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Best Free WordPress themes for Portfolios creative digital ones

A portfolio WordPress site can be a truly significant resource in case you are making something wonderful and want to share it to the world. With a good online presence, your website will be visible to everybody. There are hundreds of free WordPress themes that can be used for creating websites for business, portfolio, personal, corporate and many others. And if you are a creative professional then portfolio website is very essential.

All the WordPress themes given here are responsive, have various shortcodes, customization, and anyone can use these websites to showcase their high-quality work. If you are looking for a great free WordPress theme that search for the one that includes features like homepage sliders, well-designed galleries that help you create a website that stands out. All of the themes below are the most popular themes and have excellent functionality that you can download and utilize for free and can also use for commercial and personal use.

This WordPress theme is the best one that can be used for creating websites like a professional portfolio, hotels, restaurants, portfolio of models and also for organic food. This full-page slider WordPress theme has a beautiful design layout and also suited for creating different business websites. One can showcase their past work done and also the pictures. This theme works great on different types of devices and screen resolutions. This is a multipurpose, basic and elegant theme and can be used for creating any type of site.

If one wants to create a unique identity on online media, then you need to have an attractive portfolio. This Photo world free WordPress theme can help you to make an attractive online presence and it also attracts clients as well. Creating an online portfolio helps you showcase your work for everybody to observe. This is a simple and unique design that helps you to build a professional website for your organization. This template is translation ready, thus when your clients will visit your website, they can change the language as per their needs. Also, this is a fully responsive website, one can change the color and images for every inner page.

For creating a feminine WordPress portfolio website like the designer, salon owner, blogger or anyone who wants to showcase their talent and leadership through their online profile. This website is coded with the latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. This theme is customizable, thus one can make changes according to their needs and can also see all the live changes while making changes in the backend.

This theme can be used for creating websites like campaigns, grand events, meetings, wedding portfolios, and many others. This theme has a minimalistic design approach and a clean design. This is very simple and easy to use, as without paying anything you are getting a fully featured website. Here SEO standards have been followed while designing this theme. This one of the best templates for creating a portfolio website.

This website is perfect for the ones who want to create a visually appealing website. this theme is the best option to display their pictures in various ways. The fonts can be changed as per their needs. This theme is highly responsive to all the mobile devices, here sidebar is also widget friendly and thus one can showcase their social media profiles, forms can be added too. There is a call to action button available that is provided in the form of the slider.

With this theme, one can create an elegant portfolio WordPress website. This is easy to use and provides a high amount of functionality for the website. This theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin thus one can easily create an online site. The slider given in the header can change the way clients experience the website. Users who do not have any technical knowledge can also use this website without any problem.

This template is one of the most attractive themes for creating a sports related website. This supports all kind of plugins, so one can add features to their website whenever they want according to their needs. One can create a slideshow or a gallery within a page that is very useful when it comes to adventure. To gain more visitors attention you can add social media icons on your website, you can add these icons in the contact page or at the bottom of the website. A step by step documentation is also provided with this template that supports the user for any action they want to add to their website.

This template can be used for creating a site for construction, business, personal, portfolio, photography and others. Instead of coding everything from scratch, you can make a website with this ready-made template with making some changes as per your needs. This theme is highly customized and coded with the latest technical languages like HTML5 and CSS3, so your website will look more professional. You can also make use of other compatible plugins for better results.

This is a clean, simple and easy to use WordPress theme. This theme is developed for creating websites like hotel, restaurants, resorts, cafes, portfolios, personal blog, bakery, and many others. This theme has unique features and tools that you need for creating a professional website. It enables you to change colors, text, fonts, images and more. It is designed SEO friendly and SMO compatible also.

This is the best theme for those who want to create free WordPress themes for IT and digital consultant, consulting firms, Financial planning, business analyst, portfolio and others. With this theme, you can display all your services. It is Google friendly test passed and is fully responsive. This theme provides support on all the available mobile and other portal devices and their screens. Thus, it is a perfect theme for creating your WordPress website.

The free WordPress themes given above are the best free portfolio themes, one can use for creating any type of portfolio website. We hope you like this article and select the best theme according to your needs.

Why WordPress Is the Perfect Platform for Your Nonprofit Organization

Choosing a new platform for your website is stressful. You don’t want to start with one website platform only to find that it is outrageously expensive, too difficult to use, won’t integrate with your other systems or doesn’t offer a needed feature. Luckily those descriptions are less applicable to WordPress.

It’s free and widely used

WordPress is open source software, which means that anyone can use, study, change and redistribute its source code. And best of all — it’s free! It’s not a coincidence that an open source platform is also the most widely used content management system (CMS) by far. WordPress runs 60% of websites that use content management. What this means for your nonprofit:

  • Its large user base means that you can more easily find people with the knowledge to design, fix or customize your website.
  • With a huge usage base, developers have created tens of thousands of themes to choose from. WordPress comes with free themes, but you may want to invest in a theme with more a certain look, additional features or ongoing support and upgrades.
  • Although WordPress itself free, you will sometimes need to pay extra for plugins that expand the capabilities of WordPress beyond its core offering. Plugins such as your donor or or member directory will charge for the service they provide.
  • If you compare the price of a WordPress membership plugin to all-in-one systems that combine a content management system with a membership CRM, you will pay less with the WordPress solution.
  • Aside from plugin purchases, which may incur a one-time or ongoing fee, other ongoing costs to anticipate include website hosting, domain name registration and a security certificate.
  • You might budget for a web designer to help you select a theme and initially design the website to meet your needs. The large majority of WordPress themes can be customized without code knowledge, but you may want to hire professional help if you are:
    • Wanting to progress quickly.
    • Have very specific your design ideas or seek to emulate the look of another website.
    • Want to be sure you are following best practices that come from years of experience.

WordPress is scalable and offers more choices

Because of WordPress’s dominance of the CMS market, many developers choose to build plugins for it. The wide availability of plugins means that you, your designer or developer can quickly add new functionality to your website without expensive and time-consuming custom programming. If you choose a platform that is closed or not open source, you will be limited to the features available at the time of purchase or beholden to the platform creator’s interest in adding more features.

For example, even if you are satisfied with your current donation platform or WordPress membership plugin, down the road you can upgrade to another one with more features such as additional membership payment options or an online membership directory. And the number of membership plugins available for WordPress greatly exceeds the number of Weebly or SquareSpace membership plugins, so you’ll have more choices too.

It’s portable and lasts longer

If you have worked in a nonprofit long enough, you have likely witnessed the ugly process of changing systems. Whether it is a new phone system or membership billing change, technology change will always bring friction for staff and those they serve. The learning curve is the most painful part of the process. Having a platform that minimizes change means it can last longer than other solutions.

WordPress helps you avoid changing technology when you want a new website because:

  • If you want to change your website host, a WordPress site can be fairly easily moved. Some hosts even provide moving assistance or a plugin to handle the move for you.
  • Instead of moving to a new platform for your whole website to add features, you can typically just change or add plugins.
  • With thousands of themes to choose from as well as highly customizable drag-and-drop page builder options, all you need to do to redesign your site is to change themes. You This saves you time; you don’t have to move your content to a different platform.
  • Redesigning a WordPress site instead of changing platforms is good for SEO. You will retain your search engine results page position; the pages that Google has crawled will keep the same URLs. Redesigned sites can lose search engine ranking if care is not taken to either keep the same URLs or create redirects from each page’s old location to its new location.

WordPress is great for search engine optimization (SEO)

While search engine position doesn’t matter to every nonprofit, those using WordPress are well-positioned to do better in search engine results. Here are some of the ways WordPress can help you rank for your keyword terms:

  • WordPress has a great linking structure available for blog posts and pages. You can set up your permalinks to reflect your blog post titles, which are more likely to contain your keywords. More keywords in your URL equals better placement in search engine results.
  • WordPress has plugins that can help you write search engine-friendly copy and set up your metadata for each page.
  • There are many plugins available for social media sharing. The more your pages are shared, the more respect Google gives to your site in search engine rankings.
  • WordPress themes are mobile-friendly. Google gives ranking preference to mobile-friendly sites. As long as you are using a more recent WordPress theme, your website will have responsive design, which means that it scales to the width of the viewer’s device.

WordPress is upgraded often

Major versions of WordPress get released every 152 days on the average. Because it is open source software, the potential number of contributors working on improving WordPress is unlimited. No other content management platform or closed system has this potential.

Amy Hufford is a Technologist at MembershipWorks. She has worked in nonprofit technology for more than 20 years and has experience with a variety of donor and membership software platforms.