let’s dove into each of the most demanded charity WordPress themes separately so that you can find the one that suits all your specific needs.

SKT Trust Pro:



Increase your charity and fundraising strength with the help of strong and user friendly online presence. This can be quickly and affordably achieved with SKT Trust Pro.

As a charity foundation or donation program manager, you would hardly want to spend too much financial means on the creation of the digital version of your organization or NGO, or whatever you are engaged in. Therefore, SKT Trust Pro can be the right choice, as it is one of the pocked friendly, yet pro quality charity WordPress themes you can afford yourself to buy.

SKT Donation Pro:

skt donation


Whatever your point of creating and managing your NGO or religion website, you can achieve that by the application of SKT Donation Pro.
This template has been composed and accordingly worked out with all the primary requirements of NGOs and donation campaigns in the theme developers’ mind. And being coded and styled as such, SKT Donation Pro comes as a solid foundation that can ideally work together with different donation and online payment plugins to simplify the process of fundraising and donation.

The theme is also multilingual ready with translation plugins support so that you can integrate the representatives of different nationalities and countries into your programs, events and activities.




Donation is the next ready made and niche specific web solution among the best charity WordPress themes that can be easily modified, edited, customized and repurposed into whatever fits your specific activities online.

Sleek navigation of the theme along with responsiveness, Google friendliness and cross mobile compatibility will keep your website visitors experience excellent and smooth. You can also use the given sections of the theme for sharing success stories, present people who are in need of help, raise important questions and let your voice be heard for the people from every corner of the world.

Holy Church:

spiritual WordPress theme


Holy Church is another lovely template designed to cater to church and religion, spiritual and salvation, bishop and psalm, donation and charity websites and blogs.

Use the whole potential of the theme for displaying church calendars and religious celebrations, donation, having newsletter sign up, online payment and donation acceptance gateways, manageable galleries and albums, social media presence with social media sharing plugins. Homepage slider is added by default with 10 slides you can showcase with the most awe inspiring images and photos. However, you can also change the default slider and make use of another one with the help of slider plugins.

Your website should also be optimized for mobile usage to reach out to more visitors and website guests. In this relation, Holy Church will satisfy this need as this template is fully mobile friendly and cross browser compatible.

SKT Charity Pro:

SKT Charity


SKT Charity Pro takes a bold approach on making any site contemporary both in terms of coding and styling. Thus, a modern HTML 5 and CSS 3 are there to combine the best web practices for your site and make it wonderfully looking, seamlessly functioning and easily scanable for search engines.

With the Live Customizer in the backend, you can give any touch and appearance to your theme, change its style and colors, upload images and crop or edit them, split texts into smaller parts and use titles, headlines and more.
Linking SKT Charity Pro with plugins and add ons is another advantage your charity website can have for integrating E commerce, qTranslate X, gallery, shortcodes, SEO or SMO, sitemap, Google analytics, visitor tracking, cash or any other needed plugin.




Your reliable and credible website based on Fundraiser can make your web visitors take actions and join your donation programs or fundraising activities.

This template features a prebuilt homepage with preloaded one click demo content which you can then edit and add your own one with accompanying images, icons, fonts, addresses, and other important details.
The theme has also been coded to be shop friendly, page builder and plugin compatible.


senior care WordPress theme


Caregiving can be an irreplaceable tool for as many different businesses revolving around donation, fundraising, charity and caregiving as you might imagine.

To determine how sophisticatedly designed and worked out Caregiving is, you can quickly review its demo version. With quick installation and activation, you can further be able to test and try different combinations, colors, design solutions and more to find the best mix delivering your message.
The theme is also well optimized for mobile usage and management, meaning you can customize your website while on the move, and your website visitors will be able to enjoy precise and accurate web content on their mobiles and other portable devices.

Business Growth WordPress Themes for expanding your business website

Business Growth WordPress Themes

A professional looking, client centric and informative online presence of any startup or business is one of the cornerstones of its growth and prosperity in the future.

Business growth WordPress themes have done and continue doing a great job in supporting thousands of business and corporations, companies and organizations across the world to become more popular and famous, enhance revenues and more.

Modern society can never imagine its life without the Internet and current technologies. Any kind of information or detail is just a click away and is accessible around the clock. Therefore, presenting your business online in the most effective way is not preferable, but a must.

Additionally, any corporate or business website based on one of the best business growth WordPress themes is capable of bringing that specific business or undertaking closer to its target audience and potential customers. It means that the presentative online look of your business in the form of a corporate website provides you with a practical way of ”fighting” for more leads and sales and winning in that fight.

Eventually, in order to contribute to your business growth, help your clients make reasonable purchasing decisions, save their time by offering online services and online shopping platform.

Check out the top and best business growth WordPress themes you will find hereinafter.

SKT Perfect:

free landing page WordPress theme


SKT Perfect is one of the corporate and business centric, all inclusive and easy to manage business growth WordPress themes ready to convey your business message in the right way.

There are tons of controls and customization options you can use for creating a business profile that will truly match your specific needs and unique style. Just jump to the backend of the theme and customize the whole website as per your needs. Additional plugins for adding multilingual content, integrating new shortcodes or widgets and making the site more searchable in the modern search engines are all compatible with SKT Perfect.

Engineering Pro:



Engineering Pro will be a great boost for any kind of engineering, construction, architecture, repair, cleaning, maintenance and other services, building and design related businesses and not only.
With clean and versatile appearance, Engineering Pro is based on modern HTML5 and CSS3 which means your website is going to meet all the modern web standards and support all kinds of browsers, devices and mobiles as it is also wonderfully responsive.

Contractor Pro:



Contractor Pro is a mixture of the best website qualities and clean coding, as well as comes as a perfect balance between advanced functionality and simplicity in usage.
It means you are going to enjoy the customizable framework and use the Live Customizer of the theme for endless changes without sweating hard on it or hiring professional web developers to help you.
Default slider is added to the homepage which you can utilize for visually presenting the most valuable parts and elements, photos and projects of your business. Pause time, animation and other slider related effects will also be at your disposal.

Business Consulting:

Business Consulting


Consulting agencies and lawyer associations, financial institutions and legal advisers, governmental institutions and departments can all be wonderfully showcased and advertised with the help of Business Consulting.
You don’t need to be engaged in the hard work of starting something completely new from scratch and digging into coding. Business Consulting, as one of the ready made and well coded business growth WordPress themes, comes as a ready made template loaded with homepage sections and default parts, nice looking slider and shortcodes base, SEO and SMO compatibility and much more.

SKT Job Portal:

Job Portal WordPress Theme


SKT Job Portal is the next unity of the best form and function business growth WordPress themes can share.
Even if you have never been around WordPress, you will be able to quickly understand the working principle of this platform and manage your business profile to match your objectives and mission. Hence, from colors and images to taglines and meta data, add ons and useful plugins for job and product listings, online shopping, reservation and more, text edition and customization for better SEO, social media integration and content translation are all provided with SKT Job Portal.


SEO WordPress theme


Streamline your online workflow with SKT SEO and win the most elegant look of your business online.
This responsive and mobile optimized, shortcodes and fonts ready website template will be a good match to your digital or SEO, web development or design, IT or repair, creative agency or startup business venture with its consistent and e commerce ready environment. It means you can take any kind of product or services online and sell them without much of a hassle.

The overall white and blue based precise look of the theme together with superb navigation and fast page and post loading will certainly be much appreciated by your business clients.

SKT Banking:

banking WordPress theme


SKT Banking is a serious looking and results concentrated website building template featuring accurate yet interactive design and supporting CSS3 animations, supporting responsive and mobile optimized web design and hundreds of page and post controls.

The customization options of SKT Banking are really many with font and color choices, shortcodes and layouts, slider and galleries, texts and typography, etc. You can also connect your favourite page builder with the theme and enjoy building of new pages without troubling your website guests.

Complete Pro:

free complete WordPress theme


Complete Pro is a multipurpose template that has already been used to create the strong presence of diverse businesses and corporates, startups and organizations.

More than 600 Google friendly fonts are integrated for you to find the best font style and typography for your business specific texts and content, hundreds of shortcodes are preloaded for embedding files, contact form and more, different inner page layouts and header variations are loaded with Complete Pro.
The theme is also entirely responsive with mobile and device compatibility, search engine optimized, as well as has proved itself to be shopping and e commerce friendly

Beautiful WordPress Themes for pretty beauty chic modern websites

Beautiful WordPress Themes

Combining great functionality with visual excellence is what will make your website unbeatable and will keep the potential visitor’s eyes on it. Therefore, reviewing the list of the most beautiful WordPress themes which are also presented with awesome functional base is what we suggest you to do right now in case you are planning to launch your next online project.

On the whole, people enjoy and admire beautiful things in everything, be it a classic sculpture, mind blowing modern building, breathtakingly beautiful ancient city, thought provoking picture or a digital product styled with taste and aesthetics. All in all, the more beautiful your product is, the higher your chances to get noticed and loved, followed and admired.

Thus, beautiful and eye catchy websites get better results than those lacking visual excellence. Therefore, you might better ensure your website comes as a mixture of fantastic visualisation and advanced technology to bring you the highest results and the expected population. And this is where beautiful WordPress themes will do the job.

If you want to evoke an emotional response of the website guests to your website with the help of nice looking and user friendly appearance, each of these beautiful WordPress themes will serve as a gateway to a pro quality and user centric, attractive and awe inspiring virtual profile creation.

Moreover, these templates will not only make your site look just beautiful, but also will provide you with a powerful functional base you can use to start, develop and continuously modify your site to be easy to find, read, follow and enjoy for your target audience.

Kitchen Design Pro:

kitchen design


Kitchen Design Pro is one of the most dynamic and visually beautiful WordPress themes custom built to cater to kitchen and living room, interior design and construction, painting and renovation, portfolio and other creative and beauty related websites.

The homepage of the theme is well taken care of and loaded with ready made sections to simplify your work and enable you to add homepage content in the most accurate and classified way. Modern animations you can find across the homepage along with modern colors which are all manageable, homepage slider with animation, pause time and other effects will give extra touch to your niche specific website or blog.

Underwater :



Underwater Pro is another template ready to give your website a beautiful flavour. Sea and adventure, underwater and diving activities, scuba diving and marine clubs, as well as other leisure and sea, vacation and adventure profiles can be professionally crafted and service via this template.

However, as one of the beautiful WordPress themes, Underwater Pro does not merely concentrate on beautiful look and modern aesthetics, but rather offers durable performance and solid foundation offering you tons of customization and management options. This unity of power and beauty makes it totally possible to modify the theme in the way needed, as well as to be extended with more functional qualities and possibilities when working with additional plugins and widgets.

Full Page Pro:

free fullscreen WordPress theme


Starting up a beautiful online project has never been so easy and affordable. Full Page Pro is fully managed and well taken care of multipurpose responsive website building template offering a wide spectrum of preloaded elements, shortcodes and other theme customization options.

The theme will make your site entirely responsive which means the website and its content will find the best and the most precise manifestation on every single screen. The theme’s SEO and SMO qualities, multilingual readiness, CSS3 animation support, as well as compliance with the latest WordPress updates are all checked and confirmed.


free corporate WordPress theme


Gravida incorporates literally everything that makes a template irreplaceable for every corporate or business website. The perfect design and ergonomics of your website based on Gravida together with responsiveness and quick loading, seamless navigation and accurately managed content will persuade your website visitors to stay longer on your posts and pages.

Whether you want to sell a digital item or physical product, a creative idea or project, Gravida will let you do that in minutes as it is fully e commerce ready and WooCommerce compatible. You can quickly add products and product listings with prices, features, description and completely control how your online storefront is going to look and function.

Flower Shop:

free store wordpress theme


Create a visually stunning website in no time with Flower Shop. In order to use the theme in its fullest potential, you can jump to the theme’s backend and discover thousands of theme customization options via the Live Customizer interface.

From editing the site title and taglines to emphasizing the entire style and look of the site with preferable colors, animation effects, typography and more, everything is possible from the backend of Flower Shop.

The Art:

The Art - WordPress theme


Communicating the business message or the mission of a non profit organization in the right way through visual factors and beautiful web interface is what the Art is capable of doing.

As one of the artist friendly beautiful WordPress themes, this responsive and color rich website creating solution will generate a wonderful user environment that will be both eye pleasing and functionally stable. This artistic approach to website building will also let you highlight the most important things and keep the visitor’s eyes on them via attractive images, easy to read content, right homepage sections, menu and submenus, impressive call to actions and more.

Full Screen Pro:

fullscreen WordPress theme


Your website visitors are visual creators and are much impressed by beauty and visual graphics your site may offer them. High quality large images and photos hanging over the homepage of the site, on the other hand, may have an unspeakable impact over your site’s overall look and charm it exudes.

Basically, Full Screen Pro is the theme offering such an approach of web creation and ready to put special stress on the general elegance of your site with full screen imagery. Just make use of the homepage effective slider to add photos or videos to it, control the way they are showcased and follow each other and be sure your web visitors are going to love it as soon as they land on your homepage.

Bar and Pub WordPress Themes for Brewery Wine Shop Restro Websites

Bar and Pub WordPress Themes

A modern website with appetizing food photos, online reservation system and more is a great marketing tool in food and drink industry. Bar and pub WordPress themes collected in this article are custom built to make such great websites for you.

If you want to win in food or restaurant, organic food or food delivery business, going online with a fantastic looking and high quality website is a must. Restaurant chains, small cafes, pubs and taverns, attractive bars and eateries, coffee house and organic food manufacturing businesses should be presented online in order to sustain the fierce competition in food and drink market at present.

Online exposure of your food centric activities, menus, localities, services and drool inducing images of food and dishes, table reservation opportunities, discounts for loyal visitors, will certainly captivate the attention of many more potential visitors. Our bar and pub WordPress themes will help you get everything needed in one place, as all of them have all the modern and useful components preloaded, as well as are checked for plugin support. This working mechanism makes any of these bar and pub WordPress themes a great basis for your food and drink related website, blog or online system.

Best Bar and Pub WordPress Themes 2020

SKT Cafe Pro:



With SKT Cafe Pro, you can get access to premium features and web management options while not paying too much money for that as it is one of the pocket friendly bar and pub WordPress themes that works out of the box.
With modern HTML5 and CSS3 coding and styling, SKT Cafe Pro can integrate anything you will ever want to make your site more pleasing and results driven, be it a social media icon, unique design style or color combinations matching your logo, slider for beautiful images, videos, address details and more.

RTL language and translation plugin compatibility, search engine optimization and e commerce readiness of the theme have also been checked and approved by many website owners.


free bakers shop wordpress theme


Show off your bakery or restaurant, bar or any other respective or food centric website with Bakers and you’ll get dozens of advantages over many other niche specific presentations online.

Use this highly competitive and durable website template to quickly elevate a website and easily build menu and other sections, run a blog for getting even more attention and better SEO results. Share galleries and albums with nice photos of food, link your site to different social media platforms and freely manage the web content with prebuilt and additional shortcodes as needed.


Pizza Ordering WordPress theme


When it comes to starting and further developing a food or drink website that will match all the modern web standards and criteria, Pizza comes as one of the best bar and pub WordPress themes coded and processed to get the work done in the smoothest way.

Even the most demanding website guest who has scrutiny for perfect user experience and hassle free web performance will inevitable evaluate the dynamism and ideal functional level of your site with modern coding and animations, great navigation from top to bottom, fast performance and, of course, cross mobile compatibility.
Should you like to add extra touches and new capacities to the default template, you are free to do it with different shortcodes, add ons, widgets and plugins for integrating menus and managing them, new pages, maps, online booking and reservation systems, etc.


Organic WordPress theme


With Organic, your site is going to be a real joy both for present and future clients. This template is a universal one meaning you can use it for as many different purposes as needed. This SEO and SMO friendly, responsive and mobile checked template has the potential for making any organic food or farming, food delivery or pizzeria, café or pub website a wonderful digital product with enviable results.

The clean and accurate interface of the theme is supported by reliable functional base, out of box features and pre enabled elements and Live Customizer. By using the latter, you can make constant changes to your site from the backend and never worry for the overall performance of the site.

Beer and Pub:

Beer Pub WordPress Theme


Beer and Pub does a great work in simplifying the task of the creation and management of any pub, beer, brewery or winery website, personal food blog or food festival website.

Homepage sections are preloaded, footer and header variations are available, hundreds of shortcodes and font controls are given, easy to use step by step documentation is also provided for you to read and follow.
Rethink the menu and make respective changes to the site, use homepage slider for showcasing foodie images, present loyalty programs and discounts, sale coupons and accept reservations while linking your site to different plugins and compatible systems.

Bed and Breakfast:

bed and breakfast WordPress theme


No matter if you want to give your old B&B website a totally new and fresh look or start a completely new website that will comply with the requirements of today’s internet users, Bed and Breakfast will help fulfilling your goals.
This template is available for purchase at a really cost conscious price and is suitable for all those people who have 0 technical knowledge. So it means you will be capable of styling and restyling, developing and modifying a modern website without any hesitation.

There is a homepage slider available with transition and other effects to visually make your site even more attractive with mouth wateringly beautiful images of food, blog layout options for articles and blog posts, default contact form for quick requests, reservations and questions.

SKT Food:

skt food


SKT Food is fresh faced and amazing template you can use for any restaurant, food, recipe or bakery website to showcase all your information, working hours, menu, location, photos, events, special dishes and much more.
As one of the highly versatile and perfectly polished food and drink, bar and pub WordPress themes, this template supports any modern plugin for e commerce, SEO, SMO or content translation purposes. Hence, you can actively work on your website to seize the attention of tourists and foreigners as well.